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Miranda Kerr: Sheer Bra for Terry Richardson Photo Shoot!

Miranda Kerr: Sheer Bra for Terry Richardson Photo Shoot!

Miranda Kerr rocks a stylish pair of boots while carrying her adorable son Flynn on Saturday (December 21) in New York City.

Earlier in the week, the 30-year-old Australian supermodel showed off her shoulders while out and about in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Check out some newly released behind the scenes pics below of Miranda wearing plaid and a sheer bra for a Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot with famed photographer Terry Richardson.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr stepping out with Flynn

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miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 01
miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 02
miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 03
miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 04
miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 05
miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 06
miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 07
miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 08
miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 09
miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 10
miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 11
miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 12
miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 13
miranda kerr sheer bra for terry richardson photo shoot 14

Photos: FameFlynet, Terry Richardson
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18 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: Sheer Bra for Terry Richardson Photo Shoot!”

  1. 1
    Sayer Says:


    How many times has she flashed her tits in public? This is the type of individual who does cartwheels while wearing see-through underwear in front of little kids/camera on the beach?

  2. 2
    go go Says:

    I guess this is pretty much her career

  3. 3
    BERTS Says:

    Terry Richardson can get any girl or woman to flash her private parts for the camera. He should write a book about his technique, he would make millions.

  4. 4
    Elena Says:

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: We witness hypocrisy at it’s highest and most disgusting level. A woman who has the gall to put her name on a book that she claims is intended to empower women, posing for and with a man who spends his entire life in search of new ways to degrade and humiliate women for is own sexual pleasure. The fact that Miranda associates with this vile excuse for a human being, continues to work with this sexual predator, does nothing but set a poor example for the young girls she claims is her target audience. It shows young women that she condones his behavior. This is not an empowering message, it is a message that she is nothing but a slave to the misogynistic patriarchy. Boycott her book . If you have an ounce of self respect you will boycott her book and everything else she is attempting to sell you until she disassociates herself from Ricahrdson and speaks out against him. Empower yourself, for real, and sign the petition to but an end to Richardson’s shameful career. (Google Alice Louise and sign her petition to get big brands and magazines to stop employing this sex offender) Don’t tell me that she has no choice but to work with him if that is her assignment. Other models, like Coco Rocha are powerful enough to refuse to work with you. Her freak fans keep trying to tell us that Miranda is one of the most powerful models in the business today. If she really wants to be a role model she needs to refuse to work with this man and speak out against the way he treats women.

  5. 5
    Looselipz Says:


    Bravo. Who would pose for this PERV jerk after knowing how he’s abused models? Shame on her, shame shame shame. As forTerry, he should be blacklisted.

  6. 6
    @TROLLena Says:

    So you are saying that EVERY model is disgusting for working with Terry???
    Or are you once again donning your magic cape of hypocrisy?
    Yeah. Thought so.
    Terry (unfortunately) is a famous, sought after HF photographer. Do you really think that big magazines would keep hiring him if those charges were true?
    Taking pictures, even the ones that are IMO, p*rnographic, is not a crime. Those models who allege abuse had the choice to walk away. They didn’t. They were all of age. So no crime was committed. Sure, the models may regret what they did later. But they can’t rescind their willing participation in the acts that were photographed. They may have felt pressured, but they chose to stay. They were apparently willing to do anything to have him take their pictures.
    Sorry. You can hate him all you want. But he committed no crime.
    And you can’t blame Miranda for the poor decisions of others.

  7. 7
    awww Says:

    Flynn looks more like Orlando every day. Just look at those eyes! He’s going to be a real heartbreaker. Just like his daddy.
    And is his hair getting curly? Or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking. I always hoped that Flynn would get his daddy’s curls.
    So cute!

  8. 8
    dane Says:

    its funny how she flashes her **** so much more after having a baby. what in the world is she trying to prove? flynn is gonna love seeing these pics when he’s older when his friends make fun of him over his mother’s nudes. pathetic tbh

  9. 9
    @Elena... Says:

    Oh please such self righteous finger pointing from YOU Elena is laughable on so many levels.

    You who posts the most VILE horrible things about Miranda AND Flynn.

    You who has STALKED, BULLIED & INSULTED her for the past 6 years all because she was once with your pretend boyfriend.

    You who writes a blog filled with delusional conspiracy theories & posts FAKE “blind” items on Z grade gossip sites about her.

    You who has zero integrity & credibility have NO right to pass judgment on who Miranda does a photoshoot with EVER after all the bullying you’ve done to her.

