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Nicole Kidman: Australia Arrival with Faith & Sunday!

Nicole Kidman: Australia Arrival with Faith & Sunday!

Nicole Kidman exits the airport with her girls Faith, 2, and Sunday, 5, on Wednesday (December 18) in Sydney, Australia.

The 46-year-old actress looks to be getting an early start on her Christmas holiday while her hubby Keith Urban works on the upcoming season of American Idol.

Keith recently talked about how he had Nicole‘s hairdresser cut off his hair recently.

“I said to Nic, ‘I just want to get it all cut off,’” Keith told CMT. “And she was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s just hair, you know. If you don’t like it, it will grow back. It’s no big drama.’ So she was shooting a campaign here in Nashville, and her hairdresser was in town. I went to visit her on the set, and she was like, ‘Why don’t you get him to do it?’ And I went, ‘OK,’ and I just walked in, he cut it off, and it was done.”

30+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman at the airport with her girls…

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nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 01
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 02
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 03
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 04
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 05
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 06
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 07
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 08
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 09
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 10
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 11
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 12
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 13
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 14
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 15
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 16
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 17
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 18
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 19
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 20
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 21
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 22
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 23
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 24
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 25
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 26
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 27
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 28
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 29
nicole kidman australia arrival with faith sunday 30

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  • Ellie

    So cute! Love this family! Happy 50th to Nicole’s parents who are celebrating their anniversary! Can’t wait to see Keith join them.

  • ushu2

    Faith is looking more like Nicole and Sunday looking more like Keith. Lovely family.

  • tomas

    Sunday is so homely.

  • Ben Rayburn

    I wish I was in Australia so maybe I could see what December is like without my seasonal affective disorder. Girls are a pair of cuties :)

  • AmyL

    The girls are such cuties. Faith got Nicole’s curly hair. Beautiful family. They just need Keith to hurry over there.

  • curious

    how neither of the girls have inherited the red hair gene from mom(?)

  • Oscar

    Tomas you are nasty and evil, Sunday is an adorable little girl.

  • JT

    What does it say about someone who just before Christmas under fake names hates on little girls?

    Keith Urban found happiness with Nicole, not you. Move on.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @JT. Well put JT. The person that makes all of these ugly remarks in known as THE. CRAZY ONE, it’s pretty bad when you start making nasty remarks about innocent children. Keith and Nicole are happy with their beautiful daughters, get used to it.

  • AmyL

    Faith’s hair is still Red. Both girls were born with Red hair. Sunday’s hair color has gone from Red to blonde to brownish Red.

  • lol

    @tomas: sunday is cute, she looks like keith while faith looks like nicole. nothing wrong with that, you’re disgusting.

  • Cari

    Both of these girls are cute and are probably going to be stunning when they get older. Beautiful eyes. Gorgeous coloring and hair. Cheekbones to die for. Both will probably be tall and willowy.

  • curious

    Considering Nicole’s cheekbones are full of filler, I doubt the girls will be inheriting “cheekbones to die for” from mom(?)

  • Adrianna

    curious – Get a life.

  • curious

    Just keeping it real

  • muhn

    Those bubs are adorable. The sicko bashing children and their mother is a black hole of jealousy.

  • Wurry

    I dont know who is who, but I cannot believe how much the littlest one looks like Nicole!!
    Nicole gets lip fillers (like Sandra Bullock, Jessica Chastain, Racheal Weitz and the rest of them) and has her lines around her mouth softened, but I honestly see no signs of cheek bone fillers.

  • Daphonious

    @curious: um, why is it that someone who makes a negative comment needs to “get a life” Ever heard of the First Amendment. This is a celebrity site, not your own personal site.

    May I suggest that anyone who gets so defensive about a negative comment about a celebrity may want to rethink their own priorities in life.

  • Daphonious


    Good for you.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ Curious, I mean The Crazy One. When did a beautiful child (Sunday Rose Urban) become a celebrity?

