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Katie Holmes: Early Morning Drop Off with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Early Morning Drop Off with Suri!

Katie Holmes flashes a smile while holding hands with her daughter Suri on Wednesday morning (December 11) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress dropped off her adorable seven-year-old daughter at school before heading off on her own to run some errands.

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The day before, Katie was spotted chatting with a female friend outside of Suri‘s school before heading off into the winter wonderland.

Katie is currently busy filming for her latest movie The Giver.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes dropping Suri off at school…

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katie holmes early morning drop off with suri 01
katie holmes early morning drop off with suri 02
katie holmes early morning drop off with suri 03
katie holmes early morning drop off with suri 04
katie holmes early morning drop off with suri 05
katie holmes early morning drop off with suri 06
katie holmes early morning drop off with suri 07
katie holmes early morning drop off with suri 08
katie holmes early morning drop off with suri 09
katie holmes early morning drop off with suri 10
katie holmes early morning drop off with suri 11
katie holmes early morning drop off with suri 12

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    that kid is always crying , yelling, something. GEEZ

  • anne

    Adorable mother and daughter. I’m looking forward to the testimony of Katie, Bauer in action.

  • hello

    How did Conner and Bella turn out so normal ?and this one such a mess?
    I don’t think Tom was the one that treated her like a kid. I just heard him on Ryan S radio for a year or so ago and he talks of conner starting to ride a motor bike about 2ish and then 9 for a snowmobile. They were very active and not being cared like babies.
    I think Katie is the one that wasn’t mature enough for marriage and being a mother.

    btw – so many rumors out there that are pure bs. Below is a video and if you watch to the end you see nic with the kids even in teen years and they are very warm all of them. People love to make up stories.
    I don’t care what some ex cos person said- they have agenda too. I think its a cult so not defending it just saying the rumor of nic without kids is not true.

  • http://comcast Joni

    I am so proud of Katie for escaping that marriage and Scientology. Katie saw the writing on the wall (she saw what happened to Nicole) and got the hell out of there.

  • @hello

    It’s OK 4 u to like Cruise, I can not understand it, but its your choice. Now, about the kids and Suri, you absolutely do not know a thing. Katie, is one great mother and actually one of the strongest characters you could meet. She did get too deep too soon with Tom, I think she is well aware of that too, but she believed in their relationship, absolutely loved him and her family and time only proofed her wrong. She left for the sake of her daughter. Connor and Bella are indeed good kids, but have a limited view in life and do not seem to be especially educated or have done aything with their lives. They do not even have a meaningful relationship with their mother, all those barriers have been imposed by the church. Katie has seen a lot during those years. A LOT.

  • hello

    @joni, sure it was all Tom’s fault. Good thing perfect blameless and innocent Katie got out LOL!! (she is just as much to blame for this mess as he is)

    She said she loved COS when she checked it out so maybe there was more to the marriage issues then just that cult/church.

  • hello

    @ @hello LOL you tell me I don’t know a thing as you then go on to tell me things that you THINK you know from being a fan of Kate. You saw the same things I did and we come to different conclusions.
    I posted video of the kids with nicole – so she did not leave her kids and run or get put out of their lives.

    You think katie is strong- fine. I think she is weak willed silly woman who isn’t mature enough for marriage and raising a daughter. Its been over a year and her and suri still look so silly and messed up all the time. It wasnt all his fault whatever happened in that marriage- she had issues too and still does.
    they just werent a good match at the end of the day.
    Tom has very strong character and needs someone with the same- he and nic were good when they were together but him and katie once the romance in the start died i think they didn’t get along in the daily stuff. To me she comes across as too needy. Everyone says poor kate the cos made all these decisions for her well maybe because she is weak enough to let them and acts like someone who needs someone to tell her waht to do all day. Nic and Penny were not like that.

    Hope number 4 is better suited for him. Good luck tom.

