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Leonardo DiCaprio Hangs with Tobey Maguire's Kids in WeHo!

Leonardo DiCaprio Hangs with Tobey Maguire's Kids in WeHo!

Leonardo DiCaprio escorts Tobey Maguire‘s kids Ruby, 7, and Otis, 4, out of Fred Segal after eating lunch together on Sunday (December 22) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor hung out with the kiddos that day after their dad had to leave lunch early. Mom Jennifer Meyer was also present for the lunch.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

While out to eat, a spywitness said that “Leo was making the kids laugh hysterically by doing funny voices at the table.” So cute!

Leonardo‘s film The Wolf of Wall Street is set to be released this coming Wednesday (December 25)! The Martin Scorsese-directed flick also stars Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, and more. Be sure to check it out!

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# 1

So how many close up pics have we had of good Uncle Leo with Ruby and Otis this year? (Tobey’s such a good pal to agree to this)

# 2
Leo's Fan Girl @ 12/23/2013 at 3:53 pm

Have an awesome holiday. Thanks for my xmas gift movie, I love you.

Maria Royse

# 3

Here comes the hater lol.

# 4

Beautiful photos. Uncle Leo is so cute.
Thanx, JJ.

# 5

Uncle Leo is the best!

# 6

Time to churn out some wholesome looking PR images to balance out Leo’s horrendous image. What next, will our darling uncle Leo treat the kids to a private screening of WOWS?

# 7

Too cute, but Otis looks miserable :p

# 8

The haters stomachs twist in knots whenever they see pics of Leo NOT with models or clubbing, as if he can’t do anything else in a 24 hour day, lol!

Otis looks pissed LOL.

@leo's fan girl @ 12/23/2013 at 4:10 pm

Sure. Leo can feel your love. Ha…

It's Christmas time @ 12/23/2013 at 4:10 pm


Why so bitter.

Cute Leo. Adorable.

Hmmm, hmmm. Is he working out?


Kinda cool that Leonardo Dicaprio came to hang last night.

@Leonardo @ 12/23/2013 at 4:13 pm

You are a beautiful angel <3

Predictable, never gets old, YAWN.

The photos are cute, yes. And Leo is muscled, YES!

I want an uncle Leo too haha

@Leonardo @ 12/23/2013 at 4:17 pm

When are we going to see your beautiful Leo-babies??
Can’t wait! Hurry up,Leo! Hurry up<333

would be the best father EVER
He’s so cute with the kids

Leo would be an qdorable father. I know the thought of him being a father with his family is funny given his lifestyle but I hope it happens one day. They certainly would be very good looking, especially since Leo was an adorable child.

Good looking kids?? judging from the buttafaces Leo always chooses as girlfriends, i doubt it.

Sean Dickerson ‏@Sean_Dickerson 10h
Niiice RT “@DJORATOR: Big shout out to @LeoDiCaprio for coming and hanging out with us tonight!! #GreyStoneSunday @Greystone_Manor”

I really believe Leo would be a amazing dad. Oh boy, his babies will be beautiful lmfao.

@Leo +1

Lol I’m talking about Leo’s genes. I know he hasn’t aged well but he has some great facial features when his face isn’t so bloated.


Shocking! LOL

Still here? Ain’t you tired, Ms. Hilly? LOL

and his misogynist movie lmao…
Why does everything have to revolve around SEX, VIOLENCE ,SEX, VIOLENCE….in Hollyweird??

Because that’s everything that revolved in Belfort’s and his workers lives. How are you going to make a movie on his life and not include sex and drugs when those there two most prominent things that occurred in his life? There’s no point in blaming Leo and Marty solely for that.

@dicaprio @ 12/23/2013 at 4:47 pm

well said.

@dicaprio @ 12/23/2013 at 4:48 pm

Ain’t you tired, Ms. Hilly?


This hater is here 24/7 hating on EVERYTHING Leo does or does not do.

ive got a suspicious feeling it’s more than one hater..
poor leo, its the holidays. he chooses to spend time with tobey and his kids who he cares for a lot.
and ppl here stay pressed its just for pr while trashing his image at the same time.

@dicaprio @ 12/23/2013 at 4:57 pm


Leo is adorable and hot!!!

Oscar talk @ 12/23/2013 at 5:03 pm

Glenn Whipp ‏@GlennWhipp
Thanks, @ETKevinsMind. Enough voters might love #wolfofwallstreet to win it a nom. I know one actor who put DiCaprio No. 1 on his ballot.

Oscar or no Oscar @ 12/23/2013 at 5:04 pm


I’m sexy and I know it
I’m sexy and I know it

Yes, you are motherFCKER!

I bet “uncle Leo” is actually “daddy Leo” and Tobey’s “wife” is their surrogate.


That was good.

LOL, you tried. And failed.

Leo praise(haters gtfo) @ 12/23/2013 at 5:25 pm

It’s worth mentioning to that DiCaprio manages to make Belfort so much more than an anti-hero. He’s never really the bad guy, in our eyes, and even when he does some terrible things, you’re kind of rooting for him in a weird way. There’s a lot of power in that statement and a big testament to the production for making someone we should all normally despise into a surrogate for our own secret desires.

C: A lot, if not most, of that credit goes to Leonardo DiCaprio who is obviously a chameleon, but this is the best I have ever seen him. This is a guy who has had more than a promising career, but continues to get better and it pays off with flying colors here. DiCaprio’s Belfort is yes, despicable, but you almost envy him with the knowledge that what he’s doing isn’t legal. I think it’s safe to say that DiCaprio is at his best with Scorsese, but this is whole new territory for both of them.

N: It certainly is as I can say I really haven’t seen anything quite like The Wolf of Wall Street. It’s an incredibly unique film and an even lengthier ride. But there’s no one else I’d rather sit beside than those two. As for Leo, I agree that he’s at his absolute best. This is a guy that is universally loved, so seeing him get away with everything just feels… right. I mean, if there is anyone else in the world (next to the real Belfort) that could get away with everything on screen, it’s Leo. It’s the most charismatic we’ve seen him since Catch Me If You Can (with his Frank Abagnale and Belfort having quite a bit in common) and it’s a worthy follow up to last year’s unforgettable performance as Calvin Candie in Django Unchained. Who knew the man could top that?

C: I always felt he would top the despicably wonderful Calvin Candie, but I would have never thought it would be so soon. This is a film that should not go unmentioned as Scorsese’s most vulgar film, but at the same time this is the most sexually charged, coke snorting performance we have seen from DiCaprio. They are breaking much ground from their previous work.

N: It certainly feels like DiCaprio is breaking the ‘mold’ he’s set in the past, given his somewhat clean streak, but it also feels like the natural progression you’d expect in his career. Last year’ Django was a dark, twisted turn for Cap, and this follow up is a worth successor, elevating that sleaze and sharkiness to another level.

Brazilian Girl @ 12/23/2013 at 5:31 pm

aaawww I love this side of Leo! Lovely pictures!!

these pics are cute :) <3

@Leo praise(haters gtfo) @ 12/23/2013 at 5:40 pm

WOW, amazing! LOVED!
Thank you :).

“Leo was making the kids laugh hysterically by doing funny voices at the table.”

Awwwwww. I am in love with uncle Leo.

sorry Leo @ 12/23/2013 at 5:56 pm

Leo wont be getting any Oscars for this sh*t, and I don’t think it will do that well at the box office either…

I understand that Leo takes a candle up his ****. Definitely not the only thing that gets there. Bradley Cooper and Lukas Haas

Its sad how some just wish failure for him on here. He probably won’t get nominated but the movie is sure to do good at the box office. And btw, it has gotten better reviews then Shutter Island so far.


You know a while ago, it seemed like the majority of the posters on the Leo threads wanted to see this movie. I wonder what happened to cause the shift. :-(

I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to watch it. It’s just become hard to even talk or be excited about seeing it on here because I feel like I’m going to be attacked for trying to defend Leo/Marty from the misogynistic labels they’ve been getting when I don’t think they were trying to be that at all based on what I’ve seen of the real Jordan Belfort. I love Leo but I wonder if it wasn’t worth making this movie, it’s gotten really good reviews but its caused way too much controversy.


IMO I think the movie is going to do really well at the box office. The majority of the reviews are positive. I get that the story is based on someone’s life but it is still just a movie. I also get that some people don’t like movies with lots of drugs and sex in them and that’s fine but it’s not fair to bash the actor/director because they don’t like the content. Actors/directors are doing what they always do which is push the envelope with the films they create.

I agree with you. I understand the complaints of how women are portrayed in the film but it’s because its based on Belfort’s life, and men like him treated women as nothing but sex toys. I don’t think Marty and Leo were intending to be misogynistic for the sake of it, its just Belfort was an incredibly sexiest and misogynistic man. I get not wanting to watch the movie but it’s not like Leo is the only actor to play an unlikeable and evil character before and its not like Wolf will be the first movie ever with lots of sex and drugs. That’s all that was ever shown in 70s cinema..

CandiGurl @ 12/23/2013 at 7:56 pm

@HAHA12: but shutter island sucked?

Where is his barely legal “chopstick-leg” Fräulein?

Go to sleep and have a dream about her, it might cure your obsession on her whereabouts

@I wonder: she’s in Germany being boring…

I liked Shutter Island a lot but ik most people didn’t.

Leo is adorable. look at his face, he seems confuse LOL
but, its about a time, and i hope Leo can have children, he seems have special bonding for tobey kids. its cute.

Two little boys would be great for Leonardo. A nice , christian and modesty wife for Leo would be great. Jesus is the Way, the life and the truth. Seek and follow Him. He loves you. The Holy Spirit is our comforter, friend, helper and guide. Let Him lead your every step. God says inner beauty is more inmpotant to Him, a gentle and quiet spirit. People look at outward beauty and appearance, job, money, car, house and etc. A person’s heart, character and personality are also more important. We are suppose to help one another. Dont worship idols, God is the Only God.

Saw this posted on ONTD, a celebrity psychic predicts this about Leo’s 2014:
Leo DiCaprio
It’s very good year for him professionally, personally very up-and-down.

Interesting... @ 12/23/2013 at 9:53 pm

@HAHA12: He basically just described the last 10 years of Leo’s life…

Yeah unfortunately :( But Leo doesn’t look like he’ll have any movies even out in 2014 so maybe this prediction is wrong. I hope it’s a good year for him personally, after this year I don’t know if he can get any lower. Time will tell.

Interesting... @ 12/23/2013 at 10:03 pm

@HAHA12: Yeah me too!
I was reading his predictions for other people, and they seemed pretty random
But I really don’t know what Leo would be doing if he isn’t making or promoting a movie! It’s interesting to think about lol!
I hope he truly can fall in love, because I remember reading a quote of his from a long time ago, where he said that was one of his goals in life. To be “truly” in love. I wonder if he still feels the same…
Do you really feel like he’s had a “low” year?

He said that? Interesting, i never saw that quote before :) I certainly hope that happens for him some day, but he’s got to give it a shot first, don’t you think? Clubbing all night and the people he surrounds himself aren’t going to help him achieve that goal. But he’s just got to be willing to say enough is enough and change for the better instead of continuing to make the same choices again, if he really wants to be happier.
And this is the first year I actually became a Leo fan and followed his life, except back in 2006-2007 when I appreciated him as an actor. That Leo seemed much happier and there wasn’t much gossip about him and I never felt the need to follow his life. But looking at this year, I would say it’s a really low year and the backlash against him has never worse than ever. The Leo from a couple of years ago was never this hated as he is now. And I think being snubbed for Django, all the internet jokes making fun of him, skipping Gatsby premiere to stay clubbing, just the whole Cannes vacation itself was gross and too much I didn’t want to see, then his relationship with Toni and being the butt of jokes for dating her, then all the negative stories like the US Open for example, the cheating rumors, and can’t forget his birthday video leaks…yeah I really think it was a brutal year for him press wise. Professionally he had a huge success with Gatsby, but personally this may be the lowest he’s ever been

Interesting... @ 12/23/2013 at 10:20 pm

@HAHA12: Yeah he said it a long time ago (i don’t know if it’s before or during Kristen)
(Its towards the end if you don’t want to read the whole thing)

Yeah, I wish he would date more age appropriate, and sometimes I feel like his crew are hangerons, but I don’t know. Sometimes he lacks substance in his personal life and maybe that’s because he won’t do anything out of his norm

Thanks for posting this, I’ll read it when I get a chance. I agree about him lacking substance in his personal life. Maybe the reason he always plays such dramatic and emotional characters is to act out genuine emotion he can’t/doesn’t feel in his personal life. His crew to me sound like bad types of people to be around for him, they probably encourage his behavior and support anything he does. He needs someone who can ground him, not feed his ego even more.

Here’s the clip from Wolf of Margot putting her heel on Leo’s face for anyone interested

psychics?? @ 12/23/2013 at 10:44 pm


Interesting... @ 12/23/2013 at 10:45 pm

@HAHA12: Is her accent a little off?
Maybe I just need to see more…

It sounds pretty good to me! But the clip is awkward, like it feels very slow. I can’t believe she’s from Australia tbh :o

Remember that scene in The Wolf of Wall Street when Leonardo DiCaprio (as the crooked stockbroker Jordan Belfort) and Jonah Hill (as his right-hand man and chief enabler Donnie Azoff) do an obscene amount of drugs and ostentatiously throw around their swindled millions and just generally act like complete amoral tools? No, the other one. No, the other other one. The truth is, that description fits nearly every scene in this three-hour-long movie. Epic in size but claustrophobically narrow in scope, The Wolf of Wall Street maintains a near-exclusive focus on the greed and self-indulgence of its proudly rapacious hero. Sometimes in voice-over, sometimes directly addressing the camera, Jordan narrates his and Donnie’s booze-and-Quaalude-fueled monkeyshines (which range from snorting drugs out of a hooker’s ass to throwing dwarfs-for-hire at a Velcro target board) in a cocky, self-satisfied tone. Hindsight and jail time, it seems, have done nothing to tarnish Belfort’s memories of how awesome it was to be young, high, and rich with other people’s money.

Mind you, this is not to suggest that Belfort’s amorality is in itself a fault of The Wolf of Wall Street. Unredeemed jerks can make for transfixing movie heroes (and DiCaprio has played not a few such characters, from the slippery trickster of Catch Me If You Can to the shirt-tossing profligate of The Great Gatsby). But Scorsese and Terence Winter (the Emmy-winning Sopranos writer who adapted Belfort’s memoir for the screen) overestimate the audience’s ability or desire to watch Leo misbehave. The story’s relentless, unvarying rhythm—malfeasance, consumption, more malfeasance, more consumption—leaves the audience drained and annoyed. There’s a comic/horrific set piece late in the movie in which Jordan, too zonked on ‘ludes to form a coherent sentence, literally drags himself on his belly to his waiting sports car for a very ill-advised drive home from his country club. Coming as the culmination of a well-shaped storyline about Jordan’s mounting drug addiction and self-destructiveness, this scene might have been as bleakly funny as Scorsese (judging by how lovingly he documents every second of that crawl) seems to find it. But given that we’ve been watching this man get wasted and do stupid stuff for the past two hours already, Jordan’s arduous car crawl merely seems like an amplified (and endless) replay of what’s come before—for example, the early scene in which Donnie and Jordan play hooky from their job trading penny stocks at a low-rent Long Island brokerage firm to try out a promising new street drug called “crack.”

I don’t mean to suggest that no coherent narrative worms its way into the 180-minute party montage that is The Wolf of Wall Street. The best scenes involve Jordan’s attempts to stay just out of reach of the FBI agent Patrick Denham (a blessedly understated Kyle Chandler), who’s trying to gather enough evidence to nail Jordan on insider trading, tax evasion, or whatever he can get. The film’s single strongest moment happens during a cat-and-mouse conversation between the two men that takes place on board Jordan’s cartoonishly luxurious yacht. (It has a helipad complete with helicopter.) While Jordan drops broad hints about bribery—he understands the hardships of working in law enforcement, he could find ways to make Denham’s life easier, etc.—the canny agent lies in wait for his mark to say something explicitly incriminating. This yacht scene crackles with the macho gamesmanship and latent violence that Scorsese so deftly explored in Goodfellas—a film this one resembles, for the most part, only superficially.

The Australian actress Margot Robbie, who has the brittle, impossible prettiness of a life-sized Barbie, makes the most of her underwritten role as the “Duchess of Bay Ridge,” the outer-borough beauty who seduces Jordan away from his first wife. A scene where she sexually humiliates her husband in front of their baby’s crib, only to become the victim of Jordan’s turnabout nasty trick, points at the dark domestic comedy this could have been had Scorsese spent more screen time developing that relationship.

Instead, there are a lot—a lot—of chemically enhanced dude-bonding scenes between DiCaprio and Hill, in between stylishly edited montages of churning stock tickers, ecstatic trading floors, and writhing strippers. Thelma Schoonmaker, Scorsese’s longtime editor, makes these individual fragments of storytelling feel kinetic and propulsive (aided by the soundtrack of pop, jazz, and blues songs by everyone from Billy Joel to Cannonball Adderley.) But even the best editing can’t create story out of a vacuum, and the world as Scorsese lets us glimpse it through Jordan Belfort’s eyes is pretty vacuous. I suspect that Scorsese chose to tell the story of Belfort’s late-‘80s/early-’90s rise and fall as a commentary on the 2008 crash, but it’s not clear what comment is being offered, since the only affect available to the viewer after the second straight hour of gonzo young-banker high jinks is a numb combination of boredom, disgust, and (I guess, if you aspire to snort coke out of prostitutes’ bums and mistreat your yacht captain) envy. Unlike the hapless marks that Jordan and Donnie sweet-talk into buying penny stocks, I just can’t bring myself to invest.

Interesting... @ 12/23/2013 at 10:56 pm

@HAHA12: Yeah I’ll wait until I see the whole thing… Plus I don’t even know what Nadine is supposed to sound like.
I can’t wait to see the movie though…

Omg, another person excited to watch it. I was beginning to think me ### and Zzzz were the only ones lol. To be fair Leo’s New York accent sounds a bit shaky too, but Margot sounds pretty good to me.

bibi gunn (@bibihorsy)
12/23/13, 7:56 PM
PETA petitions Leonardo DiCaprio not to work with primates again via @MailOnline

Daily mail has picked up the PETA petition about Leo working with the chimp

Interesting... @ 12/23/2013 at 11:06 pm

@HAHA12: Oh yeah, i’ve been ready for this for months. The whole premise plus Leo has had me excited for a while!!!

Where were you when I was discussing this movie like a lone ranger for the past few months?? LOL. But that’s awesome, you’re aware of all the controversy its caused?

Interesting... @ 12/23/2013 at 11:20 pm

@HAHA12: Lol… I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were fighting the cause by yourself!
But yeah I’m super excited about this. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this 1 movie all year.
I’m aware of the controversy, but I don’t agree with most of it. Especially when it comes to the criticism of Leo and Marty. Fault the people who actually participated in these selfish acts, but they’re just telling the story.
To me it’s one of those examples where people are looking for a reason to be offended..

