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Who Won 'The Voice' 2013? Season 5 Winner Revealed!!!

Who Won 'The Voice' 2013? Season 5 Winner Revealed!!!


After months of watching the amazing performances on the fifth season of The Voice, it is finally time to find out who is the winner!

In the final three this season are Team Adam’s Tessanne Chin and Will Champlin, as well as Team Christina’s Jacquie Lee. Both Team Blake and Team Cee Lo have no more contestants left.

On last night’s performance show, each contestant got to sing three different songs, including one duet with their coach.

‘The Voice’ Winner is Revealed

Click inside to find out who won The Voice season five…


Second place: Jacquie Lee
Third place: Will Champlin

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  • allison

    I called it weeks ago that someone from Team Adam would win. Even though the singers maybe talented, The Voice is all about Adam and Blake. Since Blake did not have anyone left in the competition, it was not doubt that Adam team would win.

  • roxie

    Congrats to Tessanne and team Adam! She was the best and deserved to win. Fabulous!

  • dana

    Bummer. Will should have won.

  • Himani Arora

    Tessanne is Looking so Gorgeous and beautiful .she is deserved for become a win the award.

  • http://Facebook gee

    Considering that she said Jamaica bought the rights to The Voice so they could vote for her is it any surprise with an entire country voting for her? I didn’t think she had any variety when she sang. She always sounded the same. I wouldn’t pay to see her or buy and of her recordings for that reason.

  • latoya

    Tessanne!! Jamaican Jamaica! We are a small country @gee and our population is probably less than that of your town or city so that is no excuse… and fyi not all jamaicans watch the show… Jamaica es lo mejor felicitaciones a Tessanne! Yuh large #teambreadandbutter!!!

  • mike


    you are wrong only usa citizens can vote. I know this because I am in Canada and it says us citizens only and I tried and was blocked. So no one in Jamaica unless they are physically in the usa can vote for her.
    she won fair and square. She was the most talented and won on her own merit.

  • Edna

    People still watch this show… 5 seasons and still no superstar (or minor star). No Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson. Not even a Clay Akins, Fantasia or Jennifer Hudson.

  • MIMI

    I don’t think any of them lived up to the standards as some I’ve heard in the past seasons. But, I would have picked Tess above the other two. I couldn’t stand it I cheated and had to look who won early. I’m on the West Coast. As I did for Miss America and Miss Universe. Heee, Heee.

  • http://facebook Olga

    I agree with Gee, I think Tassane is very good, but she always sound the same to me. I aways thought Jackie will win. Anyways at the long run many good things will happen to both of them in their carreer…Good luck to both of you gils …Well done and well deserved!!!

  • MIMI

    I think Kelly Clarkson is the worst of the worst in my eyes and ears. She lucked out BIG TIME. YUCKY MUCKY!!!!

  • Nikki black

    Stop hating!!!. Tessanne was well deserving of the winning She worked hard like the others and the fans chose her. Jamaica had no voting rights so don’t talk bullshit. Tessanne to the world! Bread and butter for breakfast !!!!!

  • Nikki black

    what do you mean she always sounds the same. Isn’t it her voice? Tessanne is the voice. Stop the hating. She’s a humble woman and not full of hate like you. Learn something from this.

  • Claire Ellen

    I was very surprised when I watched the show and saw that she won… I mean, there’s no doubt Tessanne is a good singer. But, I just was never a fan of her. And, I honestly don’t think she deserved to win. She never sounded any different. She never tried to push her boundaries and do something really just out of the box. And, her performances on top of that were boring and void of emotion for the most part.

    What’s going to happen is she’s going to produce this one album with universal, she’ll go back to Jamaica and we’ll never hear from her again for the most part.

    Jackie and Will (along with a few others that were on the show), they’re going somewhere in their careers. They are both so talented and either one of them deserved to win over Tessanne in my opinion.

  • Bubbles

    I loved Jaquie Lee so much. She was beautiful. I also loved tessane. She was amazing and deserved to win! I didn’t like will. I am so happy for tessane and her career!

  • http://Twitter Roxan Davis

    Tessanne, you know you are the best and you deserve everything that’s happening to your life right now. Let the haters hate. Don’t hate her because u ain’t her. Love always Tess. You make Jamaica very proud.