  • annie

    That was a nice video, but there are nice pics and little videos of Suri where she is unaware of the paps and they are adorable. She’s playing , running, being cheeky. In the pic above, she has her eyes closed , so she’s passing by the paps.
    The pics with Nicole, seem to have stopped at a certain point. I don’t know the reason, but they have stopped, surely there could be a few around, in all those years.
    I know that when she’s in Aus, Conner and Bella are never here, altho I think Conner was here a couple of weeks ago.
    I’m not altogether sure about people brainwashing them, but they certainly are not close anymore to their mother, for whatever reason.
    It’s impossible, what is it, 7 yrs for a couple of pics not to have surfaced.
    Ok Katie carries Suri sometimes, but she’s her mother, and she’s protective.
    Could very well be, those kids really liked Katie, and didn’t want to go with their mother, who is to know, but for whatever reason they don’t see Nicole, In all her interviews, about how much she and Tom were in love, she never mentions anything about them, altho she goes into a very happy mode when she taks about her 2 little ones. So whatever it is, she doesn’t seem to have contact.
    She has never even said , altho we don’t see each other a lot , we talk all the time on the phone, never., you know say something.
    I’m not disputing, that Katie may have been too young for Tom, his life and beliefs, and he in turn too old for her view on life. Katie was always with guys her own age., Yes I believe, that in the end she didn’t like her life, or maybe even halfway through her marriage.
    I don’t know much about the Tom and Nicole time, but from what I read he wasn’t so much into Scie, now there is only one way to describe him and that’s fanatical, and defensive, about it, and he’s shown that over and over.
    So …all we do really is speculate about this and that.
    And does Suri play up to her mother….yes.

  • annie

    @ hello
    You know I’m very tolerant, but that comment of yours . ”they still look silly all the time” says a lot.
    They don’t look silly to me, Katie is taking her daughter to school.
    What’s your problem, because, it’s starting to show!

  • hello

    @annie you are wrong. Nic has talked about the kids and they do go visit. You are assuming no recent pics means no visits. Nic doesn’t live in NY or LA all the time so not followed so you don’t have any idea how often the other two go see her now.You are just going by gossip.

    Tom is way more famous and lives in LA so of course we saw him more with connor or bella then Nic.
    I also think tom did a great job with conner during his teen years always doing father son stuff. he might not have a great job yet but at least he is not some messed up kid of a mega star doing drugs or whatever. He is 18 and probably hasn’t found himself yet but he is a good kid.

  • hello

    yes to me she does look silly and yes i think if she wanted the circus to end she could do something to change it. Lots of celebs do but she tends to like the silly game of being papped almost daily.

    Even more outside the city if she has to work in the city- others have done that. there are suburbs outside that are very nice and easy to access. Even for a while but bottom line suri not being around the paps is not her biggest concern or else seh would so we can assume she must enjoy it.

  • annie

    How do you know they visit, and would it actually hurt her to say they do, oh please.!
    Seeing that you seem to know a lot, and you are def a major Tom fan, which if fine, but I’m being honest , I’m not Nicoles biggest fan, but like her movies but,did she deserve to be treated that way, somebody else giving her the news, that her husband wanted a divorce, a woman he was with for 10yrs… didn’t go to see her in hospital while she was miscarrying, presumably their child.
    Doesn’t that say a little something to you, it does to me, unless you can come up with something that says it’s not gossip, and you know differently.

  • hello

    so you repeat gossip then you say the burden is on the person to prove your gossip is not gossip? lol.

    the burden of proof is on the way presenting these ‘rumors’ about what went down in the split.

    for me seeing that video i posted at least shows they spent time together over the years even to the teens and they looked close- unlike the rumors that keep saying she never sees them and doesnt care about them. I think bella was even in he wedding. She lives where its easier to come and go for the kids and not be papped. I dont think everytime they see each other we know about it- same wiht tom and suri.

    as for nicole i dont read every interview so i have no idea just how much she talks about them.

  • annie

    You only comment on what you want , what suits you.
    All the times NK has been in Sydney, last few years, all the holiday snaps of all her family at her property , never has there been any of C and B, the last time was at her wedding. I’m not saying lots of photos…..just 1 or 2.
    When she’s in Sydney, the womens mags cover the stories, never have I seen C and B, they have grandparents, cousins, nothing has ever surfaced.