“I’m aware of the controversy, but I don’t agree with most of it. Especially when it comes to the criticism of Leo and Marty. Fault the people who actually participated in these selfish acts, but they’re just telling the story.”
Couldn’t agree more, at the same time I understand why one wouldn’t be interested in watching it but I don’t get why Leo and Marty are getting trashed so much. Someone accused me of not being a woman and misogynistic because I was defending them, which hurt a little so I cooled off from posting about the movie. I’ve been waiting for it to release since June, ever since Leo announced his break and started acting lazy I suspected this may be the last movie of his we’ll be seeing for awhile, and I’m ready just to watch it already. I’m glad another person is too. Have you read all the raves Leo has gotten? :)

Interesting... @ 12/23/2013 at 11:34 pm

@HAHA12: Yeah, I was worried that the movie was being released too late for him to garner any attention, but I haven’t seen or read 1 bad thing about his performance thus far. My favorite film of his is Catch Me…
And the critics are saying this is his best performance ever. I’m really happy for he and Marty, because at this point in both their careers, its hard to continue to get better!

Leo is going to be a great father to our son Leokas DiCaprio Haas Jr.! I just need to sneak him into bed first! ;)

YALL ARE SO ANNOYING @ 12/23/2013 at 11:38 pm

Can you guys shut up about the controversy about WOWS!!! YOU GUYS DIDN’T EVEN WATCH THE DAMN FILM, WATCH THE DAMN FILM THAN TALK ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF WONDERING WHAT OTHER PPL ARE SAYING ABOUT THE DAMN MOVIE. Leo has the weirdest and craziest and annoying fan girls ever

@Oscar talk:

Hmm… the candidates:

1) Tobey!

2) Lukas!

3) Bradley!

4) Orlando!

5) Jonah!

Interesting... @ 12/23/2013 at 11:40 pm

@YALL ARE SO ANNOYING: You don’t like what’s being said, then scroll!!!!
No one was talking to you anyway!
What’s annoying is when someone inserts themselves in something that has nothing to do with them!

Yeah same, I’m really glad for Leo getting the best reviews of his career, especially for pulling off comedy. I love him in Catch Me If You Can too.
Unfortunately, he probably won’t be nominated and we’ll have to suffer another year of overused Oscar jokes :/

No one here has watched it, yet it seems like many have already made up their minds about it.

Interesting... @ 12/23/2013 at 11:46 pm

@HAHA12: yeah the oscar jokes are tired at this point. Especially considering some of the questionable people who do have oscars, I don’t even see it as a negative that he doesn’t have one.

Neither do I, it’s just annoying how you basically can’t read something or discuss something about Leo without the stupid Oscars being brought up. The jokes were hilarious last awards season I can’t lie but they got old fast. It’s pretty much the Oscars and models that people discuss about his life these days, and nothing else.

YALL ARE SO ANNOYING @ 12/23/2013 at 11:49 pm

@HAHA12: @Interesting…:
People need to stop heckling Leo about the damnb Oscar!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PPL HAVE WON OSCARS AND THEN THEIR CAREERS WENT DOWN THE DRAIN RIGHT AFTER!?!?! thats not leo, hes a good actor, don’t need damn oscar, they are all about politics and favourites ( ahem Jlaw) JUST LET HIM BE AND ENJOY WOWS AND THE HOLIDAYS


I haven’t seen it but it seems like from some of the reviews that some of the scenes are repetitive. That responsibility fell to Scorsese and his film editor and the fault lies there.

Wishing everyone here a Merry Xmas or hannukkah… :)

I agree with you but just read any ONTD post on Leo for example, all people do is stay bringing up the Oscars. Not just that, but TMZ and more gossip sites as well. I could care less if he wins one or not, but it seems the haters are more pressed on making fun of him for not having one or for being thirsty for one.
That doesn’t surprise me given its 3 hour length time but many have said it doesn’t feel 3 hours and is entertaining throughout, which is reassuring to hear.

Interesting... @ 12/23/2013 at 11:56 pm

@Black sharpie: Wow.. This provides some interesting visuals!

@HAHA12: Hey there! You are never alone!!! I’m right there with ya! I think the majority of the posters are looking forward to the movie. I think there are a couple who post negative stuff to cause trouble. I too really liked Shutter Island!
re the Margot clip: Wow! Looks good!
@Black sharpie: Thanks for the article. It will be interesting to see how it turned out in the film. LOL about the naked girl on Leo who was too enthusiastic!
@Interesting: agree with you re the Oscars. There have always been politics with the Oscars, but it seems in the last few years it’s gotten ridiculous.

Black sharpie @ 12/24/2013 at 9:11 am

He sounds so innocent …

Seriously, I think he has made the right choices professionally. In his personal life, he has never gotten into drugs and has never had a scandalous situation with a woman! The relationships and flings all seem to end quietly.

This sounds like a bunch of old interviews that we’re cobbled together.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Black sharpie @ 12/24/2013 at 9:46 am

@Black sharpie:
The article is funny because she makes herself seem like she was the perfect actress while everyone else was not!? I am surprised Leo protested so much about having an “enthusiastic” naked woman on his lap!? I am assuming he protested since they asked her to calm down.
I also didn’t think they would actually spank a woman on a movie set. I thought it would all be “pretend” with just the look of a woman being spanked.
The whole article sounds like promotion to me.

@Black sharpie:

Actually I’m sure Leo is all work on set and this girl was obviously trying to get his “attention.” LOL

Don’t forget Leo is on good morning America this morning!

@####: My heart was beating so fast watching it. Ha Ha he was so handsome! I am so excited to see Wolf tonight! I have been skipping most of the reviews posted so it will all be a surprise. I think I am the most excited because Leo has been so passionate about this film.

I hope you enjoy it :) The sex scenes and nudity doesn’t freak you out? Just wondering because that seems to be the issues most reviews had.

Always nice to hear from you :) I can’t wait to finally watch this thing, only 1 more day!

@HAHA12, ####, also… Black sharpie and everyone else: Good Morning Ladies! I won’t be posting until Friday. Doing one delivery for work, then heading straight out of town to spend time with the family! Wishing everyone Happy Holidays! Hope you all have a fun, safe and relaxing time! :) xo
re WOWS: can’ wait to hear your reviews of the movie!

^Yes I forgot Happy Holidays to everyone here on JJ! :)

Leo praise(haters gtfo) @ 12/24/2013 at 11:31 am

“DiCaprio gives the best performance of the year from any actor. The range he goes through, as an actor is incredibly good. The scene where he arrives to the country club while extremely high on a particular drug is the craziest and funniest scene I’ve seen in film all year. Seriously, it’s so funny, that I was crying laughing. For that scene alone, I hope the Academy honors him this year with at least a nomination, because he deserves the gold for this performance.”

@HAHA12: re the nudity – 3hrs of total debauchery (and Leo’s butt!) – bring it on!!! Can’t wait!!!
I’m out! ;)


Do you have a midnight showing where you live? If so, lucky you!!!

I was hoping to see it at midnight but none of the theaters in my town have it showing until tomorrow morning because of Christmas so I’m trying to figure out which showing I can go to!


Safe travels and Happy Holidays!!! :-)

LMAO! I concur!


That’s what I say!!! LOL

@S: No not at all. I was raised by liberal parents and saw “Blame it on Rio” with nudity when I was five. I am sure you could find much worse on the internet if you wanted to and it’s real, not a movie.

@####: The city I live in has their own film festival (not large enough to attract Leo this year) so maybe that’s why. Plus art and jazz are huge around here. I know I will be tired but I stay up that late anyway. No one can go with me but I go to the movie’s alone all the time. I just like watching movie’s in the theatre.

Leo praise(haters gtfo) @ 12/24/2013 at 11:55 am

1. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET – Perhaps this is Martin Scorsese’s crowning achievement, a three hour epic on the way we live today because although set in a previous century, the 1980s, nothing, obviously, has changed. As Jordan Belfort the real life hustling con man, Leonardo DiCaprio gives a performance for the ages, a tour de force that defines the term.


Lucky you! I may be going by myself too if I can’t drag a family member with me on Christmas Day!!! :-)

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone! Hoping Leo is blessed with joy and peace this Christmas and all of you as well!

mad E (@maddie__carr)
12/24/13, 10:19 AM
Just found out that my stepdad’s company flew Leonardo DiCaprio from NYC to Florida 😱

Must have been for art Basel a few weeks back.

“Because that’s everything that revolved in Belfort’s and his workers lives. How are you going to make a movie on his life and not include sex and drugs when those there two most prominent things that occurred in his life?”
Simple;You dont make a movie about Belfort at all.
Belfort! What an inspiration!-sarcasm-
But lemme guess-no violence and no sex in the movie guarantee no audience.

dreamy boy (@deiaons)
12/24/13, 1:30 PM

someone popsted a comment in DM, claiming that Belfort never worked on wall street, that it’s all fiction.Huh??

he did work on wall street, his novel is based on his experiences working at the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont. another movie called Boiler Room was inspired by his life too.

@133;yeah, but that person claims Jordan never has participated in midget throwing , had money taped on a woman , had a three-way, and he worked on a small office on long Island and many people agreed with them(green arrows)

well all of that stuff is based on belfort’s memoir, theres a chance he could of exaggerated or made that stuff up but he wrote that as personal experiences, so he probably did do all that stuff.

merry christmas everyone!!

@135; you know what i think? I think they are right, because many eople exaggerate when they write a book. It’s all about the money and the hype they try to garner. And it’s refreshing to hear another version of this nastiness and i hope it wasnt true at all:-)

much as we’d like that to be true, i doubt it hehe. belfort was a crazy man, i watched some interviews of him, im not surprised at all he did all those things. its a miracle hes even still alive. but he prob did overexaggerate some stuff to make himself seem more “cool”. hes a try hard.

false rumor? @ 12/24/2013 at 7:47 pm

is it true that he had wild sex with Halle Berry andthey both used coc ai ne?

false rumor? @ 12/24/2013 at 7:49 pm

i have no idea about the source tho..i just found on the internet.
5. Don’t worry about awards.
When Hill landed a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for “Moneyball,” he knew nothing about awards season – the morning he got a SAG nomination for that film, he said he had no idea what the award was or that nominations were being announced.

This time around, though, things are different (and not just because Hill wasn’t nominated by SAG for the late-screening “Wolf”). “It’s become this uncomfortable thing where people say to you, ‘You could get awards recognition in this movie,’” he said.

“So that’s in your head when it shouldn’t be. I’m just proud of this movie, and if I don’t get nominations am I some sort of failure who let everyone down? With the first one, it was, ‘He’s never going to get anything, he’s a comedic actor,’ and then when I did everyone was happy.

“Now with this one, there’s almost an expectation, because it’s a Martin Scorsese film, and they put in the trailer, ‘Academy Award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio’ and ‘Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill.’ It makes me nervous.

“We were shooting ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ last year when ‘Django Unchained’ came out, and I had a really interesting experience getting to watch Leo during that time period. Because I thought he was absolutely brilliant in ‘Django Unchained,’ and he ended up not getting nominated for an Academy Award. It felt almost like it was awkward that he didn’t. When he walks in a room, do you mention it? Do you say, ‘Sorry you didn’t?’

“So I really try and tune that stuff out. I don’t want to feel like I messed up if nothing happens, you know?”

Leo looks old as a s s in that GMA video…Merry Christmas and everything else everyone!!!

leave leo’s looks alone, hes not a model. why do ppl get off trashing him so much…anyways happy holidays and all that.

Andres Andrade (@speedybreh)
12/24/13, 4:29 PM
We saw Leonardo Dicaprio earlier today dope! boy ain’t slick though couldn’t hide from Leo

Christmas message from Leo @ 12/24/2013 at 8:53 pm

Pleeeassse can some family let me spend Christmas with them? Preferably a family of leggy blonde models :’( I’m so sad and alone :’(

Angela Harrison (@aharrison026)
12/24/13, 5:46 PM
Leonardo Dicaprio is standing in line in front of me at this espresso shop I can’t even breath or move a muscle holy Christmas😍

Leo and his entourage are apparently in vegas! LOL. If you go to this persons twitter, there’s a conversation and she’s talking about he and his entourage walking around the palazzo.

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Leo… Christmas in Vegas? Hmmm….

You’re back!


Oh my gosh!!! You’re back!! We missed you!!!

Merry Christmas! :-)

@####: Awww! Thanks! :)

PS: Tomorrow morning @11am I’m gonna see WOWS!

are u sure you will like it? LOL!!


Yay lucky!!! :-) they didn’t have a midnight showing in my area so I’m going to the 10pm tomorrow. I have to wait all day!! :-(

So what do you think of Leo being in vegas on Xmas eve?? LOL

@####: I didn’t even look for a midnight showing I just went for the first showing tomorrow. You know, Christmas Eve…
I’m VERY surprised about him being in Vegas on Christmas. I mean he can still get back by Christmas morning…


Well you’ll have to give us your review after you see it. :-)

Re vegas, I’m surprised too. I figured he was in LA to spend with family and friends but flying to vegas on Xmas eve surprised me.

@####: I will. I even looked on my ‘runpee’ app for the best time during the movie for a bathroom break but it’s not on yet…
Vegas: It’s puzzling just like Toni leaving before his premiere. And after seeing these doting ‘uncle Leo’ photos. No family celebration?

Vegas used to be a place where he celebrated New Year’s Eve. But Christmas…? Hmmmm…

⚓KB⚓ ‏@Kendraabrookee 9h
My uncle is a pilot and was flying Leonardo dicaprio around last night #ok

Myka Cunanan ‏@myka_cunanan 8h
At the palazzo hotel and see Leonardo Dicaprio walking around our hotel#holyshitttt

Beccaa ‏@becca_irvin 10h
Soo my uncle is having dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio tonight…. #nbd @LeoDiCaprio

Aleks Kokanovic (@AleksKokanovic)
12/25/13, 2:47 AM
Leonardo DiCaprio and Patrick Swayze out at Visage last night

Another film review @ 12/25/2013 at 7:37 am

Review: ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ a Long, Boring Mess
Rebecca Cusey

It may be sacrilege to say anything negative about legendary director Martin Scorsese and equally renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio, but it’s time to speak out.

It’s not ok.

It’s not ok to make three hours of graphic sex, epic drug binges, and general debauchery as boring as it is in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Maybe because I have two X chromosomes it’s different for me, but somewhere around the twentieth naked breast, I started fidgeting. Watching Jonah Hill on his estimated seventeenth drug high, I started brewing over my to-do list. By the time the fourth orgy rolled around, I was actively checking my watch.

Imagine my dismay when I realized there was still an hour and a half left to this interminable movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Jordan Belfort and Jonah Hill as his right hand man Donnie. In real life, Belfort founded a firm that sold junk stocks to small-time investors and quickly moved into defrauding them as well.

The movie, based on Belfort’s autobiography of the same name, follows the story closely, including his relationships with his wives (spoiler: he doesn’t treat them well).

The story certainly has epic qualities that should easily translate to screen and ask some questions about greed, materialism, and even capitalism. I think the movie, its director, and its star have those aspirations.

But it falls short.

The most basic part of a good story is missing: Conflict.

When we meet Jordan Belfort, he is a jerk. Half way through the movie, he is still a jerk. And by the end (spoiler) he remains a jerk.

There is no inner arc, no inner turmoil that would reveal that he struggles with his choices or regrets anything or even gives his life a second thought. He merely goes from one extravagant act to the next like a whirlwind.

If you’re looking for external conflict, it’s AWOL as well. Sure, we have Kyle Chandler as a SEC agent investigating the company, but he’s almost a side character. There is no real rivalry between the two men, no great struggle between them.

Instead, we see again and again how completely debauched these characters are. They do drugs, they drink. They mock and abuse their clients. They lie to their clients. They do more drugs. They bring in strippers. They take mistresses and have gay sex and do S&M and talk about vaginas and show their penises.

And then they do it all again. For three hours.

There’s a word for this: self-indulgence. Not on the part of the characters, but the director.

It would have been a far better movie with a good 60-80 minutes cut from it. But, sadly, apparently nobody tells Scorsese no.

The problem isn’t so much the graphic content of the movie, although it should have received a NC-17 rating rather than a R.

The problem is there is no point to all those shenanigans.

Once it was established these characters were living for the drugs and orgies, that character development was done. There was no need to show Jonah Hill, apparently in real time for 20 minutes, attempt to operate a phone while banged out on prescription pills after a series of previous equally humiliating episodes. There was no need to show DiCaprio so high he can’t walk (a state Belfort refers to as a “cerebal palsy high”) and literally roll down stairs to his car after a series of previous equally bad decisions.

We get it. They’re drug users. Serious drug users. Enough.

If there was entertainment value to the hijinks beyond the first 20 minutes, that would be different and would make it a comedy. However, the movie does not want to be Pineapple Express or Harold and Kumar.

It wants to Be Serious and Mean Something and Comment on Society.

Beyond “******* be trippin’” it really doesn’t.

If Scorsese wanted to make a movie about graphic sex and drug use with no point, he should have skipped the middleman and gone right to porn.

I did not care about anyone in the movie, neither Jordan nor his wife, not Donnie or the motley crew of merry pranksters. I didn’t care about the SEC or the clients who lost their money to this guy. It was an time-consuming character study of a bad man, nothing more.

Skip it.

Please, don’t give anyone associated with this mess an Oscar.

Goes to show you that it’s not everyone who considers Scorsese/DiCaprio’s films like sacred work


Interesting... @ 12/25/2013 at 10:47 am

@Another film review: I’ve read all bad reviews from women, and all good reviews from men! This film seems to be very polarizing.

not surprising @ 12/25/2013 at 10:54 am

‘I’ve read all bad reviews from women, and all good reviews from men!”
It’s not surprising, considering the misogynist content of the movie.
I adore Leo but i cant get past this, because as a woman i feel offended.
Men on the other hand have the time of their lives when they watch women getting objectified. Jerks!

I’m in the theatre minutes away from WOWS. Full house, lots of elderly people.
One of the reasons why I haven’t posted for days was that I wanted to stay away from reviews. It happens that I don’t like a movie that got good reviews and the other way around. I was on the fence about this movie from the beginning and I wanted to clear my head before I see it. There were so many tweets and reviews posted here recently and I felt that wouldn’t help me while watching the movie.

Interesting... @ 12/25/2013 at 11:09 am

@not surprising: i understand being upset with the actual person who did and participated in these acts, but why label the people who are just telling the story misogynists? If thats the case, why not label Pitt and Fassbender for their portrayal of slavery.
And to be fair, there were, and still are, women who participated in those acts for money and access. Thats just the reality we live in.
If these are historical events, why fault the people who are telling the story?

