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Vanessa Hudgens: 25th Birthday Party with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens: 25th Birthday Party with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens goes ultra glamorous with her boyfriend Austin Butler while attending her 25th birthday party on Saturday evening (December 14) in Hollywood.

The 25-year-old actress was also joined by her Sucker Punch co-star Jena Malone, her younger sister Stella Hudgens, her BFF Ashley Tisdale (with fiance Christopher French), and gal pals Aly & AJ Michalka.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

“Thank you ALL for the bday wishes! It means the world. Cheers to 25!! 💃🎉🎈🎁🎊🎂🎂,” Vanessa wrote on her Twitter page.

Earlier in the day, Vanessa was seen going to a yoga class for a workout before her big party.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Maria Lucia Hohan gown.

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# 1

Loving the pictures! It’s so great to see Vanessa surrounded by her family, and friends. Gina, Greg, Stella, Shawn, Laura, Noreen, Ashley and Chris French, Aly, AJ, Jena, Corey, Kim, Austin, and all the friends who twitted birthday wishes to her. She has such a close group of friend, and a really strong friendship with them, that’s not easy to find, and she has kept that for years now. congrats Vanessa, cheers to another successful year!

# 2

Very beautiful! Birthday girl is S T U N N I N G L Y gorgeous!

# 3

What kind of a famewhóre poses for pictures on her birthday?

# 4

she looks gorgeous!

# 5

try harder… whyareyounottalkingaboutcocaineorsomethinglikethatlikeyouridol

go to snort with efron please…

# 6
Haters Suck! @ 12/15/2013 at 10:48 am

Wow vanessa looks so beautiful and happy. All the love she got was amazing from all kinds of people and former co stars it was great. Her haters can $uck it.

# 7

G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S !! She’s a real beauty <3

# 8

YAY! Im glad we got pics of her BIG 25!!! its nice to see someone in HW with good and real friends, with a healthy life style. And just look at her friends, old cast mates and life long friends AND family, tthats why her soul its so beautiful, she is surrounded by love.

“#happybirthday to one of the best chicadees I know. Love you so much @vanessahudgens! You are the life of every party, so joyous, and have the biggest heart. I’m #blessed to have you in my life! Love you ”

“happy birthday to the one of a kind, loving @vanessahudgens. you’ve shined so much light in my life. i love you so much love!”

“Happy Born Day to you @vanessahudgens . You have a wonderful balance about you V, spreading love, joy and laughter wherever you go. Loving life with passion, incredible energy, and an enthusiasm for life. You are one of the most caring, creative, and giving people I know. I personally want to thank you on your special day for being the best make-up artist I’ve ever had #MJ, inspiring me to be better at my headstands ha & help develop my current yoga practice and all the support of my vision of FYCNYC (Find Your Center), making FYC & fitness fun and health the new cool lifestyle to live. I hope this year is a year of even greater creation, peace, and joy. Much love to You and AB, see you on the west side soon. #happybirthday #fycambassador #bestinthebusiness”

“Happy Birthday to one of my best friends!!! She is an absolute bad ass and all around amazing woman!! I’m so lucky to have her in my life!! Love you babe!! Happy a birthday!!! @gypsyraja @vanessahudgens”

“Aaah I cant believe my V is 25! Happy Birthday to the bestest friend a girl could ask for!! I ❤️ U @gypsyraja more then words could describe…obviously I couldn’t pick a favorite photo! I ❤️ U 💋💋💋 #friendstilltheend #Vday”

“Happy birthday to this one. Can’t believe I’ve known her since she was 15 and she is now 25. Such a beautiful spirit. She’s my best friend/ sister for life. Happy birthday Vanessa”

Happy Birthday Lady V!! love you so much <3

She looks gorgeous! I hope she had the best time with all her loved ones. @Alaia: most clubs have their own photographers. Why wouldn’t she want to take pics with her friends and family to remember the night?


Celebrating my homegirl @vanessahudgens birffdayyyyy!!!!

Happy 25th bday to this lil lovely lady love bug @vanessahudgens! Love u boo!

im in love!!! she looks stunning, and i love to see Greg out with his girls.

and that’s because she has an amazing family. a family who has always been there for her.

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I liiiiiiiikeeeeeeeeeee this couple!

@.: It’s weird to me that you assume that I like Zac Efron. I couldn’t care less about either! It’s just that I see this girl being regularly posted and she does absolutely nothing.

