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Brad Pitt Joining Tom Cruise in 'Go Like Hell' Racing Movie?

Brad Pitt Joining Tom Cruise in 'Go Like Hell' Racing Movie?

Brad Pitt is reportedly being courted to join Tom Cruise in the upcoming racing movie Go Like Hell, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The newly 50-year-old actor was originally attached to the project back in 2009 when Michael Mann was directing the project, but now it is in the hands of Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski.

Brad has remained interested in the project and has had talks with the new team about the film. This would be his first film with Tom since they starred alongside each other in 1994′s Interview with a Vampire.

Go Like Hell follows the “true story of the competition between the Ford Motor Company and Italian sports car designer Enzo Ferrari, which culminated at the 1966 Le Mans race.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise re-teaming for Go Like Hell?

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  • Bree

    That’s an interesting storyline! Hope it materializes ,

  • shaniqua bettlez

    in 2013 steve carell looks hotter than brad or tom! who knew?

  • bri

    Two terrific and amazing looking actors, each bringing his own expertise and talent to the screen , along with an exciting New director, and with a Title like “Go Like Hell”, how could I refuse? MAKE it happen guys!


    the director Joseph Kosinski is a problem, not one good movie. I’m sure Tom and Brad will be fine

  • Love Brad

    Brad Pitt = Legend!

  • jackie

    yes, make it happen! this would be almost as good as a newman/redford movie.
    And put to rest the rumors that these two don’t get along. They are friends.

  • Tweet

    Fury Director David Ayer retweeted this tweet

    Sony Pictures UK ‏@SonyPicturesUK 10h

    Happy Birthday Mr. Pitt! RT “@DavidAyerMovies Day 56”

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Not a fan of Tom but I do love them in IWTV do maybe this will be good too.

  • just Saying

    I hope Brad don’t take it. i haven’t watched Tom’s movie since Interview with a Vampire.


    @just Saying: you missed out on some great movies

  • DULC€

    Brad would be an Idiot if he join this movie with Scientology Freak and Cult Recruiter Tom Cruise!! I guess that Brad doesn’t remember what almost happen to him, the last time he worked with Tom!! But hey, we are talking of a guy (Brad) who forgets people faces!! What a shame!!

  • plz

    Brad is courted to many movies, he also turns down a lot. They need wait to report it if Brad does accept the role. Very likely he will turn down it too.

  • sasha

    Well about time. These two Hot guys will be just fine and the story line is really good.
    Am a fan of both so haters please move on.

  • Beaumont

    Please, someone, tell me what is going on with Brad
    and Leonardo diCaprio’s face !
    What is happening ?

  • Ⱦamsin

    HAHAHAAHA!!! We know that Tommy will be calling the shots in this project, he’s the moneymaker with the international fanbase after all. Once again, boytoy Pitty playing Tommy’s l’il bitttch, just like in 1994. History repeating, and the jokes write themselves!

    Kudos to Pitty for once again managing to attach himself to a real A-lister’s star vehicle somehow. :)


    @DULC€: what is wrong with you?

  • “Go Like Hell”

    Two washed up has-beens meet at the Prune Juice Festival and try to outchug each other….watch them slip and slide in their splatter…fun for the whole family.

  • hehehe

    When Brad was in ITWV, he was a newcomer, Tom was a mega star. Now Brad is a bigger star than Tom. Even since Brad became famous, no one paid attention to Tom. hehehe

  • Verity

    Please, please, please let this happen!

  • Ⱦamsin


    Never in a million years. Have you checked their box office histories? Let the facts speak for themselves.

    Bless your heart name-changing loontard! :)

  • just Saying

    I don’t care any tom’s movies, can’t stand the freak.

  • Lily

    I only watch the movie if Brad is in it. Otherwise, no.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Here comes Tampon doing it’s favorite thing. Spin, lie and repeat.


  • samm

    haha I don’t know what to make of this….
    I will say ok we will see for now.

