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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Wednesday Morning Breakfast!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Wednesday Morning Breakfast!

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck say goodbye to each other after having breakfast on Wednesday morning (December 11) at the Brentwood Country Mart in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 41-year-old actress went her separate way with their four-year-old daughter Seraphina after they ate.

The day before, Jen was spotted out and about with Sera and her son Samuel, 21 months. She was also seen going solo on Monday while getting her nails done in Santa Monica.

It was just announced that Jennifer and her Dallas Buyers Club co-stars received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Motion Picture!

FYI: Seraphina is wearing a Barefoot Dreams cardigan.

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck out and about…

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jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 02
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jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 04
jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 05
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jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 17
jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 18
jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 19
jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 20
jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 21
jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 22
jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 23
jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 24
jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 25
jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 26
jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 27
jennifer garner ben affleck wednesday morning breakfast 28

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  • rerere

    Oh a kiss for the paps! Ben looks in pain….
    And the paps do not just hang out at duck ponds! Someone has to call them…….

  • Isa

    Cute family , perhaps too … it’s like there’s something wrong
    La parenthèse Enchanté


    Is it really that cold down in LA? The no.91 dude looks like he is dressed for Sundance.

  • tammy

    This couple is a joke.

  • ke

    Jen whines about the paps, but goes to this countrymart daily where she knows paps always are! At least make a little effort to avoid them!

  • just saying

    I Kind of think they are working it too hard on this perfect marriage image. Why the show? Beyoncé is the biggest star in the planet and nobody can get near her and she protects her child and doesn’t allow anyone to take pictures of blue. She protects her, when she lets them see pictures it is on her terms because she releases them herself. These people complain and complain about the paparazzi but do nothing to avoid them. They are constantly being photographed buying coffee. They secretly love the paps. Make breakfast for your kids at home or get a chef they are millionares acting as though they are down to earth..I don’t think so!!

  • Helen

    He’s so done with her. Look at that body language.

  • lin

    The Ben and Jen Reality Show. The coffee runs are getting boring.

  • TOO much


  • paparaazi lover

    I wonder if Ben’s mom will tell him “is this the kind of life you want to live”. I wonder if he wants to throw up when he sees the paps. Will it clean his palate when he does. He blamed someone else at one time about the paparazzi and how awful it was but they are still following him. So I guess it wasn’t the other person’s fault after all. Jennifer Garner entertained the paps so much, when Ben was not around she exposed those kids on a daily basis. It is funny to me that it is happening to them you reap what you sowe and Karma is a beotch.

  • Devon

    @paparaazi lover:

    Yes, he blamed JLO for the paparazzi chase, but in reality JLO never tipped the paps like Garner does. Look, JLo protects her children and never overexposes them, She is a classy lady and an international star for a reason. While Ben had to suck D”ck to get his latest Oscar for that garbage movie Argo. Garner, the doormat is perfect wife for a sexist pig like Affeck. BTW their son Samuel is truly Matt Damon’s that’s why Affleck didn’t give him his last name

  • Rob

    I think this couple need to protect their children I foresee a tragedy if they don’t stay away from the paps. As a parent I’m shocked at the way they use their children for publicity purpose, They have to have the darkest heart to do something like that, and absolutely no love for their children, for they are just like puppets they drag around to get the attention of the paps, absolutely sickening.

  • shamrock

    Don’t you all think that he is more followed and in everyday photos now then he was in the Gigli period with J. LO? I do.
    The main problem is that his kids are involved and that is not right at all.
    They obviously LOVE that Brentwood Country Mart, but know that the papz will be there. No doubt about it. That is concerning and troubling.

    Hopefully, the law will take effect to protect the precious and innocent children.

    My heart goes out to their children.


  • Walter

    You can see the photog in the background taking pictures and they still don’t protect their kid.

    Everybody loves to hate on Goop, but at least she instructs to have her kids faces blurred. Aflleck/Garner although claiming they want to, they never do. Their phonieness is beyond disgusting.

