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Bradley Cooper Covers 'GQ' January 2014

Bradley Cooper Covers 'GQ' January 2014

Bradley Cooper looks as handsome as can be on the cover of GQ‘s January 2014 issue, on newsstands December 24.

The 38-year-old actor’s new movie American Hustle goes wide in theaters this week and his performance is getting raves from top critics. “Cooper, a hoot in hair rollers, summons the ferrety fury of Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon, ups the IQ and applies the razor’s edge of satire to Richie’s big dreams,” Time‘s Richard Corliss said.

Bradley got nominated for both the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Movie Award for his performance, but was unfortunately snubbed by the SAG Awards. Can’t wait to see if he gets an Oscar nomination for the second year in a row!

Here is what Bradley had to share with the mag:

On requesting to be written off Alias: “I would only work three days a week. And then for the second season, I got even more sidelined. I was like, ‘Ugh.’ And then next thing you know, I was like, ‘I want to f–king kill myself.’

On if his past drug abuse affected his work: “I mean, it has to have. And to this day, of course, because it’s a life experience. And all I do is bring life experience. That’s all anybody really does. It’s inescapable.”

On doing movies like All About Steve after getting sober: “I was doing these movies, and I got to meet Sandra Bullock and meet these people and work with them. And I’m sober, and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m actually myself. And I don’t have to put on this air to be somebody else, and this person still wants to work with me? Oh, what the f–k is that about?’ I was rediscovering myself in this workplace, and it was wonderful. Now, in the back of my head, or in a place of my heart of, like, creativity, did I feel utterly fulfilled? Absolutely not. But I was grateful and happy to be working, and filling that void in smaller moments.”

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Photos: Peggy Sirota/GQ
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  • Sarah

    SO HOT

  • Sarah

    Bradley looks handsome with make-up. I am not #1.

  • ninonino

    wowww he looks happier than evah!!!

  • see

    He’s a classy man.

  • Pam

    Here is entire view where he doesn’t talk about his 12 year old whure Suki Whurehouse. The writer says RZ, ZS, and current gf Whurehouse without Bradley tell us how happy his Whure makes him. Bradley does not confirm any of the women except marriage to Jennifer Esposito and Renee Zelleweger. He is having a bromance with David Russell. He just says he used to be a jerk and is less of one. Really? You’re not fooling your fans anymore Bradley Cooper. You are Phil.Jerk!

  • Donatella

    Bradley Cooper is a pedophile!Hahahahaha

  • Julie

    Coop is a creep. He can’t even be man enough to defend his child.

  • johnny


  • Ted

    You are NOT winning an oscar. You said you didn’t want one. Right? Is “Fack” your new fav word now you are facking a prastitute?

  • Gaga


  • DJ

    @Pam: Thanks so much for posting the link to the interview.

  • hewolf

    It’s obvious he feels sorry for that poor lil girl

  • kelli

    after reading those excerpts is makes a bit more sense why he’s with such a young girl. he doesn’t have much self-worth it seems and is seeking validation from a young admirer. just another head-case

  • Beth

    Used to make excuses for Bradley too.Lied to us for years. He is NOT sober. He does look good AND he is a jerk.


    Agree he has no sense of who he is. He needs validation from DeNiro, DeCaprio, Russel and his young sxx buddy fan. Makes him feel powerful

  • LR

    He grew up not far from me and while I’m happy for his success and think he is handsome and talented, I wish he’d clean up his mouth. Is it really necessary to use the F word all the time as he constantly does in interviews.That and dating a 21 year old turn me off to him. Wise-up Bradley-you’re letting fame and fortune go to your head!

  • Beth

    He never used to use the F word much. He is doing it to be manly for GQ. Bradley is with 21 year old. Both social climbers with dirty mouths.

  • Camilla

    Bradley looks very handsome and I think is a genuine man. I see nothing wrong with his comments in the interview. Glad to see his career has a perfect way.

  • ace11

    I said this before his maturity level is on par with a 10 year old

    It explains the language, and his interest in a child

  • angel

    Gee he’s playing with her heart!!!!

  • Libby

    That new girl of his isn’t that attractive, however, she may be sexually manipulating him or bartering with him. Given his age and hers, it doesn’t seem like she had much going for herself until she hooked up with Mr. Cooper.

  • Georgia

    What is the opposing of genuine? Is it deceiver? Bradley is a deceiver who doesn’t know who he is. He didn’t sell us the family BS he did with SLP this time. He needs therapy. CREEP!

  • Camilla

    Bradley Charles Cooper is a closeted pedophile. Thanks Sucki.

  • DJ

    I can’t believe the conclusions some people are drawing from this interview. The only issue I can see some people having with it is his comment about possibly running over that dog in the beginning. That sounds like a comment that wouldn’t translate well to print and I can see some people thinking he’s a jerk for saying that. Other than that, I don’t see how he came off as insecure or a creep.

  • val

    he should’ve gotten the oscar for SLP over, there’s no denying his performance outshone her “love interest” part times a million, and he even deserved it more than daniel day lewis incredibly boring portrayal of lincoln. weinstein and his biased hollywood games…. this is exactly why i don’t take hollywood seriously anymore but bradley is a genuine talent that has fought tooth and nail to get where he is now. you can tell he was very much into the craft since his early days regardless of who he’s going out with now.

