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Jason Momoa: Beverly Hills Party with Mystery Redhead!

Jason Momoa: Beverly Hills Party with Mystery Redhead!

Jason Momoa and a mystery redheaded lady give each other a kiss hello while attending a house party on Saturday afternoon (December 14) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

While it may look like the 34-year-old actor and the mystery gal are going in for a passionate kiss on the lips, it appears they really were just giving a kiss on the cheek. Don’t forget that Jason has been married to actress Lisa Bonet for six years!

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It was recently reported that Jason is in talks to join the cast of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie as a possible villain.

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  • ladyb

    Jared, keep on fooling yourself. A picture tells a thousand this case, several pictures.

  • Ha

    WTF??? Who’s that chick!? She sure seems to enjoy it! (I mean, what woman would not try to snag him but….) He’s taken. She’s a hoe for not respecting that. And I don’t care if Jared makes it clear that she’s just giving him a kiss on the cheek, look at her, she’s still all over him!! She wants more! pffffft. She’s not even half as sexy as Lisa Bonet is =) Jason Momoa is so damn hot though, I understand that any woman would go cray cray for him <3

  • Woh

    I’m absolutely not the jealous type, but if I was Lisa Bonet, DAMN would I be MAD! Like, who’s that B!TCH?? Get off my man, will ya!

  • ladyb

    Ha and Woh, when you see pics like this, it means a break-up announcement is coming. He’s not fooling looks like his relationship with Bonet is done.

  • commonsense

    SHE clearly wants him BAD. His body language is saying “Avoid full body contact, Lisa is going to be pissed“ and her says “I’ll take what I can get.“

  • susan2k2


    so true. He and she are making it loud and clear they are a couple. that girl is really working it. I don’t remember the last time I saw him with Lisa. so yeah it is OVER and probably has been for a while. Celebrities or any regular couple doesn’t tell everyone when they are having problems or breaking up.

  • David From Canada

    Saw Jason in his big starring movie, Conan The Barbarian. Liked it and went and saw it again. I wish him well in his acting career.

  • nunyabizniz

    Looks like his ex that he was with for a long time before Lisa Bonet, Simmone Mckinnon. Starting rumors, Jared?

  • Miranda

    If you notice his body language he’s not reciprocating. He wants her to go away. You can really see it in the last photo. She’s really laying it on in a last ditch effort to show him what could be waiting for him and he’s just being polite at this point.

  • living in a box

    someone owe an explanation.

  • GAsucks

    that chick is sure all over him

  • Kara

    Lisa is too old for him. I had the same opinion about Demi and Ashton and he was obviously into much younger women as I predicted.

  • blondie12

    Regardless if there is anything ‘questionable’ going on here, that is NOT how you kiss someone on the cheek. You don’t hold their face that way just for a quick peck! He looks awkward, she just looks like she’s going for whatever she can haha

  • meow

    you could tell that woman is trying to get as much as she can. ive never liked women like her that are overtly “touchy-friendly” and flirtatious to men that are in relationships. but you can tell that jason is being faithful, i think him and lisa are a compatible match based on their personalitties and they’re absolutely gorgeous together.

  • sunshine21

    It looks like the redhead might be Jason’s ex girlfriend of 7 years prior to Lisa Bonet. Look her up, her name is Simmone Mackinnon. They dated back when he was on Baywatch.

  • Jane

    Jason cheated on Simmone and left her broken hearted!. He cheated with Lisa. Four months after he ended his engagement Lisa gave birth to his daughter Lola.

    Don’t like him. Hated him replacing Rainbow on SG Atlantis. He added nothing to the show. Terrible actor….

  • mel

    @Miranda: maybe he wants her to go away cos he clearly saw the camera

  • whatwhat

    This women is his friend there is also another picture of him kissing another women and hugging both of them. Do you honestly think he would be so stupid to kiss that women in public knowing that he will be photograph. Bet Lisa knows them too.

  • sunshine21

    @Jane: That’s horrible. Not many know about that.

  • sunshine21

    @whatwhat: they probably have open relationship.

  • whatwhat

    The woman is married don’t you see her wedding ring. That is one of his friends.

  • Charlene

    The ring is on her right hand. Doesn’t look good. What is the age difference between LB and JM? Anyone know? I’m just asking because a previous poster said she’s way too old for him. She’s what, mid-40′s? (Trying to remember from The Cosby Show), and he’d be what late 30′s by the looks of him? That’s not so huge of an age difference. Nothing like Moore & Kutcher.

