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Olivier Martinez: 'The Physician' German Premiere!

Olivier Martinez: 'The Physician' German Premiere!

Olivier Martinez suits up as he hits the red carpet at the premiere of his latest film The Physician held at the Zoo Palast Theatre on Monday (December 16) in Berlin, Germany.

The 47-year-old French actor was joined at the event by his co-stars Emma Rigby, Fahri Yardim, Tom Payne, Elyas M’Barek, and Adam Thomas Wright.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

The Philipp Stolzl-directed drama hits theaters in Germany and Spain on Christmas Day (December 25)!

20+ pictures inside of Olivier Martinez and others at the German premiere of The Physician

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olivier martinez the physician german premiere 01
olivier martinez the physician german premiere 02
olivier martinez the physician german premiere 03
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olivier martinez the physician german premiere 16
olivier martinez the physician german premiere 17
olivier martinez the physician german premiere 18
olivier martinez the physician german premiere 19
olivier martinez the physician german premiere 20

Credit: Patrick Hoffmann; Photos: WENN
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  • Shelbethegreat

    Eat your hearts out you haters, Olivier is looking fine, fine, fine for the premiere of The Physician. Can’t wait to see this movie, looks amazing.

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat Your so blinded that you can’t see how old he look, not looking good at all poor thing Halle is ageing you Ole boy. Trick Tack Trick Tack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stella

    I checked him out too Shelbe. Olivier is looking fine as hell to me. Haters are gonna hate coz they know they are ugly people inside and outside.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: Do you see the star working now! There is a man that takes care of his family, little Maceo never got to worry, papa making bank. Age look dang good on this man. Olivier forever!

  • Shelbethegreat

    Emma is pretty, but boy does she look like a cheshire cat.

  • JJ2009

    @Shelbethegreat: There are no reports of it playing in limited or full release in the US or any DVD distribution etc. , so if you are planning to go see Martinez, you may want to plan to go to Germany or Spain where it is going to be released on Christmas Day. Good luck :)

  • JJ2009 correction

    meant there’s is no news as of yet about DVD distribution or adding more cities in Europe much less having a US Release. Travel or a bootleg version are folks only choices at this point.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @JJ2009: This is not a penny anny movie if it has Ben Kingsley and Stellan Stanisgard in it. It will come to America one way or another, which isn’t the only market for movies. Point is Olivier is in it. Autographs and movie premiere’s, it must be nice to be the Martinez’s. Nahla and Maceo hit the jackpot.

  • JJ2009 reply

    @Shelbethegreat: Wasn’t hating. Was just saying it is in limited release w/no updates on any US distribution, regardless of who’s in it. It had a $35M budget which isn’t huge, not bad. No current info as of yet.

  • JJ2009 reply2

    Olivier got paid for this in 2012 what does this have to do with Nahla and Maceo? Nor do his premiere photo call or signing autographs? (still not hating).

  • just saying

    .Shelbethegreat What bank he already got paid for the small part he played in the movie in 2012, this is 2013 almost 2014, big deal he is not the main star in the movie get it through you thick head . LITTLE MAN, LITTLE STAR . By the way did you see the high heel on his boot’s

  • Mix Up

    Boy look at Olivier what happen to him? not looking good at all he losing his good look he look ugly in those picture.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: That’s right he got paid, which is what a man does to support his family. Olivier is very private and obviously didn’t want the kind of fame many of his former flames desired., but make no mistake he is a star in his own right. As for the long heels, that’s a European style, look at Olivier’s father, he wears the same type of shoe, that’s were he got it from, something you wouldn’t understand. I’ll bet if you look at men’s shoes,if you ever get a chance to be near one on Sunday at church, you may actually see American males wear heels too.

  • just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat where in Hollywood do you see tall men wear heel? NOT. European is European and the U.S.A. stop speak bad about us. and his father is old who care what he wear. I have two son and their don’t wear heel lady come again.The man is short like Tom Cruz we all know it, wake up and smell the coffee women.

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat I got a man ,do you ? Your so in love with Olivier you can’t see straight .

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: Just because Olivier lives in the U.S. doesn’t make him american. He will never be american, he’s french and is entitled to dress by his own preference and culture. The whole world doesn’t have to be like america to have merit. Heels or no heels he is still a man that takes care of his own business and pays for his own child. And that is man enough.

  • It’s Christmas Time!

