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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' NYC Premiere!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' NYC Premiere!

Leonardo DiCaprio is dapper in a suit while attending the premiere of his latest film The Wolf of Wall Street held at Ziegfeld Theatre on Tuesday (December 17) in New York City.

Last week, the 39-year-old actor was spotted having some fun while surfing in the ocean in Miami.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

It was recently announced that Virgin Records has digitally released the official soundtrack for The Wolf of Wall Street today, while the physical copy will be released on January 7, 2014. Buy your digital copy now!

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leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street nyc premiere 03
leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street nyc premiere 04
leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street nyc premiere 05
leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street nyc premiere 06

Photos: Getty, INFPhoto
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322 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' NYC Premiere!”

  1. 1
    OK Says:


  2. 2
    lollipop Says:

    lollipop a lollipop oh la la lolly lolly!!

  3. 3
    #### Says:

    Why do they have a separate thread for everyone else walking the red carpet? That’s stupid!!! :-(

    The other thread has a pic of Margot Robbie and Matthew McC with his wife, Jonah and Marty….

  4. 4
    HAHA12 Says:

    Really? I was hoping there would be pics of Leo with some of the cast members. Here’s another of Leo with Jonah

  5. 5
    Gorgeous Says:

    Love this picture.

  6. 6
    HAHA12 Says:

    Tony Wolf ‏@tonywolfness
    Orlando Bloom came to see Wolf of Wall Street at the premiere @Hollyscoop Since he’s NYC doing a Bway show

  7. 7
    #### Says:

    Thanks for the pics guys! He looks good! :-)

  8. 8
    Black sharpie Says:

    Well at least he’s smiling a little in this one. Maybe his foot hurts.

  9. 9
    Lilly Says:

    That’s a really nice picture of the two!

  10. 10
    HAHA12 Says:

    ^Yeah he does look good :)

  11. 11
    Black sharpie Says:

    It is strange JJ singled out Leo. Maybe because he is the star of the movie?
    I wanted to see them all together. I also wanted to see Leo and Margot together. I always wondered if the rumor about them was true.

    Margot looks good!

  12. 12
    OK Says:


  13. 13
    Gorgeous Says:

  14. 14
    Gorgeous Says:

    He seems more relaxed posing with someone

  15. 15
    Gorgeous Says:

  16. 16
    HAHA12 Says:

    Thanks for posting these :) He looks more at ease with Jonah, but damn I really want a pic of him and Margot. And him and Matthew too.

  17. 17
    Lilly Says:

    Agreed. I think he gets quite nervous.

  18. 18
    Gorgeous Says:

  19. 19
    Dotty Says:

    Leonardo and his ‘chubby belly’ should be happy about his Golden Globe nod.

  20. 20
    Leokas Says:

    My boo looking SMOKING HOTTTT~

  21. 21
    Fat Leo Says:

    This guy is so damn fat its a miracle how he was such a skinny twink and he became like this, like look at his head its like a cheeseball!!!!!

  22. 22

    I guess I was not important enough for Leo to take me on the red carpet bohooo :”( If there is another premiere, I might get a chance…

  23. 23
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Fat Leo:
    His body is not that fat tho, unless he lets himself go. His face is just really thick.

  24. 24
    Sarah Says:

    Leo looks good like he always does on his movie premiere red carpets. I wonder if his current barely legal lapdog is waiting for him to celebrate at some NY nightclubs.

  25. 25
    @#22 Says:


  26. 26
    Fan Says:

    I want pics of him with Margot!

  27. 27
    From Popsugar Says:

    Margot Robbie Steals the Spotlight From Leonardo, Jonah and Matthew

    It’s not easy to upstage massive stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey and Jonah Hill, but that’s what Australian actress Margot Robbie did at today’s NYC premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street (out Jan. 23). The former Neighbours star channelled old Hollywood glamour in a one-shouldered white gown while her co-stars looked sharp in their suits. Career-wise, things are only looking up for Margot, who was cast in Focus, the upcoming rom-com from the directors of Crazy Stupid Love, opposite Will Smith. It has meant she’s become the focus (pardon the pun) of stories that had her romantically-linked to Will, but the actors seem to have shrugged off reports to continue shooting their movie, which just wrapped.

  28. 28
    Love Margot Says:

  29. 29
    HAHA12 Says:

    So many pics with Jonah

  30. 30
    Jonah on Leo Says:

  31. 31
    Lukas DiCaprio Says:

    The slicked back hair… whyyyyyyy Leo???? :’(

  32. 32
    Twitter Says:

    NY Promoter ‏@NYClubPromoter
    At the Wolf of Wall Street after party with half of Hollywood

  33. 33
    Lukas DiCaprio Says:

    @TONI PANCAKE NIPPLES: Move aside, Leo hates pancake nipples. I’ll be spooning Leo tonight, sorry kid.

  34. 34
    Like this pic Says:

  35. 35
    Black sharpie Says:

    There were no groups pics at the premiere. Mostly everyone was photographed alone.

    Maybe it’s just my imagination but it looks like Leo is favoring his left foot in some of the pics?!

  36. 36
    Left foot Says:

    They separated the threads because of the Leo freaks! Looking at you left foot

  37. 37
    #### Says:

    Louis.Mannarino™ (@LouissMannarino)
    12/17/13, 8:18 PM
    my dads chillen with Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill rn hahaa

  38. 38
    #### Says:

    ET Canada (@ETCanada)
    12/17/13, 5:34 PM
    Leonardo DiCaprio looking dapper as ever at The Wolf Of Wall Street world premiere in New York City.

  39. 39
    BZ girl Says:

    @black sharpie Leo always poses with his female co-stars… so weird they were all solo… Toni Yawwrn posted another old photo shoot selfie with a random..tittle ..Dont blame Leo for keepin her away…LOL

  40. 40
    #### Says:

    12/17/13, 7:15 PM
    Check out the $19 million palace @LeoDiCaprio just unloaded:

    Looks like Leo finally sold his Malibu house

  41. 41
    #### Says:

    Kate Quinn (@katequinn88)
    12/17/13, 8:47 PM
    Tonight, I met Leonardo Dicaprio. If you know me, you know how much I’m freaking out about it.…

  42. 42
    #### Says:

    thaitvnews (@thaitvnews)
    12/17/13, 8:05 PM
    Video: AP – DiCaprio, Hill Premiere ‘Wolf of Wall Street’: The cast of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ walked the r…

    Not sure if this was posted earlier.

  43. 43
    #### Says:

    Jolene Richardson (@TinyDancer12093)
    12/17/13, 8:58 PM
    Photo: leonardodicrapio: Leonardo DiCaprio by Victoria Will, December 2013

  44. 44
    Miss twitter Says:

    okay we get that you finally learned how to look at a twitter feed. We can all do the same…not sure why you have to post every tweet….goodness, some people have too much time on their hands. Obsess much?

  45. 45
    S Says:

    Leo looks very handsome. He looks slim and fit, why do people post he is fat…jeeeeez. Also loved him in the pics with the plaid from before. Getting tingles of excitement knowing the wait is almost over!

  46. 46
    HaHa Says:

    @Miss twitter: LOL

  47. 47
    BZ girl Says:

    @#### Omg here we go with trolling post bullsh!t…dont listen to them…keep posting… if they dont like it TOO BAD!

  48. 48
    Brunette Says:

    @####: Where is his secret brunette girlfriend gonna live?

  49. 49
    #### Says:

    शीतल (@sahadev_skc)
    12/17/13, 9:07 PM
    Margot Robbie attend gown at Leonardo DiCaprio at The Wolf Of Wall Street Premiere via @ShareThis

  50. 50
    #### Says:

    @BZ girl:

    It sucks that there were no pics of Leo and Margot. :-(.

  51. 51
    #### Says:

    @Miss twitter:

    Go away troll.

  52. 52
    BZ girl Says:

    @#### I know maybe the next premiere… we will see pics of them together… :)

  53. 53
    #### Says:


    There are pics of Margot and others at the premiere. :-)

  54. 54
    #### Says:


    This was in response to my post #49.

  55. 55
    BZ girl Says:

    @#### Maybe (Miss Twitter) was Toni.??? LOL

  56. 56
    #### Says:

    @BZ girl:

    There were pics of him and Jonah and in Paris with Marty and dujardin. I wonder if he and Margot don’t get along. LOL

  57. 57
    #### Says:

    @BZ girl:


  58. 58
    BZ girl Says:

    @#### or maybe there’s too much sexual tension..

  59. 59
    Troll alert Says:

    And the regular fans here are not trolls?! LOL yeah right!! No I’m a fan that wishes I could be a fan but on this website that is impossible. yes, I’m Toni, just like I was Erin! You’re a genius! What’s next Einstein?

