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Brad Pitt: 50th Birthday Today - Celebrate with 50 Hot Photos!

Brad Pitt: 50th Birthday Today - Celebrate with 50 Hot Photos!

It is officially Brad Pitt‘s 50th birthday and how else could we celebrate than with fifty of his best photos from throughout the years!?

We are taking a look back at the 50-year-old actor’s many looks throughout the years – from his bleached blonde hair to his bearded stage, and of course his sleek new look he debuted last month at the Governors Awards while supporting his fiancee Angelina Jolie.

You also will get to look back on his hottest shirtless moments and some of Brad‘s famous loves, like Juliette Lewis, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston.

Click through the slideshow below for fifty hot Brad Pitt photos…

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Photos: Getty, WENN, Wire Image, Film Magic
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  • Love Brad

    Brad Pitt is 50 and cannot age: This GIF proves he’s actually Benjamin Button

  • Love Brad

    New Thread

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @Love Brad:

    Yup!!! Haters can suck it suck it.

  • Nicole

    Happy Birthday Bred! Be happy! You’re a lucky guy <3

  • Angie and Brad beautiful love

    The hateful jealous don´t get it, why Brad is with Angie forever. They are soul mates. Brad and Angie have tried with others partners but it not work.

    Like any person, when we are young adults, we explored and experiment the pleasures of love, looking for the right one. It´s the time of long crazy nights, hard sex, drugs and bus and rock n´Roll. During this Angie was married two times, Brad one time after a long list of very diverse types of girls. But after all the success, money, fame and beauty they have not found the partner they are looking for.

    We can´t forget that Brad and Angie are very similar in what they want in a relationship. Brad always have said that he want many kids, Angie was the same. Brad was always a one girl guy, Angie was the same. Brad was a humanitarian and always wanted to help others, Angie was the same but in much bigger way. They complement each other.

    The last important factor it was the exterior beauty. It´s difficult to find in a life time a partner with all the great personal qualities they are looking for and with a great beauty that could be above any other person in the world. it´s must be like finding an angel, or a rare animal, or a goddess.

    That´s why Brad and Angie love story it´s almost unbelievable. Brad is one the most beautiful mans in the world, and Angelina is the most beautiful woman in the world without any doubt. What are the chances that the two most beautiful humans of our time would be together in one movie and would fall in love ? Almost none, cause you can find a beautiful person but with all the amazing personal qualities that Brad and Angie have it´s almost impossible.

    That it´s what a happened with Brad and Angie. The biggest and marvelous human experiment made by the power of a cosmic fate put together this two incredible and amazing and beautiful humans.

    Can you imagine Brad with other woman or Angie with other man? Can you name other woman or man with the beauty of Angie and Brad and with a better personality and qualities?

    Of curse no one can. This is a couple made in haven. After Adam and Eve, Romeu and Juliete, Akhenaten and Nefertiti, Marco Aurelio and Cleopatara, and a few more Brad and Angelina love for each other will be forever in the history of human kind like all the legends of great lovers in the history of humanity.

  • 30 years a Wh@re

    Damn, Jolie is People’s fascinating list for new boobs. OMG.
    Girl is good. I will give her that. Damn. Thats crazy.

  • Manis

    Happy 50th Birthday to the sexiest Man alive, my Brad.
    Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun my forever Love.
    Wishing you, your amazing Angie and your gorgeous beautiful Family all the Health, the happiness and the Love in the world.
    God Bless the JPs and all the Fans around the world.

  • happy happy

    Not so happy for Skeletina as she throws and breaks most of the chairs in her rental mansion, curses at her nannies and kids, in a rage against absent Bradley.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Happy Birthday to Angelina’s beautiful “Love……Brad.”
    He is 50 years old and still as gorgeous as ever!
    Brad, God created you so beautiful we did not think He could top his perfect male….then He created His perfect female – Angelina – and gave her to you and you to her. What a beautiful couple you are.
    God bless you both and all your beautiful children on this the happiest of birthdys for you. May all your days together be filled with bliss, laughter, love, good health, long life together with each other and prosperity. You and Angelina deserve only the best that Life has to offer.

