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Katie Holmes Steps Out for Bright & Early School Run with Suri!

Katie Holmes Steps Out for Bright & Early School Run with Suri!

Katie Holmes is all smiles as she exits her daughter Suri‘s school after dropping her off for the day on Thursday (December 12) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress headed to her SUV for her ride back after handing off her daughter’s back pack.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

The day before, Katie also dropped her daughter off before heading on her way to get some errands done.

Katie has most recently been spotted filming her latest movie The Giver in South Africa.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes leaving her daughter’s school bright and early…

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katie holmes steps out bright early for morning school run 01
katie holmes steps out bright early for morning school run 02
katie holmes steps out bright early for morning school run 03
katie holmes steps out bright early for morning school run 04
katie holmes steps out bright early for morning school run 05
katie holmes steps out bright early for morning school run 06
katie holmes steps out bright early for morning school run 07
katie holmes steps out bright early for morning school run 08
katie holmes steps out bright early for morning school run 09
katie holmes steps out bright early for morning school run 10
katie holmes steps out bright early for morning school run 11

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  • Nathan

    Very Cute Smile!!

  • hello

    lol sounded like even Jared was making a joke about her daily pics saying “yesterday she also dropped her off”.
    we get it.
    she walks the kid to school every day and she loves the paps.

  • Alli

    Guess she is back to calling the paps again to prove what a devoted mother she is. We get Katie we really do!

  • @ hello

    I’m not a Katie Holmes fan by any means. As a matter of fact, I don’t like her at all, but millions of people walk their children to school every single day in Manhattan, myself included. If photographers are standing outside the school, what would you have her do? My children attend the same school as the children of other famous people – several actually. The paps are there all the time and pictures are taken. They may not be seen on JJ every day because Jared CHOOSES to publish pictures of KH and Suri and NOT these other celebrities and their children, who, by the way, are just as famous as KH, if not MORE famous. KH gets lots of comments from people like yourself who love to hate or others who love to defend her. Point is, this happens to Mother’s in the entertainment business and their kids CONSTANTLY. What is KH supposed to do? I’m fairly sure she can’t have Suri parachute into the school to avoid the paps. There are no underground tunnels (other than the subways) in Manhattan. The kid has to get to school just like every other child. If she moves from Manhattan, the paps will follow. The realitiy is, KH isn’t courting this. Its a fact of life in this city and Jared chooses to post pictures every single day….and as long as he pays for them and you comment CONSTANTLY, he’ll continue to do it. Honestly, it’s not KH’s fault. It’s Jareds and yours for commenting every single time her picture appears.
    Now please, learn something before you spew silliness. Come to Manhattan and see how we ALL live before you make uninformed comments not based in reality…..and remember, this comes from someone who thinks KH is a piss poor actress.

  • hello

    Sure you do- lol
    which celebs go to the same school then? i seriously doubt it and if pics are being taken of a more Alister then her at the same school they will be posted some place if not here and we can see them.

    if katie moves to ohio i doubt the paps will follow or surely not stay there.


    Fantastic teddybear coat. Where do these babes get all these numbers anyway, at such short notice?

  • anne

    Katie soon is 35 years. Find new BF and be happy again. You deserve it. And Tom is also a new GF ..

  • Suri Louis Vitton knapsac

    Suri has a Louis Vitton knapsack! Wow ! No the paps get paid for the
    Photos that sell the most she is on the list Hello!

  • Drats

    How else can I say this? Katie Holmes has very, very bad legs… and cankles.

  • Minka

    Boring girl.

  • You’d THINK

    @Drats: I don’t get it…. Sort of like a person who is on the wide/big side wearing horizontal stripes. I have read almost a hundred posts about her cankles and yet EVERYTHING she wears accentuates her big legs. Yet she promotes fashion?:(. America!

  • rubyz

    What is she supposed to do? For starters, she could use the private entrance/exit of her apartment building AND the private entrance at the school (and YES, there is one). Secondly, she might back off calling the paps on a regular basis to keep her non-talented self in the press. Finally, I seriously doubt if the nitwit moved out of NYC that the paps would follow her. She not worth it. She stays with her kid in NYC because Suri attracts the paps, not her … and NYC is convenient. It is somewhere she KNOWS she will be photographed Cannot stand her.

  • annie

    news flash.. she lived in New York, before Tom and before Suri.

  • You’d THINK

    @annie: you never responded to 18 post last article?!?!?

  • You’d THINK

    @annie: Correction, #18

  • annie

    @you’d think
    You keep on changing your name.
    I don’t know what you want me to tell you, she’s in the same category as 3/4 of the actresses, around.
    The first movie I saw Katie was Ice Storm, when she played a teenage drug addict, she was great.
    Then saw her in Disturbing behaviour, she won the breakout award.
    Go was good.
    Teaching Mrs Tingle with Hellen Mirren was a nice college type movie, actually really like that one, it was a fun movie
    Abandon, she was really good as a girl with problems who went around killing people.
    Wonder Boys , she was only in it for about 12 mins, opposite Micheal Douglas, he was her teacher, she had the hots for him.
    The Gift, she was good as the bad rich girl, had off with a lawyer in the bathroom, and used naughty words , but it suited her, she was good.
    Pieces of April was a great little movie.