  60. 60
    BZ girl Says:


  61. 61
    BZ girl Says:


  62. 62
    #### Says:

    @Troll alert:

    Have you not been on his threads recently??? The same posters post multiple tweets, reviews, etc. on here and the one time you get on here you give me grief for it! I had just gotten home and saw a bunch of tweets and pics that weren’t on the thread so I posted them. Sue me!!

  63. 63
    #### Says:

    @BZ girl:

    LOL she looked good tonight. Maybe that’s why toni skipped tonight!! Threatened??? just kidding!!

  64. 64
    BZ girl Says:

    @#### LOL.. Toni probally told Leo if i see you standing next to another pretty girl “I swear I’ll cut my hair SHORTER!

  65. 65
    #### Says:

    @BZ girl:


  66. 66
    Saving Face Says:

    Toni totally didn’t get invited! lol Not even to the after party. Realizing that this would look really weird to the media and fans she high tailed it outta here! She’s liking WOLF premiere pics around the same time as the premiere. L.A.F.! LOL

  67. 67
    Saving Face Says:

    Leo sure didn’t want her there…lol

  68. 68
    Saving Face Says:

    I wonder what lie he fed to her why it would be better for her not to go as his mom and her bf went…hhmmmmm…?? lol This is even worst treatment than Barbs! lol

  69. 69
    ?? Says:

    @Saving Face
    She’s liking wolf premiere pics?

  70. 70
    #### Says:

    Muneera (@Muneera_Z)
    12/18/13, 12:36 AM
    Leonardo Dicaprio, Orlando Bloom, (Miranda Kerr too..) and Toby did I end up at this party.. #StarPower

  71. 71
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Hey Lady! You don’t have to apologize for your comments re Wolf. I don’t think you were in any way out of line. Finally able to read the reviews! I am so glad that they are very good. Rotten Tomatoes has it at 89%!
    re Leo: He looks good, considering his hair is slicked backed. I think he looks more nervous, than sad in some of the photos. You can tell that he really does not like all the hoopla – press, cameras, crowds etc.
    re cast: How strange that Leo didn’t take photos with the whole cast. There isn’t even a photo of him and Margot together. What’s up with that?
    @####: Hey Lady! On the other thread, you were right that that photo was of Emily, Leo’s mom’s bf daughter and her husband Patrick. Emily and Erin are really good friends.
    I’m off to bed. Probably going to have to work another 13 hr day tomorrow – what fun! This holiday schedule is crazy!

  72. 72
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: I was about to go sleep, but checked out BZ. They have a nice photo of Leo. Not sure if it was already posted, but has he always had a droopy lid on one of his eyes? It’s pretty pronounced in this photo.
    Not saying he had any botox, not that I think there is anything wrong with it, but a droopy eyelid sometimes happens, and yes, I do know what I’m talking about! I’m only saying that because I never really seen it or noticed it before.

  73. 73
    pretty! Says:,r:27,s:0,i:167&iact=rc&page=2&tbnh=194&tbnw=120&start=24&ndsp=25&tx=47&ty=24

  74. 74
    @72 Says:

    ‘ but a droopy eyelid sometimes happens, and yes, I do know what I’m talking about!’
    how do you know that? just curious.

  75. 75
    HAHA12 Says:

    Hey it’s nice to hear back from you even tho you’re busy! Thanks for your nice words but I was getting back a lot of of annoyed replies at me regarding Wolf, and reading some of the reviews of the movie on Twitter made me realize a lot of people didn’t like it and felt it was misogynistic themselves, and I don’t want to force anyone from having their own opinions and I felt bad over all for arguing with people about it. I totally understand if no one likes the movie or doesn’t want to see it in theaters because of how graphic it is or cus of how evil Leo’s character is. I’ve been having some problems lately in my personal life so WOWS was a way to focus on something else for awhile especially since Leo has no upcoming movies and his personal life hasn’t been the greatest. Thanks again :)

  76. 76
    HAHA12 Says:

    Here’s that pic of Leo and Margot everyone was looking for, only found 1 tho!

  77. 77
    HAHA12 Says:

    This is Leo entering for Good Morning America according to gettyimages

  78. 78
    HAHA12 Says:

    Leo and Jonah again

  79. 79
    Harvey weinstein's son Says:

    @HAHA12: That’s how leo looks like in this pic — harvey weinstein’s son.

  80. 80
    pretty! Says:,r:59,s:0,i:263&iact=rc&page=3&tbnh=184&tbnw=237&start=49&ndsp=25&tx=102&ty=48

  81. 81
    HAHA12 Says:

    This is really nice pic, thanks for posting this

  82. 82
    old but pretty! Says:,r:67,s:0,i:287&iact=rc&page=3&tbnh=146&tbnw=303&start=49&ndsp=25&tx=128&ty=34

  83. 83
    old Says:

    yes, he took bar.

  84. 84
    @old Says:

    But that was not a red carpet, that was the after party.
    Kristen and Gisele are the only two that ever walked a red carpet with him

  85. 85
    cute Says:

  86. 86
    lol Says:

    Orlando Bloom was also there
    its odd how Lukas, Kevin, his other pals and even Tobey have not attended Leo’s premieres in a while. Maybe cause Gatsby and WOWS premiered in NY and they are based in LA

  87. 87
    @76 Says:

    Yuck. Sorry Leo looks terrible in that picture with Margot, he honestly looks like he’s about to burst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. 88
    interview Says:

  89. 89
    HAHA12 Says:

    He’s caught at a bad angle there. He looks 10x better in all the pics with Jonah on the red carpet. Maybe that was the after party where Leo was drinking/eating.

  90. 90
    HAHA12 Says:

    I saw a tweet somewhere that Tobey was indeed there but there’s no pictures of him which is weird

  91. 91
    the color of money... Says:

    Leo; “Dark green is my favorite color. It’s the color of nature and the color of money and the color of moss!”

    the color of money…really??
    You love your money leo, no doubt…

  92. 92
    HAHA12 Says:

    Video of the premiere

  93. 93
    HAHA12 Says:

  94. 94
    da zit Says:

    @the color of money…: I luv money too!

  95. 95
    trolls Says:

    @da zit: stfu girl!

  96. 96
    Tweets Says:

    food dispenser ‏@spensir__ 3h
    Leonardo dicaprio was at one oak I’m at one awk omgZ

    May Yassine ‏@may_yassine 4h
    1oak ended up at Leonardo Dicaprio’s table like always.

    Thando ‏@Thando1988 4h
    I was djing at the club tonight, looked to my left, and there was Leonardio Dicaprio. That’s a good looking dude.

  97. 97
    Tweets Says:

    Sydney Shapiro ‏@syd_shapiro 6h
    Leonardo DiCaprio at 1oak…

    Sydney Shapiro ‏@syd_shapiro 6h
    #ThatAwkwardMoment when Orlando bloom asks me for a cig and I don’t realize it’s him bc I’m staring at Leonardo DiCaprio

    Sydney Shapiro ‏@syd_shapiro 6h
    Toby McGuire and E from Entourage … Bye

  98. 98
    Red Carpet Interview Says:

    javascript:_em.setCkVt(’4af1fa110d53bab1828bba3b01d351f2c82d357192-4969676452b19ced’); _em.setCkV(‘f1000ead61017dfd475547f4fbaa52b19ced40a7d4-2971714152b19ced’); _em.hlCallback(2); _em.setCkHl(1); _em.hideStage();

  99. 99
    Red Carpet Interview Says:

  100. 100
    phanny Says:

    Where do you get all that info from?

  101. 101
    Tweet Says:

    Sommer Saadi ‏@sommersaadi 21h
    So..Leo DiCaprio is sitting 5 ft from me getting his makeup did for Charlie Rose. And the newsroom couldn’t be more distracted.

  102. 102
    Tweet Says:


    TheNeverTeam ‏@TheNeverTeam 2h
    Leonardo di Caprio’s girlfriend has cut all her hair off. What does this mean for their relationship?

  103. 103
    the color of money... Says:

    @da zit:
    yet you are here posting bull instead of making money…

  104. 104
    BZ girl Says:

    Leo and Margo look more like a couple then Toni and him….@HAHA12 Thanks for the pic… they look like hot caramel together ;)

  105. 105
    haha Says:

    @BZ girl:
    and if he dated Margot , you would be fuming right now and you would
    bash Margot non-stop instead lol…

  106. 106
    London Premiere Says:

    Cast Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie attend The Wolf Of Wall Street UK film premiere, January 9.

  107. 107
    haha Says:

    @London Premiere:
    i’m not so sure if he will attend all these’s Leo we ‘re talking about.

