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Katie Holmes Drops Off Suri During Snowy School Run!

Katie Holmes Drops Off Suri During Snowy School Run!

Katie Holmes braves the snow to drop her daughter Suri off at school on Tuesday morning (December 10) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress chatted with a female friend outside of the school, whom she hugged goodbye before heading off into the winter wonderland!

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Katie‘s been out of town in Cape Town, South Africa filming for her latest movie The Giver. She’s made trips back and forth to NYC as well to spend holidays and weekends with Suri.

Mark your calendars! Katie‘s birthday is coming up on December 18 – we wonder if she has any exciting plans!

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38 Responses to “Katie Holmes Drops Off Suri During Snowy School Run!”

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  1. 1 Says:

    ICK! what did he ever see in her?
    They should call her Katie Homely instead of holmes– she is so homely looking. Below average for girl on street in NYC.

    She was way too immature to marry and have a kid. Conner and Bella didn’t get carried in blankets as 6 year olds and she was still doing this after tom was out of the picture.
    I think Katie is the one that had no idea how to be a wife and mother.

    Still think Tom had some issues too no doubt but this girl is no victim.

  2. 2
    annie Says:

    That’s your opinion, mine is she looks a lot better than Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Jen Garner, and Drew Barrymore, just running errands.
    of course it’s totally different if you get dressed up to promote yourself, but we are all entitled to our opinions.
    As for Tom , guess you forgot about Lea Remini and her 6 yr old daughter drinking out of her baby bottle, and uncontrolable behaviour because ……..wait for it, it was the Scie way and she should know .
    That’s how much Katie loved Scie, she put her daughter in a normal school, does not practice it, the child dresses normally now, has little friends.
    give me a break, this is so tiresome.!

    This has become so tiresome!

  3. 3 Says:

    if its tiresome then don’t post on the threads
    as for leah i read an article about that and she didnt mention it being due to the church but more she just was clueless on how to raise a kid.

    and as stated tom and nicole didnt do with the other kids and he was cos then too.

    this girl has horrible features- i don’t know where you see beauty. Thin lips , no cheekbones, hollow skin, thick legs. Nothing special

  4. 4
    Fact vs Fiction Says:

    Actually, what is tiresome is the one equals all allegations.

    So, because Leah allowed her daughter to drink out of a bottle until she was 6 yrs old or was unable to tell her no, means all Scientologist do the same?

    Connor, Isabella, the Mastersons, Jenna Elfman’s sons, etc., all drank out of a bottle until they were 6 yrs old? or the parents couldn’t “control” them?

    According to reports Leah served in scientology’s sea org at around 12, as did David Miscavige niece (I think her age was 6), all kids, all given responsibility, all having to follow rules, at least according to reports. Yet, you and others keep mentioning scientology allows kids free reign to decide what they will do and when they will do it. Only certain kids? Up to a certain age?

  5. 5 Says:

    oh and with leah it wasn’t 6 but a 4 year old. which is still bad but just not what you said.

  6. 6
    Joni Says:

    So proud of Katie for making the big escape, happy that Suri won’t be forced into the Scientology studies. Great job, great mother Katie.

  7. 7
    LMP Says:

    I just read an article about Lisa Maria Presley from Nov13th of this year and its about her leaving. Its implied again in there that they keep the rich celebs very isolated from the real goings on and the dark side.

    but the good news is so many celebs have left and probably will leave soon. Maybe tommy will one day come to his senses.

    Like Lisa Marie it took something to happen to her– and like Leah too. You just never know.

  8. 8
    ANNE Says:

    Are you blind? Katie is the most beautiful woman in HW. She has natural beauty and does not need to be beautiful production. She is naturally beautiful. I would love if she was testifying in the case Bauer told the truth about her marriage. But I think she’ll never make it, because I’m sure she would not look good in history. I think she got into this “marriage” with a purpose, $ $ $, fame HW and perhaps in the way repented (Suri). Move on. Image Tom was forever bad for the USA .

  9. 9
    Fact vs Fiction Says:

    Which celebs have left?
    Did Lisa Marie say she left Scientology?
    Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Jenna Elfman, Bodhi Elfman, Laura Prepon, Erika Christensen, Catherine Bell, Marisol Nichols, Giovanni Ribisi, Michelle Stafford, Alanna Masterson, Chris Masterson, Danny Masterson, Jason Lee, Elizabeth Moss, Jennifer Aspen. These are just the ones I know of through media.
    So what celebrities have left besides Leah (i.e, publicly stated they have left)?

  10. 10
    LMP Says:

    @fact vs fiction- yes google info on Lisa and you will see. she is being more coy but she wouldn’t write those lyrics if she was still in and she would admit it if she was in too and defend her church.

    if you google celebs that left it gives a list.

  11. 11
    @anne Says:

    wow you have a very low standard of beauty. I see girls way better every day at the store.
    She would never be a model of any sort if she wasn’t TC’s ex.

    she has no good solid features. She use to have a cute innocent look at least on that teen age show but she still was not a beauty.
    Now she lost whatever cuteness she had then and not only is her face not cute at all without a ton of photoshop but her body is horrible for an actress/model. Fat legs and thick ankles and her boobs are really saggy and weird. AND she is pigeon toed. Not a good look
    OH and she has no grace of class to carry anything off so that makes it all look worse.

    and lets not even talk about those boats she calls feet. Gross.

  12. 12
    O-Dee-Lay Says:

    Oh, Katie Katie, my dear, if you can’t stand
    that brat, send her back to her daddy !
    To be a mother isn’t so easy.
    What did you think it was ?
    Give her back to her father and be happy !