  • angel

    Tessanne is so deserving of this award! I love Will and wish the very best for him, but I had a feeling weeks ago that Tessanne was going to win this thing. Her voice is incredible! Congratulations and best of luck to her!

  • Anita

    So happy for Tessanne!!! Y que viva Jamaica!!!

  • Megan Martindale

    The rights were bought to watch American also voted for her.

  • Megan Martindale

    A Change As Come

  • betty

    I liked Tessanne but I thought Jaquie should have one. I voice is unique and different and she has so much power in her voice to only be 16 years. She reminds me of Christine A.

    Congratulations to all three of the contestants that remained. I’m sure they will all do well in their careers

  • Roger Four

    Tessanne all the way from the very beginning…. Jacquie (the screamer) was always going to play second fiddle, and Will ? well…… should have been Matthew !! The people have spoken, the majority was right on. Deep down, Christina knew she was beaten weeks ago. Jacquie is good but needs another 10 years before she will really shine.

  • Lenny

    What a disappointment. During the auditions, she was the only one that I was like “what are they thinking???” I thought she was terrible from day one and amazed she kept going through. Her voice is absolutely horrid. Eventually, as she kept making it through, I stopped watching. She was my least favorite out of every contestant this season. She was absolutely horrid to listen to. But, on a good note (no pun intended), other then Cassadee Pope, you never hear anything from any of those singers anyway, so at least I don’t have to worry about hearing her crappy voice on the radio. What a joke. She seriously had American Idol or X Factor talent. How she won The Voice, who knows. Lies probably.

  • Lenny

    @gee: Thank you!!! I thought she was HORRIBLE> I almost fell out of my chair when they turned around for her in the auditions I thought she was so bad. She belonged on something with lesser talent like American Idol or The X Factor.

  • Lenny

    @Nikki black: I agree with Gee. She was horrible. It’s not hating to say someone is a horrible singer. It is what it is. I don’t hate her per say, but I think her voice is terrible. I don’t think she even belonged on the show. Maybe American Idol or X Factor, but not the Voice.

  • Sasha

    @Claire Ellen: Agree 100%. It was because she remained in the top I stoped watching. I couldn’t stand hearing her sing.

  • Raya


    AGREE :(

  • Thoughts

    LENNY CLEARLY HAS A HARD ON FOR THE CHILD. I hope you’re not 37. You are thinking with the other head. STOP.

    I think Tessanne was awesome and made me cry. Her rendition of I Have Nothing was fantastic. I do really like Will, and the child has her entire life ahead of her. She’s a kid.

  • Thoughts

    It’s pretty o obvious this board is all teenagers that have no ear for.musicianship. Don’t worry you’ll grow out of it.

  • oneday

    So once again, no one is allowed an opinion unless it is the same as yours? @thoughts – we are not all teenagers. We just like something different than you. Please don’t personally attack someone who doesn’t necessarily believe the same as you. I thought the last 3 standing were all good and could have won.

  • TessJa

    @gee: The rights to air the Voice was bought by a Jamaican tv station but Jamaicans in Jamaica could not vote. Only USA telephone carriers were allowed, no online voting was allowed as our IP addresses were blocked. We could download the songs via iTunes but we could not use those votes. We supported her, but not through votes. Maybe Jamaicans who had US mobile phones could, but with roaming charges. I guess the American public just loved her.

  • Marc Norcott

    @gee: Sweetie…dear….we know you read very little but let me give you some facts. A television station in Jamaica bought the rights to BROADCAST the voice. The votes (considering they were online and blocked for overseas IPs, via sms for sprint subscribers only, and via toll free number also blocked to overseas callers) were only in AMERICAN HANDS. So…..go bury yourself

  • Silence Dogood

    When will people understand that all of these shows are not really trying to find the next superstar. It is all about the show for that season – the ratings -getting you emotionally involved (Ratings People) . Who won is the same as who was voted off in week 4. If you can take this exposure and push it to become marketable you will make it (and know a few peopl), you wil make it..Ex: Jennifer Hudson..One Diresction..

    Silence Dogood

  • Nicks

    why dont you shut up and leave the girl alone? Tess did exceptionally well, and NO ONE should despute that fact. If you dont understand music, then don’t comment. She did veeeerywell. try learn music and then you will have more appreciative of what is happening and what you are hearing.

  • Nicks

    when u bad minded, you just bad minded. she won, and there is nothing anyone can do about that. So …………

  • Bradleysert