  108. 108
    BZ girl Says:

    @haha WRONG ….I like Margo she gorgoreous but is also humble and likeable unlike like Toni.. :P

  109. 109
    Black sharpie Says:

    Yes, except this is his movie. He worked hard to get it made and I am sure he wants it to be a success.

  110. 110
    haha Says:

    @Black sharpie:
    i dunno…
    i am curious to see if he will attend all the premieres.
    We will see:)
    @BZ girl:
    Margot is stunning and makes a nice couple with leo looks-wise:)

  111. 111
    @haha Says:

    lol Remember when Leo was dating Erin and Erin was bashed constantly while fellow VS-er Toni was praised?? How things change

  112. 112
    da zit Says:

    @the color of money…: Because I’m the money. Even a blind man would notice this lol

  113. 113
    haha Says:

    i was not on here back then, but someone posted the link to these threads and it was so funny to read how some used to wax lyrical about toni’s beauty..
    The kept saying toni was too good for Leo(*eyeroll*) blah blah UP UNTIL NOW LOOOOL!!!!!!

  114. 114
    da zit Says:

    Answer now hmm?

  115. 115
    Hmm Says:


    Unlikely that he will snub Scorsese as he did with Baz and Sydney.

    It’s probably the chance for his kid to attend a premiere and not spend all night liking everyone else pictures on her phone.

  116. 116
    @ (@)haha Says:

    Who talked or cared about Toni on these threads while he was dating Erin? Maybe mentioned once or twice but praised? I don’t think so.

  117. 117
    Hmm Says:

    @@ (@)haha:

    I had no idea who she was until Versailles.

  118. 118
    haha Says:

    me too!

  119. 119
    Black sharpie Says:

    Neither did I.

    Her profile has definitely been raised by being with him.

  120. 120
    good morning Hamburg! Says:

    So this is what she took a picture of recently in her hometown?? Now I see why she couldn’t attend a film that took Leo YEARS to get made and his sweet dear sweet mother and boyfriend went! Such an important picture to take at this time of the year in Hamburg! It couldn’t wait! lol

  121. 121
    Black sharpie Says:

    Do you think he will take her to a premiere in a different country?

    I thought she would go to NY because they both live there and it is the US premiere. It didn’t seem like she was at the Paris premiere ??

  122. 122
    biker mike Says:

    Another american traitor / communist being praised, someone ship him and sean penn to north Korea, he doesnt deserve to live in a free country

  123. 123
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    Who knows if he’ll take her to a European premiere. It looks like they won’t be until early January. He definitely won’t walk with her down the red carpet!

  124. 124
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    I agree. I think he’ll attend the majority of the premieres. For the reason you gave and also he’s the main actor in the movie.

  125. 125
    #### Says:

    Christine Harper (@cr_harper)
    12/18/13, 6:21 AM
    Premiere scene: Leo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Jordan Belfort at ’Wolf of Wall Street’ via @AmandaGordon @BloombergNews

  126. 126
    #### Says:

    TΛYLOR H MΛSON (@TaylorHMason)
    12/17/13, 11:36 PM
    I just partied with Leo DiCaprio (@ TAO) on #Yelp…

  127. 127
    Black sharpie Says:

    I wonder when he is going to be on Charlie Rose? I tried to find it on his schedules but couldn’t. I think he has a show on Bloomberg and one on PBS. Since he was spotted at Bloomberg yesterday, it’s probably for that show .

  128. 128
    Black sharpie Says:

    Well, I guess he really made a night of it. 1 Oak and Tao! Lol!
    The man likes his clubs!

  129. 129
    a paris Says:

    i just noticed that in Garrn’s insta there’s a post from a girl called leonie .

  130. 130
    Leo and Margot Says:

  131. 131
    Black sharpie Says:

    @Leo and Margot:
    He looks a little worse for wear! Lol. This is probably at the after party.

  132. 132
    @130 Says:

    Leos Hot!

  133. 133
    Lainey Says:

    Leo makes Jonah happy

    How happy does Jonah Hill look to be standing next to Leonardo DiCaprio at the NY premiere of The Wolf Of Wall Street last night? Jonah’s currently shooting 22 Jump Street. Production has recently moved to Puerto Rico. But there’s no f-cking way he was missing his opportunity to be with Leo and Marty to promote their new movie. You can suck a **** if you don’t like it. Because as long as Leo and Marty want to hang out, that’s all that matters. And he said as much himself:

    “You can dis me all you want on a blog, or write whatever you want in this magazine and I’ll just be like, ‘Whatever, man. Scorsese thinks I’m awesome.’ [Laughs.] He hired me and didn’t fire me, so I can kind of not care now. It really did give me personal assurance that I’m doing the right thing and that I’m talented in certain ways because he’s so important to me.”

    We get it. We can see it. And it all came together for Jonah Hill on that carpet. In his mind, he’s on top of Maslow’s triangle, maybe even stomped the sh-t out of it.

    The Wolf Of Wall Street opens next week. So far the reviews have been good and DiCaprio’s performance is said to be the most exhilarating and uninhibited of his career. He’s already creeping onto a few Best Actor prediction lists. That’s a tight field. There are five solid contenders (Chiwetel Ejiofor, Bruce Dern, Matthew McConaughey, Robert Redford, and Tom Hanks). There’s Forest Whitaker who’s a maybe. And Joaquin Phoenix just behind him, whose chances would greatly improve if he put even five minutes of effort into campaigning (which he won’t). And Leo could be surging at the right time. If Wolf opens strong during the holiday break, the Academy will be paying attention.

    Also attached – Margot Robbie who apparently officially arrives in this film. She certainly knows how to work a pose. Just me or does she remind you of Jaime Pressly? There were rumours a while back Margot and Leo were doing it. Never made sense to me. Look at her. This is a Woman. And Leo, you know, he prefers the girlish type.–Jonah-Hill–and-Margot-Robbie-at-The-Wolf-Of-Wall-Street-NY-premiere/28918

  134. 134
    Black sharpie Says:

    Ooh, the last few sentences are harsh!

  135. 135
    Black sharpie Says:
    Be careful, Leo… you will break her .
    Watch your hand, Leo .

    From BZ. Thought the comments were funny.

  136. 136
    @Lainey Says:


  137. 137
    @133 Says:

    Lainey is so full of **it. Margot is all of *gasp* 23 so she’s a Woman now? She’s a whopping 2 years older then Toni or the other young models. Big deal

  138. 138
    Missy Says:

    Margot Robbie reminds me a lot of Kristen Zang, honestly!

  139. 139
    @136 Says:

    Don’t forget there WERE several rumors/sightings about Margot and Leo (conveniently denied) and those new pics of her larking about with her new leading man Will Smith. Why won’t it make sense? How is Margot any better?

  140. 140
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    I think it was put on a thread a while back that Lainey had actually met Leo? I just wonder if the reason she’s so harsh when it comes to his dating life that maybe they had a one night stand and he treated her as that….a one night stand. LOL

  141. 141
    @ Says:


  142. 142
    @Lainey Says:

    “Lainey is so full of **it”
    what a surprise!!#sarcasm

  143. 143
    Lilly Says:

    I wonder if they are officially dating since she’s in a differ country.

  144. 144
    shir Says:

    FoA NY Director Confronts DiCaprio About Chimpanzee Exploitation on the Red Carpet

  145. 145
    #### Says:


    The rumors were over a few months period too? I wouldn’t be surprised. She’s blond, at the time she was what 22 so why wouldn’t he get him some on the down low while they were filming? LOL

  146. 146
    #### Says:


    Wow you know he heard some of what she was saying at the beginning because she was pretty close to where he was.

  147. 147
    ha... Says:

    that f_cking collumnists’s -LAINEY-obsession with Leo’s peen and where he goes and sticks it in …LOL LOL LOL…….
    she’s not to be taken seriously
    She never focuses on his career…never.How lame.

  148. 148
    Big head Says:

    Is Leo’s head getting bigger, literally, as time passes? He looks bloated and puffy.

  149. 149
    @41 Says:


    Still, Margot Robbie has more sex-appeal than boyish looking Toni Garrn.

  150. 150
    ha... Says:


  151. 151
    #### Says:

    @Big head:

    I think part of it has to do with that slicked back hairdo he likes to wear. It makes his forehead look really big.

  152. 152
    @150 Says:

    And she made ​​her boyish look even worse with her 90′s DiCaprio haircut.