@interesting: I see both your points. Leo wasn’t called out for his role in Django. At the same time I see why ‘not surprising’ is upset. Why would anyone take on a role like this? And misogyny was mentioned before regarding Leo as a private person. I’m not taking sides I just see both your points.

not surprising @ 12/25/2013 at 11:14 am

‘but why label the people who are just telling the story misogynists’
you got it wrong. I said the content of the movie is misogynist, not the actors of course:)

Interesting... @ 12/25/2013 at 11:19 am

@not surprising: I should have been more clear… My apologies!
But I’ve heard and read reviews and articles calling the film makers misogynist and other unfair claims in my opinion!
I apologize, my previous comment was unclear!

not surprising @ 12/25/2013 at 11:21 am

Im not upset with Belfort in particular, because i dont know where the truth ends and where fiction kicks in . But Leo is a powerful actor. He had so many options , yet he chose this role. He chose this movie. I understand he wants to branch out, but hey..there are so many films and he chose the misogynistic one.

not surprising @ 12/25/2013 at 11:28 am

IMO it was unfair and crazy. I mean that “Shame on you” about Scorsese.
It would be crazy to claim that Scorsese is a misogynist.
He’s a director, an artist and he tried to do his best.I feel sorry for him.
It was so unfair, when you work so hard …..and then someone attacks you like that.But they could have chosen another material to work on…and yet they chose this movie.

not surprising @ 12/25/2013 at 11:30 am

Anyway.I just wanted to take it out of my chest.
@also…:i hope you enjoy this movie:-)

Interesting... @ 12/25/2013 at 11:33 am

@not surprising: I understand and respect your opinion.
I try not to analyze why a director, producer, or actor chooses the work that they do ( aside from like super hero or disney stuff) because I know they’re all in competition for the same material, and they want to push the envelope of creativity.
Maybe you’re right though. Maybe they’re so used to the sexist environment they work in, that they didn’t really think much of what they were portraying.


Enjoy the movie! :-)

Happy holidays to all the Leo fans! Hope everyone has an awesome day with their family and friends! :-)

not surprising @ 12/25/2013 at 11:42 am

Merry Christmas to beautiful Leo and everyone here:-)
I hope you enjoy your holidays with your family.

Would love that come over to my xmas dinner party i’ll definetly put on a sexy dress. Your fangirl would love that.

Black sharpie @ 12/25/2013 at 2:22 pm

Not sure how true any of this is – it is the National Enquirer after all!?
I could see how this could happen though. It must have been tough on Adam to watch Leo’s career soar while his ended. I think Leo is very loyal until you cross him and then he probably just ends the relationship. Maybe that’s what happened here. ?!

So…. I liked it. I didn’t hate it and I didn’t love it. Liked it. Leo did AMAZING and just like in Gatsby he carried the whole movie. Jonah was a great wingman. Some scenes were hilarious ( candle, on the plane on their way to Switzerland… etc the ones that were mentioned before ).
But the movie was too long ( several ppl around us kept checking their watches after a while and on the way out I heard many comments like that ) and in between those funny scenes it was a little boring sometimes, just dragging. I wish I didn’t read reviews and tweets for weeks because it was different from what I imagined based on them.
I’m happy Leo took on a less serious role and I hope he will do roles like this again. I didn’t feel it was ( that ) misogynist as someone mentioned she was afraid it was going to be.
It was a solid movie with an amazing performance from Leo and Matthew McConaughe. They really stood out and the others were ok. But it should have been shorter to avoid the occasional dragging.

I’m so glad you liked it! I didn’t think you would, I heard it feels too long and drags at times but I’m still excited nonetheless. Unfortunately I have to wait until tomorrow to watch it. Was Leo really funny in it?

Also Merry Christmas everyone! :)


I’m glad you liked it! So one of my best Christmas presents was a bunch of Leo movies that I did not have or had them on VHS! I was so happy!!!

@HAHA12: I expected to like it but not as much as others. Leo is Leo and he is an amazing actor. I had issues with the subject but Leo and Marty deliver.
Leo was funny in the funny scenes. The scene on the plane… I still laugh about that. Or the scene with Jonah ( qualude sequence ) or the nursery scene ( `What`s wrong, daddy? ) it turned out to be a funny one in the end… In some scenes he looked like how I imagined him behaving with friends joking around…etc. He needs more roles like this.
He had a great chemistry with Jonah. With Margot it was ok. A little better than with Carrey. Margot`s accent bothered me. She needed Brooklyn accent and she captured only a small part of it. Like the tip of the iceberg. But she was better than in her TV show and she gave a good performance.
It was a roller coaster ride in many ways. All the crazy things Belfort were like riding one and the ups and downs thanks to the hilarious and dragging parts. But Leo was INCREDIBLE.

I’m curious about Margot’s performance, I hope her chemistry with Leo isn’t too lacking. Glad to hear Jonah is good too. And yeah people are saying this is Leo’s best performance ever, even those who said they didn’t like the movie so that’s pleasing. Was the sex/nudity awkward to watch?

And I’m glad you liked Leo, he really should do more comedic roles. It would be good for him and his fans.

@HAHA12: Margot did well but I didn`t see it as outstanding as some people said it in tweets and reviews. The chemistry… nothing compared to that sex scene in The Departed but better than with Michelle Williams or Carrey M. I think the all time worst was Michelle W. then Carrey M and then Margot. Their second scene ( dinner date ) was great but the rest… ok.
The very first sex scene ( like a minute into the movie ) where he blows cocaine up a prostitutes butt was awkward. Because of the girl. I doubt there`s anything on that girl(`s body ) that Leo hasn`t seen. NOT a body part unseen…. Other than that… Jonah with his prosthetic ***** was awkward or the glimpse of the Leo-Jonah-hooker threesome. I expected worse in that department.

@HAHA12: Whatever reason I have against the movie, the things I didn`t like too much… has NOTHING to do with Leo. He nailed it all the way. And yes, he definitely needs more roles like this.

Yeah I don’t know how I’m going to get through all this sex/nudity in the theater but it should be interesting lol. Hopefully I like their chemistry together because they looked like they clicked based on the footage and stills that I saw. Last question, how was the candle scene??

Good to hear! Yeah let’s hope he does more comedic roles in the near future. I heard there’s a scene that’s really funny which involves him opening a car with his leg?

@HAHA12: I don`t know… to me it wasn`t really about the candle. It was already in his butt, a small red candle that the ********** took it out and spilled was on his back. But it was more like about his `whining` and girly voice that was funny.
Some scenes were as I expected and some were different ( less bad ) than I thought it was going to be.
Well, you will see about Margot. I guess this might be different for everytone. I think she did a good job but I have seen better chemistry onscreen between Leo and costars. And Leo tends to carry and bring out better performances from his female costars.

That’s true, he works really well with female actors and I think Margot said he helped her be better while they were shooting. I shall see when I watch it tomorrow, if my plans work out this time. Thanks for sharing ur thoughts.

*spilled wax on his back…

So I know you guys don’t like to talk about Toni, but she posted a photo on instagram and milan (leo’s godson) comment on it. Does anybody knows what he meant?


The urban dictionary says it means a lukewarm hard-on. LOL

toni girl @ 12/25/2013 at 5:02 pm

She has put on some weight. Good to see that-she looks healthier
Or is it the angle?

toni girl @ 12/25/2013 at 5:03 pm

i saw that too, english is not my native language..

@####: I don`t see it. It could be the angle or the baggy clothes she is wearing. It looks boring. Like most things about her. Sorry, I had to say it.

Oh, sorry. My previous comment was for toni girl not ####. lol
@####: Are you excited about the movie? Just a couple of hours to go…

I just noticed something:
Leo posted yesterday on his mobli account about WOWS coming out today and he tagged his location in Philly…
Maybe christmas with Bradley? Lol,,,

I don’t think Leo posts personally on Mobli, Twitter and Facebook accounts that carry his name. His people, like publicists are likely the ones who write stuff in his name.


Yes! Can’t wait to see it! :-)

@shir: Several tweets placed him in Vegas yesterday.

Turns out I got a chance to watch WOWS last minute today..
It was hilarious, one of the funniest I think I’ve seen. If you are not into seeing lots of sex and nudity for that long, I wouldn’t recommend watching it. It’s not a movie for everyone and not everyone will like it, at times it became too excessive but I understand Leo and Marty wanted to push everything as far as they could. Still they could of cut some of the movie out or some scenes because at times it did drag on quite a bit. But really, it went by fast for me personally. I was engaged all through out. Jonah was really funny and had great chemistry with Leo. Same with Margot she was really good but wish her screentime was longer. Her and Leo were a fiery couple together. But LEO. What a performance, I still can’t believe he pulled it off. Might be my favorite performance of his ever now. It’ll be a damn shame when he doesn’t get an Oscar nomination for this because I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to act this good again. All in all, it met my expectations and was hilariously entertaining throughout. There were some scenes that left me on the edge of my seat for sure.

Btw when I was asking ‘also’ questions about it I was in the theater the whole time lol

@HAHA12: Oh, that`s how it happened! I was wondering how could you pull it off. 3 hours after we talked about my experience you said you saw it… lol Tricky!
So apart from two slight difference ( the movie was `hilariously entertaining throughout and Leo and Margot was a fiery couple ) we basically agree! Good!

Haha I lied about seeing it tomorrow, I wanted some quick thoughts from a person who had already seen it just before I was about to. I was pretty nervous and my expectations were low tbh, but it surprised me a lot! I was shocked at people who actually brought their grandparents to see it o.O They definitely didn’t know what they were getting into..

And lots of people said they walked out or were disappointed according to Twitter. Did they not read what it was Rated R for?? Like some were expecting another Gatsby romance lol.

Just like the reviews, the reactions are all over the place for Wolf. Some are saying it’s the worst movie they’ve ever seen and others are saying its great. This is definitely extremely divisive.


I guess I’ll be next with my review! 5.5 hours and counting! LOL

Hope you enjoy it! Just try to go in with an open mind lol! But seriously Leo is so great in it.

@HAHA12: I do understand the mixed reaction. I haven`t seen anyone walking out but as I said earlier it was very noticeable how much people kept checking their watches after like an hour and a half – two hours into the movie. I didn`t really pay attention what people said while walking out since I had to run to the bathroom… lol
But I definitely understand why people didn`t like it. All in all it was a positive experience for me but it was close.
@####: Let us know what you think!

Yeah like I said it’s definitely not for everyone. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite Leo/Scorsese movie but it definitely is one of their better collaborations and I was really surprised by how much I liked it, since my expectations grew lower with the divisive reviews from critics. I think this is a movie that probably will age better with time, its story is pretty redundant at this point and I’m sure audiences were not expecting all that sex and drugs. It was really funny tho. Not a perfect film but surprised me greatly.

what was the weirdest scene you saw?
I mean the scene that shocked you the most.

@HAHA12: Agreed! In a way it was better than what I expected and in a way it was worse. I know it sounds stupid… It was better because I thought the sex/drug content/scenes would be much worse than I thought ( based on the reviews ). Worse because of the dragging from time to time.
@ @also…: The most shocking scene? Huh…The candle scene ( even though I expected it ) and the snorting coke from the prostitute`s ass. See the thing is that because of the reviews and tweets the most shocking scenes weren`t as shocking since you knew about them. But I have to bring up the scene that was mentioned many times without details and it turned out to be an amazing / shocking scene: as he is crawling back to his car at the country club. OMG! That was really something!!!!! How his leg got stock in the car door… lol

I think thats why average movie watchers/those who didn’t know much about the movie hated it when they finally watched it lol. I already expected all those scenes like the candle one and the orgies like you said so I wasn’t as shocked by them. And OMG the car scene may be the funniest scene in a movie I’ve seen all year, it was absolutely hilarious. Leo deserved an Oscar for that alone, I loved how funny he was in this!

@HAHA12: The `cerebral palsy phase`… lol It was incredible! I see why some people compared it to Arnie in Gilbert Grape. Phenomenal!
I was surprised by the nursery scene. I expected it ending in something steamy not in a joke ( after some steamy part of course ). But what still makes me laugh is the scene on the plane as `rugrat` helps him to his seat and they start messing with his hair ( `take it off` and `there`s a treasure map under it` ). Or the part where he teaches Ethan & co how to sell stocks when he starts his company. He was so HILARIOUS!!!!!
But you are right. I guess we were prepared for a lot of shocking scenes and that made a difference. maybe that`s why I didn`t think it was that bad… Good entertainment but just like for you… I don`t think it`s my favorite Leo ( & Marty ) movie. The Departed and The Aviator are still my favorites from them.

The Departed is still my favorite collaboration from them, I think. I need to rewatch it. I still need to watch Gangs Of New York but that looks like a very divisive movie too plus I hear Daniel Day Lewis is the only reason worth watching it. And yes, I got serious Gilbert Grape vibes from Leo during that scene, just hilarious! I was trying hard to contain my laughter. Whenever him and Jonah were in any scenes together really it was funny, they make such a great duo. The Popeye scene was hilarious as well, but nothing tops the Lemmon quaaludes scene. Leo was so perfect.

@HAHA12: So which scene could have been his full frontal scene that was left out? The one in Vegas as he walks to the window ( I think there`s a glimpse of it… ) or the final sex scene with Margot as he rolls off her? Of course it could have been a completely different one!
@####: Watch him after the plane orgy scene in Vegas as he walks to the window. I think you see a little something…

@HAHA12: I loved their scene at the party in the Hamptons house just before he meets Naomi. That scene with Jonah and the Steve Madden thing…. I had tears coming out of my eyes Leo was so funny!

It has to be when he walks to window in Vegas because I swear to God I SAW SOME OF IT! Lol, that must mean his peen is not so small like we thought right? Because it looked like some was showing even tho you could only see his butt. When I rewatch it I’m going to have to pay close attention to that particular scene again..or hopefully this leaks online soon enough. I know some friends who really want to watch it but not in theaters because they would feel too awkward, can’t blame them.

@HAHA12: Oh, so it wasn`t just me who thinks it was his peen! I guess when it comes to DVD that part will be in slow motions over and over again, right? LOL! Yeah, if we could see a glimpse of it from that angle it can`t be that small. #### pay attention! Let us know if we were right!

That was too funny! Or when they were exercising crazy because of the drug effects and Margot called them retards. The airplane scene was also a highlight. Leo needs to be in more comedies, I just cannot say this enough! Lol I always knew he could be funny but never THAT funny. Seriously he reminded me of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin with the way he moved his body, great physical comedy!

‘that must mean his peen is not so small like we thought right?’
it was only some idiots here who were talking about this


Thanks for the head’s up! I’ll be sure to look for it!

Ooops I meant Charlie Chaplin instead of Dean Martin

I’m pretty sure someone will make a GIF out of it and put it on Tumblr soon. I swore that was his peen right there lol!

@HAHA12: Yes, he absolutely needs to do more roles like this. Maybe not this edgy and polarizing ones but comedy kind. Not the serious parts he keeps sticking to. It was sooooo amazing to see such a different side of him as an actor!
PS: It felt so awkward to laugh at Jonah`s joke at the beginning when he explained what he would have done if his kids were born with some mental disabilities since he married his cousin. It was soooo horrible and funny! And Leo`s reaction…. priceless!

@HAHA12: Me, too. I think that was it and there will be gift and videos on youtube soon. lol

Yeah I mean I’m glad he chose another edgier movie instead of a safe one again but hopefully his next projects aren’t as divisive and polarizing next time! I swear I was so so nervous to watch this especially with a large audience but they laughed all throughout. And oh that’s only one of the MANY horrible jokes that were told in this but you just couldn’t help but laugh. Remember when Jonah said about Margot: I’d let her give me AIDS or something
Lol! His jerking off to her may be the most awkward scene in the movie.

You are talking about Leo like he’s some sort of meat.
How disgusting….

would you like people talking about your vay jay jay like that on a public forum?
Bet not.Be respectful towards Leo for once.

@HAHA12: Agreed. Maybe not this divisive but something out of his comfort zone. He proved he is good even in a role like this and I do believe people wanna see more of this side of his. When I watched it I expected bigger laughs. People right around me were dead quiet all the way. I was the outsider laughing…
Wasn`t it like `catching AIDS from her`? But that scene with Jonah… was ridiculous!

@ @HAHA12: I`m sorry but we had one remark about the size and we talked about seeing a glimpse of it. I just don`t think it was that disrespectful. JMO.

I wasn’t intending to be disrespectful either. Personally I’m glad we didn’t even see it, unlike other people on Twitter and Tumblr who were getting excited at the thought of seeing Leo’s *****. Lol, thats too much of him I don’t want to see. But I’m not lying when I say there is a particular scene where you can get a glimpse of it.

Go check twitter: dicaprio + wolf. His performance is getting MANY raves. People love him!

Really? There was tons of laughter in my screening. Didn’t you go earlier in the morning? And yes I really hope this inspires him to keep taking off beat roles and showing more of his lighter/funnier side in his movies. He is sooo much better when he loosens up and just has fun with everything. And working with Jonah must have pushed him to be especially funnier. It was just great watching them both together. If if it wasn’t for them completely selling it, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the movie nearly as much.

Leo rocks!!
He’s so talented. He’s the best actor of his generation.Definitely!!

The reaction to the movie is ALL over the place, many people hated it or found it disappointing, but they’re all raving Leo! :) It’s really his best performance in the longest time.

Shut the hell up.
People can discuss what they like here. His d__k, ba__s, hair whatever. Leo is a public figure, like it or not and it comes with the territory if it offends you sensibilites get lost back to your Leo shrine.
Like he cares what you or anyone here says.
Carry on HAHA12 and also.’not with Toni’ or whatver the lunatic’s current name is can go kick rocks

@WOWS: We mentioned the mixed reviews about the movie not about Leo`s performance. I think everyone agrees on his performance but the movie as a whole… that`s a different question.
@HAHA12: I was at the 11 am show but I don`t think that makes a difference. The audience was mixed. Some elderly people but mainly middle aged or younger ones. I think it`s about the fat that people reacted differently.
I personally don`t think we were disrespectful while talking about his private part. I also don`t think it would have been good if his full frontal scene makes the cut. Male full frontal nudity gets way more attention than female and many would have focused on that driving attention away from his performance / movie. Think about Fassbender or that Swedish guy in the HBO show ( True Blood ) going full frontal.

I can’t wait to know the box office results.

When you attack other posters is better HOW, LOL42?

You reap what you saw nutcase.
HAHA12 was disrespectful AS FU CK towards Leo. Leo is not a meat
And posters can complain all they want.
@also…: its alright, girl. It’s ok.

American Hustle’s result was not so great. I am expecting WOWS to do much better due to Leo’s stardom.

@WOWS: I know it might not mean anything but at 11am today the movie was full in spite of the fact it was Christmas Day. I assume it will be a hit at the box office.

@also Thank you! That’s great.

I saw on twitter it is sold out in some locations.