  • samm

    at old thread observer2 dude just u r like a baby toddler …..

  • plz

    Tom Cruise is so yesterday, his crazy Scientology rant and ignorance don’t help either. He is trying to use Brad save his failing popularity. I really hope Brad don’t do it.

  • samm

    haha I don’t what to make of this but .
    okay??? for now
    brad is brad if he only get rid of observer giant toddler poster lol
    here he will come…..

  • DULC€

    What is wrong with me?? Hopefully nothing!!
    I have no problem with Brad, BUT Tom in the other hand… He is a FREAK!! a Dangerous one!!

  • Ⱦamsin


    It’s actually the other way around. Pitty was dumped by Paramount just last week. Tommy has had FOUR movies that have grossed over $200M at the worldwide box office over the past three years (including a monster hit with MI4), and only one flop.

    Rock of Ages has been his only flop in well… ages -no pun intended.

  • Venassa

    Tiny Tom should go away and retire already.

  • Ⱦamsin

    The difference between Tommy and Pitty:

    Tommy: Fame comes from sizeable, verifiable track record of huge box office hits. Known as leading man with a range. A-lister by bankability. Dropped by Paramount but rehired due to this same reason.

    Pitty: Fame comes from high profile relationships and public perception, with no real solid box office record. Never had a certifiable hit movie on his own and has always shared top billing in successful high profile projects. A-lister by name recognition. Dropped by Paramount with no chances of rehiring.

    Numbers don’t lie. Google and Box Office Mojo are your friends.

  • Zenith

    Brad, please don’t force us to see Tommy girl’s movie, but i will only see it for you.

  • Dawne

    Okay, fans I have a good one………..just got home from my hair appt. I walk in the joint is packed with a “omg, gotta get my hair done before Xmas.” …….so they take my coat and I sit down in the waiting room area and while they are asking me what I wanted to drink…..I looked down and literally went silent……….there, on the coffee table is a big photo of Ticky in a Living Proof promo………with a stack of additional post card sized handouts. I turned them over as they were literally in my face………..

    Anyhoo, I’m getting my hair washed and at the end I said, “No conditioner……don’t feel like washing it tmo…….and the gal says…..”Oh, it’s okay, this is an amazing shampoo and conditioner….I said, “Oh, what is it?” She says, “Oh, it’s LIving Proof.”

    I literally shreaked and said, “NO, you didn’t use that in my hair, did you?” “Oh, yes, I did……..why are you upset?”

    I said that is promoted by Aniston and I can’t stand her .. don’t want her crap in my hair.

    So with everyone around listening I said I am Team Jolie and damn proud of it. Converted a few before I left…….biitch can’t act but she has invaded our hair salons in lieu of making reel money

  • well

    ITWV was supposedly TC’s film, however, BP stole the whole film. When the film was out, Brad was the star. The crowd was screaming Brad’s name at the premiere, they totally forgot TC.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Good for you Dawn. I probably do the same. I’ll make sure I ask what they use before I get my hair wash. I am shock they use Living Proof at this hair salon. I thought that’s over the counter product, not professional salon.

  • “everyone around listening”

    …thinking they are sitting next to an escaped mental patient

  • Observer2

    Who was attached to the project first?

    That would be Brad. Not Cruise. Back in 2009.

    Looks like he might be interested again due to the rewrites. And is this with 20th Century Fox? You mean, the studio that has a deal with New Regency, that is partnering up with Plan B?

    I guess that whole WWZ sequel that is showing forward movement with Paramount and Brad is all in the press’ heads. Especially, since the director was on a short list and after meeting with Brad, got the job because Brad has director approval. But, that must mean that Plan B is bank rolling the sequel, just like they did WWZ. LMAO!

    Yeah, people certainly talk about Tom the way that they do Brad. Oh, wait, they don’t.

    This time, Tom isn’t the bigger movie star. Just ask studios and producers. You want to get your movie green lit, get Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt isn’t Tom Cruise in Spanish. LOL.

