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Miley Cyrus Can't Get to Boston's Jingle Ball, Frees Her Nipples

Miley Cyrus Can't Get to Boston's Jingle Ball, Frees Her Nipples

Miley Cyrus lifts up her top to “free her nipples” while waiting to catch a flight out of Teterboro Airport on Saturday afternoon (December 14) in New Jersey.

The 21-year-old entertainer’s private plane was grounded in the tri-state area due to a major snowstorm and after hours of waiting, she wasn’t able to take off and had to cancel her appearance at Boston’s Jingle Ball concert.

“As much as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Teterboro Airport I would REALLY love to be playing #jingleball #Boston,” Miley tweeted. “Mechanical issues + bad weather = 🚫✈️ stuck in NYC and can’t get to Boston for #KISS108JingleBall. Cheers to BOSTON ❤️❤️❤️ imma make it back to you April 2nd I PROMISE!!!!!”

“It’s not about getting your titties out. It’s about equality. ❤️” Miley tweeted earlier in the day after posting her topless photo.

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miley cyrus cant get to boston jingle ball frees her nipples 01
miley cyrus cant get to boston jingle ball frees her nipples 02
miley cyrus cant get to boston jingle ball frees her nipples 03
miley cyrus cant get to boston jingle ball frees her nipples 04
miley cyrus cant get to boston jingle ball frees her nipples 05
miley cyrus cant get to boston jingle ball frees her nipples 06
miley cyrus cant get to boston jingle ball frees her nipples 07
miley cyrus cant get to boston jingle ball frees her nipples 08
miley cyrus cant get to boston jingle ball frees her nipples 09

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  • Hdjs

    Hahahaha. Here come the fat internet trolls hating on her. A woman’s body can be shown off just like a mans. They’re nipples get over it. Go MILEY!!!!!!!!

  • Warren

    I’d be bummed if I was in Boston, but I’m glad they are keeping Miley safe. So is there a real Miley topless photo? Miley is so hot!

  • Sean

    E Q U A L I T Y

  • Bubble

    Free the nipples

  • brandysbabyhair

    LOL B!TCH WHAT???? i think u meant body autonomy but whatever

  • Lauren

    @Hdjs: You sound like a child.

  • ChowMein

    @ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!:

    I am Asian and this is utter crap.

  • Motherhood

    Young idiots praise Miley for coarse behavior but the world condemns mothers who nurse their babies in public. America is backwards.

  • sacrifice

    What the hell

  • OK

    WOW its cold up there….feel bad for her nipples

  • http://yes ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!

    Of course you will deny it when your soul goal in life is to hide that you can read minds!

  • ape

    is it just me or I see NO boobs?

  • Sam

    Trashy behavior, and so are you idiots who condone her behavior.

  • disgusting trash

    miley is as disgusting as the lowlife men she is trying to emulate
    i’m so sorry i stood up for her when she was younger
    hey miley!
    you’re not doing women any favors you’re just making it worse
    you’re a stupid slave
    if you really care about equality then start using/talking violence against men you coward

  • disgusting trash

    ps: why are you trying to look like that brat justin beiber?
    do you have transsexual wannabe issues?

  • disgusting trash

    in case you didn’t get the message

  • David

    We see why Liam left her @ss. He wants a woman with class, a woman he can be proud of. Not a woman who acts like a cheap trick like Miley does.

    Exposing your private parts is NOT classy, girls. It’s trashy.

  • http://Glamoonn aha

    stop it Miley

  • liz

    disgusting and repulsive, just like everything else this freakshow hillbilly does.

  • isi

    She’s screaming hate me

  • philadelphia

    @isi: Crazy girl

  • Linda

    Now why did Miley have to lift her shirt up, esp. when she knew she wasn’t wearing a bra… for a photo? That’s reckless behavior.

  • dsfd

    u cant tell me that loser doesnt look like justin bieber in that shot

  • taps

    Tit less no talent

  • Amy


    Exactly. She has nothing to show off. What’s the point?

  • MzThing

    She looks like Justin Bieber. Are you sure they are not the same?

  • redwine11

    Haters and put downs come from what you fear the most. Look at yourself negative people and see what it is you fear. Haters=FEAR

  • Amanda


    LOL. Doesn’t change the fact that she’s as flat as a board.

  • Elaine

    Nice bloodshot eyes wow. Could she get uglier ????

  • assman


  • snowdrift

    Miley please get your white coated tongue checked by a doctor. It is just not healthy to have such a white coating – you should get it checked.

  • jayoo

    It’s Justin Bieber, not Miley. JJ is mistaken.

  • .

    lookin like that Beaver dude

  • shafoonya

    and billy ray like “what a nice pair of nipples, that’s my girl!”

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    I was actually pissed, when ppl call’d her a ‘female version’ of JBieber, but now she obviously lookin like him in these pix:((((
    & abt her ex, Liam H, I guess, he didn’t even need a girl. Feels like he needed his career more than his girl! So, everybody, don’t be so critical on their relation$hip, twas soo weird…

  • What Does the Fox Say?

    Miley is the new Amanda Bynes/Lindsay Lohan. She’ll be in rehab soon enough.

  • Diedre

    Miley, the greatest gift you could give Boston is to not show up there. Go away immature little girl. Get your sh!t together. If you survive to maturity, and have any sense at all, you will be mortified by your actions.

  • Marta

    she is so boring.

  • jeannifer


  • What insanity looks like

    Represented by an amoral faithless human attention-seeker.

  • zacfan

    maybe you meant F R E E Z E the N I P S? or Froze T-I-T-S

  • aly

    Woah, I thought it was Justin Bieber…

  • ted

    she’s 21 ? seems more like a 15 year old acting like an 8 year old

  • leelee

    You’re all jealous. You wish you can show your tits in the snow.

  • Jonathan

    Why is Justin Beiber pulling up his shirt? ;-)

  • Kasia Smith

    Miley and Justin Bieber deserve to be together.

  • nemo

    oh, hi there, Justin Bie…Cyrus!

  • vya

    I initially thought that was JB. LOL

  • jenny

    she looks like justin beiber