  • Jane


    They swept it after the carpet pretty quickly…though not before Simmone did a tell all interview.

  • Jane

    Lisa was born 67′ and Jason 79′

  • OH

    its his ex fiance

  • HA!!

    That’s not a kiss on the cheek, dude. Someone said it’s his ex-fiance….so what?? That doesn’t give her the right to act like that. He didn’t marry her for a reason, I’m sure. She looks skanky.

  • Jason

    @Jane: I have to agree…the few times I’ve seen him, his acting was really bad…he’s just eye candy.

  • Fifi

    @Jane: You would think that Lisa Bonet would have learned a cheating lesson after dealing with all of Lenny Kravitz’s infidelities, but maybe karma is coming back to bite her on the ass.

  • @OH

    That´s not his ex, if you mean Simmone – she has short blond hair now.

  • Lisa

    I remember TMZ asking him how he kept in shape, and he said, ” F*** alot” right to the camera….real classy.

  • Look at his hands

    He’s not even touching this woman back. Think he is good and thick with Lisa Bonet. I can’t even see a guy taking off from Lisa. She’s always been so different and interesting, I see Jason and Lisa as having a deep, more spiritual bond than just the regular fly-by-night type of relationship. I didn’t even know they had gotten married. Anyhow, they have kids and are a family. I think LIsa was very sure about him to want two more kids with Jason.

  • alexandra

    @Lisa: you said it TMZ asked him not Barbara Walters

  • Jessie

    Don’t try to put it all on her. Many couples don’t chose to make their separation public, so we don’t really know if he’s still with Bonet. Besides, it’s not our business to be in the loop.
    Look at his hands @ 12/16/2013 at 3:23 pm
    He’s not even touching this woman back? That’s only the one photo obviously you’re choosing not to see the one where his arm is actually around HER. He didn’t need to put his arm around her or on her at all. No man thick with his wife would let a woman be all up on him like that. She’s holding his face and kissing him on the lips like she owns it. Maybe he just wasn’t ready for it to be so public and girlfriend seized the moment. People change, circumstances change, there is no perfect couples and nothing is guaranteed to last.

  • Kara

    Lisa is an old lady and he’s hot. Run!!!

  • Geez

    @alexandra: What difference does it make who asked him? I saw that and was totally turned off by him.

  • Lisa

    @Look at his hands: Yeah, she was so sure, it was okay to have an affair with him (and get pregnant) while he was engaged to someone else.

  • Look at his hands

    @Jessie: Sorry Jesse, I still don’t see where he is all into her. Lisa Bonet was always kinda like a hippie and I think Momoa is her match. They look like two peas in a pod together. The times I’ve seen them recently, they look happy and in love… and secure! I would be a little surprised if they are splitting up.

  • Look at his hands

    @Lisa: I don’t agree with going with someone who is engaged, but who knows the truth? I tend to believe Momoa saw Bonet and went after her first. She’s very low-key and gentle — not aggressive. He’s surely the MAN in the relationship. I can totally see him pursuing Bonet. He may have been engaged, but at least he wasn’t married yet. Jerry Seinfeld’s wife was also engaged when he fell madly for her and chased her down. Look at them now!


    Jason and Lisa are still together that women is not his ex. Just wait and see I will like to see the comments.

  • Drago

    His face is looking bloated and not so great anymore.

  • anon

    Overall, I guess you could say he is handsome, but his eyes are kind of strange-looking. Pretty color, but I don’t like eyes like that. He’s not scary, but his eyes look somewhat diabolical, especially when he is looking upward. Yes, he’s kind of unkempt at times. All that hair around his face is NOT becoming. Hope he’s not drinking or depressing over his movie flops. Sure a guy like him wants to be a good breadwinner for his family.

  • Monica M

    @Ha: Calm yourself! This isn’t anything new. You are so worked up about this woman and calling her a hoe, but did you not know that Lisa isn’t a saint either? Jason was with an actress named Simmone (which I think is the woman in the picture) and that relationship ended quick because Lisa was screwing Jason and got pregnant while he was IN a relationship. So if anyone is a hoe, it’s Lisa, but I’m not the kind of person to point fingers at the women when the man is just as much to blame. However, Jason is a REALLY sexy guy and I can’t imagine any woman refusing him if he ever gave them a chance to have it in with him. I hate to sound crude but if Jason was interested in me, I wouldn’t refuse either regardless if he was with Lisa. If a man cheats it’s either the relationship or the character of the man any way.