  • Parents protect


    Yes, it’s very troubling. But it’s up to parents to protect their children. If they don’t want to expose their children to what they perceive as dangerous, then don’t go there. It’s the price they pay for choosing a lifestyle that made them multimillionaires. Hypocrites!

  • paparaazi lover

    @Devon: Not only did he blame Jlo, every chance he got he put her name out there in a negative way. She never said anything bad about him she was all class. Everyone was ridiculing her and saying that she ruined his career when he ruined it himself with his poor acting. She had a great career before he got in the way. It took her longer to recuperate because he kept bringing her up time after time in a negative way trying to save himself. So he never takes responsibility for himself, now he says that his wife I the reason why he is doing good yeah right. And the other was the reason why he did so bad..I get his psychology. Still blaming Jlo because he can’t conceive that he is really a terrible actor. I agree Argo was not that great but people were all up in his booty.

  • shamrock

    @Parents protect:

    The fact of the matter is that Ben had seen how his life unfolded in the tabloids with Jennifer Lopez. He removed himself from the situation and took time off, and started to FOCUS on making solids films, mastered directing(his true talent), and has been doing an incredible job with his career.
    But, as he continues to get more popular with the film industry, the papz seem to be following him now, more then ever. But, you do not see this with Matt Damon or other high profile celebs and their children. Why?

    In my opinion, I would try to avoid certain places that the papz hang out. Do whatever in your power you need to do to protect and provide privacy for your children.

    But, on the other hand, Ben and Jen want to live a normal life, but due to their high profile image, it seems to be unattainable.

    Wishing them the best~

  • Annabella

    They call contract photographers to take those pictures. Its all completely staged.

  • mom50

    As far as the papz go, there are a lot of them in LA, so Im sure their everywhere.

  • analu


    They could move. Bigger stars know how to protect their children (see Julia Roberts) – but Garner and Affleck are staging or at least using these occasions to show off their happy family. They did it last award season… they were using their children. And they are whining and complaining… that’s some great double standard. Cherry picking their privacy, it’s celebrity style at its worst.

  • tammy

    @paparaazi lover:

    Totally agree!!You said it all!

  • Lena

    @just saying:

    Don;’t blame them for going about living a normal life. Blame JJ for buying pictures of kids (they are not famous – duh) and blame yourself for clicking on the pictures and taking out your precious (?) time by commenting.

  • Lena


    WHy should they move? They go to different cities to film and they’ve had pictures taken in Boston, New York, etc. Its the public and the press that need to lay off. The fact is sites and magazines should not buy pictures of famous people when their non-famous children are with them. Or if they do, crop them out. IT is sick of them and sick of people to follow little children.

  • sandylou

    why come here just to complain?, I like seeing them, apparently so do others, they are a cute Hollywood couple.

  • January Jackson

    I also like seeing their beauty family…paps camp outside their house and follow them wherever they go. They had both said in tons of interviews that paps are wrong to follow children but as long as they don’t get too close and scare the kids, they have no choice but to accept this.

    Their children are not being mistreated in there photos and I can see no harm. The problem with those who are bothered by them is if they truly are concerned and want it to stop….all they have to do is scroll right past them and don’t…..I repeat don’t comment, it will end them paps stalking…Media will not buy pics unless they make money by selling them.

    Why do you think Brangelina pics are so popular with the media?…….They sell. Brangelina family and others were forced to move out of the country and now the paps are trying to cash in on the Afflecks and you people who are b!tching and complain about Ben and Jen not protecting their kids are the number one problem.

    No celeb should have to move to avoid paps (it doesn’t help) if pics are profitable the agencies will find a buyer.

  • $20 in my pocket

    They don’t go where the paps are the paps follow them from their house. No matter where these people go, they are going to be followed and photographed.

    Don’t wanna see them, nobody is forced to click on the thread and nobody should have to move and/or quit the business because of the paparazzi. Let FREEDOM RING…Ben has the right to speak about paps stalking and terrorizing his kids..he and his wife will continue do as they have always done…comfort their children and let them know that as long as mommy and daddy are around, nothing can harm them. The rest of us should mind my own business and get lives of our own.