    @shelbethegreat, must have pretty low standards if ya think this douchebag is man enough!!! And yah halle Berry has too but she has known issues, what’s yours……………

  • Shelbethegreat

    @It’s Christmas Time!: Don’t see you on the red carpet, he’s a star!

  • Red carpet = squat

    Red Carpet doesn’t mean squat. I have been to several Red Carpet events and I’m not a celebrity.

  • It’s Christmas Time!

    He is what ya call a Hanger-On.

    @Red carpet = squat. Well Said!
    Would not know who he was only for Kylie Minogue

  • just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat why are such and A** He will get child support when he and Halle break up it’s the law. We don’t want him so you can have him, if he want you because you don’t have the money.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: You must be talking about your loser Gabriel, he the only low life get child support. And you can have him if you can afford him, which you can’t. As for WE, what do you mean WE, you and your girlfriend’s still think you have a chance with punching bag Goldilocks good luck.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Red carpet = squat: You weren’t walking the red carpet, you weren’t in any movie, spectator. Boy, you are pathetic.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @It’s Christmas Time!: He’s in the movie knucklehead, how is he hanging on. You see Halle there, was she in the movie, I know you weren’t? Your such a tool. Admit the man is a star and move on. Besides, Olivier has the whole world now, beautiful wife and a son of his own. He’s rich, famous and your not.

  • Red Carpet not only for movies


    News flash, have been on the Red Carpet at various events including movie premieres and fundraisers in LA, NYC , Midwest and South because of my job. I have tons of autographs etc. They are not just for celebrities and movie premieres. If you have ever been to one you’d know this.

  • celebrity not star

    His claim to fame is being a gigolo celebrity who beds other celebrities more than known for his work.

  • Stella & Shelbe

    Can you not sound so ghetto when you spew your admiration for this haggard looking passe actor who has let booze, cigarettes and hair dye (not using any now) get the best of him? At least, sound friggin’ intelligent. Thank you.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Red Carpet not only for movies: If you did go to a premiere than you were just part of the help, not a star. There is a difference, I’m sure nobody asked for your autograph like they are doing in the picture of Olivier and a fan. But since you didn’t know this your probably making it up.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @celebrity not star: Now your sounding stupid, you can clearly see the man is in the movie, but instead you want to pretend that you don’t. He’s a celebrity idiot because he acts in movies. Keep putting your head in the sand, cause that’s all you got. Can’t even be honest with yourself.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Stella & Shelbe: Hey, I seen pictures of Goldilocks getting his hair done at the salon, guess he’s a loser for that huh. As for cigarettes and booze, Olivier is like millions of men in the world, nothing wrong with that, if you had one you would know.

  • Eli-7

    @Shelbethegreat: While the post isn’t directed towards me, I do know about alcohol /drugs and smoking. Have been clean & sober for almost 28 years (June) and 4+ years off of cigarettes and have plenty of friends and family die from both. Be careful what you post. Thank you.

  • Eli-7

    @Shelbethegreat: yes, some celebrities are movie stars. Yes, Olivier Martinez makes movies and while he is a movie star by that definition, I would not consider him a “Movie Star” in the same sense Sidney Poitier, James Earl Jones, Alain Delon and slew of others are.

  • Red Carpet

    @Shelbethegreat: Red Carpet events aren’t just for photo calls and autograph signing.Non-celebrities do walk on the red carpet. Yes, I do have several hundred autographs from such functions, fundraisers. As well as being at parties,weddings etc.

  • The Other Liz

    Why is it when I am gone for awhile not posting, it is ALWAYS the same stuff different day?

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Eli-7: I commend your accomplishment @Eli-7. Maybe now that Olivier has a son, he will think about cutting back too, sometimes it takes something like that to change a person, you never know. Get him off that bike too, maybe. But he is an adult, and whether he smokes, drinks, rides it doesn’t make him any less of a man. And it didn’t make you any less of a man either, proud of you.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Eli-7: Very few are in the league of a Sidney Poiter or James Earl Jones, they are legends.

  • Eli-7

    @Shelbethegreat: Thanks…I’m a woman not a guy. got clean and sober in my 20′s and stopped smoking after starting in my teens.

  • ????

    @Shelbethegreat: Why would you think Eli-7 was a man?

  • Full moon out

    Full moon was definitely out this week…

  • Shelbethegreat

    @????: Oh, I don’t know, just guessing.