The threads have been peaceful and quiet without you back attacking posters or obsessing on past posters in your different guises. Thankfully we now know its you again so it make sense. May HAHA12, LOL42, Zzzz and the others that have been attacked by you ignore your requests.
Keep complaining in your monologue I hope HAHA12, also, WOWS and EVERYONE who watches it comes here and comments on Leo’s **** or whatever they choose to on a PUBLIC figure in a PUBLIC forum and you can go hang girlie

I’m sorry if you think I disrespected Leo but that was not my intention?? I’ve heard worse things said about Margot Robbie then anything I said about Leo in this thread..

Its the same loon who is obsessed with certain posters here. NUTCASE

@also#254: I think the fact that it was Christmas Day was beneficial for the box office. Its holidays and people are more willing to spend some time in the theaters:-)

People disturbed with WOWS. It’s MARTIN SCORSESE! What did they expect?

I am happy for Leo. Oops, he did it AGAIN. And I am SURE he will do it AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. He is always surprising us.

I have a feeling this won’t be the mega hit Django was due to all the sex/nudity(lots of people walked out of the theater according to Twitter) but I think this will still do pretty well, especially in January. Leo and Scorsese movies do very well and I don’t expect anything less with this one.
Wonder what size it’ll be now. Cant wait to see WOWS and judge

I just realised now.
She’s back and still as obsessed with JJ posters and insane as ever. Pray for her for New Years

Because of all the sex and nudity, thats why! What I don’t get is why the hell did people actually bring little kids and their grandparents to watch this?? What were they expecting, a romantic comedy set on Wall Street?

@HAHA12 The foreign box office, girl. Wait and see. You remember when people were saying Gatsby would be a huge flop? Yes, haha.

@HAHA12 This is old school Scorsese, girl.
People should know btter LOL. I am so excited to watch.

That’s true, I totally forgot about Gatsby, and that got worse reviews then Wolf did. Leo just keeps slaying at the box office!

Hope you enjoy it, its many things but especially one Hell of a ride!

I don`t think the box office numbers are going to be bad. After all those people who walked out or left 1 star reviews on rottentomatoes PURCHASED tickets first and went to see the movie. Box office hit and critically acclaimed movies are not the same. I think it was the same with Gatsby. Leo`s name still attracts crowds especially with Scorsese as a director.


I am so excited to see this movie tonight. Hearing you guys talk about it, just gets me more excited!!! :-)

@HAHA12 My body is ready LOL. Thanx.

I think Leo’s name attracts crowds with or without great directors.
Leo’s a legend.

Leo is one of the last movie stars who can sell a movie on just his name, IMO.

Hope you enjoy it!!

+ 1

Since it was mentioned: Gatsby with ANY other actor would be a flop, FACT.

@####: yeah, enjoy it! I hope we didn`t influenced you too much. I can`t wait for your review!

@272-i’m the”lunatic” you were trashing
Now you agree with me??

So … his a$$ is … fine? Sorry, I had to ask lol.

@???: Oh, yeah!!!! It is fine!!! There are closeups! ;)

Take that back! You’ll be accused of disrespecting Leo again lmao

Oh, and I did just that, what someone here suggested. I looked for dicaprio + wolf on twitter and OMG. So happy for Leo.

@also I think my heart skipped a few beats lmfao. Thank you!!!

@????: Me, too. Even if the movie itself gets mixed reviews it`s good to know that everyone thinks Leo had an incredible performance.
@HAHA12: LOL! I`m not willing to take it back! His ass is mighty FINE!!!!!!


No influence at all. I know I will enjoy it even with the shock parts! LOL

@HAHA12 lol, ignore the trolls. I do not care, loved the answer I got from #also lol.

Black sharpie @ 12/25/2013 at 10:05 pm
This is about ten days old but verifies that his “hiatus” from acting is almost over.

LMAO! I was surprised it was not flabby. And yes, it and he were looking fine all throughout the movie. Especially in those suits!!
Lmao don’t worry :p

Of course you can talk about whatever you want.Claiming otherwise would be childish if not crazy. I would never do that.Not me not i
But the way you were talking about leo was disgusting imo.
Leo’s not some kind of meat, and its a disgrace when his so called “fans’ talk about him like that.
I have the right to express my opinion, even if you consider it as an attack
And that hateful weirdo L***2 under aliases takes JJ so seriously .Much ado about nothing
keep obsessing over that poster who fellates on leo according to you.

@HAHA12: He was in really good shape while shooting WOWS. I guess he made sure he / it looks good since he knew he was going to show some skin….

Thanks for those pics we need more Leo nude shots up in here to compare.

I really hope it pays off and WOWS does the biz at the B.O, especially as other Oscar Bait like 12 years a Slave have not done as well as expected

Keep em coming haha12 love your insight & posts

@Black sharpie:

I just wish we knew if he had a new project starting in 2014.

@Leo Nude:
Don’t worry I’m here to stay and thank you btw.
Whatever he was doing for his work out for this movie it sure payed off lol!

@Leo Nude:
and yet you have attacked your “beloved” haha12 too under aliases,L***2

It was on thanksgiving day when you attacked her
I hope haha12 opens her eyes and see where the thanksgiving day attacks came from,you L***2..

I love how everyone is ignoring the troll as she converses with herself under different names again.

Black sharpie @ 12/25/2013 at 10:47 pm

Oh, I think he has to have a new project in 2014. Otherwise, it would be another year off for him. He is connected to a number of things. Maybe it depends which one he can get financed ?
Are you watching WOWS?

This pic is on Leo’s god sons Instagram. It looks like Leo’s backyard. Christmas dinner?

@how funny:
LOL42 is gone..she probably got sick of being attacked by you

@Black sharpie:

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he starts filming something next year!

Not yet….2 hours and 11 minutes! LOL

It would be particularly great if WOWS does business at the box office cause it will help Leo’s cause towards an Oscar nom as the field is so crowded. I don’t think he’ll win but I do think with all the great reviews and the risk taking plus the healthy receipts, it’ll be sad if he’s snubbed

You are so naive.Open your eyes HAHA12. Not gonna say more.

Black sharpie @ 12/25/2013 at 10:54 pm

Wow! That’s beautiful! It could be Leo’s house.
The view and the pool look similar.
Looks like more fun than lying on a couch in pajamas. Lol!

It’s unfortunate but I have a feeling he’s going to be snubbed yet again. I didn’t think it was too bad that he missed for Django because all of the supporting actors in that were great and while Leo was good I thought Sam Jackson was the MVP personally. But omg, it would be such a shame if he was snubbed for WOWS. Seriously, it’s his best and most fully realized performance to date, right up there with Gilbert Grape even. He proves everyone wrong that thought he was too serious and can’t be funny, and its the loosest and most wild thing he’s ever done. It’s also the best reviews he’s gotten in the longest time for a performance. I really hope he is able to sneak in the lineup somehow but I won’t get my hopes up. :/ I think the movie will do good at the box office despite the mixed reactions.

Waste of time HAHA12, she’s always coming after you, LOL42, Lucy and other posters. Her long time sick obsession with JJ posters or what posters should say on Leo is scary and she’s clearly insane. C’mon who on earth would remember or claim to know what anyone would post on some gossip board on Thanksgiving or any other holiday unless its a sicko?? Best ignore troll.

What’s even scarier is LOL42, Lucy, Leonie, etc left and haven’t been back in the this the same person who was always accusing LOL42 of being an old poster and using her moniker??

So, i hope y’al enjoyed the wows despite its length.(3 hours ,rolls eyes)
Gonna watch this too and post my thoughts on here:-)
See ya:-)

I really hope that’s not the case, I confess some of his films have been far too Oscar baity (recently Hoover) and right now there are so many Oscar hungry films being released, the market is glutted and only few would actually break even at the B.O. But I really hope the academy can reward a daring performance that people actually went to the cinema to pay to watch but I’m not hopeful

@how funny:
I don’t get what you mean? What am I naive about?

Oh lord, J. Edgar lol. I’m glad I wasn’t around during that era, that was just a mess and such obvious failed Oscar bait. But that is not the case with Wolf at all, it is far from Oscar bait and actually reminds me of the edgy films that were being released during the 70s. I think with time it’ll be appreciated better. I don’t see this making a big splash with the Oscars, but I really really hope Leo can get nominated somehow. What helps him is his performance seems to be inspiring a lot of passion, even if the movie isn’t as much. There’s no way they can watch Wolf and not vote for Leo, he practically is the movie and the reason worth watching it all. I’m gonna feel so bad for him if he gets snubbed again :/

I think it is, and her obsession has not being cured. I really think she talks to herself to appear like she has those in agreement, her grammar sometimes gives her away. That Thanksgiving remark #294 was truly truly creepy, obsessive (no joke) and suggests posters/posts are being stalked. I mean I don’t even know what people posted here yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He most likely will not get an Oscar nomination. There’s too much competition this year and the other movies are serious dramas.

How many nominations did Leo win thus far?

I think the last spot is between Leo, Robert Redford, and Christian Bale. Maybe Forest Whitaker for The Butler. Its a packed year for Best Actor.

I know but so many of these Oscar bait dramas will likely not deliver at the box office. I realise its about quality than profit, but it’ll be neat of the Academy to reward movies that have BOTH acclaim and commercial appeal. I mean for example how much did Dallas Buyers Club earn? it is not even pretending to be anything than blatant Oscar bait


The academy doesn’t care about box office, so that’s not a factor at all.

I know, but before films that were showered with Oscars at least touched base with the consumers at the box office be it the musicals or counter flicks like the Godfather and even Chinatown. Now its more about hustling I mean who on earth thinks Chicago or Crash will resonate 10 years from now despite being gifted with awards by the Academy?

Sometimes Box Office does help Oscar contenders. Especially last year, nearly all the films nominated for Best Picture did well i.e Argo, Django, Life Of Pi, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, etc

Black sharpie @ 12/25/2013 at 11:44 pm

For whatever it’s worth, Rotten Tomatoes has both All is Lost and American Hustle at 93%. Robert Redford is probably due because I don’t think he’s ever won. I saw American Hustle and thought Christian Bale was very good.

@Black sharpie:
Robert Redford has an Oscar for directing and an honorary Oscar, but not one for acting.

correction @ 12/25/2013 at 11:47 pm

in my comment 277 i was addressing comment #275, not 272
@275(not 272)-i’m the”lunatic” you were trashing
Now you agree with me??


Explain Jennifer Lawrence’s nomination for Winter’s Bone then.

Indies rule at the Oscars.

A comedy even a dark comedy is not going to be taken as seriously as a drama either.

The nominations are on January 16th:


Just bought my WOWS tickets. 1 hour, 4 minutes! :-)

No one said indies don’t have a place, I mean Holly Hunter and Emily Mortimer were nominated for films that few saw. Its just for the picture, director and hell even best actor Oscar there was at least a chance that a large number of people would have seen the movie/performances. Now roles and pics are nominated because they make sure they come out at the right time and pay off to Academy voters are sweet. I mean August Osage County is a film that has mixed reviews and is not tracking well but is apparently now an award contender how???


Sorry but I disagree. It’s quality over popularity. Bruce Dern is going to get a nomination and possibly win for best actor this year and the general audience hasn’t seen Nebraska yet.

For example Chicago was not a serious drama it was at best whimsical dramedy but was still awarded with Oscars even though it has not stood the test of time for quality.

Oscars rarely are about quality. They rewarded Crash over Brokeback Mountain for God’s sake.

I disagree wholeheartedly with the notion that something is only of quality if few see it, there are many crappy indies too. And Oscar winners of years ago still did the business at the box office, were popular with the folks and are rated today
Dern likely winning proves my point of it beign about making all the right noises, interviews and appearances so he’ll likely be rewarded with ‘lets give him before he croaks for a good performance’ as opposed to him being better than Redford or even Dicaprio in their respective roles, especially considering Redford does not even have co-stars in his movie

Exactly and don’t forget the excellent City of God. Even the Thin Red Line was considered a more substantive deserver then Shakespeare in Love.

Its all about campaigning, having a good narrative, and being in the right role/movie at the right time. Who ever would of predicted Jared Leto might be an Oscar winner 5 years ago? Now he’s the favorite to win for Dallas Buyer’s Club.


He was great in Requiem for a Dream, so the potential was always there.

Just got back from seeing WOWS. It’s 1:30 in the morning in California so all I’ll say is I really liked the movie and Leo killed it!! :-)

@Leo Nude @ 12/26/2013 at 9:08 am

Are you a girl or a guy? And do you want some of that?

Maybe this is sm year @ 12/26/2013 at 9:33 am

Read the comments. May be Leo will finally find ‘The One’ this year.

WOWS box office @ 12/26/2013 at 10:29 am
The stock market might be closed but Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” had no trouble cashing in at the holiday box office.

According to estimates, Paramount’s R-rated drama leads all Christmas sales with approximately $10 million on its first day of release while Warner Bros.’ “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug” is close behind with $8.9 million.

“Wolf of Wall Street,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, earned a low ‘C’ Cinemascore with audiences but is still projected to earn north of $35 million through Sunday and could very well give Bilbo Baggins a run for his money this holiday weekend.

“The Hobbit,” having grossed over $400 million worldwide, is expected to add another $40 million domestically through Sunday.

Christmas sales were overall stronger-than-expected Wednesday for newcomers. 20th Century Fox’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (Fox) is looking at $7.5 million opening day and Universal’s “47 Ronin,” despite its dreary B.O. forecast, earned $6.7 million.

The day’s other wide release, Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro’s boxing pic “Grudge Match,” entered the ring with $4.5 million.

zmp22 @lrwllace look. It’s you without makeup #pandaface

Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 11:00 am

I don’t get “panda face “?

Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 11:03 am

@WOWS box office:
Glad to hear it did so well opening day. Hope it continues. Disappointed in the Cinemascore. Some of the material is probably tough for audiences to watch and it’s a long movie as well.


JadRBazzi ‏@JadRBazzi 17h

Leonardo DiCaprio sitting court side next to Jack

Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 11:07 am

@Maybe this is sm year:
Don’t hold your breath about him finding “the one”!
I definitely don’t think he will be married in Feb2014. Perhaps sometime in 2015?!


Oh wow he went to the lakers game yesterday.

@Black Sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 11:12 am

To be fair Shutter Island also got a C cinemascore from audiences yet it still made so much money.


Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 11:14 am

The Lakers did play the Miami Heat yesterday. The game started at noon CA time. It’s possible he was there.

@Black sharpie: Could be feb. 2014, you never know. The seer said this year will sort him out and he will be happy personally.

So will we have a new leo-thread??

That pic his godson posted yesterday was Leo’s house or what?

Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 11:26 am

It’s possible. The view and the pool look similar.
Maybe they went to the game and then had dinner at his place.

Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 11:27 am

No, we don’t know but like I said don’t hold your breath!

@Black sharpie:
Maybe you are right.But toni wasnt with them (Leo&godson) was she?

@Black sharpie:

Or maybe never? He might not want to get married.

Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 11:41 am

Toni is in Germany. She’s been there for over a week. She has some riveting pics on Instagram detailing all the exciting things she’s been doing since she’s been there! (Yes, I am being sarcastic)


Please! I hope he will not marry Toni!! OMG!

@Black sharpie:
I remember that ‘riveting’ pic:-) Its the pic i though she had put on some weight.
I find it weird(not that im despressed lol)that she and Leo spend their
x -mas holidays apart

i mean, perhaps it’s an indication their love story(lol) is over soon..

@tweet: That wasn’t “Leo” sitting next to jack. lol That was a very good looking younger guy next to Jack..maybe he could be described as a younger cuter Leo back in the Romeo days. lol.
And I think they might be related… his son maybe?? Cutie was beside Jack the whole time. ?

Leo has Scorpio with a Libra moon. This would work well. Plus some physics/astrologists like Physic1, The one (I think), and Lilly have expressed their options about this.

@Black sharpie: haha I knew you were being sarcastic cause her pictures look so dead lol

doesn’t love her. If he truly loved her he wouldn’t spend his holidays far away from her and vice versa. A woman in love cant live without her lover for many many many days.JMO


I was thinking the same thing especially since he hasn’t been at a lakers game since early this year.

Glad you enjoyed Wolf! Leo was so great in it, wasn’t he? I had such a blast watching it in theaters.


Toni’s in Germany.

Tell us about your WOWS experience!!!
ps; i hope you enjoyed it:-)))

low C score?? Hmmm that’s too bad…

@not leo:

Are you being serious? It really wasnt Leo at the game?

Eh I’m surprised it wasn’t a D tbh. General audiences were not expecting all that sex/nudity/drugs clearly if they brought their children/grandparents to watch it..

@####: uumm unless he started pulling a Brad Pit and started getting younger in that movie and then cuter then yeah I’m serious.. And what is there to be serious about?? He’s not in boring a** Germany!! only then its serious…


Leo was fantastic in it! You could tell he really let loose with this role and IMO nailed it! He had great chemistry with Jonah. Wished there was more with Margot but I think she did good as his wife and I didn’t mind her accent. Another guy I liked and kind of inadvertently focused on was PJ Byrne who plays rug rat. He had some great lines!! Also the guy who played brad was pretty funny too! The movie really has some great supporting actors!

The show we went to was the last one of the night but it was crowded and the audience was LOL’ing loudly at the really funny parts!

The family member who I talked (begged) to go see this movie with me the day it came out thoroughly enjoyed it and she had no desire to see it and she’s not a Leo fan!! :-)

@not leo:

I was talking about the lakers game. Did you say he wasn’t there? I’m confused. He was in Vegas on Xmas eve and I can see him returning to LA and going to the lakers game and then having Christmas dinner with friends and family Christmas night.


I really have tried to not comment on Leo and toni or jump to any conclusions about the status of their relationship right now but I still find it strange that she cut her hair, left for home before the US WOWS premiere and that they didn’t spend Christmas together.

Leo’s godson commented on her Xmas Instagram pic and she commented back and said merry Christmas. Re irmelins bf, he tagged toni in a pic of a wine bottle and she liked the pic but other than that she has not been “liking” any of the Xmas or WOWS pics that Milan and irmelins bf have been posting. But she was liking them over a week or so ago.

Also irmelins bf mentioned that he and irmelin are going to aspen this Friday so wonder if Leo will join them for some skiing. The only reason he may not go to aspen is because the paps are usually all over the place. Definitely not a place where you can hide out unless you stay inside the entire time!

@####: omg, yes the lakers game. He wasn’t next to jack…they show jack on the tv multiple times and he had some guy next to wasn’t leo…lol .

“I really have tried to not comment on Leo and toni or jump to any conclusions about the status of their relationship right now”
why?? you can post whatever you want on here:-)

Re irmelins bf, he tagged toni in a pic of a wine bottle

Do you have the link?

@not leo:

Okay thanks for the clarification! :-)


Because all of the information I just gave re the instagrams of Milan, toni and irmelins of. I’ll now once again be considered a stalker….but whatever!!! LOL

@####: maybe they’re going through a ruff patch…we will know if trouble is ahead if they spend new years apart…but I wouldn’t get my hopes know leo…


You know what, she may not have been tagged in the pic but she liked it.