  • $20 in my pocket

    I forget to say…I love Jen’s hair from the Wednesday breakfast shots. She is still so gorgeous after 3 kids. Loved her since Alias.

  • I have always known…

    Ben Affleck “pretends” to hate the media and people watching him, but in reality, he likes it. He just doesn’t like the negative aspects of fame. He hated it back when he dated JLo because he knew he was secretly cheating on her, drinking and partying, but was trying to maintain a wholesome, doting boyfriend image to the public. He couldn’t go on living the lie because he felt ashamed of himself. Notice the women Affleck hooked up with even before he was really famous. ALL well-known, high-profile types. Matt Damon went off and found a regular sweet woman to wed and have a family with. But not Affleck. Ben Affleck has always seemed more insecure of the two.

  • bee

    @$20 in my pocket:

    Yes they do go where the paps are!!!! The paps are always places BEFORE them. All ready to get pics of them getting out of their car.

    This country mart is pap central. Paps camp out there daily and Jen still brings her kids there so she can get her coffee and attention fix.

    If she did not want her kids photographed every single day then she could start by not going to the country mart!!! And instead going to the many pap free areas.

  • yep

    beautiful family.

  • April

    Gorgeous family.

  • http://jared schmid

    @ Devon and Paparaazi lover….. envy much for this couple? Sorry but they are meant for each other, if Ben marry your trashy Jlo his life will be at mess and in hell…. LOOK AT YOUR JLO NOW ALL OF HER RELATIONSHIPS ARE FAILED MEANING SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH HER AND PLEASE DON’T COMPARE JEN GARNER TO HER THEY ARE NOT OF THE SAME LEVEL. Your Jlo is “garbage” and Jen Garner is a role model…..Move on guys…. Ben is happy now…. try to accept it…..tell your jlo to look for other toyboy again incase she will be tired of her casper …..Bad Mother….

  • really

    @schmid: JLO was too strong and independent for Ben Affleck, and eventually, she would NOT take his cr@p. JLo is the type to leave — even if she loves a man. But Affleck wants to be in charge. Garner is the type who puts the man she loves before herself. It’s plain as day. She can join the club with Mel Gibson’s ex, Cindy Williams (who was married to Goldie Hawn’s ex), Kelly Preston (Mrs. Travolta). Certain types of women hold on longer than others. JLo could easily find a man who would stay with her. She’s had it before. Some of her exes did not want to break up with her. JLo probably gets tired of the men and then she’s ready to flee.

  • http://jared schmid

    @ really I see…. that is why she can easily find a man that would stay with her because she pay for it [how much is the monthly allowance?]…Jlo only loves herself nothing more nothing less…..selfish….Don’t forget…. Ben dump her….

  • really

    @schmid: We can’t believe how the monitors protect this couple. I responded to you, and they refused to print it. Not the first time that has happened on their threads…… Anyhoo. I said before that, yes, Affleck dumped JLo, but if they had continued, but things weren’t right after a while, JLo would not stay with him. I think JLo doesn’t really need a man. I think she can feel complete without one and she has high self-esteem. She’s always been more of a go-getter. I think Affleck would never settle down with a really strong woman because he needs to be needed.

  • SuesH

    Frumpiest woman in Hollywood! I mean, really, at least tuck in your blouse..

  • http://justjared schmid

    @really Ben dumped Jlo end of story.Ben never ever wish to go back to your useless Jlo.Have some proof don’t presume…Jlo never satisfied to any of her lovers because SHE ONLY LOVES HERSELF.Hahahaha Jlo don’t need a man?Hahahaha all her lovers leave her, look at Marc Anthony he filed their divorced I think Jlo’s personality and attitude is bad.For how many man have been in your life then end up no one well,it doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines.Look at Ben and Jen Garner why they still stick to one another for ten years it’s because they are meant for each other.Remember no man is an Island.Please explain to me I don’t understand why Your Jlo is paying this toyboy casper I thought she can live and doesn’t need a man in her life…..hahahaha does not coincide…..pity Jlo loser fans…..