  153. 153
    @149 Says:

    almost everyone has more sex appeal than Bowie’s double=garrn lol
    and she’s cold like an iceberg

  154. 154
    @152 Says:

    exactly. Hahahah… let’s hope he freaks out at her ugly haircut and dumps her cold ass

  155. 155
    #### Says:


    That may be why she left before the premiere! LOL

    I mean he didn’t see her hair in person until Saturday and then all of a sudden, she’s jumping on a plane to fly home.

  156. 156
    moi Says:

    “and dumps her cold ass’

  157. 157
    Hannah Says:

    Be honest. No girl will be perfect to his fans. It would be nice if he stayd on the later side on the 20s, but that means they’d want commitment. Margot is 23, Leo is 49. 17 years! There are rumours she slept with will smith as well. I liked her in neighbours. They won’t be an item. She’s probably less controllable. But if they did, they gossip sites will be saying the same

  158. 158
    @155 Says:


    Even so I feel she will be back probably for New Year parties. Cabo? Vegas?

  159. 159
    #### Says:


    Possibly…..I guess we’ll see.

  160. 160
    Info on Margot. Says:

    Age in 2013: 23 (2 July 1990)
    Height in Meters: 1.68m
    Height in Centimeters: 168cm
    Height in Feet: 5 Feet 6 Inches
    Weight in Kilograms:  59kg
    Weight in Pounds: 130lbs
    Body Measurement and Size: 36-25-36
    Bra Size: 36B
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair colour; dyed blonde

    (she’s not his usual type) they are normally. 34B-24-34. He’s never dated someone who’s smaller than 5’7.

  161. 161
    moi Says:

    @Info on Margot.:
    i hate to say this but your comment about Leo suggests he’s gr-o-ss..and shallow as f^ck.I am his fangirl but…his obsession with numbers(lol) is horrible.

  162. 162
    @160 Says:

    @Info on Margot.:

    “He’s never dated someone who’s smaller than 5’7.”

    LOL Leo and his standards.

    His potential girlfriends need to complete an form before being selected for the job.

  163. 163
    moi Says:

    i don’t think it’s about his “type”(y’know)
    IMO the man is OBSESSED with numbers.Seriously.

  164. 164
    #### Says:

    PRADA (@Prada)
    12/18/13, 7:17 AM
    Leonardo Di Caprio in #Prada at “The Wolf of Wall Street’’ première in New York on December 17, 2013

    Cheating on Armani! LOL

  165. 165
    Black sharpie Says:

    It’s funny he wore Prada. Wasn’t the premiere sponsored by Armani?

  166. 166
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Your welcome – but I was only stating the truth. You’re a true fan and the fact that you try and focus on his work, instead of his dating habits, (although that is really really tough to do sometimes!) is cool. :)
    @@72: re droopy eyelid: had a similar experience when I had some, except mine wasn’t as pronounced. Most people didn’t notice it.
    re photo of Margo & Leo: It looks like it was taken after they have been partying. He looked much better at the premier. Maybe it’s the angle, but his face looks really big in the photos and it looked pretty normal at the premier.
    re Charlie Rose: I would love to see that interview. Hopefully it’s not just Leo, but Marty and Jonah as well.
    @shir: Boy was security all over her! They really tried and shut her down as fast as possible.
    @####: Hi there! What did you think of Leo’s look last night?
    Off to work! Be back later! ;)

  167. 167
    @164 Says:

    I think the Tom Ford are his best suit. Golden Globes this year and Cannes.

  168. 168
    @166 Says:

    ‘had a similar experience when I had some”
    you had what? i dont understand.

  169. 169
    @166 Says:

    did you have some botox inj.? Because if im not mistaken this was the topic of discussion.

  170. 170
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    I thought the one in Paris and the US were going to be sponsored by Armani. Armani also made the suits for the movie.

  171. 171
    Wolf Says:


  172. 172
    #### Says:


    Hey! I thought he looked good in most of the shots. I just wish he would just give a nice genuine smile every once in a while.

    The pic of him and Margot looked forced to me. They seemed awkward together like maybe former lovers who haven’t spoken since….LOL

  173. 173
    @172 Says:


    Maybe they were caught in the middle of something LOL

  174. 174
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@166: Yes. I mentioned that Leo’s eyelid appeared to be drooping. I posted a picture a few pages back.
    lt was really noticeable. I wondered if Leo had any botox because I never noticed the eyelid before. Did he have a drooping eyelid before?

  175. 175
    @174 Says:

    i hope it didn’t hurt you,you know this injection you’ve had
    because i think that it must hurt since it’s in the area around the eyes.
    i think Leo didn’t have botox injection tho…
    If you notice the shape of his eyes is a little squinty:)

  176. 176
    @174 Says:

    and don’t you forget that his face gets puffy all the time and as a result his facial features(esp. his eyes) lose their symmetry (when he’s bloated)
    thus the illusion of the droopy eyelid

  177. 177
    Missy Says:

    New cover:
    But the pic isn’t new, it’s from last year:

  178. 178
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@174: Botox doesn’t hurt at all! They use a really fine needle. I didn’t have it done around my eyes – it was my forehead. Sometimes it might effect the eyelid, depending on the placement. Leo does have squinty/small eyes, it’s just his eyelid looked off in that photo.
    Nice talking to you. Off to work!

  179. 179
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@174: Just saw your last comment. Great observation! Didn’t think of that!

  180. 180
    @178 Says:


  181. 181
    @#### Says:

    “They seemed awkward together like maybe former lovers who haven’t spoken since”
    it’s because of Leo. We rarely see him being relaxed when he’s with a woman or his girlfriends…
    And secondly ,Leo is not very keen on walking the red carpet.He always looks tensed. He gets bored easily while on the red carpet (clubs
    are a different story LOL)

  182. 182
    Info on Margot. Says:

    Was posting all of the measurements of his exs but then my laptop crashed.

    Basically they are all what I said earlier. Most were 5’11/1.80cm.

  183. 183
    mimi Says:

    Who’s that girl with Leo??

  184. 184
    #### Says:


    This looks to be from 2009 when he was filming Inception? Could it be Anne V when they took a trip to Ibiza during a break from filming? If it’s not her, I know it’s some model and I’ve seen her name somewhere. Don’t know if they ever “dated.”

  185. 185
    HAHA12 Says:

    Wow, is it just me or do Leo and Margot look extra touchy in those pics posted? Lol I’ve never seen him look that close with a female co star besides Kate Winslet. They must of gotten along really well.

  186. 186
    HAHA12 Says:

    Thanks so much again for backing me up :) Have you watched Titanic yet??

  187. 187
    #### Says:

    i saw leo ♡ (@DiCaprihoe1)
    12/18/13, 2:31 AM
    that’s Irmelin walking through the door

    This tweeter was at the WOWS premiere yesterday and is obviously very obsessed with Leo! You can tell by reading their tweets. They got a pic of irmelin coming through the door and then you see her boyfriend standing there.

  188. 188
    HAHA12 Says:

    ‘DiCaprihoe’ LOL! What a momma’s boy.

  189. 189
    BZ girl Says:

    @Zzzzzz u have not seen Titanic… yet! wow :)

  190. 190
    HAHA12 Says:

    @BZ girl:
    She says she doesn’t want to. Titanic is an essential for everyone who is a fan of Leo! And Romeo+Juliet.

  191. 191
    sweet ashoo Says:

    oh i didn’t care about him in the past BUT NOW I LOST IT
    I’m in deep f**ing sh*t with this guy , I watched Django & then BAAM fall in love with him

  192. 192
    #### Says:


    I didn’t think they looked touchy at all but kind of awkward.

  193. 193
    HAHA12 Says:

    Really? They were looking quite huggy and close together. But I agree, kind of awkward too. Leo should of posed with her on the red carpet, it would of looked a lot more flattering. Margot was certainly working it on the red carpet.
    Also I agree with everyone who was pissed about what Lainey said. She’ll just always find a way to shade Leo, won’t she? Btw ####, do you believe the rumors of Leo and Margot hooking up? She looks exactly his type, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they atleast fooled around or even slept together.

  194. 194
    #### Says:

    Loulie Bundles (@HotCross_Bunz)
    12/18/13, 12:13 PM
    Casually just saw Bloomberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, Mathew McConaughey, Kyle Chandler, and Jon Bernthal in one sitting #what

    When is this going to be shown?

  195. 195
    #### Says:


    I think they should have posed on the red carpet too. I mean she does play his wife in the movie!!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they hooked up. Leo was single at the time and I think there were sightings of them a few times together during filming especially the one where he was seen coming out of her apartment late at night/early morning.

    That was kind of my reasoning behind why they looked kind of uncomfortable together and why maybe they didn’t post a lot together.