Yes all of the supporting cast was hilarious including the 2 you mentioned! I loved Leo and Jonah together, they make such a great duo and had the audience dying with laughter. But really it’s Leo show and he completely sells the character and is what makes the movie work. Might be my favorite performance of his ever.

@not leo:

Exactly…..that’s why I’m trying not to read or comment on them.

If they call you a stalker so what?
There’s no moderator here and you can enjoy yourself posting whatever you want.
You can just ignore the loons :p


I absolutely agree. It was my favorite Leo performance as well! Re the pic after the airplane orgy, I didn’t see anything and I was really trying to see if it was there. I guess I’ll have to wait for the DVD so I can pause that part! LOL

and thank you for the link ,####:p
Irmelin’s boyfriend seems like a really nice guy.
I hope he doesnt disappoint Leo;)

OMG this movie really needs to leak online soon bc I swore there were strong glimpses there, lol! I’m sure someone will gif all of Leo’s scenes on Tumblr any day now.


Exactly and I do ignore them but it always derails the thread when people (trolls) start attacking because of toni posts! LOL

yeah there’s this toni’s stan here haha;)
Ignore them:p


I think I was too intent on looking for it so I missed it!! LMAO

♡ natalie anderson ♡ (@NattieLyn)
12/26/13, 8:53 AM
my cousin saw leonardo dicaprio in New York yesterday so i guess you could say im a bit jealous

Not sure if this is accurate but if there are other tweets…..

Amy Nicholson (@TheAmyNicholson)
12/26/13, 10:19 AM
Wow. An angry open letter to DiCaprio and Scorsese from the daughter of one of the imprisoned wolves of Wall Street.…

Just sharing this….

Sometimes i think to myself how Irmelin reacted..y’know when she saw her son going crazy as Belfort, especially the candle scene!!
Omg, i hope Leo takes his Mother with him during filming his movies, so she’s immune to this by now!!

So it looks like the hobbit edged out WOWS at the box office for Christmas. :-(

9.3M to 9.2M


I’m sure she’s immune to it by now.

Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 1:45 pm

This must have been a Christmas present? A really nice present!

Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 1:50 pm

That’s not surprising. The Hobbit has a much broader audience, ie children as well as adults, than WOWS. I hope the BO#s stay up for WOWS as word gets out about the movie. Some people may be put off by the content.
Since you have seen it, did any of the movie make you uncomfortable or offend you? Do you think it is misogynistic?

@Black sharpie:

I think what I read made it sound worse than it really was. Also the trailers always make the scenes look different than how they play out in the actual movie. I was not offended or uncomfortable watching the movie and I do not think it was misogynistic at all.

Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 1:59 pm

@not leo:
I think it’s strange as well that they spent Christmas apart and have been apart for over a week?!
As I said before, I would think she would have wanted to be there for the US premiere of WOWS to celebrate with him.
It is Christmas and in general people like to be with their families but if Toni and Leo really cared about each other I think one of them would have gone to be with the other.?!
So, to me, either there’s a problem between them or it’s a very casual relationship.

@Black sharpie:
In all probability it’s an open relationship, but i dont really care.
She cant make Leo happy so hopefully he will give her the boot soon:-)

@Black sharpie:

Even as a casual relationship they seemed to spend a lot of time together up until he went to Miami and those making out rumors started. Then we had the whole hair cutting incident, etc.

Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 3:11 pm

The kissing sighting in Miami may have been “the straw that broke the camels back”. There were numerous other women stories before that. In addition, she got increased attention, not all of it good, because she was with him. Maybe it all just got to her?
Either that or maybe she was upset because she wasn’t invited to the premiere in NY? She used to drop hints about being with him and maybe when it dawned on her that it wasn’t serious, she was embarrassed and upset?
The “hair cutting incident” (lol at your description) was drastic especially because she is a model. Leaving for Germany the day before the premiere and so far in advance of Christmas seems suspect as well.
Time will tell.


“Also irmelins bf mentioned that he and irmelin are going to aspen this Friday so wonder if Leo will join them for some skiing.”

Jess Cohen ‏@jessgowithit26 25 Dec

My brother and dad just convinced me that they met Leonardo DiCaprio on the ski slopes. Well done boys….

When does Leo ever sleep?
He’s always flying around and bouncing all over the place…


I wonder when that was and where?

Toni's brain? @ 12/26/2013 at 3:48 pm

I love Leo. He loves me. I mean I’m what he wants. Thin, blonde hair, blue eyes, and young. I know there are story’s of him and other woman but he said it isn’t true. I don’t want to rock the boat ebavyse he takes me to cool party’s. He does give a lot of woman attention. Hmmm. I need a drastic change… Ah I know. I will cut my hair. That will teach him a lesson. Everyone knows your not meant to get caught cheating. He spends nights with woman. I know. But we go to cool places and he gives me attention when we are alone. Well. Alone meaning with his friends. So I cut my hair. Yes….. OH My Gosh what have I done!!! This is going to effect my career. Good thing I’m Leo’s official girlfriend. I mean look at the girls before. Everyone knows when. When you date Leo you get more job offers and opportunities. Plus Leo won’t dump me over the holidays. He prefers bad company to none…. Ok. I’m going to need better positions to keep him attracted to me because of the hair. Maybe sext? Of course he won’t sexy me back. He doesn’t trust me. But oh well. Got to get started on being sexy for Leo. I wonder who he’s spending the night with now? Maybe he’s being faithful for a night? … I will keep dreaming.

About the tweet:
I think it was more of a prank or something like that by his dad and brother.
He says they conviced him they met leo and then he says “well done boys..” means they got him, he belived them.
Or am I wrong?

Does anyone predict when they might break up?

@Black sharpie:

And let’s not forget all the partying Leo’s been doing since she left and the WOWS premiere. It seems like it’s been almost nightly. He went to vegas for Xmas eve which was surprising, etc.

Or maybe she tried “pushing” Leo because of the rumors, cut her hair in protest and he’s the one who sent her on her way? I’m trying to remain on the fence about the status of their relationship. I guess we’ll see what happens with New Year’s Eve.


Oh you’re right I saw that tweet yesterday and thought it was a prank! LOL


LOL I’m not going there right now. I think we need to see how they spend New Year’s Eve.

I think everything from his Miami trip to now has been really strange and the fact that they are supposed to be together whether serious or not, a first Christmas should have been spent together.

If you search on Instagram, there are videos taken inside the theater from the movie from people who went to see it.
just look up #thewolfofwallstreet

and there is a video of the car scene!!

I’m not sure because they’ve only been dating six months. Maybe Leo’s mother didn’t want her their? Just a thought. But you do make a good point on New years eve.

@ Toni's Brain @ 12/26/2013 at 4:15 pm

@Toni’s brain?:
Lol, probz.

What's next @ 12/26/2013 at 4:47 pm

Maybe the most recent cheating rumors created a lot of tension and they are taking some time away to reconsider the ‘relationship’.

And what if the “recent cheating rumors” were not “rumors” after all….?

How many times we thought it was over between Leo and Erin and it wasn’t? Time apart and Leo clubbing it is not unusual.

I have read many like this:

A.J. Breslin ‏@AJBreslin 2 h
The Wolf Of Wall Street? Super good. Leo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street? Phenomenal.

Leo killed! Guys, I think it is happening. Oscar for Leo, I meant ;).

I wish, man. A nomination would be his reward, I’m not counting on it given this is the toughest year for Best Actor ever but I really hope it happens. He really was amazing.

@Hmm: Exactly. And not just with Erin. With Bar as well. Although I must admit her leaving just before his premiere is odd. If it wasn`t for that dinner with Toni, Leo and his mom+bf 2 days before she left I might say maybe it`s over but I don`t think so ( even though I find it weird she didn`t attend his premiere ).
NYE is coming up soon so let`s see what happens. I`m sure she will hint something.

#HAHA12 I was reading some tweets and I am still in awe. People loved his performance. I have never seen anything like that for him in any other role. It is so good, he deserves. Aren’t you proud of him? I know I am.

‘If it wasn`t for that dinner with Toni, Leo and his mom+bf 2 days’
do you have a link(pic of them having dinner)?

Leonardo DiCaprio has had a fantastic career, and the man is not even 40 years old. The one thing he does not have is an Oscar. When most people hear that they are shocked because he is such a big name, but it is true. We live in a world where Nicolas Cage and Eminem have Oscar trophies, and Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t. I’ll let that sink in for a second…

If DiCaprio doesn’t win the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of Belfort, the little faith I have left in the Academy will be lost. He gives everything he has to the role, leaving nothing on the table or the viewer’s imagination. Whether he is giving an inspirational speech to the members of his firm or on a bad drug trip, he is a blast to watch. Belfort is an awful human being and does some despicable things, but we can’t help but like the guy. His charisma and charm are simply too much, and much like Belfort can sell anything to anyone, DiCaprio sells us the character.

I’m proud of him too! Especially because he’s not exactly a liked actor. I mean liked in the sense that everyone loves his acting, because of all the popular actors out there I see his acting getting hated on the most or many people calling the ‘most overrated actor’ ever. And to see people saying, ‘I’m not a DiCaprio fan, but I loved him in WOWS.’ or ‘I never was a huge fan but he won me over in WOWS’. Makes me really happy for him, especially because he proves he can do comedy really well. I honestly believe if he keeps pushing himself like this and having more fun onscreen, the next 10 years of his career may be his most interesting yet. Really hope he stays away from boring biopics and similar roles he’s already played and continues shocking and surprising people. It’s great with already so many acclaimed performances, he’s still able to top himself.

@ @also: No, I don`t have a picture. I saw tweets and based on that I believe the dinner happened. Sorry but we are not supposed to believe anything unless there are photos?

I think What’s Next was right that maybe they’re taking time off after the recent cheating story, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they patch things up eventually. I remember the same happened with Erin and everyone suspected they were done but then there were candids of them together. Time will tell I guess. It’s also not impossible to believe that maybe she just wanted to be with her family for the holidays.

#426 take it easy damn, it was just a question.

#HAHA12 “Makes me really happy for him, especially because he proves he can do comedy really well. I honestly believe if he keeps pushing himself like this and having more fun onscreen, the next 10 years of his career may be his most interesting yet. Really hope he stays away from boring biopics and similar roles he’s already played and continues shocking and surprising people. It’s great with already so many acclaimed performances, he’s still able to top himself.”

Yes, yes, yes, YES. I also saw people talking about skills for comedy. The best is yet to come and I can’t wait to watch. Remember when Leo said TWOWS was his best performance?

I think he said that at this year’s Golden Globes according to Kris Tapley. I really do think it’s his best performance, up there with Gilbert Grape and The Departed. And an Oscar nomination and awards aren’t going to matter in years from now, because Wolf will be seen as a career defining performance for Leo. People can make fun of him all they want when he gets snubbed again, but I’m just glad Leo proved people wrong that he doesn’t have range and plays his characters all the same.

Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 9:10 pm

There were the tweets of people eating lobster next to Leo and she did post a pic on instagram from Mary’s Fish Camp. I think people put two and two together. There must have also been tweets, I can’t remember, about his mother and her BF. ???

@Black sharpie:

There was t a tweet about Leo’s mom and bf. the bf left a comment on Toni’s Instagram pic of the seafood place about seeing her there.

#HAHA12 Yes, girl. Now I want to see people saying he does not have range. Django, Gatsby and now TWOWS. He is the real deal.

This is so funny:

Kailey Coulter ‏@Kailzzz 1 h
Leo DiCaprio’s ass in the Wolf of Wall Street deserves its own Oscar #goddamn

Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 9:14 pm

She did let everyone know she was leaving for Germany the day before his premiere. If she hadn’t people could have thought she went to the premiere and not walked the red carpet.
To me, that was her way of saying she wasn’t at the premiere and would not be spending Christmas with him.

@HAHA12, also… & ####: Hi ladies! Hope you all had a great holiday! On for a sec – saw WOWS! Leo was amazing! Great comedic timing! The crawling scene was hysterical. He had the crowd laughing. Definitely too long! There were areas that needed a bit of trimming. Overall, excellent film. I thought Margot was really good, but under used. Yeah there was sex and drugs, but I really didn’t think it was that bad. I think after hearing all the hype, I thought it was going to be one orgy after another, especially after that one reviewer said Leo’s but should have gotten a credit.
@also…: welcome back! It made sense why you did it, but you had me worried!
Got to go! Be back late tomorrow!

Leo's Fan Girl @ 12/26/2013 at 11:09 pm

Got free tickets to go see Wolf of wall street tomorrow.

@Leo’s Fan Girl:

Enjoy!!! It’s great!! :-)

@Black sharpie:

It still doesn’t make sense that they were spending lots of time together and then she up and leaves and they dont spend their first Christmas together.

Black sharpie @ 12/26/2013 at 11:55 pm

I agree

@Black sharpie:

It’ll be interesting to see how they spend New Year’s Eve.

I’m also curious to see if Leo will go with his mom and her bf to aspen tomorrow. I doubt he will because aspen is so high profile for stars but it would be nice to get pics of him skiing! LOL

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 12:05 am

Yes, we’ll have to see what happens now.
I doubt Leo would tag along with his mom and her boyfriend ?! Maybe if he brought friends along.

@Black sharpie:

Oh I would definitely think he would bring friends to aspen if he went with his mom and her boyfriend. He doesn’t seem to hang with his mom as much now that she has a long time live in boyfriend.

@Black sharpie:

Yea but no pics. The only pic(s) were on BZ and it was a grainy shot of JT and Jessica in the dining room.

To everybody who went to see TWOWS, Iv’e been reading on twitter and instagram that the car scene is the funniest part in the movie.
Iv’e seen two videos of it and didn’t understand much
Can someone please explain what is going on in there?

leo is drugged out and crazy high on quaaludes and cannot move his body properly so he rolls down the stairs and out of his house to get to his car but since his body isnt functioning properly as a result of the drugs hes on he has to open his car with just his leg while hes on the ground

Leo’s butt

leo sniffing from the woman’s a**

these are just photos not videos taking by people inside the theatre

@447 thanks! can wait to see the movie!

Next rel. is sm @ 12/27/2013 at 7:01 am Leo’s next relationship is the fabled SM according to this reader. And she says he gets engaged in 2014.

How expected @ 12/27/2013 at 7:52 am

As expected, Garrn posted that she left Hamburg. And to go where? And to meet who to celebrate the New Year? Well in Cabos, for sure, just wait and see. LOL!
Leo could never celebrate New Year without one of his kiddies by his side.

Nice clear shot of Leo. The girl next to him is cute.

@How expected: She didn’t say her destination like she usually does.
Leo was single last year on NYE.

not so cute @ 12/27/2013 at 8:12 am

@457: the girl next to him has nothing to do with Leo. she just happened to be next to him.

@not so cute: not that I think otherwise but how do you know? You sound do certain.

… how do you know?

Usually Leo snaps his fingers to have his “current kiddie” to come back for the NY’s Eve. That is when he has a kiddie. Bar was not necessarily with him on Christmas (just like Gisele) but she was for the New Year.
Just wait and see, where and when we’ll have pictures of him with barely legal Fräulein:)

not so cute @ 12/27/2013 at 8:37 am

@461- im guessing. That girl is a law student. He has never dated a university student.And besides he’s dating Toni rn.
Moreover ,shes not his type(not a model, and not so young)
and there are too many ppl at the club -we have seen him with random girls at clubs and they had nothing to do with Leo,they were just next to him.

@not so cute: How do you know who the girl on the photo us?
@ @also…: It was said Leo can’t spent NYE without a kiddie. Last year he was single, no kiddie so he can spend NYE without one. That was my point. I don’t think they are over ( dinner + Leo not acting single ) so I assume they will spend NYE together.

not so cute @ 12/27/2013 at 8:43 am

@also-its the same girl on the insta account…

I wonder so did Leo spend Xmas in Vegas with Cooper or skiing with his ma?

Leo sitting next to a law student instead of an escort or a wannabe model….LOLOLOLLL!!!! He must be feeling so awkward the poor guy!!!!
Besides, what does the fact he is dating the 6 footer barely legal toothpick legs have to do with not sitting next to another female..??????

@not so cute @ 12/27/2013 at 9:04 am

She is Leo’s type. Blonde, pretty, young,skinny, foreign. Here in a bikini

Lol. You have anger issues, relax

That swedish girl next to Leo is not pretty at all. A total butta face and a fake blonde with bleached hair:-)
She’s smug, flaunting her pic with Leo for everyone to see and i feel so stupid now that i have to talk about that selfish famehungry wannabe.
At least Garrn is infatuated with Leo.She has feelings for him….

@not so cute: Oh, thanks. I didn`t bother to check out her account.
A law student for Leo? lol
@ @467: It`s just a guess but Leo wasn`t seen with Toni for over a week. Some speculated about a breakup but everyone was relaxed about Leo`s personal life. Now that Toni is on the move again, possibly approaching Sugar Daddy as we post, I guess some people are angry that this telenovela of Leo with the typical interchangeable blonde is still on. It is frustrating! But it`s just my opinion about the `anger`…

@470: Your description of the girl next to Leo fits Leo`s type to the teeth. Smug for posting a photo next to a celeb? Really? Flaunting it? Like you wouldn`t know the same thing if you happened to sit next to him. Who are you kidding? If anyone is smug and keeps flaunting anything about Leo… that`s Toni.
You do have anger issues….

*Like you wouldn`t do the same thing…

You’re probably right, but (as you rightly describe) the predictability of Leo’s love life and telenova of girlfriends still sending someone into fits of rage and abuse at this point is funny to me.

@also…no one was talking to you , but you have to butt into EVERYTHING all the time . I was poster #470, not poster #467….
“anger issues” HAHAHA Its the pot calling the cattle black…lmao
And yeah , i prefer Garrn.Not your business.

Boringarrn is back.

Why cant be Christmas again?

I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt many many times on here
Its the psycho simmering underneath;”also…” and her typical rage.

I think that she is pretty.
But, she is not Leo’s type
She doesn’t have the body of the model. too short for him.

@474: It`s just as predictable as Leo`s love life. He is not seen with the actual gf for a while and breakup chatter starts. When the girl shows up again… anger and frustration.
@lmao: Relax. This is a public forum and anyone can respond to your comments. You weren`t talking to me or anyone else. Whether you like it or not people will respond to you and you won`t always like it.
You are right about the anger issues. I`m working hard on it and it`s easy for me to spot it… I saw the same anger in both #470 and #467.
No, it`s not my business what do you prefer. Have I said otherwise? ;)

Like I said earlier @468, I think she is pretty and she is educated.
People on social media post pics up all the time. Why can’t she?
She is a natural blonde and just makes her hair lighter.
They might not be lovers. Don’t think they are strangers either.

@ @472: Oh, `benefit of the doubt`… lol `Psycho`… sure! My rage? Quote the part that was rage ( according to you ). lol I responded to someone and you didn`t like what I had to say. Now I`m a `psycho` and it`s `rage`. Whatever you say, honey.

