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Dylan Penn on Robert Pattinson Rumors: It's All BS!

Dylan Penn on Robert Pattinson Rumors: It's All BS!

Dylan Penn shows off her assets in this brand new feature from GQ magazine’s latest issue.

Here’s what the 22-year-old model, and daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright, had to share with the mag:

On the rumors that she’s dating Robert Pattinson: “We’re talking about Rob here? That’s been very foreign to me. But actually kind of funny, because it’s all bullsh*t.”

On an early memory of her parents: “It was the first night I was left home aloneā€”my brother wasn’t there and both my parents were going out, and I was really freaked out. And I was pretty young, like 10, 11. My mom tucked me in her bed and put on Annie Hall and said, ‘Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.’ ”

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Credit: Alexi Lubomirski/GQ
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  • lauren

    hmm ok dylan.

  • Julia

    Whether they are dating or not, she could have been a little more classier when answering about Rob. After all, the only reason why she’s on GQ is because of Rob. Nobody even knew about her before.

  • go go

    Nice parents……

  • sweetness

    I agree. she would never have gotten that cover if there wasn’t a connection to him. Not disputing her claim at that it’s not true but let’s get real how did she randomly get chosen as the person he could be dating?

  • ???

    I find it very disturbing that the only way to sell a magazine is by posing like that.

  • pup

    I’m calling “BS” on her reply. She wouldn’t have addressed the guy as “Rob” if she wasn’t in some way associated with him.

  • ForMe

    @sweetness: First of all Dylan isn’t even on the cover of GQ. If you weren’t so quick to dump on her and talk trash you would know that Bradley Cooper is on the cover and this is about one page in the magazine. You Twihards are vicious bunch. You’re never going to get Rob. Why do you care who he dates?

  • snapcracklepop

    You’re right- they ARE actually friends through a larger pack of LA people that all hang out together.
    So, they are friends but, never dated. She has had a boyfriend this whole time. Gossip mags were just hungry for a story that would generate a lot of clicks. It was in Dylan’s best interest just to let people talk about her since it was all pretty positive.


    What’s assets Jared? WTF

  • Stella

    She’s hot.

  • dnin

    Man Rob cannot get a break he can like the same type of women I was hoping for this one to be true but apparently it’s not

  • Dee

    Either she really is telling the truth or she fvxxcked him (atleast once) but doesnt wanna anger the twilight fandom, (because it was PEOPLE magazine who reported that they were seeing eachother, and more often then not, they dont post bullshit) either way getting a spread/page on GQ definitely merits a thank you letter sent to RP. ‘Cause I sure as hell didnt know she existed until those rumours started….

  • ashley

    She is sexxxyy!

  • wish

    Wish Rob was dating her!!!

  • Me1

    I’d say they hooked up, it was casual not some epic romance. She’s hardly going to say, ‘yeah we slept together, but we’re not dating’. Any how Rob’s single and I hope he’s having fun! Dylan should be grateful, this would not be making headlines if it weren’t for her connection to Rob, true or not.

  • niagirl

    Did she say this in America or London?


    @pup: Well it is his name LOL, you wanted her to say “Robert!” give it up…I am sure someone new will enter the scene soon

  • niagirl

    Wait she did an ad for Gap. Lol, if that is all you got out of him was a Gap ad I would disown him also. Ask Kim K how to be a real trick.

  • Itcouldhavedonebetter

    That’s too late in a game to come out and admit she is no GF of Rob.
    She’s waiting endlessly for Rob to date her, but the phone didn’t chime at her end. She should have come out when the rumours started, not using Rob’s name to her advantage, unless that’s the advice from the parents to do so. Rob and Kristen must be laughing how she wants to claim popularity. The karma now biting her. She got Gap Outlet, and K got Chanel, what’s a different.

  • haha

    the should have photoshopped her boobs and made them look less saggy.

  • Looselipz

    She’s not that pretty at all…and the pose is obnoxious and not doing her any justice. How she got such large boobs I don’t know. Her mom is flat as a board. Both her parents are full of themselves. Big ego’s.

  • Amber

    She is one hot looking babe!So much jealousy over her boobs, poor Krisbians

  • Sexy Dylan

    She is sexy girl! I was hoping she was the one Rob moved on with.Pity! She is hot though

  • Ana

    poor Rob.
    next candidate kicked him to the curb.
    all women of the world sympathized on him again.
    great job, Nick Frankel!

