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Brad Pitt: 50th Birthday Today - Celebrate with 50 Hot Photos!

Brad Pitt: 50th Birthday Today - Celebrate with 50 Hot Photos!

It is officially Brad Pitt‘s 50th birthday and how else could we celebrate than with fifty of his best photos from throughout the years!?

We are taking a look back at the 50-year-old actor’s many looks throughout the years – from his bleached blonde hair to his bearded stage, and of course his sleek new look he debuted last month at the Governors Awards while supporting his fiancee Angelina Jolie.

You also will get to look back on his hottest shirtless moments and some of Brad‘s famous loves, like Juliette Lewis, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston.

Click through the slideshow below for fifty hot Brad Pitt photos…

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268 Responses to “Brad Pitt: 50th Birthday Today - Celebrate with 50 Hot Photos!”

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  1. 126
    neil Says:


    I know, I know, nobody cares about your birthday. Suck it up. Stop whining.

  2. 127
    sandy Says:

    old fan, just stopped by to wish my sexy man a happy birthday, his 50 years on this earth, the things he accomplished are very impressive, he is not just a pretty face.

  3. 128
    Danny Says:

    Just coming out of lurking to wish Mr. William Bradly Pitt a Happy 50 Birthday. 50 has never look so good

  4. 129
    Tweet Says:

    Pedram Pazuki ‏@PedramPazuki now

    Brad Pitt is 50 today. One of the greatest actors of his generation. And a true movie star. #happybirthday #icon

  5. 130
    LiliVonShtupp Says:

    So now we are puzzled regarding where are the vunderful pictures from the Magazin PlayGirl which showed Bradley in his magnificent naturalness? One would have thought that Jared would have a more complete photographic record.

  6. 131
    Passing Poo Says:

    Here is a big fat birthday turd for Brad!

  7. 132
    Lol Says:

    @Passing Poo:
    you mad, loser. Lol

  8. 133
    Passing Through Says:

    Looks like poor Colin Farrell is stalking Brad again…that haircut looks awfully familiar. CF was that Governors Awards on Nov 16…and he didn’t have his hair cut quite like this…
    Here he is at the Governors Awards and the sides were longer and not shaved nearly as high on the sides. Now it’s almost exactly like Brad’s haircut.

  9. 134
    Famous Quotes: Says:

    buhbuh uhh buh babbuh duhba duh buhbbba
    - Marble Mouth Brad

  10. 135
    Vessy Says:

    Happy Birthday Brad Pitt, I love you and will always do, you are my favorite actor and the perfect man. Bulgaria Loves you ::):):)

  11. 136
    samm Says:

    Happy birthday to the one and only in Hollywood brad pitt. Enjoy your day. Where is Angie…. again I wish you many years, health, success and happiness.

  12. 137
    Rose Says:

    Cyber bullying/Trolling/harassing:

    The NUMBER ONE rule for dealing with this type of behavior is:

    “Don’t respond, Don’t interact, Don’t engage”. This is not as easy as it sounds. It’s a natural response to want to defend yourself or the person who being bullied, stalking, harassing and put the person right. However, never argue with a serial bully, stalker or harasser. It’s not a mature adult discussion but like dealing with a child or immature teenager; whilst the serial bully maybe an adult on the outside; on the inside they are like a child whose never grown up and probably never will. Serial bullies and HARASSERS often have DISORDERED THINKING PATTERNS and do not share the same thoughts and values as you.

    Fans: “Be alert to provocation it could be called “The Bating Game”. A provocative comment is made and those who respond are then encouraged to engage in conflict… The Provoker watches, waits and stirs the pot with additional provocation.”

    “What interests me is the sense of gratification that a Provoker gain from watching others indulge in destructive interaction ignited by him – or herself. In this context, gratification is a perverse form of satisfaction akin to, but distinct form of pleasure.”

    We are celebrating Brad’s Birthday today and we will not allow trolls to spoil this day.


