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Idina Menzel & Taye Diggs Split After 10 Years of Marriage

Idina Menzel & Taye Diggs Split After 10 Years of Marriage

Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs have decided to split after being married for 10 years, her rep confirms to

Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs have jointly decided to separate at this time,” the 42-year-old actress’ rep said. “Their primary focus and concern is for their son. We ask that you respect their privacy during this time.”

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In the mid-1990s, Idina and Taye met while working as part of the cast of the original production of the Broadway musical Rent. They share one son Walker together, who was born in 2009.

People was first to report the news.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs’ split?

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  • CM

    Damn, this one hurts. I wish them the best. But I hope they get back together :(

  • Josephine

    Good for her. I didn’t want to believe it at first but those stories about his constant cheating got really nasty.

  • tick

    I’m not black, but why do successful black men always have to marry white women? CNN did a survey a few years ago and found that 40% of black women will never marry. That’s one of the reasons why.

  • kjules

    Hmmm…who didn’t see this one coming? White chicks are so naive, he’s a dog.

  • Jennifer

    No! They seemed like such a great couple.

  • Ancient

    Marry your best friend, not someone you’re really attracted to . You have to really LIKE the person you’re marrying otherwise all the sexual chem and status or money or whatever won’t make it last.

  • Amy


    I used to work at Barneys in Beverly Hills. He came into the store one day with Moon Bloodgood from Day Break.

  • Macy

    Surprised and sorry to hear this.

  • Alex

    Wow, 1/4 of these comments are racist because this is an interracial couple! And the racist commenters aren’t using their real names! Such helpful contributions to the conversation.

  • Amelia

    It’s a hollyweirds couple after all. Once you have two big heads and ne feels a little left out, sees the other in a successful project or hasn’t had a hit in a while, we’ll they gots to go….next

  • interesting


    Not sure. I have an idea but won’t go into it. I’m a single black female professional and i have decided to open my dating selection because of this very reason you speak of and I feel single black women are following suit.

  • Verity

    Can’t say I’m completely surprised. I never bought them as a couple. Surprised about the so-called cheating rumors.

  • Wurry

    Don’t know much about about them since they have been mostly able to keep things private.
    I’ve only read ‘blind’ items about her being difficult to work with.

  • pinkydoo

    interesting..just saw a special with her and she made a comment about how they both got along better on stage than in real life. This makes sense now.

  • eh

    @tick: What some black women laugh about is how white women go into these relationships with black men and LIE so much about what is REALLY going on. They lie to their families and lie to their communities, trying to make everyone believe these men adore and love them more than black women. HAR-HAR. I know non-famous white women who did this and years later, the truth came out that it was all such a SHAM! There are a number of famous black men who you couldn’t pay me to marry. And that’s the truth. No woman should lower her standards and marry a hound dog just to have a man. Sometimes the only thing that finally cures them is old age… as in one foot in the grave.

  • eh

    Nonetheless, I am sorry about these two. Wonder what it was They seemed to be solid for so long. I know he loves his son, but hope having a kid did not kill the romance between them. Many couples just expect everything to always be about them and their needs, but a child changes that — quickly!

  • Tracy


    …….So VERY true! lol

  • Hello

    It’s sad to see a long term marriage break up. Me personally, I would always put my marriage before any career ambition.

  • White women ain’t heaven, huh?

    Taye HATES black women. Whenever Taye’s acting career isn’t thriving he blames black women, especially African American black women. Read and remember, ya heard it here first, Taye will somehow find a way to blame the end of his marriage on black women.

    Taye’s a bigot, a cheater and a coward. The ugly manly-looking soon- to-be ex-wife idina is better off without Taye’s cheating ass. The white chicks can have you Taye.

  • groundcontrol

    Marry your best friend, not someone you’re really attracted to . You have to really LIKE the person you’re marrying otherwise all the sexual chem and status or money or whatever won’t make it last.
    Oh, dear. Trust me, you can really find someone who does both for you. Care for you deeply as a person and be sexually attractive to you. If you aren’t attracted to the person then that makes sex a sorry proposition. That alone can destroy a marriage.

  • yousef

    She has a hideous jawline! What the hell did he see in her?

  • Angel

    I’ve never, ever seen them as a couple in public. Very weird. They’ve seemed to live separate lives throughout their ‘marriage’.

  • Reba

    Way back when he was on Thr View and she was in the audience. The camera turned on her and Taye totally dismissed her in front of millions! I was like ‘Woah’, how rude! I saw him at a club in Montigo Bay, Jamaica and he was sueeounded by women. You could tell he had a HUGE ego even back then.

  • Reba

    @tick: low self-esteem and poor self-image. It comes from centuries of oppression…

  • lover_hater


  • hound

    The last drop came when she found him in bed with another man.

  • Yep!