  • hello

    I dont follow her close enough to see every pic of the kids so i don’t know. of course the two that are with her full time will be seen more esp since they are younger.

    but regardless- there are lots of thigns said that there is no proof of . It is said that she didn’t want them and others say that tom won’t let her see them and from the vid i showed – it shows affection and joy between them all up to the teen years at least. That surely is not every time she saw them.

    so many things are said on these boards as fact when people really don’t have any clue what really goes on they only see snapshots.
    You have your opinions about it and i have mine but at least don’t present them as accepted fact when they are not.
    yes i am a tom fan and i will post on both of their threads about this stuff as long as others are still pushing the “go kate you poor victim” narrative. “oh look at how strong she is since she left that abusive man” Please- i dont see her as the victim at all so i will keep saying it.

  • anne

    @annie: @hello: .

    I’m watching MI3, Tom plays Tom in all his movies.
    Nicole 10.
    Katie 05 years.
    Loves, we will accept. Are contracts. If Katie was so unhappy, why not come out before?
    Nicole never wanted to adopt. Cruise was imposing. I think she has no contact with B and C. And do not give me the history of Scientology. As a mother …. Katie was better. Tom is eccentric. It’s all the career and image.
    Kisses Annie.

  • Truth be told

    @hello: Suri looks normal!! U’re wacked. Connor and Izabella are the ones that will be lost with identity issues!!!!

  • Truth be told

    Tom is a total nutjob who needs constant validation/building up on how great he is: hence COS. My issue with Katie is that to be with him a whole 5 years tells you she is a player. It’s not like she was in her early 20′s and naive about LOVE. This was calculating. So show me the stuff Annie. I mean; Pieces of April – OK. Mad Money – Blah. Jack and Jill – Awful. Who’s Afraid of the Dark? – FLAT. A year away from him;;;;,, I’m waiting. What better therapy than to immerse herself into a dark, intense character and yet I fear this small part on The Giver is going to fall flat. Would love you to convince me otherwise.

  • hello

    @truth be told- that’s your opinion- to me she looks like a bratty kid and she is not cute at all.

  • wtf

    c’mon Kate, you ALMOST look ok here. Then you had to mess it up with that undershirt that looks like it came from TJMax.
    And why does Suri wear red tights with pink shoes and coat?? Pull it together woman!

  • Just a Comment

    I bet Suri is so happy that Katie is back in town and taking her to school. You can tell Suri is “needy” and misses her mom when she’s gone, much more than Cruise. Suri’s life took a 180 degree turn when they got divorced. I don’t need to know them personally, just by what we all see in pictures is enough to make that statement: going to school, walking with other kids, wearing coats and sweaters, stockings, no longer out late at night with Katie or Cruise having dinner, on a school schedule (boundaries and following deadlines and rules, structure), rarely seen drinking out of a baby bottle, still see the blanket pop up once in a while but less than before, and see Katie’s mom taking Suri to school when Katie is out of the country. And those are just the things that we see via pictures. We also don’t see Suri stimming anymore (possibly taking medications). Good luck to Suri.

  • Just a Comment

    And other thing, Suri is no longer flying all over the place in one year like she did from the time she was born to about 6 years of age. When Katie and Cruise were married Suri might be in Prague, or Boston, or New York, Australia, Los Angeles, Japan, etc. I don’t know how Victoria Beckman does it with the jet lag and pulling the kids out of school. I would be exhausted going back and forth like that. Suri recently went to South Africa and that was probably for the experience of seeing that country but didn’t return again when Katie had to go back to shoot more scenes. That’s good that Suri is getting more stability in her life especially in these young years when she needs to be in school.

