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Leonardo DiCaprio Hangs with Tobey Maguire's Kids in WeHo!

Leonardo DiCaprio Hangs with Tobey Maguire's Kids in WeHo!

Leonardo DiCaprio escorts Tobey Maguire‘s kids Ruby, 7, and Otis, 4, out of Fred Segal after eating lunch together on Sunday (December 22) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor hung out with the kiddos that day after their dad had to leave lunch early. Mom Jennifer Meyer was also present for the lunch.

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While out to eat, a spywitness said that “Leo was making the kids laugh hysterically by doing funny voices at the table.” So cute!

Leonardo‘s film The Wolf of Wall Street is set to be released this coming Wednesday (December 25)! The Martin Scorsese-directed flick also stars Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, and more. Be sure to check it out!

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  • @

    So how many close up pics have we had of good Uncle Leo with Ruby and Otis this year? (Tobey’s such a good pal to agree to this)

  • Leo’s Fan Girl

    Have an awesome holiday. Thanks for my xmas gift movie, I love you.

    Maria Royse

  • @1

    Here comes the hater lol.

  • Aww

    Beautiful photos. Uncle Leo is so cute.
    Thanx, JJ.

  • cute

    Uncle Leo is the best!

  • pizza

    Time to churn out some wholesome looking PR images to balance out Leo’s horrendous image. What next, will our darling uncle Leo treat the kids to a private screening of WOWS?

  • HAHA12

    Too cute, but Otis looks miserable :p

  • HAHA12

    The haters stomachs twist in knots whenever they see pics of Leo NOT with models or clubbing, as if he can’t do anything else in a 24 hour day, lol!

  • @pizza


  • more pics..too cute…leo looks really muscely here too

  • @HAHA12

    Otis looks pissed LOL.

  • @leo’s fan girl

    Sure. Leo can feel your love. Ha…

  • It’s Christmas time


    Why so bitter.

    Cute Leo. Adorable.

  • @…

    Hmmm, hmmm. Is he working out?

  • tweet


    Kinda cool that Leonardo Dicaprio came to hang last night.

  • @Leonardo

    You are a beautiful angel <3

  • @pizza

    Predictable, never gets old, YAWN.

    The photos are cute, yes. And Leo is muscled, YES!

  • Ah

    I want an uncle Leo too haha

  • @Leonardo

    When are we going to see your beautiful Leo-babies??
    Can’t wait! Hurry up,Leo! Hurry up<333

  • Leo

    would be the best father EVER
    He’s so cute with the kids

  • HAHA12

    Leo would be an qdorable father. I know the thought of him being a father with his family is funny given his lifestyle but I hope it happens one day. They certainly would be very good looking, especially since Leo was an adorable child.

  • HAHA12


  • @21

    Good looking kids?? judging from the buttafaces Leo always chooses as girlfriends, i doubt it.

  • Tweet

    Sean Dickerson ‏@Sean_Dickerson 10h
    Niiice RT “@DJORATOR: Big shout out to @LeoDiCaprio for coming and hanging out with us tonight!! #GreyStoneSunday @Greystone_Manor”

  • @HAHA12

    I really believe Leo would be a amazing dad. Oh boy, his babies will be beautiful lmfao.

    @Leo +1

  • HAHA12

    Lol I’m talking about Leo’s genes. I know he hasn’t aged well but he has some great facial features when his face isn’t so bloated.

  • HAHA12

    Agreed :)

  • ####


    Shocking! LOL

  • @@21

    Still here? Ain’t you tired, Ms. Hilly? LOL

  • dicaprio

    and his misogynist movie lmao…
    Why does everything have to revolve around SEX, VIOLENCE ,SEX, VIOLENCE….in Hollyweird??

  • ####


    +1 :-)

  • HAHA12

    Because that’s everything that revolved in Belfort’s and his workers lives. How are you going to make a movie on his life and not include sex and drugs when those there two most prominent things that occurred in his life? There’s no point in blaming Leo and Marty solely for that.

  • HAHA12
  • @dicaprio

    well said.

  • @dicaprio

    Ain’t you tired, Ms. Hilly?

  • dicaprio


  • LOL

    This hater is here 24/7 hating on EVERYTHING Leo does or does not do.

  • @LOL

    ive got a suspicious feeling it’s more than one hater..
    poor leo, its the holidays. he chooses to spend time with tobey and his kids who he cares for a lot.
    and ppl here stay pressed its just for pr while trashing his image at the same time.

  • @dicaprio


  • adorable

    Leo is adorable and hot!!!

  • Oscar talk

    Glenn Whipp ‏@GlennWhipp
    Thanks, @ETKevinsMind. Enough voters might love #wolfofwallstreet to win it a nom. I know one actor who put DiCaprio No. 1 on his ballot.

  • Oscar or no Oscar


  • LEO

    I’m sexy and I know it
    I’m sexy and I know it

    Yes, you are motherFCKER!

  • Rose

    I bet “uncle Leo” is actually “daddy Leo” and Tobey’s “wife” is their surrogate.

  • ####


    That was good.

  • @Rose

    LOL, you tried. And failed.

  • Leo praise(haters gtfo)

    It’s worth mentioning to that DiCaprio manages to make Belfort so much more than an anti-hero. He’s never really the bad guy, in our eyes, and even when he does some terrible things, you’re kind of rooting for him in a weird way. There’s a lot of power in that statement and a big testament to the production for making someone we should all normally despise into a surrogate for our own secret desires.

    C: A lot, if not most, of that credit goes to Leonardo DiCaprio who is obviously a chameleon, but this is the best I have ever seen him. This is a guy who has had more than a promising career, but continues to get better and it pays off with flying colors here. DiCaprio’s Belfort is yes, despicable, but you almost envy him with the knowledge that what he’s doing isn’t legal. I think it’s safe to say that DiCaprio is at his best with Scorsese, but this is whole new territory for both of them.

    N: It certainly is as I can say I really haven’t seen anything quite like The Wolf of Wall Street. It’s an incredibly unique film and an even lengthier ride. But there’s no one else I’d rather sit beside than those two. As for Leo, I agree that he’s at his absolute best. This is a guy that is universally loved, so seeing him get away with everything just feels… right. I mean, if there is anyone else in the world (next to the real Belfort) that could get away with everything on screen, it’s Leo. It’s the most charismatic we’ve seen him since Catch Me If You Can (with his Frank Abagnale and Belfort having quite a bit in common) and it’s a worthy follow up to last year’s unforgettable performance as Calvin Candie in Django Unchained. Who knew the man could top that?

    C: I always felt he would top the despicably wonderful Calvin Candie, but I would have never thought it would be so soon. This is a film that should not go unmentioned as Scorsese’s most vulgar film, but at the same time this is the most sexually charged, coke snorting performance we have seen from DiCaprio. They are breaking much ground from their previous work.

    N: It certainly feels like DiCaprio is breaking the ‘mold’ he’s set in the past, given his somewhat clean streak, but it also feels like the natural progression you’d expect in his career. Last year’ Django was a dark, twisted turn for Cap, and this follow up is a worth successor, elevating that sleaze and sharkiness to another level.

  • Brazilian Girl

    aaawww I love this side of Leo! Lovely pictures!!

  • Lioness

    these pics are cute :) <3

  • @Leo praise(haters gtfo)

    WOW, amazing! LOVED!
    Thank you :).