    @groundcontrol: Oh wow! You said it right. People really need both. And they really should be looking for both. It doesn’t have to be as mind-blowing as, say, first love, but people gotta have at least a “spark” in the beginning. With zero spark at the onset, it doesn’t come later. You’ll have nothing to go on, nothing to energize you physically. Without it, you will soon be desiring it — perhaps from someone else — and that’s not good. Marriage without some initial attraction is just, well, dead! At least if you had it and it dies down a bit over time, you always have memories of it in your mind. You can remember when your man used to take your breath away and not feel cheated. Those good memories can help sustain your relationship. And at times over the course of a long-term marriage, moments or periods of that spark can be reignited. But without a flicker, there will never be a flame.

  • leah

    @Reba: god knows what i’ll do to you then :)

  • leah

    people are so ridiculous and dumb ! These are limited people ! grow a brain instead of making racist comments .
    Hope they’ll be fine :)

  • Leah

    @tick: #3

    Most black women do marry at some point, but those who don’t marry, choose not to.

    White women are the ones who feel they have to be attached to some man at all times, any man, just to feel validated as a woman.

    ALSO most black men ARE married to or dating black women.

  • Mackenzie

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  • Taking-A-Break

    This couple would have broken up no matter what race they were. This isn’t about anybody being black or white. Same race couples breakup all the time. I don’t know why any of you feel the need to throw the race card into this.

  • anita

    @tick: Huh? Can’t the black girls marry white men, then?

  • @Leah

    Then why are there so many black baby mommas? Why do so many black women get knocked up by down low felons if they don’t feel the need to be attached? Why do so many famous black men in the UK and US choose to marry whites or latinas and reject their own if black women are so great?

  • Casey

    Loads of people are talking about him cheating but there have always been rumours and stories in the stage community that she’s equally guilty of that, and early on in the relationship, before they married, it was said that she cheated then too and he forgave her, so its not all on him if theres cheating going on

  • DDLZ

    @tick: I want to believe that a lot of black men marry white women out of love/coincidence, but most of the time it’s because black men believe that marrying white women gives them a higher status, makes them look more important, more upgraded. Just look at Terrence Howard, going onto his fourth non-black wife. It could also be because of self-hatred. If you hate your black skin, black hair, and black features, chances are your insecurities would never allow you to be with a black woman. It’s a shame, really.

  • Rocky


    Wow! Didn’t see this coming. Hope they get back together as well. She was just on Kelly & Michael and she looked so happy when she was talking about him and their son. Damn!

  • Rocky


    AMEN!! AMEN!! ITAWU!!!

  • North Carolina Proud!


    OH MY GOD! What the hell are you saying? Let’s be real here. If it didn’t work, it didn’t work because of color, it didn’t work for other reasons only THEY know of. GIVE IT A BREAK ALREADY WITH THE BLACK, WHITE SH**!! Sound like YOU have major color issues and need some major help. My father is black and my mother is white. He married her because he loved her and I’m very proud to say that they’ve been married close to 45 years! “Important or Upgraded”? You have major issues if you think that way.

  • hmm

    @DDLZ: Uh huh. Not in every case of course, but in a lot. Do not let us forget all the other minorities who do the very same thing. Lucy Liu and lots of different Asian females across the nation. Many of them marrying older white men. Beautiful Salma Hayek and Roselyn Sanchez. Penelope Cruz — before that gorgeous, sexy Javier Bardem came along and swept her away in true love. Benicio Del Toro. Benjamin Bratt — before Julia Roberts cheated and shamed him in public. After that tremendous hurt, he ran back and married a non-white woman. I know black men who started out that way, but later in life, especially when they get “over themselves” and are humbled by life’s circumstances, also ended up with black women. Why do many minorities do this? Because whites are seen as being at the top in society. People who are struggling to become something and have a good life tend to believe that hooking up with a Caucasian is the answer and that it automatically boosts them and improves their lives. It’s not always about what someone looks like, really. It’s about society and the haves and have-nots. The haves sit pretty, and the have nots are always striving to get to that spot too.

  • and ——-

    Terence Howard had all kinds of personal problems not that long ago. I have always seen meanness in his face. He wants to be a big star, and he also wants to be in control. His new wife looks so young, sweet and passive. I hope he has gotten some help to get over his anger/abuse issues. I wouldn’t want ol “hazel eyes” as a husband. That’s taking a big chance.

  • and ——-

    Another one is Bryant Gumbel. Ugh! He was the first one who always whined about how the white newsmen got all the accolades and were more respected than him in the industry. Gumbel was a very race-conscious man and he was quite bitter too. Probably looked at his good looks and was mad that he was still just a black man in many people’s eyes. He so wanted to be the big cheese. His ex black wife said he worshipped blonde women. Cheated constantly on her during their long marriage with nothing but blondes. You know why. Because the hot blonde was always seen as one of the ideal women to Caucasian men. He wanted everything white men had. He was jealous of them. Well, now he has his blonde wife who he constantly worships and never gets tired of talking about any time he opens his mouth. Bryant Gumbel and any men like him — black or whatever race — disgust me.

  • TaReon

    @Ancient: thats the truth!!!