  • annie

    @ hello
    Look, for me when I’m discussing something on this board, honesty is very important to me, I don’t care who it is, Tom, Katie, Nicole, or Joe Blow.
    You are presenting your side, and I’m presenting mine.
    The thing is , because you are a Tom fan, and that’s fine, you are trying to disprove everything negative written about him.
    You say that there is no proof of this or that or anything, but when someone tries to present an inkling of truth, the first thing you say is…that they believe the gossip, and the lies that are written.
    What I have said here are not lies or gossip, they are actually things I have seen, or heard with my own eyes, and ears.
    You keep on saying that Katie was not that young not have known about Scie…..but it was from Toms mouth, he was the one that said that it was one of the reasons she left, , it could have been 50% ,75%, it could have been 25%. reason. After hearing it from Tom, then I would assume that when Katie’s lawyer gave the statement saying that her daughters (welfare) is and has always been her main priority, then it begins to make sense.
    When I say what sort of a man dumps his wife in such a way, you say nothing, but you pick on Katie for living in NY. Maybe she’s close to Suri’s school, the school she likes her daughter to attend. You make it sound like Katie is the one committing a crime.
    Ok Suri doesn’t like the paps, but they are going to be with her all her life, and probably for Suri , out of site out of mind.
    You say she’s bratty and not cute at all, really, seeing she resembles your idol so much, and she has a beautiful face,.
    You say glowing things about Conner, he’s a DJ, and don’t you find it at all strange, that this 18yr old that nobody knows or even heard of, gets all the top gigs, dad asks everyone to help him out,, you know give him tips ,steer him in the right direction.
    He’s rude and he’s arrogant, no matter how much you try to cover up for him, and his tweets, and his actions.
    As for Nicole, yes Tom should have stayed with her, but he obviously didn’t think so.
    As for Tom, last year, he didn’t see Suri, much, what about this year, he’s playing games, because now he really doesn’t want people knowing when or not he’s seeing, her, and I do believe that Katie doesn’t want Suri to see too much of him, because as another poster commented she has seen A LOT!
    You present your opinions as facts, and you only want to prove that Tom has nothing to do with them not seeing their mother, I don’t know why they don’t see their mother, I just find it unusual that there are no pics for the last 7 yrs, and Nicole never talks about them in a way that makes you think that she has a relationship with them, in fact quite the opposite, she never ”sounds” like a mother towards them, but she does to her other 2 kids, no matter what you want to prove.
    And I have said before that I saw Keith Urban in an interview, years ago when he came out for a music awards show, when asked how he gets along with C and B, he said he didn’t see them often, much less he said than other step parents see their kids. The interviewer was a guy named Richard Wilkinson, on Good Morning Australia, if you want proof.
    We all do a lot of speculating on this board, but there are things that are very obvious, no matter how we try to spin them, in the way that suits us.

  • hello

    OMG- I can’t write a book of a reply like you do – too much RL to do but again, you have sooo much speculation in your post. You say someone tries to present inkling of proof– but they don’t show proof they show opinion or speculation.
    We see the same things and we draw different conclusions..if you show me PROOF that nic hasn’t seen her kids in years i will beleive you but you don’t have it…only your guess because you didn’t see a picture. How weird to assume you would get to see everything.

    i don’t state things as fact- show me wehre i do that. I give my opinions about katie as a person but i say its just that or how it looks to me. I am not saying things like I KNOW nic doesnt see the kids or i KNOW tom does see suri– i only say he might be and we don’t have the right to assume he hasn’t just because you dont see a pic of it.

    and yes there ARE pics of the kids with nic from last 7 years- look at the video and AGAIN just because no pics doesn’t mean they don’t see each other times we dont get pics- but the vid even has late teen years and connor is only 18 now.

    you said i didn’t reply about the nic being dumped thing- that is because i wasnt following back then so i don’t know what really happened and i am not taking your word for it– i would have to go read and sort though the gossip vs fact to see what happened and i dont have the desire to do that now.

    yes connor had a bad tweet- but who hasn’t said something dumb in their teens…
    The dj thing….no , it doesn’t bother me…i see it as tom being supportive. He is not the first kid of an a- lister to get a leg up. Tom is a great dad to connor it seems to me and bella i think i heard is in school in london so might be why we dont see her as much.
    yes suri sort of looks like tom- but he is a guy she is a girl- big difference. and plus its not just features but the look on her face doesn’t help.
    she is a kid so i don’t hate her but i do think she is probably a brat to be around and i hope she changes

  • hello

    Oh and if katie wanted to stop the paps she can move. yes you can say she shouldn’t HAVE to move but its her choice to stay with the paps or not.

    you can’t say suri is her top concern and then say its ok for her to put suri 2nd place and choice to stay in that situation being harrassed every day.

    if she doesnt like it and want suri to not have her pic taken every day take her some place else.
    Its clearly not that important to her.
    even if its a sacrifice to move- so be it. …or don’t claim its her top concern her daughter well being.

