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Just Jared's Most Popular Actors 2013

Just Jared's Most Popular Actors 2013

For the next week we will be recapping the year in entertainment and letting our readers know what they made the most popular* on our site.

They’re some of the hottest guys on the big screen and on TV and now they’ve also made our list of the most popular actors this year!

Did your favorite actors make‘s cut? Make sure to check out our list from last year as well to see who fell off the chart and who moved their way up!

Also, be sure to check back in the next two days to see who made our list of most popular actresses and the top 50 celebs of 2013.

25. Tom Cruise
24. Chris Evans
23. Jeremy Renner
22. Jake Gyllenhaal
21. Daniel Craig
20. Charlie Hunnam
19. Jason Statham
18. Hugh Jackman
17. Matt Bomer
16. Ryan Gosling
15. Chris Hemsworth
14. Channing Tatum
13. Ian Somerhalder
12. Robert Pattinson
11. Henry Cavill

Click inside to find out who were‘s top ten most popular actors of 2013…

10. Cory Monteith
9. Zac Efron
8. Alexander Skarsgard
7. Liam Hemsworth
6. Orlando Bloom
5. Bradley Cooper
4. Paul Walker
3. Leonardo DiCaprio
2. Gerard Butler
1. Brad Pitt

WHO WAS YOUR FAVORITE actor of 2013?

*FYI: These rankings are calculated by a number of factors, including pageviews/hits from readers, comments, and social media interaction. The number of posts on each actor during the year is also taken into consideration.

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  • Roberta

    Matt Bomer <3

  • Merry Christmas

    Ian made the List! YAY! Awesome! Merry Christmas ;)

  • brandysbabyhair

    bloop, not a single actor of color. nice.

  • sweet ashoo

    ummmm nup , Leo is the first one in my list & Bomer the scand one and that is it lol

  • Amelia

    Lol at Butler beating Leo, lies lies lies. And the black actor Chiwetel Ejiofor should be like top 5. All the more reason to believe this list was made by a 25 year white fan

  • Ana

    Matt Bomer <3

  • Anna Marie Gauthier

    Chiwetel Ejiofor
    Idris Elba
    Vin Diesel
    Dwayne Johnson
    Tyrese Gibson
    Morris Chestnut

  • Nathany

    Matt Bomer ♥

  • mafragias


  • Mayra

    What about Benedict Cumberbatch?? Tom Hiddleston??

  • nope

    Like how is Chiwetel Ejiofor or Idris Elba or Michael B Jordan not on this list? You/your interns need to step it up in 2K14 Jared. Get it together because this is just embarrassing.

  • Jessie

    Ian Somerhalder!<3

  • LaCroix

    Where in the bloody hell is TOM HARDY? ridiculous list.

  • http://@ruthfer ruth

    Ian Somerhalder for me

  • HCfan

    Henry Cavill!!! <3

  • zacfan


  • not with toni

    ❤Leonardo for EVER❤
    Leo, you are the best actor of your generation
    and a beautiful angel,my love♥

  • Unfair list

    JJ says right at the top of the thread this is based on hits, number of posts, etc. It’s totally skewed. Butler wouldn’t be on this list at all if his little fan club didn’t use his threads as their personal private chat room. This list is absurd and has no reflection on popularity in the outside world.

  • Love Bras

    Brad “Legend” Pitt.

  • @Leonardo

    Nothing compares to you!

  • ForMe

    Gerard Butler must be on this list because he’s good gossip. Was he even in a movie this year?

  • lo

    Why zac at 9? Who is this butler?

  • brittany

    No Sexy and Talented men of color. Ridiculous!

  • nope

    I don’t even think that this list is based off of hits, or number of posts. Why would Gerard or Jason Statam or whatever be on the list if this were the case??????????? I truly can’t name a single movie they’ve been in this year.

  • OK

    Has to be Zac for me.

  • eva real one.

    Bradley all day long

  • adn


  • Excuse Me?

    @ForMe: @nope:
    Olympus Has fallen-big hit actually, you must be haters!!

  • http://@ha_dream tina

    ian somerhalder <3

  • Nicole

    #1 Gerry Butler <3

  • nope

    @Excuse Me?: seeing as how i literally had to google that movie to see what it was, it obviously wasn’t a hit. it got a ’5.3/10′ and was ‘far from original’ according to critics, so no i’m not a hater i just don’t like irrelevant actors replacing actual good ones kthnxbye

  • Yummmm

    Gerard Butler is sooooooo Hot!!!!!

  • Obviously

    Just because YOU didn’t know about it doesn’t make it a dud. I grant you its no Hunger Games or Hobbit Movie but it grossed over 85 million. White House Down didn’t even make its budget and they are making a sequel to Olympus Has Fallen. I’d say that makes it a winner from my point of view. Maybe you just don’t have good taste in movies.

  • nope

    @Obviously: I’ll choose 12 years a slave or Fruitvale station over Olympus Falling or wtvr anyday. And if that means I don’t have good taste in movies, then I’ll take that with a smile. No one is checking for Gerard Butler in the year 2K13, whether he’s doing a sequel or not

  • Obviously

    @nope: While I do think those movies are also very good and Fassbender is hot, I still prefer Butlers movies. I like up lifting themes and Fassbender’s are way to histrionic. The world has enough drama in it. I need something that inspires hope. Besides this poll is based on fans and Butler has way more than Fassy. Just read his threads, in fact Fassy doesn’t get to many threads with JJ.

  • niara

    I like quite a few actors in the list. But I saw Matt Bomer and my mind was blown! Now all I see or want to see is him.
    I do like Tom Hiddleston, Chris Helmsworth though.
    But seriously Matt baby…..his sexiness is unlike anything I’ve seen.

  • Regina

    No actor has the combination of looks, talent, class and intellect that Matt Bomer has.

  • Bebo

    Robert Pattinson should be higher, but then I guess he hasn’t had a movie out this year. Gerard Butler at number 2 is ridiculous tbh.

  • Leo’s Fan Girl
  • Xtincta

    Some of y’all can’t read. The place of the stars on this list are essentially based off user interaction on this site, so if your favorite star isn’t higher it’s because they’re not as popular as you think they are. Also a lot of Just Jared users must not care about black people SMH.

  • piper

    Zac is number 1 for me

  • Idiot alert

    @nope: @ForMe:

  • Fass

    @nope: I like Fass too. Nope, this is a gossip site, no 1 doesn’t mean the best actor. This is not an oscar. I am glad he is not on the list. MC

  • wow!

    What the hell! Butler – #2??!! For what? For a second-rate “OHF” or for PR Romanian prostitute in Hollywood? JJ! WHERE IS FASSBENDER???

  • Ute

    Ian Somerhalder <333 he's the best

  • Mara

    Ian Somerhalder <3 Love him

  • 2

    Well done for gb and his jj fans (the Russian pros/titutes).

  • raena

    No bradley?

  • raena

    Sorry didnt see him

  • Russian pros/titute

    @2: F/UCK YOU !!!!!