  196. 196
    HAHA12 Says:

    Indeed, they looked sort of like past lovers from years ago just bumping into each kind other. She’s had nothing but great things to say about Leo so I assume they got along well, and yeah I definitely think they had something. Wasn’t there a sighting of him leaving her apartment from last year? And well, I’m sure Leo was excited to work with her, lol!

  197. 197
    Lilly Says:

    I think the picture with Leo and Margot was quite awkward. They seemed tense or uncomfortable. Wasn’t their rumours of her and him hooking up, like now with will smith? But the pics of her and will sparked that off.

  198. 198
    #### Says:


    It’s weird the way Margot has done no interviews about this movie.

  199. 199
    HAHA12 Says:

    She has :p

  200. 200
    BZ girl Says:

    Brad Pitt is…….50 yikes and they Leo is old…pleasssee.. lol

  201. 201
    HAHA12 Says:

    @BZ girl:
    Brad aged really well imo for the most part, a lot better than Leo has in his 30s. Leo was looking great and less bloated up until he was 35. If he put in even a little bit of effort, he would look a lot better but I think he’s been looking a lot better these days. Brad’s long hair is not a good look but thank God he cut it off.

  202. 202
    @200 Says:

    @BZ girl:
    When he was Leo’s age Brad was married, separated, in a relationship and on course to being a first time father, as well as taking his career from pretty boy to the next plateau. Also Brad for all his sexiest man alive titles was never big on the clubbing, modelizing or partying scene. Two very different beasts

  203. 203
    #200 Says:

    Brad is 10 years older but its Leo who looks like Orson Wells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. 204
    HAHA12 Says:

    Brad and Leo have different lives and Brad did age better, but it’s not fair to knock Leo down. They both were raised in completely different environments with Leo being famous ever since he was a little kid.

  205. 205
    #### Says:

    Golden Globe Awards (@goldenglobes)
    12/18/13, 12:46 PM
    In anticipation for its release next week, Best Actor nominee @LeoDiCaprio sat down to talk about @TheWolfofWallSt!

    Don’t know if this interview has been posted before

  206. 206
    BZ girl Says:

    Margo’s accent is smooth.. its not as prominent as Miranda’s …..she has alot of american undertones in it…her voice is slightly smoky.. :)

  207. 207
    Leo on Oscars Says:

    “”I realized long ago you can’t control what people think is worthy of an award. That’s so beyond your control. It’s something one shouldn’t even attempt to manipulate, because, if you do, that’s transparent,” he said, according to The Sun.
    “I have no idea (how I will get on), I really don’t.”

  208. 208
    BZ girl Says:

    @HAHA12 ….no was giving Leo a compliment… just he still younger than Brad…lol

  209. 209
    HAHA12 Says:

    @BZ girl:
    Lol I know, I just wish Leo could age as well as Brad has. Leo looks pretty damn good in Wolf but he always lets himself look so sloppy irl. Brad was about Leo’s age in Fight Club and still so hot.

  210. 210
    #### Says:


    Thanks! I watched this one and they are a 2 parter for Leo and then I watched the short interview he did for HFPA. All on You Tube! :-)

  211. 211
    Black sharpie Says:

    Brad is better looking but I always get the impression he is not the “sharpest tool in the shed”. Looks only go so far. Intelligence can be sexy.

  212. 212
    nini Says:

    @Black sharpie:
    “Brad is better looking but I always get the impression he is not the “sharpest tool in the shed”.”
    LMAO!!!Agreeeeeeeeeeed!!That’s why he pisses me off.
    Brad Pitt =Not the brightest bulb in the roooooooom!!!
    Leo= HOT AS HELL & SMART:)))))))

  213. 213
    nini Says:

    @Black sharpie:
    only Brad is definitely NOT better looking. I find him yucky …..and extremely asymmetrical

  214. 214
    #### Says:


    If only Leo had confidence in his intelligence! :-)

  215. 215
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Black sharpie:
    Brad has the better looking face, because really it’s perfect lol. I can’t deny it. But honestly I’d take Leo circa 2006/2007 over him any day.

  216. 216
    HAHA12 Says:

    Hopefully we get more interviews, preferably one with both Leo and Jonah it’s not looking likely.

  217. 217
    nini Says:

    if only:p

  218. 218
    #### Says:


    Well apparently Leo did an interview for Good Morning America but don’t know when it’s going to air. We know he, as well as Jonah and Marty I think) were seen at Bloomberg but where is that interview???

  219. 219
    hm Says:

    I saw old photos of Leos mother when he was a baby and a little child. Is Leos mother naturally blond or brunette? I know Leos dad has a dark hair, but his mom? When I saw the old pictures, it looks like Leos mom had brown hair, but Leo was blond. Someone knows?

  220. 220
    HAHA12 Says:

    For anyone wondering what one of Leo’s next projects could be..
    Remember that David O. Russell film Legacy Of Secrecy Leo was attached to? Russell talks about it here at 6:30 and mentions he wants Leo, Bradley Cooper, and Robert DeNiro in it. Personally the project doesn’t sound anything new or interesting for Leo and I kind of doubt he stars in it but who knows.

  221. 221
    HAHA12 Says:

    Is it a whole cast interview?

  222. 222
    nini Says:

    i noticed that too.She’s a brunette

  223. 223
    hm Says:


    But how can it be that Leo was so blond, when his father had a dark hair too?

  224. 224
    nini Says:

    when they are children -europeans with very fair skin esp. people from northern europe(like Irmelin)- they have very light brown hair or even blonde but as they grow up their hair gets darker and darker.Dark brown like Irmelin’s, but still their skin is very fair

  225. 225
    HAHA12 Says:

    You’re right, that’s kind of weird. His dad’s hair is pitch black but Leo came out so blonde

  226. 226
    BZ girl Says:

    I’m positive she’s a natural blonde …..sometimes natural blond hair turns darker…in the fall or winter… i think his grandfather was blonde also…

  227. 227
    nini Says:


  228. 228
    and... Says:

    mind you that Leo had dyed his hair many many times..even during the Titanic era
    he’s not that blonde(as an adult)

  229. 229
    nini Says:

    Leo’s natural hair color is dirty blond.

  230. 230
    Leo with blonde hair.. Says:

    was so pretty. I much prefer his looks as an adult a couple years ago but he was indeed angelfaced in the 90s.

  231. 231
    WHAT? Says:

    Mama Irmelin is actually brunette?


  232. 232
    Leo with blonde hair.. Says:

    He needs some blonde streaks again a la Gatsby cuz that sh-t was hot!

  233. 233
    #### Says:

    Loulie Bundles (@HotCross_Bunz)
    12/18/13, 12:13 PM
    Casually just saw Bloomberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, Mathew McConaughey, Kyle Chandler, and Jon Bernthal in one sitting #what

    Here’s the tweet. Not sure if this is from today or yesterday because they were seen and a pic was taken of them at bloomberg yesterday. It’s not Jonah but Matthew mcc.

  234. 234
    nini Says:

    hahahah!!!! My Thoughts Exactly , sis!!

  235. 235
    HAHA12 Says:


  236. 236
    Lilly Says:

    @Leo with blonde hair..:
    I’ve always liked Leo with blonde hair. But in the wows trailer I thought how hot he looked. I mean the fake tan was on a little heavy, but I thanked he looked so hot! Which is weird since I’m not into that sort of thing. In the gatsby picture, his suite is very nice ;)

  237. 237
    oh... Says:

    Dark brown hair looks so good on him too.

  238. 238
    HAHA12 Says:

    The dark hair does look really good on him. Have you guys watched this clip posted from yesterday? He looks fine!

  239. 239
    Black sharpie Says:

    Sommer Saadi ‏@sommersaadi 17 Dec
    So..Leo DiCaprio is sitting 5 ft from me getting his makeup did for Charlie Rose. And the newsroom couldn’t be more distracted

    He’s also going to be on Charlie Rose, although I don’t know when. Maybe during Christmas week when the movie opens?

  240. 240
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    That’s the only thing that I can think of is he’s filming these this week due to the holidays next week.

    Didn’t someone say he spends Xmas in LA, dad’s family on Xmas Eve and mom’s family on Xmas???

  241. 241
    BZ girl Says:

    He was super blond as a boy :)

  242. 242
    HAHA12 Says:

    @BZ girl:
    I said it before, but he was the cutest kid ever :)

  243. 243
    BZ girl Says:

    this is an OLD pic of Toni she looks so different?

  244. 244
    shir Says:

    Red carpet interview on E!

  245. 245
    BZ girl Says:

  246. 246
    V Says:

    @212 Bemerkens Kommentar von Ihnen und anderen leo Liebhaber und seine leichtgläubigen Fan Mädchen und rücksichtslosen pr

  247. 247
    #### Says:

    @BZ girl:

    She’s so young….