@Alaia: What kind of lame ass person doesn’t take pictures at their birthday party? Do you have some sort of self esteem problem that you don’t memoralize the events in your life with photos? I know I take pictures of any gathering of family and friends. Sometimes I just take pictures for the hell of it. Every other person on this site who has a birthday has pictures. Even if it’s only of them stubbling drunk out of the party. Grow the hell up.
Love to see all her friends with her. The fact that all her old cast mates are still her friends reflect on her charator.

@tina: No kidding. One would have a professional photographer at a special event like this, and everyone takes pictures everywhere all the time. What’s the big deal? She is looking super glamorous for this Hollywood themed party, and Austin looks great too. Happy and in love. With her favorite people in the world around her. She is so blessed.

Wow, what a disgusting pig. Did she post new nude pics or why is she still relevant? She should rather celebrate her birthday in a strip club, maybe she will meet her mom and her other hoes there.

Haters Suck! @ 12/15/2013 at 12:32 pm

You’re an idiot.

@Haters Suck!:
Wow you’re so smart, rétard

@bla: What a disgusting comment from someone who obviously has no parential influence at all. Or where you taught these things at home? I’m sure your mother is so proud. You can’t have any respect for motherhood calling a mother who worked as a clerk to send her daughter to dance school from the age of 3. She is also a trained opera singer. Maybe if you put some effort into your life instead of trying to put down others, someone would be saying stupid nasty things about you. Good luck with that.

Haters Suck! @ 12/15/2013 at 12:42 pm

You’re not worth my time so you’re an idiot sums it up.

lmao you are a fan…. at leas try to not spam every post or change your url…

another one lol… i told you… at least change you ip

dont worry guys, its the same fan… oh and also the italian cokehead lover was on the latest V posts… she is not over Vanessa being happy and having good friends and a healthy life while her idol choose to have a drug and allchool adiction, and she blames Vanessa.

Ahhahaah so many butt hurt Vanessa fan boys, who have no live or taste in actresses

@bla: Oh but we have lives, we don’t waste time on hate as you obviously do. Changing name how lame of you. Get a LIFE. NO ONE HAS “LIVE” you have a life.

To be positive first I think she looks beautiful and it looks like a nice party. I’ve noticed over the past year she’s stopped that annoying smirk thing she used to do and started to smile naturally and she looks so much better for it.

@Alaia: I see all her fans are jumping on you but I agree with you. It is tacky when celebrities wh*re out their birthday parties to paparazzi agencies like this or to clubs which Vanessa has also done in the past and did recently with her sister. It’s just another way for them to get even more free stuff and sell private moments for money and relevancy.

i personally prefer to know some little things like this, you know, or papzz pics of V going to yoga instead of find out that the reason the person its so private its because a drugs or alcohol addiction or because that person is going in and out of rehab, like efron, amanda, lilo and all those troubled disney stars… and then they promote their movies only selling their bodies or using the I AM HOT image. It is better to see a young lady sharing a little of her life (we only got pics of her 21 birthday party and now her 25 birthday party, last year she was with her H fam and in 2011 she was at a yoga shelter in Costa Rica with Austin) instead of having pictures of her being carried away of some clubs or something like that like Efron, Amanda or lilo… Vanessa is happy and healthy and that all that matter here. She has an stable relationship, so she doesnt need to pay someone to bee seen aroun with her, she has a pretty present family, and she has the same friends as always, so she doesnt need to fake anything in her life.

@Alaia: thank you, somebody that sees this from an unbiased point of view. alaia is right

@Cate: First I can tell you haven’t done much in your life or you would know that most places that have events provide their own photographers. Paps aren’t allowed these are professionals who are paid to memorize events. Secondly I prefer her living life in the sun. As I have saidmany times the only ones who hide aare the ones with something to hide.Finally did you go to Taylor Swift’s birthday post with this nonsense. I know I didn’t see you when Ashley posted pictures of her engagement party. I’d rather have a hundred pictures ofher enenjoying herself with friends than one of her being supported coming drunk out of a club.

@linnie: Thanks Linnie. Happy birthday Vanessa. Love the picture of you and Austin. He is a hottie and seems like a genuinely nice guy. What more could a girl ask for?

@truth: Telling lies under the name truth doesn’t make it so. Of course she biased or she would be on every site with a celebrity celebrating a birthday. Or do you know what biased means? I have an idea why don’t you find someone you like and comment there? Or do you only do hate.