  13. 13
    Missy Says:

    It’s been over a year since Katie and Tom divorced. Why don’t you guys just move on?IIf you find her to be so boring and bland, why comment on her thread? I’ve noticed that TC fans have been attacking Katie a lot lately. I guess they’re getting defensive because of all the negative press he’s been getting since his deposition was leaked. Don’t take your anger out on Katie. She’s moved on and hasn’t said a word about him. Tom is the one who chose to open up a can of worms by filing that lawsuit.

  14. 14
    @missy Says:

    assume whatever you want Missy but this anti- katie poster is not worried about tom’s bad press.
    I just think she is a weak willed silly below average girl and is pimping out her daughter and trying toplay the victim in the press with her bs “not without my daughter” sally field impression.

  15. 15
    Missy Says:

    But how is she playing the victim? She has not said a word about Tom. The media had pretty much stopped talking about Tom and Katie’s marriage until last month. It’s Tom’s actions that have brought their relationship back into the press. It seems like she’s just trying to get on with her life. You don’t have to like her; I just don’t understand why people feel the need to tear her down so much.
    As far as Katie being weak willed…Personally, I think she’s a lot stronger than people give her credit for.

  16. 16
    Fact vs Fiction Says:


    coy doesn’t equal i.e, publicly stated they have left.

    until then last know status is celeb scieno.

  17. 17
    Fact vs Fiction Says:

    I guess you missed the TC post where anti-TC/pro KH people were leaving their comments/attacks.

  18. 18
    Missy Says:

    @Fact vs Fiction: If you’re referring to the Tom Cruise/Ben Stiller post, you’ll note that it was a pro-Tom poster who brought up Tom and Katie’s marriage first. If you click on any Katie thread, you’ll notice that her “haters” are usually the first or second people to comment.
    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I truly don’t get the hate.

  19. 19
    Daretobe sincerelyconcerned Says:

    @@anne: You summed it up perfectly. I see normal people every day with more attributes. Still think she has good potential: high self regard, permanent income for the next 10 yrs. insight into the tricks of the trade. Like the ole saying; “waiting to exhale”. Still waiting for her to show some mature talent. NK dug deep and put it out there with Moulan Rouge. If you choose to see her as the underdog, frequently it is the underdog who rises up and shines. ….once again; “waiting to exhale”

  20. 20
    IASREG Says:

    @Fact vs Fiction:

    Wow, over the years tons of celebrities have left! Jason Beghe, Paul Haggis, Leah Remini, Larry Anderson, Michael Fairman, Brad Pitt, Jerry Seinfeld, tons of musicians who worked with Chick Corea, NFL QB John Brodie, Rugby great Joe Reachie, father of the Masterson boys who said David Miscavige ordered him to beat people but refused, Gabor Szabo (jazz guitar), Christopher Reeve, Catherine Bach, Anne Francis, Lou Rawls, The Greatful Dead, Spiders From Mars, All Jarreau, Burton Cummings (The Guess Who), Van Morrison, Stanley Clark (bass), Sonny Bono, Candice Bergen, Peggy Lipton, William Borroughs, Leonard Cohen… and many more!

  21. 21
    LMP Says:

    @FactVFiction- did you google her? look at the last article. All press is reporting that she left and even anti cos sites assume its true this time. Not everyone has to act like Leah.
    Leah is very out spoken and that is great but others might fear certain things idk.
    I really think she is out if you listen to the lyrics to her songs and if in and still defending it she would have said so.

  22. 22
    Fact vs Fiction Says:


    yes, i was referring to that post.

    i really wasn’t thinking about who did or said what first. just the fact that in most post or media reports Tom Cruise’s name is brought up by either commenters or reporters when talking about Katie – “the ex-mrs. cruise”, “since katie’s divorce from tom cruise”, etc.

    and i am pretty sure that there many entertainment blogs, entertainment news sites, etc., that prior to last month were still using these and other Tom Cruise references when reporting on Katie Holmes activities. The legal back and forth between Tom and Bauer are just added fodder.

    I don’t think people hate Katie Holmes (my personal opinion) but I do believe that when people are critical (opinions) of her they are lumped into the hater category, whereas the criticism abounds for Tom Cruise and I don’t see the same lumping, even when bloggers come straight out and say they ‘hate’ Tom Cruise.

  23. 23
    IASREG Says:


    That will never happen. Suri will have a normal upbringing and education which means she will be taught the truth about the criminal organization known as Scientology. No Sea Org for Suri, no auditing, no sec checks,no training routines, none of that abusive ridiculous nonsense! She will learn the truth that LRH never served in combat, was never wounded at all in the military, and totally lied about healing himself and everything else in his life. Suri is safe from the con.

  24. 24
    IASREG Says:

    She wasn’t Tom’s first choice. Tom auditioned a bunch of women to be his bride (that kinda says something right there).This has been well reported on, women have come forward with their audition stories already.Personally I think Nazanin Boniadi, another celeb who left Scientology was hotter, but Katie is OK. You know Tom isn’t very hot anymore either, now he is over 50…ewwww territory. Anyway she fit Tommy’s qualifications and was willing to join the cult so she won the audition. Glad she got out with control of custody so Suri can get a normal education and normal life.

  25. 25
    Missy Says:

    @Fact vs Fiction:
    I don’t think everyone who is critical of Katie is a “hater”. Your comments seem fairly sensible, but you are in the minority.
    At least Tom’s critics tend to discuss important issues, such as his involvement in Scientology. With Katie all I see are the same comments over and over again about how she is “ugly”, “boring”, etc. Like annie said, it gets tiresome. But everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I guess I could just stop reading her threads.

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