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Miranda Kerr: Orlando Bloom & I Still Love Each Other Deeply

Miranda Kerr: Orlando Bloom & I Still Love Each Other Deeply

Miranda Kerr enjoys the warmer than normal weather by going without a jacket on Thursday afternoon (December 19) in New York City.

The 30-year-old model recently talked to The Mirror about her divorce from husband Orlando Bloom.

“We still love and care for each other deeply,” Miranda said. “I didn’t go home to Australia recently because Orlando was working six days a week in Romeo and Juliet on Broadway and it’s not fair to take Flynn and go without him. We’re trying to do our best to support each other.”

“It’s difficult for anyone to go through a separation, whether it’s on a public scale or not,” Miranda added. “It was important for us to preserve our friendship and the dynamic of being loving parents to Flynn so we dealt with everything honestly.”

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  • assman

    Damn Sexy

  • Grace

    yes, you love Orlando so much, you felt the need to SLEEP with Leonardo Dicaprio and JUSTIN BIEBER (i think i just threw up in my mouth) all within the same week. So classy. B*llsh*t someone else hack.

  • Jessica

    @Grace YOU are the classy one. Maybe you should get proper evidence before you post hate on the internet

  • @2

    Are you really stupid enough to believe everything that you read on trashy gossip sites? I guess so.

  • Nikki

    I don’t get it. If they still love each other deeply and have a son together they should make it work. But I’m guessing she cheated. She’s dating some billionaire guy now and has been for weeks.

  • Jasmine

    that was a rumor nothing more and it was denied!

  • Anon

    Miranda looks beautiful. It’s great that Miranda and Orlando are amicable and still get along for Flynn.

  • Treasure Yourself


  • liz

    jealous of her body tbh! is it me or does EVERYTHING look good on this girl?! she could wear a trash bag and still look hot.

  • Lucy80

    Et voilà! MK almost nude in the winter!….. She goes out her house wearing leather and almost nothing in the morning??? This is a bad, bad, style for me…. She seems a prostitute……

  • pika

    shes cute but an overrated model that talks a little too much considering shes a product and nothing more.

  • Martin

    She’s lovely. I love her very much. Just be happy.

  • Josephine

    I’m not from USA and I’m curious – how warm exactly is the weather in NYC? She is dressed for a warm spring not winter and according to the website I checked, it was only 46°F yesterday. Way to cold to wear a sheer top.

  • Jennifer

    Damn sexy woman, I gotta say. Btw, is she pregnant, cos she’s looking puffy in the face.

  • @haters…

    Oh please it’s obvious she’s simply walked a few meters from her car & driver into her apartment building.

    That’s why we always get so many pics of her & other celebs entering & leaving their buildings in NY.

    It’s so PETTY that you “haters” will use ANY excuse to try & find fault with her.

    We’ve seen plenty pics of her her all rugged up when she’s been out running errands.

    Miranda looks gorgeous, loving the whole outfit & that’s what bothers you
    “haters” so much…..jealousy & sour grapes…lol.

  • Esther

    Her body is getting like that other former australian model Gemma Ward, the gf of the dead Heath Ledger (R.I.P)

  • cc

    @Jennifer: Her face is fat. Get over it.

  • Rocky



  • Rocky


    ‘Get along with Flynn’? That’s there son, not a friend.

  • Häsi


    This is also a trashy gossip side :)

  • Elena

    Today on Keping Up With The Kerrdashians: With the paparazzi still on speed dial and the promise of her cut of the take of the pics warming her heart and her pocketbook, Miranda Kerrdashian alerts them that she will be taking a brief walk dressed as a hooker on an afternoon that was, let’s face it, not warm enough to be out and about with half your sweater missing. Of course, Miranda would walk around naked if she could…because the pics would fetch more money on the blog sites and her cut would be bigger. Also, the more they tell us that they still love each other, the less we believe it. Keep beating that dead horse, Miranda! It’s been dead for over six years.

  • please…

    @Jasmine: The “rumor” about their marriage being on the rocks was denied several times this year, also. Just saying.

  • Ltk1

    Bieber rumors are ridiculous and Leo and Orlando have been hanging out lately. I doubt that would happen if she had an affair with Leo. Their split is sad but I think they are not “in love” anymore. I think she gets a bad rap and is a good mom and looking good is part of her “job”.

  • @23

    I agree.

    Women that make nasty comments about Miranda REEK of petty jealousy & sour grapes.

    To make themselves feel better they use ANY excuse to trash her.

    Such as WHINGING about what clothes she’s wearing in the cold weather even though it’s obvious she’s about to walk into her apartment building after her driver has dropped her in front. ( you can see in the pic the black iron fence of her building)

    Also saying she’s dressed like a hooker when in reality she’s wearing designer clothes. The gorgeous black boots & leather leggings, the designer handbag & stunning top.
    Again just pure envy that she looks so amazing & the “haters” know in a million years they couldn’t look as good as her.

    The same with the “fat” face posts. Her round cheeks & dimples are her trademark & gives her the sweet yet sexy look that earns her millions of dollars & will keep her looking years younger than her age!

    Also the rumors of her cheating with Bieber are just so ridulous & not one person believes them other than desperate childish “haters”….lol.
    Same with Leo, the 3 of them have all been friends for years & the fact that Orlando is spending so much time with Leo tells you the rumors are all just BS.

  • Kath

    Hmmm……dont like the top on Miranda but the pants look great. Elena…. still dribbling I see. Still using the ever so boring Kerrdashian line & still using the informing the papps comments…..boring… about ” keep on beating that dead horse” well stop beating that dead horse with the same ole crap. Your supposed to be SMART according to you? Well….smarter than me because thats why Iam supposed to be jealous??? WTF! Lol…. Sorry to disappoint you, but Im not a jealous person about anything. I dont have time for that crap. And when it comes to my comment about countries with people pumping out craploads of kids but they cannot provide for them. There are many reasons for this that are out of peoples control. But when they have the means of birth control & choose to ignore it is a different situation. And it is not denied because of religious people. You say your smart & even try to act like an intellect but I can see through you….thats why your hilarious. Just so you know I have been to some of these poor third world countries & seen for myself. Have you? Dont comment when you dont know first hand. By the way….god is a holy spirit not an invisible MAN in the sky. And who says I believe? I just said stop pushing your crap on us. Oh….and by the way……ANYONE can SOUND SMART when they can sit & google any subject online for information!

  • HA!

    She didn’t go home to Australia lately because she and her mother are in the middle of a cat fight. Or is it a dingo fight? Well, they’re both b*tches so lets go with dingos.

  • Lexi

    @HA!: Im surprised your smart to know what a dingo is?