  • annie

    ok, whatever, but you not only want tom to look good, you want Nicole as well, we’re going round and round in circles. If you want to see things , the way you want, no problem here, continue on, however… just glance over your last post, you are scraping the barrel, but I get it, Katie is wrong in everything. If that makes you happy.. then fine!
    But just to inform you a little, just in case you think it’s just gossip, look up her divorce papers, and see what she Nicole Kidman has to say about how her husband dumped her. Please respond , because I’m dying to know, what excuse, you are going to come up with.
    .Maybe she was drunk or MAYBE spaced out on something at the time and got the story TOTALLY wrong, you probably think the whole thing was made up, Tom didn’t do that, and Nicole wouldn’t have said that, so the whole thing is a fabrication of somebodies imagination, (the courts) in this instance.

  • anne

    @Just a Comment:

    These trips were contractual clásulas. Tom married career. Woman is only a prop to your picture on the red carpet. Dating, sex, family are at the end of your list. Accept.

  • Just a Comment

    #27 – I agree that those were photo opps especially the ones when they were in Germany when Cruise was filming Valkyrie and he let Katie and Suri go to Paris for a day and they are seen walking all over the place. And the years from 2007 through 2008, they dressed Suri in designer clothes and really cute and precious. She was a papparazi magnet and for Cruise that meant publicity for his image which he was trying to perpetuate as a young successful father who is an actor and Scientologist. Let’s face it, in Hollywood if you want to play the leading heotersexual role you can’t be gay, the audience won’t buy it. You need to be a handsome, fit, heterosexual.

  • hello

    @anne, not scapping the bottom of the barrel at all.

    and no i don’t care/want nic to look good or bad– i just started posting things that don’t go with the narrative that tom stopped her from seeing them or worse that she didn’t even want them. People post that as fact around here and its not- tthere are pictures and her personal comments that reflect the opposite.
    i didnt follow their divorce and don’t have the papers to go and read.but either way there are always two sides to every story– well, actually 3 sides, “yours, mine, and the truth”– so the exact truth is probably neither side.

    as for katie- i don’t think she is totally wrong and i never said tom was right in everything. I think he is in a cult. I think he can be very A-type personality and it doesn’t fit with some people. I don’t like the way he went after kate to find a wife but people in other churches/religions or whatever do similar things if they cant find one in their small circle. To me its weird but not the strangest thing i ever heard and its not that uncommon.

    as for katie- i know lots of 26yr old women and they would not let a man tell her what to say and do the way tom’s team did. Maybe they thought she was just inexperienced for the world stage so were very hands on– but i don’t think a character like nic or penny would have let people do that for them. that is why i say(or one of the reasons) i say she is weak and not a good match for time with or without COS.

  • anne

    @Just a Comment:

    When they came to Rio, Katie went to the beach in high heels, made ​​with Suri shopping at the mall, I think she enjoyed the life of glamor and luxury. Maybe with time she got tired of all this scam and did not want to this to her daughter. I find strange is that when married, Katie lived with his mother, sister, nephews of Tom (he admitted in testimony/Bauer). 06 years of marriage are not 06 months. There was no affection between them. Suri is a beautiful child. Do not feel miss little girl? And the grandmother? I have divorced brothers and I relate well with their ex-wives.

  • marco

    did he say they all live in the same house? can you link where that was said?
    I saw some place where he said they are “around alot” but not saying they all stay in same house.

  • You’d THINK

    @hello: I don’t think silly, I think she is still saying fu to Tom’s control. Not healthy for her though. The sooner she moves on the better, “Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it kills her enemy(Tom).”

  • HI

    She sees herself as some reincarnation of Jackie O – living in NY with those glasses

    lolo ya right Katie
    not even close – you are gross – get a job at Starbucks

  • http://comcast Patricia

    Congrats to Katie for escaping that mess, she was Toms babysitter for his older children. I also bet Nicole thanks her lucky stars that Tom divorced her now, she has one of the sexiest, talented and nicest men on earth Keith Urban.