    Phone Booth with Colin Farral, he was cheating on his wife with Katie, trying to get her into bed, most of the movie was , Colin and Katie on the phone.
    Singing Detective with Robert Downey JR, she was his nurse, and sang Mr Sandman with him, there was a funny sccene where she had to wash him, leave it to your imagination what happened.
    First Daughter was another cute movie , she wore nice Vera Wang dresses, and the close ups of her face dancing in a long purple dress, were very beautiful, thoughout the movie…..should watch it sometime.
    Batman Begins, I think she suited to be his girlfried,
    Thank You for Smoking, it was ok.
    And of course there was DC in between.
    So she wasn’t somebody Tom picked up on the side of the road, she had a nice reputation in the movie industry, nobody was vicious towards her, and was well liked.
    She had her boyfriend/ fiancee Chris Klien, she was very private.
    Well after 2005, she couldn’t do anything right.
    As for Mad Money, it was a very enjoyable little movie, I don’t know anyone that I know who has seen that didn’t enjoy it.
    Does that satisfy you?

  • @annie

    Mad Money? You are joking aren’t you? It was absolutely dreadful. And her performance especially. I worked at a library and we got in about six copies when it came out and the few patrons that checked one out said it was a horrible movie. All copies were taken off the shelf due to lack of interest (which is rare for new DVD releases) and consigned to the library book sale. And no one bought them there either so they were donated to a reseller.

  • annie

    I’m serious my husband liked it as well, it was on cable quite regularly a few years ago. I know a lot of people who saw it, and liked it.
    I love The Samurai with Tom, I just love it.
    I find it a little sad , that he’s become weird, because you get the impression that he wasn’t too bad.
    I read what his ex publicist Pat Kingsley, just said about him, she called him a prince, but you could see, that she was scared a little about the effect Scie had on him, was interesting, she didn’t say too much but you pretty much get the idea.

    @ you’d think

    There is this scene in Abandon, where Katie goes for an interview for a job, it’s a good scene, and again it’s a very close up, interesting scene.
    So looking back, you are right she’s good at playing complicated, dark roles. ( moon aspect pluto) have not done that for a while.
    Another interesting scene was from Wonder Boys, as I said , she played a student who had the hots for M Douglas, and towards the end, she’s sitting up in bed, having this conversation with him, and you begin to see how she’s losing interest in him, and how he reacts to the fact that she didn’t get around reading this book he wrote.
    Look, her movies never set the boxoffice on fire, but that never stopped producers giving her the lead role, or the fact that Kevin Williamson, creator of DC, Vampire Diaries, I Know What you did Last Summer movies, wrote Teaching Mrs Tingle especially for her.
    And Abandon , also was written especially with her in mind, so as I said before, you guys really don’t know much about her at all. I get the feeling you only know her from 2005 upwards.
    She played the teenage drug addict so well in The Ice Storm, opposite Toby Maguire(also Wonder Boys).
    Have you see any of these movies?

  • Truth be told

    @annie: I do think you are a sister or WOULD not eat for a week if she walked passed u for a week. Her most recent movies -I mentioned!- are flat. The good thing is ….her potential! But first u two need to get yourselves out of the river of denial. SERIOUSLY

  • hello

    anyone see this interview with Tom before?lol

    I don’t like COS but I do like Tom as a person and I think the issues with them were deeper then just her not liking COS after a while.

    watch this video and see his personality. I think Katie is just not strong or intense enough to deal with him in a daily basis.
    Really- Nic (even though they divorced) had ten years and they (she even said) most of it was good. I think she is more of the strong personality type he needs to be around. I hope the next one is someone who doesn’t need anything from him and is strong. Maybe that will work.

  • annie

    @ hello
    firstly, why did you pick that interview , and why would you say that his wife or partner ”doesn’t need anything from him next time.” like what?
    He’s always on the defensive, or another thing that you tend to overlook.
    I’m the first one to say , he should have stuck it out with NK, but he chose not to.
    Couple of things I’ve learnt from this place is, a lot of you are older, not married or in a relationship, and certainly don’t have any kids.

  • hello

    i just happen to watch that video and noticed those things.
    he was defensive because of the questions.

    and you don’t have any idea if i have kids or not- or my age. You are welcome to assume anything you want.

  • Date to be honest

    @annie: You are Very naive. Either that or ignorant. Katie’s talent as an actress is at the most B-. Although she catwalks like an A; it only looks like total BS to those who are not naive. I almost want to observe u from afar to see how naive y r

  • annie

    Yep, I’m both…naive and ignorant .. however, never said at any stage that she was an A list actress, never said she was boxoffice fire, and on many occasions said that she is nowhere near the actress that NK is.
    If I gave a few examples, it’s that most people here don’t know anything about her before 2005, so I just did a little profile of her movies. Because , people go on about how Tom put her on the map, and he did, in a different way, but she was an actress who was in some good little movies, regardless whether they were boxoffice hits or not.
    That is my point, but I never , ever get what your point about everything is, because one min you are for and the next you are against.
    Or maybe one name you post under is for and the other names are against, so yes there is my ignorance showing again.