  • yolly

    Happy birthday Brad. You are one lucky guy, having a big family and raising 6 children with your wife Angelina. God bless you all.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    A great big hello to all the wonderful JoliePitt fans on board and all around the world.

  • yolly

    My favorite movie of Brad ” Mr. & Mrs. Smith ” of course.


    Dear troll, so your proof that a 50 year old is a “manwhore” is naming only 6 women he dated pre-Angie up until the age of 41? Bahahaa. Maniston’s raggedy old almost 50 yr old cooter has got Brad beat by 100s!! Lolol
    People rag is a joke, it’s been under new management since the twins and Shiloh broke the bank. They have no access to Brangelina, which is why Huvsy has been so effective at buying their stalking coattailer Maniston covers and sidebars (Maniston queefs at dinner wth Justin and sop opera Dad! Maniston’s wedding is off/on/off/on/OFF…we swear this time!! Manistons Hair trim, just like the one she got 24 mos. ago!!! Bahaha) – it’s sour grapes. Plus they know their demo, People = over 40, overweight, divorced bitter women, or dental office patients.

  • yolly

    @Angie and Brad beautiful love: ITA with you 100%. What a nice comment. Thank you.God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • samm

    btw I think brad and angie get married in new years day no joking I checked it at……..
    but what difference does it make if they gonna be like this. But at least that will be greaaaaaaat!

  • 35 years a GayVVhore

    Damm,tamshiteTheHalfMandogsVVhore B@rking good huh ?

    Jenhor a TV hagtress ended up with Mr.Posh Gigolo….Ouch

    Jenhor’s thread with her come back Gigolo has 71 posts in 5 days(14Dec-18Dec)

    9 years with IT B@rking,had made Jenhor got Mr.Gigolo to be her man. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  • yolly

    @Passing Through: I stopped buying People Magazine not unless Brad or Angie are on the cover.

  • samm

    btw I want to say something …………….
    I am not supporting lupita girl as I should. Girl doesn’t sound humble enough for me or my perception . It seems to me Her pr acts like she is accomplished actor already. But for the first film she should be just all humbled everywhere and everything…..may be it is me… may be she did or don’t know how….. something lost for me….. .
    That said I am all for tys wins soooooo I wish one for all categories possible

  • samm

    her comes clinqua woman who can’t say one thing with out her mannnny. all three of them should ask mannny out or something observer, passing through and her so they don’t bore us here.

  • yolly

    Waving to all lovely fans of Brad and Angelina all over the world. Big shout out to Neleh,Senior,Vicki,Anoble,Lyric,Kimmy,Paiige,Sabine,Aisha,Rose,Joann,Gena,PT,Phool,DS,Dulc,Neer,Foxy,Tutuna and to all on board tonight. God bless us all. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.
    Again: Happy birthday to the most handsomest and kindest human being in HW, you and Angelina made us so proud as your fans.

  • Ⱦamsin


    Don’t worry, no one will miss a fan of Pitty, it’s not like he has a huge following beyond the ugly spinsters that have stalked him for over 20 years and AngieHo’s loons who came to discover him some 8 years ago. Audiences will attend in droves to see Tommy’s latest star vehicle though. In terms of bankability, he’s one of the most reliable leading men of the past 30 years, if not the most reliable of them all.

  • Love them

    Happy Birthday Brad. I love you.

  • Love Conquers All


    I don’t think Lupita is trying act above all, I sense from Lupita that she is humble. Since that this Lupita first major film, she is totally underwhelmed of the attention from her role in TYAS. And if you watch her interview at the The Hollywood Reporter Actresses Roundtable, you can clearly see how everyone at the table was taken by her. Lupita is very smart and wise thought her interviews. And it’s called Oscar campaigning, which Lupita and TYAS are doing.
    It’s clear that the Best Supporting Actress is between Lupita Nyong’o and Jennifer Lawrence. I believe that in past and recent BSA Oscar goes to a newcomer. I really like and admire Jennifer Lawrence but Lupita to me is gonna win that Oscar.
    Rooting for TYAS BP Oscar and a sweep.