  • Ⱦamsin

    #33 Dawmbitch @ 12/18/2013 at 9:18 pm

    Wow, just wow. Leave it to Dawmbitch- one of the stupidest resident mad cows of this site to try to derail the thread with some “ticky talk”… Goodness gracious, how does one can be this relentlessly stupid to not being able to move on -despite many pleas from their idols themselves- and remain unable to separate them from someone in their past, continuing to bring this person up in every single comment and thread that they make?

    Poor Brangie… not only do their rabid fanbase of mad cows continue to ruin their image for the public in general, but nothing they ever do is good enough for these so called “fans”. Everything they do must be held up in comparison against everything the ex wife does. If given the opportunity to meet them in person, is that the topic that a loon would bring up? Ooh I’d love to see that! :)

    One thing is clear. Jen owns ALL loons, all of them. Without her, they wouldn’t exist. :)

  • Ⱦamsin


    Don’t worry child, no one will miss a fan of Pitty, it’s not like he has a huge following anyway, beyond the ugly spinsters that have stalked him for over 20 years and AngieHo’s loons who came to discover him some 8 years ago.

    Audiences will attend in droves to see Tommy’s latest star vehicle though. In terms of bankability, he’s one of the most reliable leading men of the past 30 years, if not the most reliable of them all.

  • Lol

    tabloid-addled psycho Tampon is ranting about Brad again. Lol

  • 30 years a Wh@re

    Damn, Jolie’s on the fascinating list for new boobs. OMG.

    Girl is good. I will give her that. Damn. That’s crazy.

  • Dawne

    Santa Claus is bigger than Brad Pitt.. he rocks Xmas……..aye, HO-troll…..they are going to jointly star in a film and we know they will come on droves to see Santa……..Pee Wee Herman and Brad are going to co-star in a film and the troll would be ranting on its chronic delusion that Pee Wee would bring in his fans in droves……….if you were any more simplistically stoooopid…….you’d have to be spoon fed.

  • Observer2

    Good thing Cruise has the tabloid-addled psycho to do his bidding for him. I’m sure he’d appreciate a 35 year old, gay male from Costa Rica doing it for him. We know how Scientology loves gay people.

    Maybe, Cruise will officiate his wedding now that gay marriage is legal in Costa Rica.

  • Ⱦamsin

    Awww stalking troll has just surfaced under the lol-loon moniker to comment on my comments. That’s cute. I’m elated by the attention. Who’s next? She was here as Annie, then lol, that means either lurking-loon or the standard Aniston-mocking alias will follow suit. Desperation move is always stealing my moniker, so that’s her last resort, not before posting some made up story about me being from some random cultural or social group.

    Homegirl can’t say I don’t have her figured out, and I swear she fancies herself a Pokemon with all the name changes she does. Have I seen her ultimate form yet? Who knows. LOLOLOL.

  • Lol

    Tampon seems get really hot for Tommy Girl. 35 years old Costa Rica gay is probably one of Scientology freaks.

  • bizzy bee

    Not sure what thread we’re on, so I’m posting this here too:

    @Rose from the last thread.
    Glad you liked the cake lol!! I spent so much time copying and pasting it. ;)

    @omg A fellow convert from Legend of the Fall! *waves*

    I swear, this man is fine wine in human form. He only gets better with age.

    Once again, happy birthday gorgeous. I love you the most hahaha. ;)

  • Observer2

    I don’t understand why Obi Wan K-Nowsnothing is so butt hurt all of the time. It’s not like he’s getting any. LOL.

    That’s the 35 year old, gay male’s problem.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Does that surprise you. Let me put it this way. Tampon is more addicted to Brad than narcotic drugs. Brad is the air Tampon breaths. Without Brad, shehe will die.

  • MIMI

    @bizzy bee:
    Brad Pitt 50 shades of hotness. Happy Birthday

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    That’s a good one. They are perfect together.