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'Voice' Winner Tessanne Chin: My Dream is a Grammy Winning Album!

'Voice' Winner Tessanne Chin: My Dream is a Grammy Winning Album!

The Voice winner Tessanne Chin holds up her prize statue as she arrives for an interview at the Today show on Thursday (December 18) in New York City.

“I think a lot of my dreams have come true,” the 28-year-old singer said on the morning show, “and my next dream is to have a No. 1 selling album. A Grammy award winning album.”

“I never got that comfortable,” Tessanne added. “Not at all. Because I know that iTunes is one aspect of the votes, and I know that [Jacquie Lee] is a beast and so is Will [Champlin].”

“I was a wreck. Especially because your debut, you want it to at least be good. I did my best. I was (struggling). I most definitely was,” she added about the moments after her win.

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  • love

    That’s like thinking: “Maybe if I say this I will get one?” or more like “I dont care about what it will happen”

  • tick

    Maybe she might win a Grammy but she will never be as big as Taylor Swift because she is too unusual.

  • tick

    I can imagine her having a niche fan base made up of half Jamaicans & half Asians.

  • tick

    She will probably have a niche fan base that is half Jamican and half Asian. Most of the comments to her Youtube clips are from Jamaicans.

  • sharon

    she can dream all she wants, she’s a great singer, but if she wanted to be a grammy winning artist, going the reality tv route isn’t going to make execs take her seriously. she should’ve done it the hard way which is actually knowing the right people on the major labels and going the demo audition route and working your way up through there even though its known to be a very difficult journey for girls due to the sexual manipulation that these aspiring singers get from these “execs”. even ANTM models can’t get high profile fashion campaigns because designers put them down for being reality tv models, that’s how the hollywood hierarchy works unfortunately. that’s why i feel bad for these reality tv singers and most of the good ones actually studied privately or went to a music conservatory or performing arts school. pretty sad actually. she needs to be very strong and persistent in order to make the academy recognize her.

  • fan1

    @sharon: You mean that most artists have been sexually manipulated before winning a recognized award? I suppose everything is corrupted in this world.

  • Sophia

    How about aspiring to make GOOD music instead of aspiring to get awards? She’s just a celebrity wannabe, not an artist.

  • Devynn

    @sharon: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Miranda Lambert, Leona Lewis, etc. got their start on competition shows and went on to be nominated/win Grammys in addition to having phenomenal sales.

  • The Voice Viewer

    She’s pretty and a good singer (not a unique voice, but talented nonetheless), even still I can think of at least 6 other people who should’ve been named “The Voice” this year (Preston, Cole, Matthew, Caroline, Will, and Ray). Last week her dream was winning The Voice and having a career, this week it’s winning a Grammy. How about just dreaming of a successful career and a happy, healthy life? She’s already way ahead of the game than her competitors on the show, in fact, she was already ahead of them by working with Jimmy Cliff and already being in the industry from the start. I can’t stand singers who say “I want to win a Grammy” or actors who say “I want to win an Oscar”…those are the same people who then say “it’s just an honor to be nominated”. The most successful people are the ones who don’t go looking for exact prizes but just working hard and enjoying what they do. Even if they want the award…they don’t ‘voice’ it. I’m annoyed with Tessane already. As I said before, I don’t think she was undeserving of the title…I just think there were many others that America let down. In fact, considering Jacquie with her whiny, off-key and unpolished voice was the runner up leads me to believe that most of America is simply tone-deaf from having their eardrums ruptured with the crap that’s been corrupting our radio for the last several years. Jacquie should’ve left week 1.

  • The Voice Viewer

    I shouldn’t just blame America, but also some of the judges with their awful song choices. Adam may have won with Tessane, but what was he thinking giving Preston Pohl that ridiculous B.O.B. “Nothin On You” song after his timeless Ruffin-esque voice had just ruled that Temptation song during the battle rounds and was so so so good with the Bob Marley song in Knockouts? Let’s not forget that Adam originally picked James over Will too and who took him to the Finals? Adam lucked out this year, but he made some faulty decisions that could have (and did) cost some of his Team Members. Now that Adam got his winning-hungry wish this year, I hope to see a judge who’s not Adam or Blake win next year.

  • Kate

    WOW some of the comments here… must feel good to hide behind a computer screen and be able to bash people huh?

    Also what is so WRONG about wanting to win a Grammy? Sheesh. Its not like she said “I deserve a Grammy now”. Get a life people….

  • The Voice Viewer

    @Kate: I’m not “hiding” behind a computer…if this was a video comment I’d leave one with my face-straight up. I’m not bashing her, I said she was pretty and I said she was talented…I don’t think she was undeserving, but I definitely think America let down many people on that show that deserved the title more than her…especially since she already had solid connections with the music world. I think the comments she’s making make her sound greedy, and that’s not “bashing”, and that’s my opinion not an insult. If I bashed anyone, it would be Adam and I stand by that and I WISH I could share my thoughts with him directly. He messed up Preston’s chances (for just one example) with a song America wouldn’t vote for and he played favorites with some of his team (James and Tess) over the others and that’s tacky in my book. BTW it’s not wrong to want a Grammy, but first impressions are everything..especially in Hollywood, and after JUST winning The Voice, she’s talking about the next competition she wants to win…why not say “My dream is to touch people all over the world with my music” or something like that? Everything you say is dissected in the business, that shouldn’t be a new discovery to you.

  • p

    @sharon: Oh … okay let make sure we let Kelly Clarkson , Daughtry , 1direction , Carrie Underwood , Leona Lewis, Jennifer hudson, adam lambert , jordan sparks , Katherine mc phee etc…… that even though they worked really hard and became successful they went by it the wrong way , they didn’t struggle enough to make it (RME )… Lady .. please give me a break !

  • p

    @Kate: LOL… her name says it all …, there are people that it is pointless to try and reason with , they are stuck in their way and believe they are always right and they know it all . LOL.. but some of us know better not all of us are so freaking judgemental !

  • Caly

    Those people who bash this young lady for dreaming need to learn what it is to dream, what it is to set career goals and then work for them. Her career in Jamaica was going nowhere. The “successful album” you all seem to be critiquing her about was released 3 years ago and I bet not one of you ever heard of it prior. So she sang back up for Jimmy Cliff, BIG DEAL.

    Melinda Doolittle sang back up to Michael McDonald, The Winans, Aaron Neville and plenty of other NATIONALLY known Artists before going on American Idol. Donna Allen who lost in the battle round to Tessanne was a back up singer for Miami Sound Machine. Google Caroline Pennell and you’ll see she had her own album out there as well. So did Will Champlin.

    So it seems to me that your idea of fair play only applies to Americans. The true problem you BIGOTS have, is her nationality, after all, her only support will be from “Jamaican and Asians”.