  • NAN

    OMG ! Brad Pitt’s 50th Birthday is so wel lknown around the World.

    Today Brad Pitt be very happy with Angelina and their children.

    3 of his exs are happy with their lives .

    Juliette Lewis be with The love of her life.

    Gwyneth Paltrow be with her husband and their children.

    Jennifer Aniston is still be Off-On with her #10+ a love of her life.(05-14)

  • bizzy bee

    @Rose from the last thread.
    Glad you liked the cake lol!! I spent so much time copying and pasting it. ;)

    @omg A fellow convert from Legend of the Fall! *waves*

    I swear, this man is fine wine in human form. He only gets better with age.

    Once again, happy birthday gorgeous. I love you the most hahaha. ;)

  • yolly

    Goodnight all.

  • Prestera

    Brad, please, please, please quit smoking and drinking so you will be around to celebrate birthday 60 with your kids.

  • samm

    yep we gonna be watching tommmmmmmmmmmy then if brad said and did so……. we gonna have no choice

  • samm

    I said same thing offcourse Go Tys! I was just speaking in personal level anyways, I don’t like most of the young actress in general cause their pr is like scary… their posters so ugly…. It wasn’t only hers. she stands out for being just new.

  • roxana fan jp

    Hola buenas noches a todas las fans de jolie/pitt por fin me hice un lugarcito en mi tiempo para venir a saludar a mi amor platonico de mi adolesencia ..y desearle que tenga un muy buen dia en su cumpleños …seguramente ya cumplio la mayoria de sus deseos ..como formar una familia y ser un exitoso actor_productor asi que solo de deseo desde mi enamorado y humilde corazon que tenga un DIA MAS DE FELICIDAD CON SU HERMOSA FAMILIA.

  • Isa

    Happy birthday Brad !
    La parenthèse Enchanté

  • just a thought

    Just saying this is 39 Leo Dicaprio to all those who say Brad looks old.

  • just a thought

    New York Magazine ‏@NYMag 11h
    50 reasons to love Brad Pitt on his 50th birthday:

  • aged overnight

    A picture of brad armpit drunk and depressed, has no friends to celebrate his birthday with

  • fauxhumanitarian manipulators

    he is boring, dull, inarticulate, so empty with no personality and his career is basically comprised of those two things -looks and love life-, and it all can easily categorized by the women he dated at the time. It’s always funny to point out how he’s adopted looks, philosophic stances and behavioral traits in accordance with his partner of the moment, which is why his career be broken down into the Lewis years, Paltrow years, Aniston years, all the way to his downfall with the Ho; a true testament of what a pathetic empty vessel this little man is!

    it hilarious he pretended to be so sweet, humble and soft spoken when with aniston and a psycho when with Julia lewis and arrogant, egomaniac, narcissist junkie aged overnight with jolie

  • what happened to bradley

    wow didn’t know 50 looks rough like this, anyways he is a “wimp” and a big mouth bully who was put into his place thank God for that intelligent man

  • lost all his friends

    @fauxhumanitarian manipulators

    AGREE, he sure doesn’t have a personality of his own and has always been incredibly weak and was guided by women. He doesn’t have individual character at all, except the one feature – he always blames others for his failures and doesn’t wanna share successes. And of cause he betrays everyone who helped him. example brad grey and the man finally had some sense to fire him

  • NAN

    Wow,Brad Pitt is so very happy with his life,since he dumping The Barren Cow ,his life is Top of The World with Ms.Angelina Jolie.
    Brad Pitt never looked back.
    After he’d divorced from Ms.Barren Cow,he has built his new life with Ms.Angelina Jolie and Choosing Ms.Angelina to be the mother of his children.
    Ms.Barren Cow and her dogs are not happy that Brad Pitt’s life is Progressive 10 times than his life 10 years ago.
    Today Brad Pitt and Angelina with their children names are popular around the World.
    Poor Ms.Barren Cow huh ? that she is still On – Off with her #10+ a love of her life and No Baby,since 05 -14
    Good karma always be with good people,££$$€€ can’t buy good Karma.