  248. 248
    #### Says:

    Samir Ahmad (@SamirAhmadPhoto)
    12/18/13, 3:05 PM
    Photo I took of Leonardo Dicaprio at the Wolf of Wall Street NYC premiere. #leonardodicaprio…

  249. 249
    OLD pic Says:

  250. 250
    #### Says:

    Ko Im (@koimtv)
    12/18/13, 2:03 PM
    Apparently Leonardo Dicaprio just passed behind my live shot at the White House for holiday party..!!

  251. 251
    HAHA12 Says:

    Lol at Jonah. He’s such a fangirl. Its geeky but cute.

  252. 252
    BZ girl Says:

    @#### She looks much thinner now …. she looked softer then ….she did’t have that David Bowie look…LOL

  253. 253
    @246 Says:

    in english PLEASE *sigh*

  254. 254
    #### Says:

    olusoji®™ (@olusodjay)
    12/18/13, 3:05 PM
    Leonardo DiCaprio to Win $500K Marriage Bet with Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck?: “Leonardo DiCaprio’s two best…

    LOL really???

  255. 255
    @246 Says:

    not everyone speaks your language. This is an english speaking forum and if you have something to say it in english or else STFU. *Simple as that *…

  256. 256
    Dear Santa Says:

    A Christmas Wish.

    Can we please stop talking about Garrn at least until she returns.


  257. 257
    Amanda Says:


    He should do it if the script is good. David O Russell is on a roll right now.

  258. 258
    truecolors Says:

    WHO CARES? He dyed his hair for the movie. Anyone wears the hair color that best suits them. If I am blonde, brunette or whatever doesn’t matter. Are we going to start WW2 again or what?

  259. 259
    HAHA12 Says:

    LMAO what a joke!
    Him and David O. Russell would be a good pairing, especially if Bradley and DeNiro were in the film as well. But I’d prefer a comedy or something crazy like I Heart Huckabees instead of a serious film.

  260. 260
    HAHA12 Says:

    Ooops meant to reply to ####’s post about the wedding bet.

  261. 261
    #### Says:


    They’re a troll. It says:

    Remarkably comment from you and other leo lover and his gullible fan girls and reckless pr

  262. 262
    BZ girl Says:

    @HAHA12 @#### :Do you think Cookie (Irmelin’s) bf is a groupie I mean i wonder if he would still be interested in her if she did’t have a famous son??

  263. 263
    HAHA12 Says:

    LOL. Is this the same person accusing people on here of being Leo’s PR?

  264. 264
    really Says:

    Im jealous of him and his models

  265. 265
    #### Says:


    You know…..both Tobey, Ben and Leo like (or liked) to gamble a lot. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did something like this. And obviously it would be denied because who would confess to wasting that kind of money on such a shallow bet! LOL

  266. 266
    @BZ girl Says:

    @BZ girl:

    I hope he is not.

  267. 267
    happyworld Says:

    Esto ya apesta de tanta chorrada.

  268. 268
    #### Says:

    @BZ girl:

    I wouldn’t think so. I mean his daughter is married to the legal singer of The Black Keys so I’m sure he’s met many famous people. Now that he’s dating Irmelin, he gets to go where she goes with Leo. It must be nice though!!! :-)

  269. 269
    #### Says:


    Typo *lead not legal! LOL

  270. 270
    @261 Says:

    Probably it’s the same person who is obsessed with Leo being disrespectful towards women(according to that weirdo) and had called Leo “une piece de merde, cretin putain” LMAO

  271. 271
    V Says:

    What a gullible bunch. Leo is gay

  272. 272
    @271 Says:

    @Leo’s pr posing as fans @gwows @adis and the list goes on and on and on…….
    If he’s gay, then he can’t be that “obnoxious’ womanizer(according to you) that takes advantage of beautiful young girls
    So, what’s your problem , trollie???

  273. 273
    @V Says:

    Why don`t you prove it? Maybe people wouldn`t be so gullible if they saw evidence and not just your word.

  274. 274
    Lilly Says:

    All because he isn’t ,arrived doesn’t mean he’s gay. What’s your proof? He dates woman, we know he sleeps with them. He makes out with them, you can see him eyeing up woman. All actors get called gay because critics try to discredit them. Which is silly because your sexuality has nothing to do with your work.

  275. 275
    @264 Says:

    no need to be jealous of Leo.He’s always so sad and his models are empty.

  276. 276
    HAHA12 Says:

    It’s the same person who probably spammed 2 whole pages one time of how Leo is gay and a bunch of other insults about him LOL!

  277. 277
    HAHA12 Says:

    You guys all have to watch this video, it’s awesome. It’s a montage of all his movie characters connected together in one big story plot and it’s awesome.

  278. 278
    also... Says:

    Lainey has a post on the premiere. Nothing interesting really but the last paragraph was funny.

    “Also attached – Margot Robbie who apparently officially arrives in this film. She certainly knows how to work a pose. Just me or does she remind you of Jaime Pressly? There were rumours a while back Margot and Leo were doing it. Never made sense to me. Look at her. This is a Woman. And Leo, you know, he prefers the girlish type.”

  279. 279
    HAHA12 Says:

    Margot is going to blow up after this. One of her next upcoming movies besides the one with Will Smith is a World War 2 movie starring Michelle Williams.

  280. 280
    #### Says:

    Jim Burton (@JimBurton007)
    12/18/13, 3:32 PM
    At least Obama is attending to the important issues facing our nation right now… #tcot #tlot #tiot

    Looks like Leo and Marty flew to DC today for the White House party.

  281. 281
    #### Says:

    Eva Feola (@EvaFeola)
    12/18/13, 4:23 PM

  282. 282
    @V Says:

    are you sure that Leo is gay??
    I mean, do you know him personally?
    Feel free to post whatever you want, i’m Leo’s fangirl but if you have solid arguments you are welcome to post them here, of course like everyone.

  283. 283
    Leo signing autographs Says:

  284. 284
    @281 Says:

    If the president wants to see Wolf, that is more important right? right?

  285. 285
    Leo Says:

    NEW YORK – In The Wolf of Wall Street (opening Christmas Day), perennially hungry huckster Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) revels in the exuberant excess that somehow never strikes him as superfluous. His life, paid for by an illegal financial operation, is fueled by cash, cars and cocaine. Until it all crashes down.

    But replace the world of commerce with Hollywood, and you could be referring to any number of inordinately rich, superhumanly successful celebrities who have too much, too fast. DiCaprio, 39, a three-time Oscar nominee who just earned a Golden Globe nod for playing Belfort and produced the film, is an exception. Here’s why.

    1. He’s been in the business since he was a pre-schooler, and isn’t easily dazzled or blinded by all the glitziness his industry has to offer those fortunate few at the top, and those aspiring to be. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, mostly by a single mother, living in neighborhoods like Echo Park and appearing in commercials as a kid. “If I’m being very candid and honest, I think where I came from, and my childhood, prepared me a lot for what Hollywood was,” says DiCaprio. “I saw all that by the time I was seven years old. I lived on a corner and drugs were everywhere. When I ventured into Hollywood, I had already set in my mind that I don’t go there. That’s territory I’m not entering. It prepared me for a lot of wrong paths I could have gone down.”

    2. Even after he became the king of the movie world in the 1997 blockbuster Titanic, DiCaprio didn’t pursue bland commercial jobs to pad his bank account. He followed it up with more offbeat fare: Danny Boyle’s exotic drama The Beach and in 2002, Martin Scorsese’s gritty period film Gangs of New York. He’s won a Golden Globe, for his nuanced turn as Howard Hughes in 2004′s The Aviator, but hasn’t yet scored an Oscar win. “You have to keep thinking of what’s going to challenge you. If you don’t realize that you’re absolutely, fundamentally lucky to be where you’re at and have an appreciation for being there, you can easily squander that opportunity,” says DiCaprio. “I gravitate towards something I feel that I have to play. It could be about anything. I’m fortunate to be in a position to be able to do what I want and I stop at nothing to make that happen.”

    3. He sticks with a core group of friends he’s known for years, including his Great Gatsby costar Tobey Maguire and his Titanic pal Kate Winslet. And he’s particular about his collaborators: Scorsese and DiCaprio, for example, have made five films together, including Wolf. His Wolf co-star Jonah Hill calls DiCaprio “the most loyal person I’ve ever met, as far as family and friends and being a good friend to the people he cares about. His loyalty knows no bounds.” In person, he’s a professional, and like Brad Pitt and George Clooney, one of the few actors who’s also an actual movie star, radiating an almost palpable charisma. “I’ve had moments, probably when I was a lot younger, when I had to put my own ego in check. But it all boils down to really truly being grateful. There are ebbs and flows and you make a few wrong decisions – people can destroy their own careers. It happens. The people that have lasted, at the bottom of it all is a genuine appreciation for being where we’re at,” says DiCaprio.

