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Orlando Bloom Drives in Car with Miranda Kerr After 'Today' Visit

Orlando Bloom Drives in Car with Miranda Kerr After 'Today' Visit

Orlando Bloom sits in the backseat of a car with his ex Miranda Kerr as they leave a doctor’s appointment together on Friday (December 13) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 36-year-old actor made an appearance on the Today show to promote his film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which is now in theaters.

While on the show, Orly tried a cookie, called Graham Cracker Bars, made by producer Zoe Marcus. Upon eating the treat, he said “It’s the best thing I’ve had all year. Seriously.”

Check out this hilarious GIF of Orlando tasting the bar.

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orlando bloom rides with miranda kerr after today show 02
orlando bloom rides with miranda kerr after today show 03
orlando bloom rides with miranda kerr after today show 04
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  • SameProcedure

    Rolling down the window while driving by the paps… *sigh* xD

  • LaCroix

    It’s weird that these two have broken up & spend more time together now..

  • Truuth

    She thinks she is all that.. but she forgot that now she is old and Candice took all her relevancy,,

  • Lesva

    Miranda probably wants to reconcile since she is not gonna get anyone better then Orlando Bloom.
    He is the reason she became famous. No one even knew who she was until Orlando. So she will go back to her meal-ticket in life.

  • KCM

    My guess? She got pregnant before they broke up.

  • ltk1

    What kind of doctor? Family counselor?

  • Jem

    How gracious of them to roll down the window! hahahahaha :D

  • Anon

    Maybe they are getting back together. That would be great if they have reconciled.

  • boho

    It’s all so confusing.

  • Elena

    It’s great that they be on such good terms for the sake of their son. Love seeing Orlando back promoting movies. Such a handsome man.

  • cabbagepatch

    Gosh she’s so ugly. She let the fame get to her head. She was a nobody before Orlando because she doesn’t have the looks or talent.
    Orlando deserves so much better. Seeing him with Evangeline Lilly makes me have hope for this handsome man again.
    Hope he used condoms with Kerr because she’s the biggest sl** in Hollywood.

  • funny9

    I think she’s very pretty. Orlando is getting kind of washed up. I heard he hasn’t been there for the lady’s in in life before. She makes plenty of money on her own. Kudos for them for being there for their son

  • @12

    Getting washed up? He’s in the biggest movie of the year, and getting all of the attention for Legolas’ return and you’re calling him washed up??

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: We wonder if they get twice the cash from the paparazzi for appearing together or if they have to split the solo take.

  • Kath

    Yes Elena…..they probably do get double the amount of cash for their pics afterall they are both superhot, famous & even more rich than before! Anyway they probably even waved to the them knowing it will piss you idiots off! You do know jealousy is a curse…lol….

  • Hmmm

    Going to a doctor together? And not because they are taking Flynn to the pediatrician?
    Couples would go to only two kinds of doctors together. A therapist helping them with their relationship. Or an obstetrician.
    So which is it?

  • hvrbnr

    is he gay now?

  • Anon

    Could Miranda be pregnant?

  • @17

    We have a two for…
    Not only was that question incredibly random; it was also idiotic as hell.
    Good going moron.

  • @18

    Doubt it. But you never know.

  • John

    Orlando looks so old. They seem be so fake together

  • Nic

    @cabbagepatch: Takes one to know one.

  • @11

    Oh please Miranda was a VS model BEFORE she met Orlando.

    Her career has gotten bigger & more successful due to HER hard work & being professional, SHE is a celebrity & brand in her OWN right now.

    She started HER skincare line with her OWN money & she has now expanded Kora internationally due to it’s success. Miranda is her own best advertisement.
    She is the one that lands the magazine covers, walks the runway for famous Designers NOT him.

    Besides Orlando & Miranda have ALWAYS kept their careers separate!

    You’re just a sad pathetic “hater” that has spent the last 6 years stalking, bullying & insulting Miranda out of petty jealousy & sour grapes all because she was with your pretend boyfriend….grow up & move on!

  • Jesse

    @@11: Well said!

  • sara

    It’s hard to believe that Orlando will be 37 next month. He looks so much younger. And so handsome!
    Miranda looks lovely, as always.

  • IDLTrolls

    @SameProcedure: Or rolling the window up to cut off the view & the paps…*sigh.* xD

  • IDLTrolls

    @hvrbnr: No. It’s disappointing for you and you need to find someone else for your club. (You may try love him from the distance…in a Platonic way, LOL). :D

  • SameProcedure


    why would the window be open O_O? Well nevermind they’re annoying..I only comment on annoying people..It’s like looking at sth terrible but you cannot look away xD

  • haha

    hope orlando finds a better woman, someone who isn’t so full of herself!

  • Martin

    To: Anon @

    Maybe. God knows

  • Ola

    He can finally be gay which he’s always been btw. And she is soooooo ugly, nice legs though.

  • It’s nice

    Very nice to see them together as friends. If MIranda is pregnant again, that might be good. She may want to try for a daughter before Flynn gets too old. I’m all for having your kids by ONE man and skipping all that stepbrother, stepsister mess if you can help it. I’d rather Miranda not have any more kids if she can’t have them with Orlando. Orlando is proving to be a good father.

  • BO

    She has been sleeping with Orlando’s bestfriend James packer 7billion dollar worth!!! thats why they seperated

  • @31

    Wow. I didn’t realize that there were idiot tin hats still out there.
    You would have to be an idiot to believe that he is gay. There has never, ever been any evidence that he prefers men, no matter how bad you want all of that slash fanfic to be true.

  • @33

    Idiotic and illiterate. Not a great combination.

  • Rinky-Dink

    @BO: If that were true and Miranda was the cause for the split, Bloom would be beside himself with anger. Men go ballistic when their women cheat — even when the relationship is on rocky ground. Bloom certainly would not be sitting in a car with Kerr. I think the breakup was MUTUAL. I’ve heard the recent rumors about Miranda and Packer. She may be in love with Packer now and maybe that’s why she still seems very happy while going through this split. One way to get over love gone wrong is to find new love. I still believe that Bloom was not ready to marry any woman when he did, but because of Flynn, he wanted to do the honorable thing.

  • IDLTrolls

    @SameProcedure: Because someone opened the window…O_O You never saw an open window before? Or, you probably stood right there and tried to keep it closed, and THEN they came and forced you to open it for the paps? LOL. So, you “only comment on annoying people” – let’s say that’s quite an amusing hobby, really. Whatever people do to entertain themselves. Are you following the news about the “annoying” people only? In that case you should congratulate yourself: your purpose in life is quite…fulfilled. XD

  • IDLTrolls

    @Rinky-Dink: You may believe anything you want. This kind of “ground” for jumping to conclusions doesn’t demand any proof, no? And that’s what make the “believers” such a great tool for manipulation. Although they will never admit it. Never mind.