    Terry Richardson is a famous photographer who has worked with just about EVERY Supermodel in the world yet you ONLY have a problem with Miranda.
    That makes YOU a HYPOCRITE.

    That means according to YOU every high fashion magazine, their editors & models/celebs that have done photoshoots with him are ALL disgusting as well…..Right???…..No of course not, again only Miranda!!!

    Miranda looks BEAUTFUL & has the most AMAZING body & that is what bothers YOU the most.

    It’s just plain old fashioned PETTY JEALOUSY & a bad case of SOUR GRAPES….Grow up & move on!!!

  10. 10
    @8 Says:

    Prudish much???

    Miranda IS a model it’s part of her job to wear all sorts of outfits from couture to swimsuits/lingerie.

    From the time Flynn was a baby he’s been with her on photoshoots surrounded by photographers, designers & lots of creative people.

    I’m sure as he grows up & turns into a man he’ll be intelligent & sophisticated enough to understand his mom is a famous Supermodel & its simply part of work.
    I doubt he’ll be sooooo childish about it all unlike yourself.

    Besides Orlando has just done a FULL FRONTAL NUDE shot in his latest movie Zulu.
    Do you think Flynn’s friends will make fun of him about that as well?????
    Of course you wouldn’t use a double standard & be a hypocrite about it all if you’re sooooo concerned about Flynn….Right???…..Pft!

  11. 11
    frejmikbrew Says:

    Richardson’s reputation is well known within the industry. Creepy, vile man. I’m baffled why magazines keep employing him and people keep working with him. As for Miranda, enough already, she’s so over-exposed. Daily pap pics, endless shoots, which lets be honest are not her best work. There’s a smell of desperation in the air. If she’s such a powerhouse, she can afford to take some time away from it all for a while, stop calling the paps.

  12. 12
    Kath Says:

    Oh…here we go again….on the crazy train of ELENA!! We are witnessing hypocrisy at its highest & most disgusting level. A person that has the gall to call Miranda a hypocrite…..Give me a break…hahahahhahaaaaaahhahaha….Hello Pot….this is Kettle here! Your the hypocrite! First of all Miranda strikes me as a pretty strong person (to me even bossy) & she has the empowerment to choose what jobs she does & doesnt want to work for. Shes done heaps of naked pics before so Richardson wouldnt have to make Miranda strip off against her will as shes quite bloody willing to strip off anyway. And what….are you saying your standing up for the poor models who were made to put up with his sleazyness? The models in the industry you hate so much, the industry you say that is so misogynistic? Firstly there are worse sexual predators out there like pedophiles & rapists. And why dont you take some of your own advice….hypocrite….your a misopedist & a misoscopist with a vile mouth that spews out childish crap every other day so stop sounding so righteous. And like I said in my last post, Im certainly not jealous. Im not a jealous person of anything & especially of you saying that your smarter than me. Big deal… reading all your posts certainly shows your not very smart at all….just a huge hypocrite…hahahahahaaaaahaha. So stop beating your dead horse with the boring Kerrdashian line. Go back to creaming your jeans by patting your cat & feeling so spesh!…..Mate your funny but your a nutter!

  13. 13
    Ola Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she’s incredibly ugly? Nice legs though.

  14. 14
    Jamie Says:

    The thing about being a model is sometimes you will wear very skimpy and revealing outfits, and it’s just part of the job I guess. But normally you are photographed wearing them because you are employed to SELL a brand’s PRODUCT. Here, Miranda is not trying to sell anything except herself. The thong and see through bra are really unnecessary, and definitely does not show her in a good light in my opinion. And Terry is just creepy, why do people want to work with him? Eww. Proor choice by Miranda.

  15. 15
    @14 Says:

    “Here, Miranda is not trying to sell anything except herself. The thong and see through bra are really unnecessary, and definitely does not show her in a good light in my opinion.”
    Would you say that about any model appearing topless in a HF shoot? Or completely n*de, like most HF models have done in the industry?
    Or do you hold Miranda to a different standard?

  16. 16
    kyle Says:

    Give it a break! She reveals her tits,big deal!

  17. 17
    Lia Says:

    I hope she recovers her senses soon enough to realize that what she’s been doing lately may not bode well on her son later on. That is if she really cares. I just read the past interview of a model who quit soon from this job after realizing the “unhealthy” lifestyle of being a supermodel. Maybe referring not only to physical aspect but also on moral grounds.

  18. 18
    @14 Says:

    And of course I am obsessed with Miranda. That’s why I answer every negative comment in here.

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