  • http://Bigpond I’manurbangirl2

    Great to have the Urban clan home for Christmas … Hoping to see Keith promote his album and 2014 tour of Australia – perhaps a single release … Not sure about the New Idea front cover reports – the media are as vulgar and impersonal as the Nicole Kidman negators on hear – GET A LIFE !!! Like my husband and I, Keith and Nicole will only have 6 months after Xmas Day until their wedding anniversary …

  • the other kids

    Where are Isabella and Connor? Are they not going to attend their grandparents’ 50th anniversary? Is there anyone in the media who has the balls enough to ask her to her face where are the other two kids?

  • Ungrateful people

    @the other kids: People calling Nicole a bad mother because her GROWN kids don’t want to spend time with her?! Why don’t you ask Connor and Isabella why they are so ungrateful with the woman that saved their lives???! They are enjoying a life full of luxury and abundance, but they haven’t realized what their lives would be without Nicole taking them out of the orphanage. They are the ones that are selfish and ungrateful.

  • Chels

    @Daphonious: Oh good Sue the freedom fighter is back. The Bill of Rights was created so that pathological liars like herself can say whatever they want on the internet, right? This is why skeptics have earned the reputation of being supreme dumba$$es.

  • kary

    This little girls are to die for… omg Faith is like a mini nic and Sunday looks like Keith… I love this family… I’m sure they will be stunning when they grown up.

    It’s funny that someone ask for Bella and Connor… you can see many interviews from Nicole answering that question. They are adults now, Bella is living in London by herself because that is her choise and Connor is living with Tom… get over it.

    They are Scientologists they can’t be with Nicole because their crazy religion. Many ex Scientologists have talked about this situation before, how Tom washed their brains saying that Nicole was a suppressive person or something like that. I just don’t understand how people come into this site just to make fun of innocents children. .

  • the other kids

    They can’t be with Kidman because she is a suppressive person, so why were they at their suppressive mom’s wedding and on the set of her movie in Oz?

  • Chels

    Do you really want to be reminded of how long ago the wedding was and how much of your life you’ve wasted scheming and lying over a celebrity obsession?

    The reason Nicole was slowly disconnected.from her older childten is because she is famous. It’s a guarantee if she were not she would have been completely cut off at the divorce and Scientology wouldn’t have had to create a fantasy that Cruise’s situation was normal. Bella was supposed to go to art school like thousands of other high school graduates. Instead she had to intern at her stepmom’s company. Because her stepmom was a Scientologist.

    The older children are grown. No need for you and the other dumba$$ skeptics to pretend they care about their well-being. You abandoned your own kids, family, and friends for lying on a computer. You’re the last authority on good parenting.

  • Lia

    I think we now know the answer to why Nicole doesn’t use the girls much anymore for her rampant PR. They really are very homely looking.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Dear Sue Raddatz, How are your son Jake’s testicles? Just asking as a follow up because it’s my right to free speech.

  • the other kids

    @Chels: Katie Holmes is famous. Any other lousy excuses you want to make up for Kidman’s failure to be their mom?

  • Skeptics are stupid

    You’re a lousy liar. Suri wasn’t yet of age to be indoctrinated. How are the kids and marriages the skeptics abandoned…Sue, Michele, Stephanie, Lynn should tell us. Are the kids proud their moms are liars? What about Gret who actually has a special needs child and tried to use them to get closer to Keith? Skeptics are so classy.

  • Not buying it

    PR junkie Nicole has alerted the paps to her arrival in OZ but where is Keith?

  • AmyL

    Why don’t you ask why Katie Holmes hasn’t been photographed with Bella and Connor since the break up and divorce? They called Katie mom remember? Now Bella and Connor don’t even speak to Katie because she is no longer a cult member. If Tom had gotten shared custody of Suri, Katie wouldn’t be seen with her as much either. Just ask Leah Remini about how she’s been treated since she left the cult. Leah’s god children no longer speak to her.

  • kary

    @Not buying it: OMG Keith is on American Idol shooting… he will be joining her later… Didn’t you see the pics on instagram and facebook he posted today?

  • duh

    Keith is in LA doing Idol, but The Crazy One already knew that.