“Happy birthday to this beauty girl @vanessahudgens . had the best time closing it down on the dance floor”

“Had the best time last night celebrating with our girl @vanessahudgens Happy Birthday lady! We love you! ”

“Love you @VanessaHudgens Happy Birthday sunshine:) what a beautiful and classy party!!!”

“Such an amazing night with you two @VanessaHudgens and @StellaHudgens yay! #sisters”

Sorry that sb memorialize events. I don’t know why people take time to hate when they could be doing something positive. Judge not, lest you be judged.

@Cate: Tacky? Think what you want. As mentioned, she is commemorating a milestone, and invited all her loved ones. I would much rather see pics of a planned event, than everyday invasions of privacy. I would much rather see this, a wonderful party, than reports of rehab, adultery, PR romances, etc.

They all look amazing, especially Vanessa and Austin. So Hollywood glam!

Happy Birthday Van!
OMG it looks like an amazing party. She looks like she’s having the best time!
BTW as a former zanessa fan, turned into a Vanessa lover aka lovebug, im glad that when they broke up, Vanessa took with her the best friends, i mean, i have nothing against Zac and his ninjas, but im glad Van is out of that world and into this beautiful one!

Hey Jessica Alba just had a post about her kids at a party isn’t the hate posse going there? I mean if it’s just photograhers at parties you hate…

Haters Suck! @ 12/15/2013 at 2:36 pm

Very bad vanessa. How dare you be be happy and celebrate your birthday. Very bad. Next time just snort something up it nose and people will like u better.

@.: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sharing her pictures organically if she wants to share the party with fans by posting things on her tumbler, instagram, twitter or whatever. That’s nice for her fans to have an insight but these pictures and her club parties are a business arrangement.

@tina: I’m sorry but you don’t know understand how this works. This isn’t a house photographer hired by the club. This photographer is from a photo agency and Vanessa and her team have made a deal to sell photos to the agency. She will receive money for the sale of the photos and probably a huge discount or possibly not have to pay at all for publicising ‘No Vacancy’ bar where the party was held who will take on the cost of the catering, decorating for the publicity. The comparison to Taylor Swift is wrong because Taylor Swift did not sell her party photos she shared them via her own and her friend’s social media for fans to see and was not compensated for it.

Why does it not surprise me to see this shallow and vain woman wearing a fur?

@Cate: You know this because you’re on her payroll,right? You can say what you want you are biased. Anyone else it’s fine, you even makes excuses for them. Sure Taylor in in the business only for her fans she gets paid nothing. Everything she does is free. The only actress in Hollywood getting paid is Vanessa. Because she’s a bad person. Everyone else does what the do because they love their fans. I personally took a family portrait that the photographer wanted to use in his ad campaign. Did I have my families picture taken to make money, too, or was that just something that happened? Like I said are you spread the hate or is it just reserved for Vanessa? Why are you on a gossip site if not to see picture os celebrities.

@Toni: If you think that real fur I have a bridge to sell you. This “shallow and vain woman” has won awards for her philanthropy where are yours?

*faux fur ;)

Sorry for the typos. I’m just amazed that people are singling out Vanessa for every sin in the book. Are you upset because you think (because there is no way you could know) she got something free? Get over it. She worked hard to get where she is. I know you think she started with Disney but she has been acting since the age of five doing live plays. She took the dance lessons,the singing lessons and the acting classes. I’msure you think you can do better then why don’t you? Then people can call you names and say bad things about your family.

its her birthday! Its not like we got pics of her vacation in Costa Rica, Jamaica, Vermont, or even Bali (They were out everywere and we only got event pics) or pics of Vanessa and Austin helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy -last year and this year too- in New York or feeding the homeless this year on Thanksgivings or Vanessa leading worship or something like that… its her birthday!

Haters Suck! @ 12/15/2013 at 3:39 pm

Not to mention all the things she’s done to help the Philippines. But no credit for that either, they think she’s still a horrible person.

@Cate: And you know this for sure how? She obviously had a professional photographer there to take pictures. No paps there. The pics are out there, bought and sold by many agencies. So what? It’s a birthday, for heaven’s sake. She gets nothing from this, really. She is not going to get movie roles because of these pictures. Geez. She just wanted to capture the moments with her family and friends. Again. At least she’s not sleeping with her director, face-planting in a puddle, or walking out of rehab. Chill.

@Cate: you’re so dumb by assuming that vanessa sold the pics. stupid b!tch you think you know it all. you need a smack! and yes it’s so wrong to compare vanessa to taylor swift who has like 365 bfs in one year!

Gustavuwins @ 12/15/2013 at 7:26 pm

are they mom and son?