  13. 138
    Lol Says:

    Uh joe and tampon are the same whiny loser troll. Remember calling us fans tabloid-addled psychos ranting about Angelina? she’s an idiot.

  14. 139
    Premalee Says:

    @ Rose #137

    Thanks for the post. Keep on posting “Cyber bullying/Trolling/harassing”. Great idea.

  15. 140
    Rose Says:

    @Premalee: Hi Prem. Thanks for your link this morning. I will continue reminding the fans we are dealing with trolls with “disordered thinking patterns” who get pleasure starting and watching conflicts.

  16. 141
    Anon2 Says:

    Happy 50th Birthday to a handsome, soulful, passionate, generous, talented, smart and humble human being! May Brad Pitt have at least another half century to grow old with Angelina while enjoying their children and later; their grandchildren…hopefully, great-grand-kids!

  17. 142
    Tweet Says:

    REDBOOK ‏@redbookmag now

    In honor of his 50th birthday, 5 times Brad Pitt reminded us he’s more than just a pretty face

  18. 143
    anustin Says:

    most fckable human next to my hubby…..happy birthday poppa pitt!

  19. 144
    Observer2 Says:

    Happy Birthday Brad. Fifty never looked so good.

  20. 145
    Observer2 Says:

    #96 @Pitt:

    Another addled psycho with reading comprehension problems. When did 2011 become 2013?

    WWZ was filmed in 2011, when Brad got paid for it.

    But, carry on and continue making an A$$ out of yourself. You do it so well.

  21. 146
    Observer2 Says:


    Ritzy. What’s the matter, yours get their wear and tear out of them? We know you’ve been getting off on them for years.

  22. 147
    reeven Says:

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!!!!!!

  23. 148
    Passing Through Says:

    # 86 Phool. @ 12/18/2013 at 12:27 pm
    Shortcut to:
    ROTFLMAO. Peeps is soooooooo predictible. Slapping Ticky on the cover as a “Best Dress” when she had one one of the most mundane and banal dresses that was worn at any award show or RC the entire year. At least it wasn’t the “Best Hair” aware again.

  24. 149
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Loonies are beside themselves. You can see the meltdown coming. Pothead has spent his milestone birthday partying away from the evil, man-eating witch who has nearly ruined his career and sucked the life away from him. His fame is permanently associated to her now -like a ball and chain-, and any credibility as a serious actor and producer is bleak now that his company’s contract with Paramount was terminated and his long-term producing partner has resigned. His projects have been derailed after because of the huge weight of the ultra expensive vanity project that he could not carry all the way to a place of financial success, which has all but killed his production company in the process.

    So the question is… does he have anything to celebrate at all? Being on his own on this special date is clear indicator that he’s taking a long, hard look at his own life and wants a clean slate in this new stage of his life. Contrary to him spending his 40th birthday with his wife, Pitty was in a much better place back then with a promising future that awaited. Little did he know about the tumultuous times he’s facing now; his vanity, shallowness, narcissim and lust did not prevent him from seeing what he’d be up to some ten years later, and he’s realized that now. So he’s a family man now, but is he happy at all? Isn’t that the feeling he once called “overrated”? Didn’t he say he loved “chaos” too? A loving, caring, devoted father would’ve traveled any distance to be with his children on this special day, but nah, he chose to be left alone, away from the “chaos” that he gladly brought upon himself. It’s clear that parental instinct is just not in him.

    Happiness is overrated for you indeed, Pitty. Happy birthday! You deserve everything karma brings you this day! :)

  25. 150
    samm Says:

    why you care where Brad spent? I didn’t see anything when tommys 50 happened with whomever was the hire one for him after kh lease expire…
    three time losing and what happened? nothing
    don’t even get me started about other name you mention against here
    Brad is fine as he is…. all he has to do bring the love….. without that it is not working she too. talking is useless one action more than 20000000 words

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