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Just Jared's Most Popular Music Acts 2013

Just Jared's Most Popular Music Acts 2013

It was an incredible year for music and we can’t wait to find out what next year has to bring. We’ve gotten so many awesome music videos and live performances from the best in entertainment.

Here’s a rundown of‘s most popular music acts of 2013 based on interest from our readers. Find out which artists sang their way to the top of our list.

Also, be sure to check back in the next few days to see who were our most popular actors and actresses this year and who made the cut for our top 50 most popular celebs!

20. Nicki Minaj
19. Christina Aguilera
18. Gwen Stefani
17. Fergie
16. Madonna
15. Lana Del Rey
14. LeAnn Rimes
13. Justin Timberlake
12. Chris Brown
11. Adam Levine

Click inside to find out our top ten Most Popular Music Acts of 2013

10. Jennifer Lopez
9. Lady Gaga
8. Katy Perry
7. Britney Spears
6. Justin Bieber
5. Taylor Swift
4. Beyonce
3. Rihanna
2. Selena Gomez
1. Miley Cyrus

WHO WAS YOUR favorite music act of 2013?

FYI: These rankings are calculated by a number of factors, including pageviews/hits from readers, comments, and social media interaction.

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  • dodo

    demi lovato hands down!! i mean heart attack & let it go from frozen are huge hits..

  • mauricio

    Gaga brought out some ART relevancy to the whole pop music this year :)

  • Serena

    Britney! her Work single was my jam! and the album has a few gems.

  • tick

    I didn’t know Kanye West was in Anchorman 2. I won’t go to it then. I didn’t see the first one anyway. His kid will be just as ugly & untalented as her parents. Kim & Kanye are 2 idiots who truly deserve each other.

  • leonardo

    i got so hyped-up reading xtina on top.. what a mislead of me.

    my list goes..


  • Lisa

    One Direction maybe?

  • Rrodriguez0209

    GAGA all the way!! she brought out some real POP music. this year!! :)

  • kailani

    the hell is bruno mars??

  • She Stinks!

    JHO Bag is #10? What a joke. That tired old has been could never sing, and still can’t. She is pure trash.

  • Kiley

    JT and Beyoncé should have been in the top three. What a joke. And Miley may be more talked about, but not so much for her music.

  • Anne

    Adele destroys Beyonce in record sales, Taylor Swift album and concerts sales exceed Beyonce’s .

    Madonna has 2 world tours in the top 10 highest grossing , Beyonce doesn’t even have one. Madonna’s last 2012 world Tour was the highest grossing of the year 305 million for 88 shows and her Sticky and Sweet tour 2008, 407 million 85 shows, while Beyonce’s ” I am ” 2009 world tour grossed 115 dates made 110million… While the same year Britney Spears 2009 Circus , 97 dates , 137 million, Lady Gaga , Born This Way world tour 181 million 98 dates. Rihanna Diamonds world tour, 140 million 98 dates.

    Beyonce doesn’t even have one world tour in the top 20 .

    Besides Lady Gage world record sales over 8 million for her “born this way” , Beyonce last album 4 , didn’t sell 1/3 of those numbers.

    Rihanna billboard top number one hit artist, Katy Perry had 5 top number one hits in one album. Beyonce hasn’t had a number one hit in more then 5 years.

    And I’m just comparing her to women artists … bands US, Rolling Stone, Cold Play, Bon Jovi, Springsteen, The Police, just to name a few , destroy her in world tour grosses , their in line with what Madonna earns about 3 times as much as Beyonce , artists Timberlake, Eminin in record sales exceed Beyonce’s .

    Beyonce’s may have quite a few Grammy’s but there all in Soul , R&B .. She has never won Album of the year or Record of the year.

    Beyonce publicity works on hype , but the actual numbers show she is not even in the top 10 of album or concert grosses artist or critical acclaim.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @Anne: Aww Anne, Bitter much? You are such a Closet Bey Fan! LOL!

  • Sayer

    @Anne: Taylor has NOT sold more records than Beyonce, according to the RIAA. Beyonce is #4 or #5 in the last 10 years, while Swift is # 6 or. Internationally speaking, Swift is NOT all that popular. She’s only popular in America.

    Besides, the list is based on comments, searches for the artist, etc.

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    Asians can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
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  • mom50

    You go girl! Miley #1 !!!

  • Thoughts

    Blacks and.redneckzss. Social engineering.propaganda finest. Feel dumbed down by the NWO agenda yet? Notice intelligence and common sense never.come.up? Revisionist history and nonsense and no talents is the order.of every single day…. Monarch programming.

  • Renzo

    GWEN STEFANI is the best !!! <3

  • Monae

    The only reason why Miley is number one is because of her damn antics. There was so much more that should have been giving to all the other artists & you gave her the #1 spot because she twerked on a married man & was completely naked in her “Wrecking Ball” video directed by a perv? I can NOT with this site.

  • Mallory


    Agreed! So glad someone said it. The thing is that NO ONE actually takes Miley serious because everything she has done has been a total trainwreck–hey if a girl wants to be sexy fine, but BE SEXY! I mean who is Miley, a BOOTLEG RIHANNA!?? Miley just looks like a bucked tooth horse, sticking out a smelly crusted tongue..NOT SEXY–so it all becomes just very laughable. I for one can’t take Miley seriously because twerking has been a dance YEARS before Miley decided to sit at home those 2 years she was irrelevant (after Hannah Montana) and practiced learning how to twerk. If I didn’t have the image in my head of her sitting behind some laptop watching youtube videos on How To Twerk on replay I maybeeeee could take her seriously…maybe. But then again there’s the horse mouth and the crusted tongue, and the a** shaking with NO A** that make me say forget it, try again Miley?

  • SS

    Nice to see Lana here.

  • zara

    wait, selena gomez made it to number 2 and demi lovato didn’t even make the list? i say, this list is complete bullshit.

  • Joyerz

    It’s Britney, Bitch!! she’s Legendary!! but im wondering why Demi Lovato didn’t make it the to the list? she’s awesome too!

  • Monae

    @Mallory: Hahaha! I love you! This is my exact point!

  • Moni

    It kills me that these so called haters have all the stats on the artist the supposedly hate. Who has the time to research just to prove a point. Does that out money in your pocket? When it does let me know. Thx

  • http://mariojlover Mario

    Beautiful Jennifer Lopez, the most celebrity rich in the world!

  • Elena

    Why is JLo on the list? Her music career is dead!