  • NAN

    Good morning Rose,Phool and Jp fans around the World.
    How are you ladies ? I hope all of you are fine.

    Wow,Brad Pitt’s 50th Birthday can helping IT B@rking get their extra ££$$€€ from their Kook Kook bosses huh ?

    I see tamshitesammTheHalfMandogs working over time for his husband, a 35 year old GayVVhore from Costa Rica.

    Poor Ms.Barren Cow huh ? that she choosing to Trust her dogs Not her own mother.

    Today her life is so happy with IT B@rking Family,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • NAN

    The fate of life by God !
    Brad meet Angelina by Fate not like a Set Up blind date May 98.

    You cannot set up a man and woman to be together forever !

    When people Falling in love must be by their Hearts together not by his journal in your hands.
    You have to be a real woman Not a pretender to be someone else,that’s why after their married 2 years ,It went Wrong and Kaput.

    Your friends can set you up with a man you wanted ,but God doesn’t agree with you and your friends !!!!!!!

    You must thinking thoughts again,before it be too late for your life.
    No one can win The Fate of Life !!!
    You and your friends are fight with The Fate of Life since 98-14,yeah’ you are still be A Loser of the World.

    You have to be yourself

  • Craziness

    @Angie and Brad beautiful love:

    You must be writing from a psycho ward. Unfortunately, with your case, medications won’t cure your delusions.

  • NAN

    Craziness’s dogs still B@rking for a TV Barren hagtress…Ouch…Ouch
    ££$$€€ can buy dogs,but cannot buy a Real Love,ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • nok thailand

    Happy 50th B-day Brad Pitt! :)

  • NAN

    Next year on 7 Jan 2014,a TV Barren hagtress will tell Oprah .
    “My 9 years with 10+ men after divorced ” (01/07/2005 – 01/07/2014)

    A tv shittecom Barren hagtress is very happy with her life to be a single gal,last time she’d won A Dirt Bag Award.

    Next Award is………. A D!ckyy Bag Award !!!

    A tv shittecom hagtress is very excited to have this Award.

    No one cannot beats her ” 9 years with 10+ lovers ”

    Angelina,Gwyneth,Juliette cannot win this Award from a TV hagtress.

    A TV Barren hagtress told us that now her life is Happy with her #10+ a love of her life, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

  • 9 years & counting

    @lost all his friends: Let me refresh your mind when you say Brad is weak and guided by women, BRAD HAD the COURAGE to leave aniston because he realized that his life was going down the drain with that hair obsessive ,manipulative, vindictive, talentless, town pump idol of yours.

  • 9 years & counting

    @lost all his friends: Brad is smart and brave to get out of that relationship with your idol while he can, just like rest of her ex-boyfriends. 9 years and 10 boyfriends counting, going to be 11?

  • evil tickytickyticky

    don’t you just HATE Ticky?


    Jennifer Aniston is not evil. she is a pathetic needy person. However her fans who can’t get over the fact the Brad wanted to divorce. Jennifer Aniston’s fans are evil and some have major mental illness. They write the most stupid to the most ugly things about Brad, Angelina and their kids.
    It will soon be 2014. Brad left Aniston officially in 2005. Get over it and stop whining.


    Don’t respond to ugly hateful spiteful low-life garbage CYBERBULLIES. Take the high road, You are better than that…pick another name then let ‘em have

  • nei


    I remember one of these trolls slipping up one time, revealing ITS motive for ITS online behaviour by outrageously suggesting Shilo should have been Brad and Jen’s child. I swear I could see the person’s tears through my monitor. Most of these sad women have locked themselves into proxy agents for Jen in the the role of “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” for so long now it is now just part of their personalities. I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a few of them who, given the chance, would have kidnapped Shilo and then try to offer her to Jen as “the rightful parent”, done, no doubt with bowed head and on bended knees.