@Gustavuwins: Some people are funny. Others just think they are. Guess which one you are.

@Gustavuwins no ****. They do look that way. But he’s her BF

ah the psychopath is back @zacfan ; ) btw V looking cute austin looking gay

Better to look young and be a man than to look older and act like a child. She is happier than she has been in years. He must be doing something right.

@tina It’s not good when the guy looks younger than the girl.not at all

@tina: he is not doing anything right at all he is acting like a freakin child

Haters Suck! @ 12/15/2013 at 11:13 pm

Well austin is younger then vanessa. Who cares they’re happy leave them alone.

Wow! Hollywood glam, she looks amazing and so does Austin. 3 years together and still going strong. Can’t wait for what the next year brings, career wise.

Da Butler @ 12/16/2013 at 1:17 am

@.: Vanessa is lame.. ok where am i from?

Da Butler @ 12/16/2013 at 1:19 am

@.: Put your purported ip sniffing skillz to good use and tell us how many usernames linnie has posted with here kay? Ha ha dumbazz

@ Nightwish, figured it was you. Can sniff you out, hah ! Now, don’t deny it,

she is a sunshine to everybody.
love you V.
your such an inspiration.

She looks stupid. And obviously wearing a weave.

@chris: Know what is REALLY stupid? Your comment.

@Aryanna: Nothing like an arrogant, hypocritical Efron fan calling Austin “a child”. How, may I ask? Because all i see is a handsome guy in a tux, looking proud of his beautiful girl, who treats her with respect, goes to church with her, shares her passion for causes, protects her, and makes her smile from ear to ear. Child? Nope. He’s a VERY mature 22 yr old, unimpressed with coke and alcohol, and knows how to love a woman.

Vanessa is pure joy. A lovely free spirit.

@maria: I agree. Never has he exploited their relationship to promote himself. Never seen her smile so brightly.

@tina: Never. I find him extremely mature in his words, interviews, and his passions. He loves music, art, worship,and the people in his life. I honestly find nothing to call him on, and honestly, I certainly did with the ex. No one is perfect, but the ex had so many issues that I felt were disturbing. Austin is exactly his opposite, and Vanessa looks far happier, not having that stress in her life now.

kelly martineau @ 12/16/2013 at 12:33 pm

Why wasn’t ashley there? V is her friend too. This there a pitchure of her mom and dad there. Haven’t seen one.

kelly martineau @ 12/16/2013 at 12:35 pm

Big lips needs to get lost. Hate that guy. Augly couple. Was the party back in the 1950′s 60. looks like they had fun.

@kelly martineau: Not only can’t you form a complete sentence you also have problems with reading comprehension. ASHLEY AND HER FIANCE WERE THERE. There are pictures of them talking to Vanessa.

I felt like Vanessa loved Zac and vice versa, but she had to help him with everything just like the boy’s mama. He always seems wound up and neurotic. I actually think it was a relief when they split and she could focus on herself for awhile. Heard that in person, face-to-face, Austin is gorgeous and is very supportive of Vanessa. He dotes on her.

@Soho: I agree. They did love each other. But once a relationship is over, and you are in one that is good, you can look back and see why the last one was dysfunctional. I think Vanessa was stability, the one with her feet on the ground. She loved him to pieces, but as an adult, I saw too many issues with him. I don’t see those issues with Austin. He is good for her. Efron will have to find someone who will either enable him and overlook things, or set him straight. I think Vanessa enabled and overlooked, but she learned that doesn’t make you happy.

lol why do you think just a week after they broke up while Vanessa was with her family Zac Efron was doing drugs? lol They are different, Vanessa is healthy, she goes to the church and help different causes without no one knowing about it. Zac do dru-gs and alcohol, get in stu-pid fights at bars and uses his pr team to clean his image.

@dee: i never left?! you must have stayed too long in rehab? and to NW who keeps using my name to post praises to cokehead is ridiculous. your boy is too needy for praise?

Nightwish @ 12/17/2013 at 2:16 am

@zacfan: I hardly visit these posts anymore, much less waste time impersonating an id!iot like you. Dont flatter yourself LOL

nightwish: lol liar! your marks are all over! haha try again. you’re too needy just like your idol’s addictions! you’re nothing but a loser! two peas in a pod. everyone here knows you are using their handles at one time! you’re the idiot!

@td: Funny, I see him going down the angry, reluctant star route, like Shia Labeouf. He just does not seem happy, and is using drugs to deal with his issues. Not good.

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