She is kinda short. If Leo wants to settle down he might go for a similar type with a degree like the Swedish student. We’ll see.

No. You didnt respond to anyone else. You responded to me.

Its just a woman sitting next to him and yal think she’s the next?
I highly doubt Leo even knows who that nobody swede is….
He is dating Garrn right now.

@ @481: So what? It`s a public forum and that`s what people do. What`s the big deal?
@funny: Oh, she is a `nobody`… :eyeroll:

And he seems not to be interested in her at all.

“He is dating Garnn right now”…. so? he can’t be sitting next to other girls?
Obviously, you don’t know Leo.

… just like he rarely seems interested in Garrn…

Leo always look so sad.

Did i say ” he cant be sitting next to other girls”??!
Obviously, you have some comprehension deficits.
Leo’s fangirls going crazy over an insta pic….
Only on JJ. Priceless.

look who`s talking about going crazy
@ @486: lmao

You are right. He snapped his fingers and ordered his Sugar kiddie to come back for New Year. And of course, she’s obeying…. as a good puppy.

I’m guessing they will be spending New Years together

He can choose a girlfriend from many women. It’s not necessary to date with the woman who is not interested.

Yep. Like he usually spent all New Years with his ex-girlfriends (with his usual gang). Same predictable type of relationships.

All the talk about sexism and mysogony in Leo’s new movie over the last few weeks, yet people talk about the women that he dates like they’re something on the bottom of their shoe.
Bunch of hypocrites…

Toni's Destination @ 12/27/2013 at 10:11 am

la la land or splits-ville?

i do have a feeling her days with Leo are numbered after New Years…And the same old pattern with yet another barely legal blondie is about to kick in(after a few months of “celibacy”*cough, cough*):((
Anyways, did you notice how crazy they go when they see Leo’s insta pic with a blonde??
^If it was a brunette it would be different, haha…

@Hmm…: Not everyone agreed with the sexism and misogyny remarks. Only some yet you talk about everyone here…
@LOL: It was surprising that he managed to stay single last year for NYE.

@funny: Can you describe what `crazy` is about this picture? That people talk about it? There`s not much news about him so there was more attention on the photo. What was so crazy about it? Sorry but you keep bringing up that photo and talking about it even though most people moved on already.

@also…: Maybe you take it personal and feel the need to comment for a reason…
Who exactly did I address personally?
I did notice over the last few days that someone like HAHA12 could talk freely about the movie, yet as soon as you come back the first thing you want to talk about is Toni.

Poster #### said there was nothing misogynist about the movie(which i doubt )
Have yet to see the film
I’m gonna post my thoughts on here when i see it:-)

@funny: That’s great that the movie isn’t misogynistic ( I didn’t think it was either).
I just find it funny that while there is a discussion on what behavior may or may not be, people are talking about women (and not just Toni) in a degrading manner. And no one bats an eye..

@Hmm…: What are you talking about? Have you read my comment? I didn`t take anything personally and I feel just as much need to post as you do. My only point is that you generalized. I didn`t argue with you I just said not everyone was talking about the movie being sexist or being misogynist. Maybe you should have said some people or something like that. That`s all I was trying to say. And that`s the best you can come up with? That all I talk about is Toni? Really? You can do better than that. After I came back I talked about the movie and today I mentioned Toni is like 2-3 comments. So why don`t you say something valid?

@also…: That’s exactly what I said, “people!” I didn’t say “also” or anybody else directly. And just like another poster said earlier, you get involved when people aren’t talking to you and take things personally. I don’t have to clarify my comments for you, just because you may take something personally. Again, maybe there’s a reason for that.

There will be some sexist content in the movie. Women in the nude and some women- cussing going on, as far as i know?

@funny: Yeah!
But not some… A lot!!! Lol

*Women in the nude
I mean we will see full frontal female nudity whilst full frontal male nudity will be absent

@Hmm…: Exactly. That`s my point. When you say `people` it`s a generalized statement. You said it like everyone agreed on the sexist thing but it`s not the case. That`s it. You should have said `some people`. Big difference. Why are you fixating on me? You are making this about me, about me taking something personally. That`s the easy was to respond. Bring up what others say and focus on something irrelevant.
Again: this is a public thread and people can respond to all comments. Your business is public business here. When you post here you should expect people responding to your comment whether you like it or not.

about hypocrites
@Hmm, good observation but the whole HW is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites that use double standards all the time:((

@Hmm…: Your initial statement was a general one. Some agreed on the misogyny thing and some didn`t. And that`s the only thing I have been trying to tell you. What you said didn`t apply to everyone. You can twist it and make it about me or taking it personally as much as you want.


I guess we’ll see where toni lands. I assume it’ll be NYC first since that’s where she lives and then I guess we’ll see where she heads off to for NYE.

Nice talking to you Hmmm and LOL.
Gotta go now. See ya:-)

@also…: I didn’t fixate on you! I wasn’t even talking to you initially. I said people, because yeah I didn’t want to have to go back and look up every single username. But I directed nothing towards you initially.
There are lots of people here who call women out of their names, yet you were the only one who commented. That’s why I said, maybe you took my comment personally.
It’s just an observation on my part. The name calling and derogatory comments get overlooked when it comes to Leo’s girlfriends, but over the last few days there was serious conversation about the sexist issue. And now its back to calling women puppy dogs and the such!
If it wasn’t you, why do you get so defensive? I wasn’t picking a fight with you…

Oh…something last yeah,i totally agree with you, that “puppy” word was too much because the girl(Toni) is so young and so infatuated with Leo(who wouldnt?!), but some posters manage to mortify Toni without necessarily using derogatory words when they claim that whoever(blonde) is sitting next to him at some club is gonna be the next or there’s something going on.
At least, that’s the way i see it

We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year.

@funny: Thanks! It was nice talking to you as well.

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 11:31 am

You’re probably right about her flying into NY. They will probably spend NYE together. Cabo? Does he own a place there? People have said that but I have never been sure.
To me, it’s a strange relationship. It looks like they”keep each other company” when they have nothing else going on in their lives.
I guess we’ll see what happens.
I wonder if he is going to the European premieres. I would think so since he really seems to be promoting this movie.
At some point in 2014 he will have to get back to work.

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 11:36 am

By the hashtags does this mean the pic was taken in LA? Last night?
It’s a concert?

@Hmm…: You should have checked who said it instead of generalizing and making it sound like everyone agreed. I know you weren’t talking to me. Who said otherwise? I responded to your comment and it seems like you take that personally. It’s a public forum so sorry but it’s ridiculous you keep bringing this up. I can respond to your comment even if it wasn’t addressed to be. You know… public forum.
@####: Probably. It’s just unusual she doesn’t give a destination at all.

is @funny @Not so cute ? @ 12/27/2013 at 11:49 am

You are obsessed with the woman sitting next to Leo. Who said she was the next one? We are just commenting on her. Fool! You and @Hmmm forget this is a public forum. Grow up!

crystal clear @ 12/27/2013 at 11:52 am

Prepare yourselves for the appearance of the SM in 2014. She will be known but will purposely choose to stay out of view. She has no use for fame and desires a more private normal life. She is small and plain in appearance so others will protest, making claims of the most beautiful women are only for Leo. Yet she possesses an inner light and inner beauty far stronger than a fading outer beauty that draws people to her and puts men at ease. Men who know this women desire her and Leo will do the same. It will be an instant connection that will not be broken. They will not be near each other continually throughout the year but she will never leave his mind. They will compliment each other well. Yes even the bad temperaments. All will not be clear to most till 2015 but will begin in Feb 2014 and May will be an important month building up to this Summer.


Means traveling with Leo and his entourage, none of her friends there to use as an excuse to post a picture with a hint or probably posting with a day or two of delay. Maybe she can use Milan’s instagram.

@Black sharpie:

I believe he does own a villa in cabo. I’m sure she will be giving out hints of where she will be for NYE when it gets closer.

I think he definitely will be promoting WOWS at the European premieres. This is his baby and he pretty much IS the movie.

@Also- we’ll see where she’s off too soon I suspect. She’ll let the world know! I know one of her NYC model friends commented on her jogging pic that she would get her back in shape (or something to that effect) when she got back to NYC but obviously didn’t give a timeframe.

Here’s Jack Nicholson and his son at the recent Lakers game. His son is the dude some thought was Leo and y’know I DO see a resemblance

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 12:06 pm

@####: @also…:
I didn’t think of that but Also is right. She didn’t give a hint as to her destination.

Jack’s kids are so cute

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 12:12 pm

“The reality was that I was annihilated emotionally by the separation from Anjelica. That was probably the toughest period of my life.’
Leo could probably say something similar about particular times in his personal life.
I forget but Jack was a good looking guy when he was younger!
I can see how people mistook Jack’s son for Leo, especially from a distance across a crowded arena.

@Black sharpie:
why dont you say it? You are clearly insinuating your beloved Gisele, right?
Leo has never fallen in love, unfortunately

gisele is the closest thing he has and ever will come to ‘true love’, take it as what you will.

“and ever will” what an overstatement! You cant say such a thing…obviously..

and true love is something so deep and rare. If you were smart enough you wouldn’t use it to describe what Leo and Gisele had..not to mention
that we can never know Leo’s feelings.
He was unhinhibited with her sure because he was young and naive, but
‘true love’ is quite an overstatement


Add “and ever will so far” :-)

well if he keep going at the rate he is, he’s not going to find true love with girls like toni.

notice how i say GIRLS…

True love is very rare as i said(IMO always). at least , lets hope he finds
an innocent girl that doesnt care about his money ,is not vain and respects him and is tender and sweet towards him(and let’s hope Leo himself APPRECIATES such a lovable woman of course)

haha! well, Leo is a “boy” then..haha

oh where’s this pic where he’s holding that baby in his arms!
I dont know how i will react when i see Leo’s baby, Omg, the fangirl inside me will probably go crazy LOL!!!But when?!

white dove @ 12/27/2013 at 1:01 pm

@crystal clear:

thank you for your message!! <3

We(you and me) have talked many many times here before, i know!!!
(But i only disagreed with your comment about Gis)
Isn’t it cute?Leo and the baby! Luv this pic<3

Just because he was publicly kissing Gisele at Lakers games or grabbing her butt while biking doesn’t mean that was the closest to love he’s ever been. Please!
He cheated on her, he rented bimbos from the Playboy mansion (2 at the time) and the minute she was into another relationship with that surf dude, he was after Bar Refaeli.
Love? That’s hilarious.

sorry if sounded creepy when i said we have talked many times before
i just recognize your comments:p
btw,when i said “exactly” i meant it was exactly the picture i was talking about.
And thanks for thee pics.

@546 – Sasha you’re still bitter. LOL

yawn. no one was arguing he was a perfect lover, but he treated her hell of a lot better then the gfs that came after her, thats a fact.

Sasha you’ve belittled Gisele and are now back to your usual of attacking Toni as a puppy, a dog, a barely legal six footer (what’s wrong with being tall though?) and let’s not forget when you called Leo a paedophile.
Here’s hoping Leo keeps feeding your rage and bitterness in 2014 Lorelei

@hm: Hoping for more WOWS news, back to some sane conversation and yes I really hope Leo wins the Golden Globe as the Oscar aint happening

Unfortunately Leo doesn’t even have a shot at winning the Globe, I think. Bruce Dern in Nebraska is one of the frontrunners and they really loved his movie. I haven’t seen his movie yet but he’s gotten excellent reviews and has already won so many awards, plus his old age helps him since this may be his last time to win awards again.

Is it the same category? I thought Dern was in drama and Leo in comedy?

Here are some new featurettes on WOWS tho, with lots of unseen footage that wasn’t in the trailers.

Nah, here are the nominees for the comedy category:
Christian Bale, American Hustle
Bruce Dern, Nebraska
Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf Of Wall Street
Oscar Isaac, Inside Llewyn Davis
Joaquin Phoenix, Her

Agree. He was not in a serous or true love relationship. But I think people mean its the closest to that. I mean afterbwhatbhe did with bar, Blake and Erin.

Hey glad to see you enjoyed it! The crawling to the car scene may be the hardest I’ve laughed in a movie theater yet! Leo was fearless, such great committed work.

“fterbwhatbhe”; what do you mean ? “after what he did with bar”, is it?
Well,i remember he took her to the red carpet but he looked pissed off in the pics, like she was the one who was insisting that she was there at all costs:)

I agree about Gisele and their overrated romantic relationship. But I thought he looked happy when he was dating Blake… but she is the only one who opened her eyes. Wise girl.

what i wouldn’t give to see him smile! When he smiles it’s like i see the sun smiling<3

I agreed with LOL poster 100% ONLY with the first part of her comment (i forgot to quote it) and just like you i think their story is so overrated .

@ @shir: I don`t know if you saw the movie already but that girl ( in the article you linked ) didn`t make the cut. She was pretty full of herself in the article ( as the last paragraph pointed it out in a funny way ). She gave a pretty detailed description of the scene with her role in it. The whole orgy scene was like 5 seconds in the movie. She was paired with PJ Byrne, ” one of the movie’s principals “. You could see the guy but you didn`t see the girl at all. She mentioned wearing red and all you could see was a smudge of red. That`s it. And she thought since she was with him it will increase her chances to make the final cut… lol.

Oh wow, did not know that. Thanks for all that, but why the hell is she then giving interviews?!

It wasn’t me posting the link to the article. t was someone else whw was reffering to comment I posted earlier

The SM is a normal girl who doesn’t want fame, doesn’t have model looks and is a “real” person….i think every JJ fan girl here thinks its her and just creamed her panties. What a joke.

but if it is true good for him and her. She’s prob a brunette. What about the vague mentions of 3 kids?

@shir: I know that. That`s why I addressed it as @ @shir ( = @ #564 ). I haven`t read your original comment and I didn`t want to `butt in the conversation` again ( as I was told earlier today ). I just wanted to mention it since the girl sounded so cocky in this interview even though you can`t even see her.
@ @also: Maybe she talked before she saw the final cut? As it was said in the last paragraph there`s no problem with her confidence ( MARTY asked for her several times personally, she was soooo hot that she was noticed by many….etc ) and then she was cut. I read her description before I watched the movie and I remembered it so I paid attention to PJ ( Rugrat ) and she was just a red dot. LOL!

@sm: Really? That`s what you think the `JJ fan girls think`? That the sm is one of them / us? I appreciate sarcasm but come on! Do you read JJ regularly? I doubt otherwise you wouldn`t have said something like that.

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 4:03 pm

Does anyone know who’s in the pic with him? Jam assuming it’s the other guy’s baby.

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 4:28 pm
Most of his answers in this interview are the same or very similar to other interviews. He does make a point of separating himself from the lifestyle of Belfort. I would think, as far as women are concerned, there would be similarities.

@HAHA12 & also…: Hi Ladies! Only on for a bit, but I was wondering where do you rank Leo’s performance in WOWS? After, I had time to think more about WOWS, I think Leo is very good, but not as good as he was in Grape. I think the movie is good, but I think The Departed is better. I think the problem with WOWS is there isn’t any character arc. He’s pretty much the same throughout the entire movie – 3-4 minutes of him being naive young stockbroker out of 3hr movie doesn’t count IMO! There’s no depth – substance. Thoughts????

he’s pretty much the same throughout the entire movie, because he has no redeeming qualities.And that’s exactly the whole point in depicting Belfort’s life so people won’t sympathize with him .He remains this jerk and you keep “laughing” at his antics.

@HAHA12: re the Oscars: I think a lot of people will vote for Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 yrs a Slave. I think a lot of the Academy will vote for Bruce Dern for Nebraska because he’s great in the role, but he’s also old and has never won an Oscar. This can cause a split in the votes and a person people didn’t think would win, could end up winning. If Leo somehow got nominated, he could possibly win because of the split. I’m just not sure he will be nominated. Your thoughts?

@Viola: I agree, but that’s also the reason why I think it’s just a good movie, but not a great movie. A lot of people are comparing it to Goodfellas, which didn’t have any redeeming people whatsoever! IMO, Goodfellas was a great film – there was more depth. WOWS is missing something…….

Hannah Stelzner ‏@hannahstelzner 37m
Hannah Stelzner ‏@hannahstelzner 31m

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 5:02 pm

What’s PCH?

Like Viola said, DiCaprio’s Belfort wasn’t supposed to have any depth or substance, there’s nothing redeemable about him which makes his performance even more impressive. To me, he completely sells this character, this man, which really is a cartoon of sorts, and not once is he uninteresting or boring to me in this film. He displays range and versatility in his acting I never knew he had, and all throughout I really believed he WAS that character. Leo’s problem at times if you can sometimes see the effort, you can see him acting but becoming, but to me he completely transformed into this charming, soulless, monster of a man. I thought he nailed it perfectly. I definitely agree this isn’t as good as GoodFellas or The Departed, but I really enjoyed it a lot! It’s sort of a messy film, could of used trimming and chopped its length down, but it was one Hell of a ride that I think may improve on rewatches. As for the Oscars, imo Leo has a slight chance for the fifth spot. Ejiofor, McConaughey, Dern, and Hanks are all locked for nominations. The last spot is between Leo, Robert Redford, and maybe Christian Bale. Leo’s performance is inspiring a lot of passion, even people who disliked the movie, so who knows. Maybe he could pull off a Joaquin in The Master?? I really hope so, but I won’t count on it.

Stac ‏@xStaciaG 1h
lol my sister was the bartender for Leonardo DiCaprio yesterday 😳

@Black sharpie:

Pacific coast highway. It’s the highway that runs along the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, Santa Monica, etc.

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 5:06 pm

Pacific Coast Highway? That means he’s still in LA if the tweet is accurate.

I have yet to see the movie, but i think that the fact that it’s a film revolving around money and its releasing in a recession era and all the surrounding extravagance makes the film a tad antipathetic to the audiences.


Re WOWS, agree!


Must have been at that party or club where we got a pic of him at yesterday.

@HAHA12: Point taken. After watching the film, I thought it was long but still excellent. I do think Leo does a great performance and again, he’s great at physical comedy. However, now that I’ve had time to really think about the film, some of the shine has faded. For me personally, I don’t know think it will get better after re-watching it, I think the opposite will happen :( Unlike, Goodfellas or The Departed, I don’t know if WOWS will stand up. I think for me, the length will really stand out and all the scenes that should have been either trimmed or deleted will start to bug me. But, I could be wrong and will probably watch it again.

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 5:17 pm

@####: wonder who he is with?

So maybe Leo did go with his mom and her bf to aspen? The bf’s daughter comments and mentions Jen Meyer so I wonder if tobey and the family are on the plane too.

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 5:18 pm

I wonder who he’s with?

@####: Why do you think Leo is there? The guy has several photo of Jen Meyer on his instagram account so I assume they get along well ( maybe not just because of Leo ). Toni left Germany today and they are heading to Aspen today… Just a thought.