    Once Katie filed for divorce Bella was done at Holmes and Yang. Connor tweeted after the filing that “friends come and go but family is forever”. So the woman that the skeptics wanted to paint as a “real mom” was just a friend to them when things went south. Nicole is also out of the picture because she’s not a Scientologist. That’s the reality skeptics can’t accept.

  • Oh dear

    In reality, Nicole is so busy selfishly working and trying to keep her derelict career going, she doesn’t have time for her ‘old’ children or her ‘new’ children. She’s obviously hoping the new “dull as dishwater” movie with Colin Firth will turn it around for her. bahahahaha

  • duh

    That’s the Crazy One, posting anything she thinks will stick and when it doesn’t trying another failed tact over and over and over. Bahahahaha!

  • Drats


    Huh? What the heck are you talking about ? And who the hell is “Sue?”

    You are no Columbo, my friend.

  • Not Fair

    @the other kids: Stop having a go at Nicole about what is happening with the oldest two (adults) that she still cares for, but has little to do with, thanks to that moronic so-called ‘religion’ but I call ‘cult’ Scientology. It played a heavy part in Tom Cruise’s decision making at the time to get rid of Nicole from his life and that of ‘his’ children in order to appease fellow scientologist leaders that were concerned that Nicole’s influence to bring the children up as Catholics would undermine their ability to make money off of them in the future. She moved on, and she’s happy with her new little family. Good on her!

  • Not Fair

    @the other kids: I think only Connor was on the set of ‘Australia’ working with the horses etc. She never turns them down, but it is rare for them to want to spend time with her. I’d say he went there because he wanted an Australian adventure, more than seeing Nicole. As for the wedding, of course she was going to invite her daughter Bella to be in the wedding. Tom probably had some influence in getting Bella to be there, as he had influence in getting both his kids to stay away from her in the beginning, didn’t he! It’s all about the ‘public look’ and Tom would have wanted the public to believe he hasn’t played a part in keeping the children out of Nic’s life. Of course, Bella and Connor never call her ‘mum’. That was reserved for Katy.

  • Not Fair

    @the other kids: Why don’t you go and lash out at Tom Cruise for being a BAD parent, instead of your ridiculous character assassination of Nicole as a parent. She clearly is a wonderful mum, but what can you do when your partner (Tom) is piss weak and stands by a queer sect. She couldn’t fight off them, and she had not only Tom but his sister and mother fighting for scientology over catholicism, so she kept the door open and has stayed on friendly terms with the kids, but sees them rarely. It is probably best for her youngest if they have little to do with their older brother and sister anyway, considering the way Bella and Connor have been raised by Tom and scientologists.

  • the other kids

    @AmyL: Why would Isabella and Connor speak to Katie? Tom only speaks to Katie through his people. If he doesn’t, his kids certainly aren’t going to because this was a bitter divorce.

  • the other kids

    @Not Fair: Look who is the liar now.

    Of course Tom would have influence on their children traveling to another country without a parent traveling with them. Kidman was too busy preparing for a wedding to take them with her.

  • the other kids

    @Not Fair: What great parent wants to see their children on a rare occasion?

  • ..

    Remember the publicist story of Nicole storming in saying “we adopted these kids (Isabella and Conor) like you said and now I’m expected to f–king look after them”. Don’t forget the Nanny Book to the Stars, where the writer quoted a nanny of the Cruise kids, who said she NEVER saw Nic spend any time with them!

  • Oh dear

    Unfortunately for Nicole and her non-existent PR relationship with Conor and Bella, children rarely forgive and never forget.

  • sophia

    holmes didn’t seem to have a problem getting her daughter out of scientology. what then was kidmans?

  • Carolyn

    Adorable little girls. The Urbans are truly blessed.

  • bahaha

    @Drats: Your age is showing Sue. When trapped the only thing you can do is play dumb.

  • Sk33

    Does it matter what the girls currently look like. Nicole and Keith’s faces look nothing like their original selves so it is to be expected the girls will be tweaked around 16.