  286. 286
    So True! Says:

    @Leo: “the most loyal person I’ve ever met, as far as family and friends and being a good friend to the people he cares about. His loyalty knows no bounds.”

  287. 287
    #### Says:

    Nathalie Rubin (@nat_rubs)
    12/18/13, 5:36 PM
    Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio was at the White House today why wasn’t I invited @BarackObama

  288. 288
    Lilly Says:

    @So True!:
    I’m sure he could be just as loyal boyfriend. I really hope he finds love soon :)

  289. 289
    Lilly Says:

    Chinese astrology is brought to us as a legacy of age-old wisdom and invites us to develop an awareness of our inner potential. It is believed that the wise man is not subjected to stellar influences. However, we must gain the lucidity and the distance without which we remain locked up in an implacable destiny. According to the legend of the Circle of Animals, Buddha summoned all the animals to bid them farewell before he left our world. Only twelve species answered Buddha’s call. They form the Chinese Zodiac and symbolize the twelve paths of wisdom that are still valid nowadays.

    The Asian wise man considers that a path is neither good nor bad. One can and must develop one’s potentialities. The first step is to thoroughly know oneself.

    You frequently show a lot of impulsiveness: passionate and warm, you are very emotional and sensitive to the affective nature of any relationship. You are often reckless and you hardly put up with any links of subordination and subjection.

    You must take control of your life and free yourself from the limits that life imposes on you. You tend to take risky, even totally inordinate stands. It’s the other side of the coin for your desire to live intensely…

    You need your entourage’s support and esteem. Whether you acknowledge it or you carefully conceal it, your self-confidence is only an appearance: you are vulnerable and more than anyone, you are concerned about the image you project. You manage your life with the constant concern to shine and to be up to all situations. Thus, you do not accept contradictions, errors or failures.

    Your qualities lie in your outstanding panache and the ability to constantly transcend your own limitations. Your hatred of mediocre and average situations is legendary! You need elegance and brio. You are enthusiastic and you give your life a dramatic and spectacular turn. It is likely that you have to control your pride, as time goes by. Nobody’s perfect, including the Tiger!

    Chinese astrology has five elements, which are referred to as agents: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

    You have a deep affinity with the agent Wood. In China, this element corresponds to the planet Jupiter, the green colour and the number 8.

    You are sensitive to the harmony of your life setting and you come across as an accommodating person. Indeed, you deem useless to hurt your close friends without a sound reason. On the contrary, you strive to maintain a good balance around you.

    The agent Wood implies some creative abilities: the liveliness of your imagination goes hand in hand with a sense of realities that prevents you from pursuing chimerical objectives. Your numerous projects can be successfully carried out, all the more so because, better than anyone, you are able to convince your interlocutors and forge the supports required by your plans and your ambitions.

    The diplomacy you use when your interests are at stake can but favour the success of your endeavours. The only risk may be that you scatter your energy and reach saturation point because you try too hard to create, design, compose… Therefore, it is important that you limit the scope of some of your investigation fields.

  290. 290
    Premiere Says:

    What It Was Like At Last Night’s ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Premiere

    Last night Martin Scorsese’s ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ came home, and premiered at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City.

    I went.

    Let me premise this review by saying that I don’t go to these things — these Hollywood glitterati everyone-hold-your-breath-there’s-Leo things. These suck-it-in-you’re-on-the-red-carpet-now-smile things.

    But I had a killer, killer time. It wasn’t hard. The crowd was positive, the movie — the story of a crooked Wall Streeter and his opulent rise and ugly fall — had chops (though I’ll get to my qualms in a moment), and the after party was fun.

    The movie started early, at 6:00 pm. This may have something to do with the fact that it is about three hours long (a problem). I had one drink before the film started rolling. I wish I’d had two, as I skipped the red carpet anyway.

    And I recommend that all civilians (non-film) people do this. In skipping the red carpet I skipped the squealing, flashing, and crowding that more resembles Times Square traffic than an actual celebration. Plus, you get a good spot to watch people walk in and out of the theater. Those are the money sightings. Remember that.

    Now for the movie. The Wolf of Wall Street is the story of Jordan Belfort, a Queens kid turned penny stock hustler who made a fortune on Long Island in the 80s and 90s. They way Scorsese tells it, Belfort’s firm, Stratton-Oakmont, was basically a non-stop orgy of greed, drugs, money and sex. Belfort’s personal life was like that too.

    The first hour or so of the movie was hilarious. This was Belfort’s rise — his introduction to Wall Street and his A-Ha moment. The moment he realizes he can teach any idiots to sell stocks to idiots. The idiots he finds to do the selling are pitch perfect, especially Donnie Azoff (played by Jonah Hill in a perfect pair of prosthetic teeth).

    Some coke, crack and a ton of Quaaludes later Belfort is rich beyond belief and married to his second wife, a bombshell named Naomi, played by Margot Robbie. Both Robbie and Hill team up to steal the show from DiCaprio. He was good, yes. But they were better.

    If I had driven to the North Shore of Long Island directly after the movie and cut off a Escalade on the highway, it could easily have been Robbie and Hill flipping me off from the front seat as they drove away. That’s how spot on they were.

    Plus, Bo Deedle played a private investigator in the movie, Fran Lebowitz had a cameo, and the soundtrack was full of 90s dance party tunes that had me thinking about MTV Jamz and In Living Color re-runs.

    There were some issues though. Belfort’s real victims, the investors who lost money, were nowhere to found. That made it harder to see how he was more than a degenerate, he was a criminal. He lied to people and took their money. That shouldn’t be forgotten.

    Additionally, the movie was too long. I won’t mention where I started to fidget in my seat — I’ve already said much too much — but (and I never thought I’d type this) maybe there was too much yachting.

    None of this, obviously, is what makes a premiere special, though. Anyone can see the movie in the theater. What’s cool about the premiere is that a guy behind me whispered “hey, that’s my pillow,” during one of the scenes in Belfort’s living room. The people that made the movie were there. They finally got to celebrate the furniture they donated, the money they spent, the actors they dressed — what have you. That’s what makes a premiere cool. You get to pretend you’re part of the family.

    And after-parties. Those make it cool too. The Wolf Of Wall Street after-party was at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. It’s a venue that sees more “18-and-over” concerts than Hollywood blow-outs, but it looked great.

    The party was a mix of freezing girls in cocktail dresses dresses, New York City social royalty, film industry folk, and of course, the stars.

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese were there sitting at a table near the DJ. I didn’t get close because they were mobbed, and it seemed like a lot of work. Like, real “cut through body guards, avoid the girl having a silent melt-down and don’t spill your drink” work.

    The key to the after-party is not to spend your time stalking people, but to find a bar and post up. Everyone needs a drink, and in doing that you’ll watch a lot of key people go by, like Kevin Connolly from Entourage (I’ve always had a soft spot for E, don’t judge me).

    More importantly, try to go with an industry person who actually knows the people that made the event happen — the planners, the media connectors, the sponsor finders. They are the silent force that moves this entire show along.

    The night in general was about that force. At a premiere, the movie is the icing, the celebration is the cake.

    Let them eat cake.

  291. 291
    Lilly Says:

    Last long post for the night

    Your affectivity and your seductiveness

    In your chart, the Sun and Venus are both in Scorpio. With this configuration, love is but excessive, burning or… inexistent. It is all or nothing, rosy or black! For you, a relationship is necessarily intense and passionate. The transition is tenuous between crazy love and hatred. This is the omen for an excited affective life. But beware of in-between situations! Your fiery character is not satisfied with ordinary, monotonous, smooth and simple love affairs. Because you question yourself and you are fond of amorous challenges, you gladly provoke crises and gnashing of teeth… until you reach a hypothetical affective paradise where you and your partner can retain your own specificity, your will and your truth. What an ambitious programme! It is important that you relativize your tendency to over-analyze sentimental issues. You are sensitive to power struggles and you do not spare helpless people. You must be guarded against your propensity to take advantage of vulnerable people. With the persons who accept your will to experience your infatuations right to the end, there are lots of passion and excitement in prospect.