@Viola: Maybe. I like to think it’s more a cautionary tale of how easy it is to get caught up in the whole greed, drugs and power. Unfortunately, while the stock market was bad, the mortgage industry was even worse. The whole recession was from bad loans. Loans that people could not afford. I was in that industry for a while and was trying to teach people about the right kind of loans, where there wouldn’t lose their home, but nobody wanted to hear. Everybody wanted something for nothing. I would sit with so many families who made less than 3k a month, but somehow the banks gave them adjustable loans for a 500 or 600k home. Once the loan adjusted, usually after 2 years, the people would lose their home. I would show them in their paperwork where their mortgage would double and they didn’t want to hear it or believe it. The banks knew people would lose their homes, but they didn’t care because they were making so much money. It was heartbreaking and I got out of the business because I couldn’t stomach the corruption and the greed.

@Viola: I wasn`t laughing at his antics. It was kinda boring to see him doing the same thing over and over again. I understand your point. There`s no substance to Belfort so we can`t expect that from the movie either. I just don`t get it what was the appeal that Leo was so obsessed playing him. It was said in a comment here on JJ that if you take away the drugs, sex and parties… there`s nothing left. And that was obvious in the movie. Those were the parts where it was dragging. The funny scenes were hilarious but the rest… I still don`t see the point in making it or the reason why they wanted to make a movie of him.

Its sad to hear this. Thanks for your input:-)

@####: From the photo, it looks like a private jet I wouldn’t be surprised if Leo was with them:( (so much for reducing one’s carbon footprint) Although, like someone said – there are so many paps at Aspen. I’m surprised Leo would want that.

@Viola: :) It really was horrible what the banks did. Nice talking to you. I’m off to work for a bit. Hope to talk to you again.
@also…: While Leo was funny as hell. Upon further reflection of the movie as a whole, I have to agree with you.
Talk to ya later! ;)


I don’t know that he went with his mom but the boyfriends daughter commented and tagged her dad and Jen Meyer so I thought maybe tobey and family went with Leo’s mom? If tobey and fam were going to aspen maybe they just shared the plane. And then I just thought that if tobey was going maybe Leo was too. Who knows. As I said earlier, aspen is very high profile for stars so Leo would definitely be seen if he goes.

We’ll see where Leo and toni end up whether it be together or separate.

@####: Yeah, if he is in Aspen I guess there will be sightings. Toni posted she was done ( working ) for the year so unless she is still visiting family ( aren`t her parents separated? ) or friends I assume they will reunite soon.

@####: What about Toni’s comment about landing in Denver on the insta. photo???


Toni just commented on the boyfriends post about landing in Denver and it being a couple of hours drive to aspen so either she’s commenting that that would have been easier to get to aspen or that’s what she did and she is going to aspen. The fact that she posted on the boyfriends Instagram pic is really public and obvious!!!

Toni is in aspen. She just commented on the bf’s photo. Means she is there with Leo. We will probably get an insragram pic soon from her…

“I just don`t get it what was the appeal that Leo was so obsessed playing him”
me too.It was surprising to see him singling out THIS project out of many many others. He was so damn obsessed with portraying Belfort.
Another thing=> he usually portrays filthy rich personas as of late
(Gatsby,now Belfort,Candie) and personally i find it annoying
I dont give a flying rat’s ass about the life of a filthy rich person on the big screen (yeah ironic i know since i am his fangirl following his real life)
Hopefully he portrays a plain Jo next time lol

Well, she always comes through… I figured when I saw she left Germany today but I didn`t want to say anything. Leaving the same day is no coincidence. So much about the breakup talk.

@Viola: I agree about the rich people. But his attraction towards Belfort is puzzling to me. This is the first time I don`t get it why he chose this character. Or the story. Because even if the character is despicable there might be a good story but even that is missing. Several critics said that there is no plot. The funny scenes and Leo`s performance made it good but not great. It`s an empty shell.


stop calling her a lapdog.I would probably do the same if i was with Leo, i couldn’t resist to his charm.
She’s head over heels in love with Daddy Leo, so what is she supposed to do?!


I’m surprised that they’re going to be in aspen. Aspen is so high profile for stars. There will definitely be pics.

how could you possibly know about her feelings? she is a lapdog just like his exes

You can only hide crazy for so long! The 1 year mark is not so far off for these two and either they want the same things moving forward or they don’t…

@####: I`m not even that surprised. Aspen is very elite, full of rich people so it`s the right place for sugar daddy and sugar baby.

@???: Crazy in love? lol Sure. Too bad we haven`t seen any sign of it so far. One year is a little far away but you would assume to see the lovey-dovey part during the first couple of months.

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 6:01 pm

I think she is going to Aspen. When I think back, the snow boots comment on her Instagram pic while she was waiting for her flight to Germany might have been a hint. She probably wore the boots for Aspen rather than Germany.


Not the way he tries to keep this relationship under the radar.


Really….they didn’t even spend their first Christmas together.

@Black sharpie:

Don’t they have snow in Germany too though this time of year?

Someone on her insta commented that there was no snow in Germany this year.

Toni`s good friend ( `jamjamro` ) is in Utah ( I think that`s where her family is from ) which is not far from Denver. Irmelin`s bf responded to her that it`s 4-5 hours drive minimum. Somehow it doesn`t sound like she is driving from Denver ( based on the response ).
Don`t get me wrong. I don`t think they are over and chances are she is going are pretty high. It just crossed my mind ( based on Dave`s response ).

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 6:07 pm

I think it’s funny that she is communicating with Leo’s mothers boyfriend about her travels?! Maybe she’s using his Instagram to let everyone know where she is going. The boyfriend just posted that it’s a 4-5 hour drive from Denver to Aspen!

Snow boots? It`s that telling? She was in Germany for over a week and in case she could have taken it.

That does not mean anything I’m not a fan of the relationship but there’s nothing wrong with the girl or anyone choosing to spend the holiday of Xmas back home with their own family.

@624: I don`t either. It`s actually nice that she went home to spend it with her family. But missing his premiere? Leaving a day before that? That I still find weird.


I just saw that too. So maybe she was just responding on his Instagram telling him it would have been easier to fly into Denver?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. And Utah is still 8 hours distance and that’s probably not including bad weather to drive through.

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 6:12 pm

@####: @####:
Germany has snow this time of year but the boots she had on looked like hard core snow boots. The kind you wear when you finish skiing. I don’t think you would walk around a city in those kind of boots. Of course, she could have gone skiing with her family over Christmas.


Yeah but when you’re in a relationship you would think Christmas would be spent together. They spent a lot of time together for months and then the holidays come and they go their separate ways.

@####: The only reason why I brought that up is his response. It simply doesn`t sound like she is going there. She said `it`s only a couple of hours drive` and the way Dave said `4-5 hours minimum`… I don`t know. But I wanna emphasize that this is just a thought. I don`t think they are over and I expected a sighting soon.
I saw her friend being at home in Utah so I thought I mention it. If it`s Aspen I bet there will be at least tweets / sightings of them even if there are no photos.

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 6:18 pm

I agree. Or at least spend the week leading up to Christmas together and then fly home close to the holiday In addition, she left the day before the us premiere. Weird.

Well Jen Meyer just commented on the boyfriends pic saying we are here and tagged the boyfriends daughter and toni. I wonder if Patrick carney and his wife (boyfriends daughter) are there too.

Not if you have family on other side of the world. Some of his exes were Jewish so maybe Christmas was not important to them.
They’ve been dating for a couple of months does not mean she would not want to spend the Xmas holidays with her mother and family in Germany.
Something many do and is not reflective of a relationship JMO.


Well you have probably seen my response about Jen posting on the pic. Now the boyfriends daughter has posted on the pic and it looks like toni is going to be there so our inquiry has been answered.

@####: His daughter was tagged by Jen M but she is not there. She commented to see them in two days…. Well, whatever.


IMO he could have gone with her seeing as how she’s spent so much time in the US with him and his friends and family but he chose not to. Plus the fact that she left before his premiere when she could have left the day after.


And it sounds like to see toni when she gets there as well.

If you were a bit underwhelmed by WOWS, its totally understandable. Don’t sweat it! I think your expectations may have been too high which is why you ended up not loving it as much as other Scorsese films like you hoped you would. Personally, I went in with much lower expectations due to the mixed reviews but I really found myself liking it more than I thought. I think the first 2 hours were brilliantly done and exhilarating to watch, like I was on drugs the whole time watching these horrible characters do all these crazy things. But its the last hour that prevented the film from being greater, it definitely drags on and could of used chopping in the editing room. I think the reason you may not have connected with this movie as much may be because of the horrible characters with no redeemable qualities whatsoever. Its understandable, for example Leo’s Billy Costigan had more of an emotional arc and made you care about what happened to him, while Jordan Belfort was repulsive and you just wanted to strangle him whenever he did horrible things. I feel the film will improve on rewatches for me because I realize how absurd the movie and its characters are, and I try not to overthink or overanalyze them, and just go along with the ride. The Aviator for example was a film I really liked when I first watched it, but my opinion of it has decreased with each new viewing. While The Departed, a film I originally did not care for, has improved more and more with repeat viewings. WOWS works essentially to Leo and Scorsese’s masterful direction for me, and really the rest of the cast just makes it really enjoyable. I definitely wouldn’t call it perfect or one of Marty’s best, but I did have a blast watching it and I still really loved Leo’s work in it. You can tell he had so much fun onscreen and thats part of why I liked it! But hey, like I said its totally understandable if this isn’t your favorite Leo-Marty collaboration. Mine is still The Departed!

Maybe he also wanted to spend Xmas with his own family in the US, he has a mother and father, and I’ve never heard of Leo flying out to spend Xmas with any girlfriends in their country/home
I agree about the WOWS premiere point but not the Xmas one

^Personally I would suggest reading some reviews, both praises and critiques of the film to get a good idea of the opposing sides, and give it some time before you plan to rewatch it. That’s what I did with Shutter Island, after reading so many negative/mixed reviews when I watched it I ended up not liking it much as well. But once I read some arguments from those who loved it years later, I rewatched it and found myself appreciating it much more. Just some advice, tho!


I guess I could break it down a bit simpler and just say my opinion is that Leo has less invested in this relationship with toni than she does. It’s been evident all along but IMO her timing for leaving and the holidays spent apart kind of opened my eyes more to that realization.

And once again just my opinion.

No need to break it down, it was obvious all along that was what you were implying, I simply disagreed with my points that’s all

@also…: Leo explains the reason why he chose this film
“I wanted to do a film that, to me, was a depiction of what I felt like are the times that we live in. It’s something I just felt compelled to play. I think it’s important to do films like this, ultimately.”

@Viola: Sorry but I still don`t see it. He says a lot of things in interviews. I don`t want to push it any further. It`s the first time I was puzzled by his choice.
@####: Well, on the other hand he is taking her on a family / close friend trip ( probably for NYE as well ). I know it`s not a big deal for him ( Erin was on a trip with Irmelin and her bf soon after they started dating ) but he seemed to be behaving while she was away. Not that I think this will last…

The fact that they didn’t spend their holidays together, the premiere his pissed off look in the pics all these show a lot of things about their open relationship.The end is nigh

Also wondering, what rating would you give Wolf? I’d probably give it an 8/10. I’m rewatching it actually tomorrow because my sister wants to watch it so we’ll see if it goes down on rewatch. I still need time to really process it, as reactions have been all over the place regarding this movie. Very love-hate. Even tho you didn’t love it as much as you hoped, I hope you still enjoyed it enough!

Something crack my mind @ 12/27/2013 at 6:57 pm

why irma’s bf said to her in the public media he and irma will be in aspen?i mean,leo as a bf would tell her the plan and ask her to be there bur it’s like his mom’s bf said it in public and now w/saying from denv. to aspen takes just 4/5h drive,it’s like she’s not invited by him,even there’s not any help for her to take plane or by leo to be there for sure,ya know what i mean?it’s like irma’s bf is inviting her!if they’re done,it one thing if not it’s another!don’t know how they are by this far,jusr all this is wierd as much as leaving before the premier and all of these make their relationship look less serious than before!just saying

@646: ???? You assume a lot of things. How do you know that Irmelin`s bf told her about Aspen ( on social media ) and not Leo? Denver – Colorado Springs. I mean Toni was going from Germany and the others from the US. That explains the different locations and planes.
We don`t know ( for sure ) that Leo is there but come on. His mom is there with her bf, his close friend with his family… we can assume Leo is going and Toni is joining him/them in Aspen. You really think all these people are going without Leo and they invited her?
After his response to Toni ( about the driving ) I thought she might be heading somewhere else but the other responses ( from Jen Meyer and Dave`s daughter ) made it obvious.
It is weird regardless that she left before his premiere. That remains very odd.

Emmalee Williamson ‏@emmaleerose99 1m
My grandpa decides to inform me that he met Leonardo Dicaprio at his work at Francis Coppellas winery for a photo shoot😍😭😭😭😭

Emmalee Williamson ‏@emmaleerose99 1m
He met freakin Leonardo Dicaprio😭😱

I understand what made Leo interested in playing this character and getting this movie done but it would of made more sense to do this years ago, as entertaining as the movie was you can’t help but feel its such a ‘been there, done that’ story thats already been told plenty of times. Thats why I hope he makes a more personal project soon, and takes a break from playing all these rich men in trouble, as good as he is at playing them.

I do not doubt that they are together. I mean does anyone talk on social media to their ex boyfriends mothers boyfriend? X

@HAHA12: I still don`t. And it`s not about his performance or Marty. I think they brought the best out of the book. My issue has always been with the story and the characters. I just don`t see Belfort or his story movie worthy somehow. I doubt it would have been this good if it wasn`t for Leo and Marty for sure.

@Lilly: Exactly. I mean talking is one thing ( not that shocking ) but apparently heading to the same destination and talk about it on social media!
It`s bold though to have a convo with him about their destination… She sure puts it out there.

I guess its because his story is still relevant to our times, and I think Leo desperately needed some variation and wanted to show people he could play an evil scumbag like Belfort but still be funny. I probably wouldn’t of liked the movie nearly as much without Leo and Marty’s involvement, and like I said the story has been done and told countless times that it does get old, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. Mainly it was nice to see Leo have fun and go crazy onscreen. That said, I really would wish he could star in a more emotional or low key movie next, something like Gilbert Grape again. Wouldn’t that be nice?

What convo did Toni put out there, I must of missed it. Is it an instagram pic?

She does seem the boldest out of the girlfriends he has had. Although I wonder how many hints Bar would of put if twitter and instagram was big when they were dating?

@HAHA12: I meant she had a convo with Dave about Aspen. She put it ( = their destination ) out there.
She is definitely bold. There was social media in Bar’s time but she hasn’t started using it until after the breakup. I guess it was new and she didn’t want to upset Leo. It’s in Toni’s blood whether Leo likes it it not.

Judging by the digs and hints ir tweets she used to make often about ‘dirtbag ex boyfriends’ and ‘real men’, my guess is she would have been very active. LOL

Oh ok. I’m inclined to think at this point if he forgave her friends for leaking pics of his house online, he just doesn’t care what hints she gives or her friends do about their whereabouts. Kind of sad for a man who enjoys being so private, but like you said that’s what he gets for dating the ‘social media generation’. It’s just kind of whatever, if she still wants to be with him despite the relationship not really putting her in a positive light(having to deal with cheating, being called names like latest squeeze, etc) then I just can’t really feel that sorry for her. I’m no Toni hater, I’m sure she can be a nice girl, but at this point she knew what she got herself into. I can’t help but find their relationship depressing, thats why I stopped talking about it much tbh.

@also…: Well he put it out there too ( and way before anybody knew Toni was going to be there).
But its not that big of a deal since he’s not sleeping with Leo, right?

I actually don’t understand these tweet/tags about Aspen conversation people are having here, its confusing me but I am happy to hear he’s spending time with Tobey and family. Wonder if Bradley will be joining them? Maybe with his mom?

Something crack my mind @ 12/27/2013 at 7:55 pm

maybe i couldn’t be able to say my exact thought?i said i don’t know by this far..i was just saying my assumtion based on their comments!
ofcourse because i’m not w/them behind the doors,i don’t know it for sure,just based on the comments of the bf about being in aspen on friday i thought it means she didn’t know their plan then his comments about driving made me think like she prob. wasn’t invited or that’s why the mom’s bfwere talking w/her like that!plus,as i remember i’ve heard leo took planes for his gfs to be w/him when he wanted(it was just some comments i’ve read before so don’t know if that’strue)that’s why i said he didn’t give any hand for her to be there!+his ex-es were talking to his friends/fam members&went to their parties or went out w/them after split!but here my words come out as just a wish which can be most def. not true!
don’t know about J.M/other’s response!
i know my comments were so judgemental so i’m so sorry for that!still hope this convo is like the premier’s&she won’t be there

Neither am I, I’m a bit lost but ‘also’ basically said Toni gave hints that she is with Leo? Or some guy named Dave did? Not sure, but I always like hearing that Leo and Tobey hang out. Just like how I liked these pics above of Leo with his kids, it’s better than seeing him with fame hungry models all the time. If Bradley joined him I wouldn’t be surprised, they seem like BFF’s for life lol.


I wasn’t saying it like that to be rude. It just kind of came to me what I was trying to say after I originally posted about them not spending Christmas together.


Where did you see him behaving? He was out clubbing quite a bit, surrounded by girls, plying them with booze and getting phone numbers! LOL

@Well: Yes. He is not his boyfriend and not that in the social media attention. If it wasn’t for his comment on Toni’s photo nobody would know about his posts. Toni is his gf in the public eye with many ppl following her ( some because of Leo ). There’s a difference.
@HAHA12: Dave is Irmelin’s bf. His daughter posted on his account to see them ( Dave, Jen Meyer and Toni ) in two days. Unless it’s an overnight trip I assume she is joining them in Aspen. If Leo’s mom is there, Tobey’s wife is there, Toni is heading there I assume Leo is going as well. Oh, not to mention Kanye… lol

@####: Huh! I missed those I guess! Getting phone numbers????

So..looks like there’s no breakup. Lol, I had a feeling they would reunite for New Year’s atleast. Can’t say it’s surprising either. But I’m sure they will go through another period where they’re barely spotted together only for us all to assume they broke up again lol

@HAHA12: I did enjoy the movie. I thought it was great when I was watching it. It was only when I had time to really sit and think about the movie that I started to pick it apart and some of the initial shine began to fade. I still think Leo’s performance was great, but TBH, I would be stunned if he got nominated for an Oscar.
re Imerlin’s bf: Wow! he is really talkative on his instagram. Knowing how private Leo is, I am actually surprised that he is telling everyone about their plans.

He did NOT get phone numbers. The girl told a friend she was getting his number to her, that’s all. You assumed that based in one tweet.


Yeah right after the premiere. A girl tweeted that she gave Leo her friends number. IMO he has not been a good boyfriend during the holidays at all! LOL

I read that tweet as a joke, btw. The girl was joking. But you like to read things differently.