  • Hannabanna

    He is a creep, a pedophile and real real jerk….i can’t believe i used to like this guy…. Al i wanna do now is to throw up every time i see him….

  • sukig

    @Hannabanna: You are a pig. He’s just her friend and he’s made it clear from the beginning. It’s Suki who wants him to love her!!!

  • Molly

    Suki is a doggy girl

  • Donna

    I love how in all those GQ photos Bradley isn’t wearing any socks. Yep, a sock-less photo shoot.

  • JlawFan

    Daniel Day Lewis and High Jackman were a thousand times better! Bradley is a good actor who dumps projects and people before they dump him? He sounds lost. He needs to keep his immature self far away from Jen. He deserves his child. She will suck him dry.

  • DJ

    @sukig: How has he made it clear that he’s her friend?

  • Leowannabe

    Bradley Cooper is as fake as his fake relationship with his daughter.

  • a question

    Does this mean you don’t believe he has an Italian American girlfriend who speaks French anymore?

  • JlawFan

    I believe he likes Jennifer Lawrence and an Italian American French speaking woman. Jennifer is smart not to like him. I don’t know enough about the second one.

  • Rachel
  • Huh

    GQ was pretty heavy handed with the Photoshop. Guess last Oscar season’s angle was family and this year’s is overcoming addiction. Huh.
    Does anyone know the significance of the silver bracelet he’s been wearing on his right hand? At first I thought it was a prop since he wears it while filming. But he wears it off set as well and he’s stated all of his jewelry bears sentiment to him.

  • craziah

    He hates his country! Date an american woman you dumbas*!

  • Hello

    The interview of last April in GQ was more interesting, even if the pictures are better this time.

    I’m not sure what to think about him now. His career is going well and he seems very dedicated to the acting thing and all, and he sounds like a very sensitive man but I also think that he is insecure. He seems to have the desire to please everyone and he does not look profoundly happy in life. And the whole thing with SW….It’s hard to imagine that the same guy, who looks intelligent and mature in interviews, is still dating her…..

  • Gina

    @Donna LOL Maybe socks aren’t allowed in Hawaii. The styling is horrendous! It’s like a hipster Miami Vice motif. No bueno.

    @Huh Agree! They set it to overly tan, talk show host. LOL

    @Hello In this interview, he sounds almost manic. I don’t know, he’s been losing the hot lately. I’ll always be a fan of his acting, but this interview/pictorial has killed the fangirling. He’s all yours! :)

  • DJ

    @Gina: You really don’t think he’s attractive anymore? I agree some of the poses look a little weird, but I think that might be the photographer’s fault, not his.

    @Hello: How does he seem insecure? I think someone else mentioned that, but I didn’t get that at all from this interview.

  • Gina

    @DJ Unfortunately. This photo shoot is dreadful, but even in his candid photos, his looks have been steadily declining. Compare photos of him from the last time he was doing press – the Hangover 3 – to now; he’s aged drastically. Just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

  • Hello

    @DJ : I mean insecure in a sense of a fragile self-confidence. He mentioned himself (I think in a Hollywood Reporter interview from last year) that part of his drugs issues in the past came from insecurity and that he was really concerned by what people thought of him, etc. The fact that he also admitted reading mb (he even brought a list of comments at the Jay Leno show in May) shows that he is not unconcerned by what people think about him, even now. And sometimes, in interviews, he does self-deprecating, maybe in a humourous way, but it’s sometimes taken as a sign of a fragile self-confidence. It’s only my perception, I’m not a psychologist:-)

  • Ovidie

    @Gina: Are you kidding ! The hangover 3 opened 6 months ago ! Nobody aged so rapidly ! I think it’s just his short hair and the tan that don’t do it for you. I hope the shooting of his hawaian movie will be over soon. I want him in a place full of paps (and with his hair longer lol).

  • DJ

    @Hello: I wonder if he still reads message boards. I think he did say he was going to give it up, but I wonder if he actually did.

  • Bradlifer

    @sukig: @Sarah: Hay where did everyone at our thread go? You cant mean they al took the words of a person writting with DJ, Huma and the very persons we are trying to avoid for real.

  • Bradlifer

    Sorry @sukig: wasent meant for you. it was meant for @JlawFan:

  • Gina

    @Ovidie: It has nothing to do with his short hair and tan and everything to do with the fact he looks weathered and haggard. He looks 42 not 38.

  • Hello

    @DJ : Not sure that he has given up….Particularly with all the criticisms about him dating SW, it must be difficult not to go on mb to see what people are saying about them….

  • chris

    Im sure his pr reads the boards. Whoever said he look tired and old you’re absolutely right. I would add skinny to that. Not doing it for me anymore. Personality is everything and he’s really showed his over the past year. This girl must be a real skank for his mother not to be pictured with. Having said thar the January 27 picture will be her with the mom.

    American hustle looks like a good movie. Too bad he’s in it.

  • Huh

    @DJ @Hello I don’t believe for one second he doesn’t read messageboards anymore. I’d wager late at night, every once and awhile he takes a look to see what people are saying. Especially regarding he and Suki.
    Has anyone heard anything about anyone from the cast of Ametican Hustle being in London for press ahead of tomorrow’s premiere? It’s oddly quiet on that front.