    You cannot dissociate love from passion, Leonardo DiCaprio. Your feelings are immediate, imperious, intense, and it is absolutely impossible for you to think of an amorous relationship without fusion, without the irresistible desire to know everything about your partner: emotions, feelings, sexuality, everything must be experienced in a possessive, absolute and unrestricted way. Actually, your feelings are as complex as they are deep. You seldom love, but when you do, a burning ardour and its torrid, violent frolics consume your couple. It is obvious that such powerful feelings may lead to jealousy and absolute exclusivity, almost bordering on the will to control your partner. If your relationship is genuine, all is fine. But if it is not the case, there are real dangers of shared wounds within your couple; it is hard to reconcile passion with tranquillity and it is clear that for you, sentimental serenity involves a partner who is either as complex as you and who instinctively understands you, or who is complementary, and as calm and steady as your impulses are intense and deep.

    Leonardo DiCaprio, you usually make connections between the possessive aspect of things and your feelings, which are expressed slowly but will grow deeper and steadier as soon as you become attached. Therefore, you need to trust the person you set your heart on and to feel that, somehow, she belongs to you. As a matter of rule, feelings and material well being go hand in hand, and the material conditions in which you experience your love affair are important to you: you cannot live on love and fresh air, a cosy and opulent-looking nest or a quite fancy environment are almost indispensable conditions for you to freely express your feelings. This doesn’t mean you are self-interested, you actually have great qualities, such as generosity and compassion. However, you have difficulties in separating the pleasant and material aspect of things from the well being of your couple. Your needs for emotional security are important and you will see to it that you get it at any cost, should you need it.

  292. 292
    Just Curious Says:

    @Lilly: Do you do these readings yourself, or is there some site you use?
    I’m really curious because they are very detailed and I want to do some research on capricorns…

  293. 293
    Cristin Milioti Says:

    Cristin Milioti was left cringing with embarrassment after spilling coffee all over a table while auditioning for a role opposite LEONARDO DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street.
    The How I Met Your Mother star was improvising on the instruction of director Martin Scorsese, but she feared she had ruined her chances of landing the part as DiCaprio’s onscreen wife after the disastrous chemistry test.
    She explains, “They put us together in a room; just me, Leo, and Marty, to see if we had good chemistry. I was very scared and Marty had us improvise a little bit.
    “We improvised a morning at homeicon1.png. We had coffee together and we were supposed to be reading the paper and he reached around to the back of my head and did sort of like a husbandly (touch on my neck) and I was like, ‘This is it… you gotta (sic) go for this.’ I leaned in (to kiss him) and he wasn’t looking and I spilled my coffee all over the table, and that was my first shot.”
    Milioti’s mistake didn’t matter – she was subsequently cast in the new film.

  294. 294
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12 & BZ Girl: Hey there! No I have not seen it! Don’t know when I will! I will be the only Leo fan who has never seen Titanic! Remember, I only became a fan of his when he was heavily involved in environmental issues, not because of his acting. Up until last summer, I had only seen 3-4 of his films.
    @HAHA12: re Legacy of Secrecy: from the video, it sounds like the film is still in development and is no where near filming. The way David was talking, he was just talking to the actors and nothing has been set. But it would be great to see Leo and De Niro in another film. Thanks for posting that montage video. I agree! IT’s fantastic. The person did a great job!
    re Leo & Margot: I thought they looked forced. They were probably at the party having fun and got pulled out to pose for some pictures. Not sure if I believe all the rumors that they were a couple, just like I never believed the rumor of Leo and Miranda. I don’t think Leo would hook-up with his co-star while filming. I think it could get very awkward if it didn’t work out.

  295. 295
    Real Jordan Belfort Says:

  296. 296
    Twitter Says:

    Alex Buford ‏@Your_Boy_Buf 1h
    Just saw a private screening of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, with a Q&A after the movie with some of the cast and crew (Leo, Jonah) very cool

  297. 297
    Twitter Says:

    Jason Farkas @JasonFarkas
    Just went to a screening of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ – DiCaprio, Hill, & Scorcese showed up. Epic movie, go see it.

  298. 298
    #### Says:


    Was this in NYC because he was in DC earlier today. Not that’s it’s far between the two.

  299. 299
    #### Says:

    Ally Jones (@alllyycat)
    12/18/13, 6:44 PM
    Spotted : Leonardo DiCaprio at my mom’s holiday work party and I’m studying Spanish #whatislife

  300. 300
    also... Says:

  301. 301
    #### Says:

    Zach Johnson (@zmjohnson)
    12/18/13, 8:34 PM
    Wolf of Wall Street was electrifying! Leonardo DiCaprio was at his best. Not exactly a Christmas movie, but a must-see nevertheless!

    Still having screenings….

  302. 302
    #### Says:

    Vivian I Padilla (@VivianIPadilla)
    12/18/13, 10:22 PM
    Just saw a screening of #WolfOfWallStreet! What an interesting story! Suggest not taking kids to it. #DiCaprio

  303. 303
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: WOWS is up to a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes! So happy!

  304. 304
    WOWS Says:

    Kevin Ketchum ‏@kevin_Ketchum
    Jesus f-cking Christ #TheWolfOfWallStreet

    Kevin Ketchum ‏@kevin_Ketchum
    Dear Hollywood: Leonardo DiCaprio is insanely funny. Let him be so more often.

  305. 305
    Leo+Margot Says:

  306. 306
    Lilly Says:

  307. 307
    tweet Says:

    THE JAV ‏@Javierc10 5h

    The tips you get in Malibu 👍👍.. people give 20s like dollar bills .. also on a sode note I met Leonardo Dicaprio and miley Cyrus lmao

  308. 308
    @Lilly Says:

    The Leo + Margot thing is so funny to me. They look mega akward/in pain in the earlier premiere pictures of them together and in your DM links Leo appears to stares at her wistfully. Margot also looks more comfortable with Jonah in those DM pics than she did with Leo (funny no shots of Leo and her at this event) . Me thinks something was definitely afoot between them during filming BS denials not withstanding

  309. 309
    tweet Says:

    Colie ‏@NicoleOhBriannn 9h
    did my cousin seriously meet Leonardo Dicaprio are u kidding me

    Colie ‏@NicoleOhBriannn 8h
    she even shook his hand😭😭 #followuptweet

    Just Blaise⚡️ ‏@NRwrestling7 9h
    @NicoleOhBriannn I’m jealous

  310. 310
    Lilly Says:

    I thought that. I wonder what went on. When she hugged Matthew.M she pulled a face while Jonah was laughing.

  311. 311
    White House Visit Says:

  312. 312
    tweet Says:

    liv♡ ‏@AnnieLittleLiv 9h
    FUN FACT: my sister is visiting that model cousin who lives in NYC &last night in a club they ran into LEONARDO DICAPRIO and ORLANDO BLOOM

    liv♡ ‏@AnnieLittleLiv 9h

  313. 313
    tweet Says:

    Kyla Murphy ‏@KylaMurphy1 10h
    my cousin was 10 feet from Leonardo Dicaprio last night 🔫 😍

  314. 314
    tweet Says:

    julia ‏@jbouterakos 10h

    Casually was at the same bar as Leonardo dicaprio last night @Decris0011 @sinrouwang #reasonstolovenyc

  315. 315
    tweet Says:

    Ashley Moliere ‏@ashleymolieree 15h
    Spoke to Leonardo dicaprio last night, my dream was made and I will reach my goal.

  316. 316
    Leo with girls Says:

    Leo takes the phone numbers of other girls

    Helena Murphy ‏@helena_murphayy 21h
    I can die happy knowing that I was in the same room as Leonardo DiCaprio last night

    Amy ‏@amycoyle5 20h
    @helena_murphayy WHAAAAAT YOU WERE IN THE SAME ROOM AS MY BABY?!?!!!!!!?

    Helena Murphy ‏@helena_murphayy 20h
    @amycoyle5 Uhm my baby were on first name basis I call him Leo 😜 hahaha he was at the same club as me, don’t worry have him your numbaaa

  317. 317
    well-behaved Leeeooo ;D Says:

    Mike Wanders ‏@Mike_Wanders 15h
    Had the greatest time with Leonardo Dicaprio yesterday. He’s so down to earth.

  318. 318
    tweet Says:

    Ko Im ‏@koimtv 15h

    Apparently Leonardo Dicaprio just passed behind my live shot at the White House for holiday party..!!

  319. 319
    tweet Says:

    Suzanne Steinhardt ‏@suzsteinhardt 9h
    Leonardo dicaprio just walked in front of me and Morgan and we didn’t even realize who it was until he was gone…what the actual f^ck

    Suzanne Steinhardt ‏@suzsteinhardt 7h
    @alexandra_rae17 dead serious…we were like why are these people freaking out and then someone told us

  320. 320
    New Thread Says:

  321. 321
    pic Says:

    SILU. ‏@SiluuMpikoo 18 Dec


  322. 322
    Lilly Says:

    @Leo with girls:
    Was that while he was single or not?

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