What rating would you personally give it? I don’t think it’s a perfect movie or Leo and Marty’s best, so don’t get me wrong. I’d probably rate it a B or 8/10. Is your main problem with it the length? I’d agree, that’s why I had an issue with The Aviator. Another intriguing story, but just like Wolf it became bloated and ran on for too long. Some trimming could of benefited the movies. And same, but I really hope he gets nominated some how. Where would his performance rank in your favorite Leo performance list?

@HAHA12 You seemed really excited after you saw the film. What changed? Are you changing your opinion because of others?

@HAHA12: I think it was obvious because of the dinner. I think her pre-premiere departure was confusing ( still is ). But it’s just the same as it was with Bar and Erin. Not seeing them together for a while immediately starts the breakup wishes. Once it will be a breakup but just before Christmas / NYE / awards season? I think we talked about it. No way he would break up with her now!
@####: I don’t know… He didn’t seem so bad to me.

@ @####: Or maybe YOU like to read things differently? ( for the record I missed that tweet ).

To be honest, I have a habit of letting other people’s opinions affect mine too much. I’ve been some comments, not just on here, from people who didn’t like the movie much or were underwhelmed by it and I really hope I don’t like it less when I watch it again tomorrow :/ I think Leo and the cast are great, and Scorsese’s direction is also masterful, but the last hour drags it down to being a truly great movie. I enjoyed it very much like I said, and I think it kinda sucks this has caused so much controversy and is so polarizing, but I guess it was inevitable. I had been looking forward to this since June, so I really hope my opinion of this movie doesn’t change. I’m just trying to read both points of view from people who liked and disliked it.


Seriously not trying to pick a fight here so not sure why you are. Plus your previous post (#671) didn’t made any sense.

Maybe it’s a joke

Helena Murphy ‏@helena_murphayy 21h
I can die happy knowing that I was in the same room as Leonardo DiCaprio last night

Amy ‏@amycoyle5 20h
@helena_murphayy WHAAAAAT YOU WERE IN THE SAME ROOM AS MY BABY?!?!!!!!!?

Helena Murphy ‏@helena_murphayy 20h
@amycoyle5 Uhm my baby were on first name basis I call him Leo 😜 hahaha he was at the same club as me, don’t worry have him your numbaaa

???? The girl is from LA.
@jacksnewberry: Casually looking into Leo DiCaprio’s LA house 😳 #OHMYGOSH

@HAHA12: I would give it a C – 5/10. I don’t know if I would honestly recommend the film. Outside of Leo’s performance, I really don’t think there is much to it. If a person is a fan of Leo, then I would say go see it. If they aren’t, I probably wouldn’t. Funny, I did not have a problem with Aviator. I did not think it was too long. It never dragged for me. I think The Aviator is very different from WOWS. Howard H might have been an eccentric nutjob, but the man was brilliant when it came to aviation. Considering all his issues, it is absolutely amazing what he was able to accomplish. Jordan, on the other hand, was just a ruthless greedy P.O.S. As for his performance, tough – maybe 3rd or 4th. Gilbert, Departed, Aviator, then Candy/Jordan

I have nothing but positive things to say about Leo’s performance in WOWS. He carried the whole movie and Jonah was a great wingman. But the movie was all over the place. It was either hilariously funny or a snoozefest. Even Leo and Marty couldn’t help that. They did the best they could with the story. But it was superficial and shallow.
I also go with C+ / B-. I said I liked it ( not loved it ) and that’s it.

@HAHA12: If you love the movie – that’s cool, ‘m really glad you enjoyed it. I know you’ve been looking forward to it for ever! I was too, but I think after reading all the reviews and what not, I was expecting more. As a result, the film overall was not able to live up to my expectations. Outside of Leo’s performance, it just didn’t work for me.

typo #684 *I’m

Yikes, a 5/10? Doesn’t sound like you really liked it then :/ I think there isn’t supposed to be anything substantial about the story in the first place, but rather to take us on a journey that follows this crazy man’s life and watch his failure of ‘the American Dream’ unravel in front of our eyes. There’s not much of an emotional arc or any character you care about in this movie, as they’re all kind of awful people, but its still from their point of view. For that reason, I can understand why you and others didn’t like it much. If it wasn’t for Leo, I would not have enjoyed the movie nearly as much either. But unlike The Aviator, I found myself more engaged in Wolf all through out, while The Aviator’s last hour or so really dragged a lot for me to care about it in the end. I’m glad you liked Leo at least, but it’s alright to admit you didn’t like the movie. We’ll see how it holds on a rewatch.

@HAHA12 Well, I care about my opinion and that’s it. If I like, I like. If I don’t like, I don’t like. I don’t change because of others. To each their own, I guess.

TWOWS is a masterpiece. Scorsese is a genius. People are talking about this movie and will continue to talk for many years because that’s what a masterpiece represents. Leo blows everything out of the park, amazing performance, brillant. My favorite of the year now and of his glorious career. Gilbert Grape was also amazing, but here he is older and shows all his range. The Oscar can eat my sh!t, I don’t care.

Rating: 10/10
Top 3 favorite Leo’s performance (in order): TWOWS, Gilbert Grape, Django.

I think I’d probably give it a B grade. I think my expectations were too high as well since I had been anticipating it for like ever, but I respect your opinion. We all have different films we like better than others and ones we don’t care for much, it happens. I think I’d put it on par with Django Unchained actually, which was also messy(seriously, the last hour really dragged) and far from Tarantino’s best imo.

@HAHA12: Let me know how the re-watch goes. Maybe the 2nd time around, it will get better for me. I think I was expecting too much. I think what @also… did, stopped reading the reviews, was really smart. I set my expectations way way too high. Again – Leo was really good. The movie would have been nothing without his performance. Where do you rank this role? I have to step out for a bit, but will return in an hour.

I need to learn to be like that more, but it’s always been a struggle. In the past especially, I’ve let reviews affect my opinion on movies before even watching them. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I agree Leo was great. My top 5 Leo performances in chronological order would probably be: Gilbert Grape, Catch Me If You Can, The Departed, Shutter Island, WOWS

@HAHA12: LOL! Django was a mess! The whole section with Tarantino was a joke. That whole sequence should have been deleted! I’m off! talk to ya a little later, hopefully! ,)

Totally Agree @ 12/27/2013 at 8:52 pm

@Zzzzzz: Wow… Someone else who thought Django was a mess of a film.
Outside of Leo, that movie was horrid!

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 8:52 pm

Talk about conspicuous consumption!
He may respect Kanye as an artist but I can’t picture Leo socializing with Kanye and Kim .

I agree, I should of done what ‘also’ did, skip the reviews. Because half of the reviews were calling it a masterpiece while the other half were calling it a disappointment, I had no idea what to expect when watching it and was honestly expecting it to be a disaster, and then part of me was expecting to be amazing because of the early screenings from tweeters hyping it up so much. Ultimately, reading all the pans and praise was too much. But like you said Leo helped elevate everything. I think my favorite Leo performances in chronological order would be: Gilbert Grape, Catch Me If You Can, The Departed, Shutter Island, and WOWS. How about you?

I have zero respect for people who choose to watch a movie based on reviews. A review is a personal opinion. Can’t you go and see for yourself? You read the storyline and you decide if you want to watch or not, so simple.

@Zzzzzz: @Totally Agree:
Nope, I thought Django was a mess since I saw it in theaters! Don’t get me wrong, great acting from everyone Waltz, Jackson, Leo, and I thought Jamie Foxx was very good as well. The first 2 hours were great and hugely entertaining, but once Leo AND Waltz got killed off, the movie turned into a mess. I still liked it though, don’t get me wrong. But yeah, it is far from Tarantino’s best and I can see why many didn’t like it. He needed to trim many scenes that ran on for too long as well, like the bag scene with the KKK members. Very funny, but ran on for too long! See ya everyone, will be on tomorrow hopefully.

Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 9:01 pm
Of course she partied with Leo! She’s blonde, a former model and DJs in clubs! Sounds like Leo’s dream woman!!! Lol

“The first 2 hours were great and hugely entertaining, but once Leo AND Waltz got killed off, the movie turned into a mess.”
Totally agree!

To me, watching Jamie Foxx trying to act alongside Leo and Waltz was risible. And when he was left on his own the film went downhill.

I think from now on I’m not going to put too much importance and stock on reviews anymore. Recently American Hustle got amazing reviews from the critics, but I left it liking the film but being underwhelmed by it a lot besides the acting and other elements of the movie.

Totally Agree @ 12/27/2013 at 9:05 pm

@HAHA12: Yep the only reasons to watch that movie is for Waltz and Leo.
Even though the story is stupid (imo).
And Samuel Jackson got on my nerves, i couldn’t wait till he got killed off.
And after the big shoot out, the story turned into a huge mess. It was like why are we still here, now that the 2 best characters are gone.

@Black sharpie @ 12/27/2013 at 9:07 pm

I love when someone is promoting something and this someone uses Leo’s name. Anyhow, I do not doubt her story, we all know Leo loves the DJ booth lol.

Totally Agree @ 12/27/2013 at 9:08 pm

@HAHA12: Yep American Hustle is another one!
I can’t believe JLaws hammy performance is getting so much awards talk, yet Leo can’t get any love!
I know she’s Americas new sweetheart, but her character was pointless and over done.
And that movie had no point, other than to show off the big name cast.

@Totally Agree:
Jennifer was fun and she has great comedic timing, but her character felt kind of pointless imo. Its crazy she might actually win a second Oscar for it?? I like her a lot in general but that goes to show there just are not good enough roles for women when the actress categories are so weak that she barely has any strong competition besides Oprah in The Butler. The movie was really an actor’s showcase, but the story moved very slow and I just was not invested in it. Maybe I would like it better on rewatch, but I can’t say I liked it that much.

Hmmm, THANK YOU!!!
I love how suddenly J-Law’s performance is better than Lupita Nyong’o in 12 Years. Btch, please!

I actually liked Jamie Foxx in the role but his character was not interesting at all compared to the other characters. Tarantino barely gave him anything to work with, and a result the ending is not as satisfying when he saves his girl because many people found his character to be boring.

Are you serious??? Oprah?! LOL

Actually, I forgot about her. I have not watched 12 Years As A Slave yet but I think Lupita has a great shot at winning, JLaw is really her only competition. Again, its depressing female actors barely get as great roles as male actors do. Look how stacked Best Actor is this year compared to Best Actress.

Not lying, some think she has a shot to win for The Butler! Lol! I doubt it happens but let’s be real, she’s campaigning hard and is so powerful, wouldn’t be shocked if it happens. I think Lupita will win in the end tho, since 12 Years As A Slave really does seem like it’ll sweep all the major awards.

Amy Adams deserves the nod more than J-Law, but she ain’t getting. She is too old for the old dawgs lol. I really do not get what it is all about with this Jennifer Lawrence thing, she is bland and was not even the best in Silver Linings.

Totally Agree @ 12/27/2013 at 9:24 pm

Damn, I gotta go!
But you guys are having an interesting discussion.
I’ll read your comments later for sure!

Have you watched The Butler?

Lupita is fierce, a force of mother nature.

I love Amy and really am rooting for her to get a nomination,she was so great in American Hustle and should be getting the attention over Jennifer. Sadly, I don’t think she is even getting nominated :/ She has a shot but she’s against Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, and Judi Dench who all seem locked for nominations. And Bradley was easily the best thing about Silver Linings. I thought he should of been getting most of the praise and he would of made a worthy winner, but again Best Actor is just always much more competitive. Jennifer pretty much had no competition in her category. I liked her but I thought she was better in Winter’s Bone, now that’s a great performance from her.

Cate Blanchett deserves the Oscar. Enough with Meryl Streep, give her a rest. Sandra Bullock is really good in Gravity but Cate has it in the bag, hands down the best in the race.

I haven’t yet, but I’ve heard Oprah is average at best in it from people I know who saw it, she didn’t get much praise in the reviews either. If she wins I think it’ll be mostly because of her star power and a way to honor her over all.
Cate has always been great at these larger than life characters, I didn’t get a chance to watch Blue Jasmine yet but I’m dying to. She’s easily winning her second Oscar for it, tbh.

Now time for me to really go, but nice conversation everyone!

Winter’s Bone is a good indie but not great. I only watched it once. A great film you want to watch many times.

Oprah is awful in The Butler. Margot Robbie in WOWs has a FAR better performance than Oprah’s drunk mess lol.

Nice talking to you.

Why did he take his 10 years old cousin to an R rated movie????

Brent Raymond ‏@Brent_raymond17 1m
So wolf of WallStreet starts with Leo dicaprio doing a line of coke off a h**kers ass.. You wont believe the questions my 10y/0 cousin asked

When was the last sighting of Leo? I assume he is still in la? Maybe aspen tomorrow?

@la: I think it was in LA last night ( instagram photo posted in the morning ).

Leo is in Aspen. I guess it’s Otis with him even though the kid looks smaller than Otis. Above Leo’s head there’s an Aspen sign.

And the party goes on…
@TheAspenBuzz: “@musicalproducer: New Aspen nightclub opened last night. Leonardo di Caprio coming tonight. (@ Bootsy Bellows)”

@also…: I wouldn’t be surprised. There is a Bootsy Bellows down the street from his home in LA and he often goes there when he is in town. I think he knows the owner – David Arquette.

@songthaveepol: Dinner with Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio

Some private event?

@songthaveepol: Another wonderful dinner with awesome friends… @ Chefs Club by FOOD & WINE

@Zzzzzz: I know he likes that place. There were several sightings in LA and he visited their party at Coachella. I just thought he is more like a ‘tropical guy’ than a ski resort kind for NYE. I mean it’s not far from LA / Vegas / Mexico especially on his beloved private jets. Maybe it’s just a long weekend…

Leo's Fan Girl @ 12/28/2013 at 12:34 am

Saw WOWS tonight. Everyone gave their best performances especially Leo. Loved all the sex scenes with Leo, the candle scene was the funniest. Another funny scene is when Jordan saved Donnie’s life. Also liked the scenery while they were on the boat in Italy, that was a beautiful location. What surprised me most is how Mr. Belfort used all those drugs excessively. In the end of the movie Mr. Belfort gives a cameo appearance to introduce himself (Leo) who looked sexy as ever in this movie. Can Leo be nominated for best actor category please.

@also…: I thought that too. But apparently when he was dating Eriin, they went skiiing for Christmas/NYE I believe.
re the dinner photo: I see Leo at the end of the table, but where is Toni? Wouldn’t she be sitting next to him?

Leo's Fan Girl @ 12/28/2013 at 12:46 am

Also Mr. Scorsese done a wonderful job on this movie, thank you so much.

Black sharpie @ 12/28/2013 at 12:49 am

The Chefs Club is a restaurant at the St Regis hotel in Aspen. They must have closed the restaurant for them.

Found this on BZ about the guy that took the pics:
Chettha Boyd Songthaveepol is a very wealthy Bangkok businessman, he owns EVO magazine ( a lifestyle type magazine) , and is , also, famous for his car and watch collection

Black sharpie @ 12/28/2013 at 12:51 am

Maybe Toni is sitting across from him. Tobeys wife cannot be seen either so maybe she is across from Tobey?

@Zzzzz: I don’t think he stayed in Montana ( skiing with Erin ) for the holidays. I think they were in LA.
I thought the same thing about the seating arrangement. Weird but Tobey is not sitting next to his wife.

Black sharpie @ 12/28/2013 at 12:55 am

@Black sharpie:
To be honest, no one looks like they are having a good time!?

She is quiet on social media now so she must be back on sugar baby duty.

@Black sharpie: I know! LOL I just didn’t want to say anything about it.

Black sharpie @ 12/28/2013 at 12:58 am

Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio And Bradley Cooper Heat Up With Their Girlfriends On Joint Ski Vacation
JAN. 3, 2012, 12:48 PM 11,458 9
It’s official: Leonardo DiCaprio is dating Victoria’s Secret model, Erin Heatherton and Bradley Cooper is dating Zoe Saldana. At least enough to spend the holidays together on a romantic getaway.
Whether or not Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are engaged remains a mystery, but there were “rumblings” of such as the group of six A-list celebs celebrated the holidays skiing and snowboarding together at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana.

“Leo and Erin and Bradley and Zoe were all staying together,” an eyewitness tells Business Insider of the new couples.
“Justin and Jessica were there with his manager, her husband and their two young children, but the entire group of celebrities had dinner together at least one night.”

The crew, who spent time at the private, invitation-only residential club, ski resort and golf community, were there at least between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, says our source.

“Justin went snowboarding a lot but Jessica seemed more low key,” says the mountain spy. “Jess would watch Justin’s manager’s kids as they went tubing.”

As for whether or not Biel was sporting a rock on her ring finger, the eyewitness tells us that “Jessica always had gloves on or had just come off the slopes and wasn’t wearing it, but Yellowstone Club staff were whispering that the pair had recently gotten engaged.”

Reps for Timberlake and Biel did not return our requests for comment, but we doubt Jess’ brother would be thrilled with such news.

@Black sharpie: You’re probably right. I guess after not seeing each other for two weeks, I thought they would want to sit together. I know when I hadn’t seen my ex for that long, I was pretty much stuck to his side for at least a day!


Thanks for all the aspen tweets. :-)

Black sharpie @ 12/28/2013 at 1:24 am

I agree with you! Just another little bit of weirdness. Lol


Well we know Leo and toni don’t have that type of relationship.

Maybe she’s not there yet?

@####: It’s possible, but that instagram was over 9 hrs ago. He said it would take 4-5 hrs. So unless she got caught in a blizzard, I’m pretty sure she’s there already. Re type of relationship: I’ve been in casual relationships, but even though it was casual, when we hadn’t seen each other for a few days, we would be very affectionate and just want to be next to each other. Maybe that’s just me.


Well as I said earlier and realized myself it seems Leo is not seriously invested in this relationship at all.

Romantic foursome w/ Leo, Tobey, Jen, and Toni tonite ya’ll woohooo!!!! Aspin 4 Lyphe <3


I dont know if anyone posted this. Toni commented this on Irmelin`s br Instagram!

toni_garrn Aw poor guys, shoulda done Denver, no problem landing here @dosequisman ;) and just couple hours drive from Aspen



“for the record I missed that tweet”

Helena Murphy ‏@helena_murphayy 21h
I can die happy knowing that I was in the same room as Leonardo DiCaprio last night

Amy ‏@amycoyle5 20h
@helena_murphayy WHAAAAAT YOU WERE IN THE SAME ROOM AS MY BABY?!?!!!!!!?

Helena Murphy ‏@helena_murphayy 20h
@amycoyle5 Uhm my baby were on first name basis I call him Leo 😜 hahaha he was at the same club as me, don’t worry have him your numbaaa

About the pic: The group on that side of the table looked like they were all coming out of a funeral….

About the pic ? Which pic ? can you post the link ?

the one @also posted