  • Meg

    I find it funny how so many people say “Kristen lied about dating Rob, so Dylan is too”. Rob and “Dylan fans” are always saying “don’t compare the two because Dylan is nothing like Kristen” and yet you’re the first ones to jump to the defense of ‘she’s just lying and being like Kristen because she’s totally dating him’. Kristen didn’t outright deny it, she evaded the truth and she did it because of being under contract because she WORKED with him too and the press was already so far up in her business and she wanted to keep her private life private. Dylan is doing an editorial for GQ to open up about her private life. She didn’t even play coy, she straight up say “we’re talking about Rob right?” She brought it up to get that quote print. I doubt Dylan and Kristen sit down and discuss their interview tactics together. Face the truth: she hooked up with them and People reported “confirmed dating” to make both parties not look like they had a one night stand which was probably all it was…(maybe a two or three night stand), they travel in the same Hollywood friend circles, and her getting media exposure got her these new editorials and campaign. Celeb kids are always trying to find ways to get in the public eye without using their parents, and this is just another situation. She’s not his girlfriend. I love how they were also “spotted together” in London this week ….while she was having her GAP outlet photoshoot in LA at the same time. Yawn. Anything to get her name in the press…

  • Oh…

    If you really want to compare Dylan and Kristen…Kristen got the cover of W and Dylan got a editorial……..Kristen got the cover of British GQ and was in US GQ and Dylan got an editorial…… Kristen got a Chanel, and Balenciaga campaign after she got GAP’s campaign YEARS AGO…Dylan got GAP “Outlet”….Kristen got it all based off her own career and Dylan got it based off her parents last name and her occasional bed partner. I mean, really, Dylan has it all.

  • Nikki

    Haha, I knew it.

  • Sexy Dylan

    @Meg: Yes we know very little about Dylan but we do know that Kristen is a cheater.
    So yes Dylan and Kristen are different.
    And her gap outlet shoot happened after the London sighting.

  • Anne

    I was so hoping that this was true that Rob was dating Dylan.But NO ,sad

  • Lisa Bob


    WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? you DO know her mom is a famous movie star. Heard or Forest Gump? Princess Bride? Nominated for Oscars and Emmys. And her Dad has been a STAR for DECADES and has won TWO Academy AWARDS right. Who the $@$^* is Rob P to get her anything. If anything she got her cover because of her parents not some mediocre one-trick pony actor.

  • @Lisa Bob

    What are you smoking? Dylan has been with her parents her whole life and nothing. Her name is mentioned as Robs girlfriend, and all of a sudden everyone knows who she is. That’s who the $@$^* Robert Pattinson is.

  • seinna

    She is Hot! just check out the video of the GQ shoot!
    She is hot!!

  • Kelli

    @Sexy Dylan: As someone who can’t stand Kristen, I would love nothing more to believe that sighting buuuut actually you’re wrong. Dylan has been working all week and not just on GAP ads. People in the industry have been reporting working with her and it was on days that overlapped with their UK “sighting”. The pictures from GAP started to come out a day after she was already done but she’s been working on more than just GAP. Chances are that “sighting” was just Rob, Sienna, Tom or maybe even his blonde sisters and that fan wanted to stir the pot on Twitter by saying it was Dylan and it worked. Considering her friends posted Instagram pics of her the day she was “spotted” and the day after and then she had “model work” for GAP a day or so later, I doubt she had time to fly to and from London just to hold hands in front of a fan with Rob. I mean, nice try though. He’s taking a break from the LA media rush so just let him enjoy time with friends and family..geez.

  • Meg

    @Sexy Dylan: We don’t know very little… we know that she has super famous parents and that she wants “extra” money so if the check is high enough she goes topless. We also know she hooked up with Rob, the media went nuts, she got some deals out of it based off Rob but under the disguise that it’s just Penn’s offspring ‘breaking out’…funny how they’re not putting more on Hopper too since he’s a filmmaker now. Nope, just Dylan..wonder why. We don’t need to know anymore about her…she’s not relevant. Kristen is a actor and she’s an actor not because her parents who work in the industry had the “name” to get her a career. Yeah, we know Kristen is a cheater and although I’m glad her and Rob broke up that doesn’t I hate her, she didn’t cheat on me. So the same ol same ol of her romp with Rupert is a played out song. I love how everyone wants to make it look like Dylan is such a nice perfect girl and squeaky clean..and Rob needed that…uhhh she has random Hollywood hookups, she poses constantly half naked, she has such a foul mouth in interviews just like Kristen, and she’s a party girl. Just because she hasn’t met Rupert yet doesn’t mean she’s an angel. She’s new to the industry and I already don’t like her. Her pretty face and bra size doesn’t make her perfect although many Rob fans who spend their day hating Kristen like to think it does. Considering she’s just a member of Rob’s long list of Hollywood acquaintances…can we drop her name from association now?

  • Meh

    This girl, this interview, these comments…it’s all so meh. I’d rather read about Rob then about someone talking about Rob but whatever.

  • terry

    LOL she’s way too sexy for Rob. No real woman is interested in that fugly unsexy Brit.

  • Elle

    She is definitely doing Rob… Obvious.