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Brad Pitt: 50th Birthday Today - Celebrate with 50 Hot Photos!

Brad Pitt: 50th Birthday Today - Celebrate with 50 Hot Photos!

It is officially Brad Pitt‘s 50th birthday and how else could we celebrate than with fifty of his best photos from throughout the years!?

We are taking a look back at the 50-year-old actor’s many looks throughout the years – from his bleached blonde hair to his bearded stage, and of course his sleek new look he debuted last month at the Governors Awards while supporting his fiancee Angelina Jolie.

You also will get to look back on his hottest shirtless moments and some of Brad‘s famous loves, like Juliette Lewis, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston.

Click through the slideshow below for fifty hot Brad Pitt photos…

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268 Responses to “Brad Pitt: 50th Birthday Today - Celebrate with 50 Hot Photos!”

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  1. 151
    Happy 50th Says:

    Brad Is in London and will be swallowing Bangers all night thank you.

  2. 152
    samm Says:

    no solidity no success . not the other way around… not today just it could be another time once in a while at least a FREE date night photos … something that is you have love . have someone and you don’t show it… it doesn’t make you desirable.

  3. 153
    samm Says:

    that said not on his birthday but I like the current younger than the Brad generation leading actors or whatever you call them…….. they all give away happy, solid couples vibe…. may be when they get to their age they will be like them….. turn offs.

  4. 154
    wow Says:

    Happy Birthday Brad Pitt.

  5. 155
    wow Says:

    Wonder what gift Angie got for him. I bet something amazing.

  6. 156
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    Wow!!! 50, wealthy, successful career & personal life. Gorgeous kids & partner. No wonder trolls are hating.
    Hope he got at least a day off from filming. IMO, Brad prolly does not care to celebrate his reaching half a century/milestone. But I am wishing him a very happy, peaceful, & productive 50th birthday. And wish for more productive & healthy life.

  7. 157
    Lol Says:

    Oh please ignore the STUPID name-changing troll with reading comprehension problems. Ticky’s paid hen is an IDIOT just like her. what a loon.

  8. 158
    Holy moly Says:

    Tristan and Tyler Durden are 50 years old. unbelievable. time flies. Happy B-day.

  9. 159
    samm Says:

    truth sucks so lets just continue what lead to actual decline… all hating is not based on FAKE most yes and this one is not. was was not was not. And that part wasn’t and still isn’t…

  10. 160
    the ring Says:

    jo jo jo Pitty is in LONDON jo jo jo


  11. 161
    Kresta Says:

    Some of you need to take off your rose-tinted glasses. He looks 50.

  12. 162
    funny Says:

    I see people are freaking out over Brad turning 50.

  13. 163
    the ring Says:

    This is oficial:pitty and bambi will be in London for the holidays…

  14. 164
    Tweet Says:

    VANITY FAIR ‏@VanityFair 27m

    We now live in a world where Brad Pitt is 50. Happy Birthday, Brad!

  15. 165
    JP Fan Says:

    I can’t believe how Jared pick up the most unflattering photos of Brad and Angie while he picked the best shot with his Albatross x when there was lots of photos of them where Brad looks so bored with her. While with Angie there was lots of them where you could actually feel the love and attraction between them.

  16. 166
    gia74 Says:



    AND..nobody is asking you to wear them.

  17. 167
    samm Says:

    are you freaking out

  18. 168
    just saying Says:

    Age is just a number. Brad is ageless, timeless beauty.

  19. 169
    busted Says:

    So many birthday wishes for Brad from tons of sources. He is one of a kind. And deserves all the attention. My local TV station even did a thing on him. It is Brad Pitt after all.

  20. 170
    Passing Through Says:

    # 149 Ⱦamsin @ 12/18/2013 at 4:56 pm
    The picture says it all..

  21. 171
    Dawne Says:

    Of all the dumb things Jared has done, this thread tops the list………it is downright insulting ……….

  22. 172
    umm Says:

    I don’t remember Clooney and Depp 50 th birthdays had such impact like Brad’s. Anyway Happy Birthday to the MAN Brad Pitt, what an amazing life he has especially last 8 years.

  23. 173
    Observer2 Says:

    #170 @Passing Through:


    There were so many $hit nuggets in Obi Wan K-Nowsnothing ranting post. I’m sure he copy and pasted it from another board.

    When did Plan B ever fund WWZ?

    When did Brad spend his 40th and 41st birthday with the overpaid hairball?

    HW has huge respect for what Brad accomplished with WWZ and they know he’s the one that did it. Like Clooney said, he took it out of the hands of the people that were fvcking it up and that includes Paramount’s. And if WWZ was such a disaster, financially, than why are they going forward with a sequel? Will it happen, who knows?

    And Paramount only distributed one film of Plan B’s and that was WWZ. The other two were through Paramount Vantage, which Paramount shuttered.

    All other productions were financed by other studios. You know, like the big studio that New Regency has a deal with. 20th Century Fox.

    TYAS is going into the awards season, a clear front runner. But, ya know, things suck. LOL.

    Oh and Brad’s supposed to fly 23 hours to spend his b-day in Australia and then turn around and fly back to the UK for tomorrow. Or Angelina is supposed to do the same when Brad will be finished up with Fury by Friday, by the looks of it.

    The past 10 years of Brad’s life have been very production. Six beautiful children, a beautiful fiance, a movie career that’s been on fire. He’s been part of 7 AA nominated movies. Has been nominated for 3 Oscars about to be nominated for his 4th. That’s in the past 10 years. Let’s not talk about the billions of dollars at the WW BO that has happened in the past 10 years. That’s why producers and studios say, if you want a movie green lit, get Brad Pitt.

    That’s why people like Emma Thompson and others, always bring Brad’s name up when talking about him having access to all of the best scripts. And he’s one of HW’s most bankable actors.

    Let’s not talk about people that have said the same thing that Scarlet Johansen just said about him. That he bucked the system, did it his way and that they want a career like his. Plenty of his peers and and younger actors and actors have mad respect for him. His name comes up constantly on how to do it right.

    I’d say Brad’s got a lot of good karma the past 10 years. The best of his life and more to come.

    But, Tam$hit is all butt hurt because Ticky was shown no love and he can’t even go on and on about Echo Films. Or any A-List actors/actresses, directors or producers that want to work with her.

    All Tam$hit has is that Ticky was called an overpaid hairball. Oh and she’s going to Mexico with her scrum drum, Tacky. Same ole, same ole. And Tacky had to go to counseling due to Ticky. LOL.

  24. 174
    samm Says:

    @Dawne: I don’t think it is insulting history is history just if this was angie and she has that I wouldn’t consider it as such……
    What turn off is what now is not what it should look or be…..
    I hate his pr method. Their pr method…… better couples out there.

  25. 175
    Observer2 Says:

    #171 @Dawne:

    Eh, that’s Jared for you these days. I didn’t even look at the pics. LOL.

    It’s his B-day and man are plenty of people in the press mentioning it. He’s Brad, fvcking, Pitt!

    And no one is forgetting it. LOL.

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