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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Christmas Eve with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Christmas Eve with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr is trendy in black while stepping out of her apartment on Tuesday (December 24) in New York City’s Upper East Side.

The 30-year-old Australian supermodel was joined by ex-husband Orlando Bloom, who had his hands full with their son Flynn and another cute little boy.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Over the weekend, Orlando donned a vest while carrying Flynn on his shoulders.

In case you missed it, check out Miranda sporting a sheer bra in some behind the scenes pics from her photo shoot with Terry Richardson.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom stepping out on Christmas Eve…

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miranda kerr orlando bloom christmas eve with flynn 01
miranda kerr orlando bloom christmas eve with flynn 02
miranda kerr orlando bloom christmas eve with flynn 03
miranda kerr orlando bloom christmas eve with flynn 04
miranda kerr orlando bloom christmas eve with flynn 05
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miranda kerr orlando bloom christmas eve with flynn 07
miranda kerr orlando bloom christmas eve with flynn 08
miranda kerr orlando bloom christmas eve with flynn 09
miranda kerr orlando bloom christmas eve with flynn 10

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  • xmaz

    Clannad After Story – Episode 14,reminds me of michelle and heath

  • question

    Is that Orlando Bloom’s mom?

  • jude

    I feel bad for them in a funny. Their attempts to be like Brad Pitt and Angelina has backfired so hard at their faces. So sad. They seem to be spending more time together after the divorce (all for show of course). Miranda is loosing all her contracts by th day, and we all knw Bloom is going back to irrelevancy after the Hobbit.

  • eh

    @jude: Where did you get the idea that these two “youngsters” are trying to be like Brangelina? If they were trying to be like Brangelina, they would adopt 5 more kids. Instead, at this time, they are putting all their love into just one — Flynn. And personally, I think Bloom is a more natural and fun dad than Pitt.

  • @2

    Yes, that’s Orlando’s mother, Sonia. I think that I spotted her in DOS but I’m not sure.
    It’s nice to see that they can all come together to celebrate Christmas.
    That must be the son of Orlando’s friend. I remember that they had a child around the same age as Flynn. Orlando looks like a natural the way he handles both boys. He must be a very confident and competent daddy.
    How are they trying to act like Brangelina?
    That’s one of the silliest comments yet.

  • she

    The blonde kid is actually cuter than Flynn :)

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: The Kerrdashains found a better looking brat to balance out the ugly of Melon Head. We wonder where Miranda Kerrdashian’s mother is. Oh, that’s right, Miranda is even too much of a diva b*tch for her own mother.

  • jody9998

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  • @5

    If Orlando was a “competent and confident daddy” he wouldn’t need a nanny. My husband is a competent and confident daddy and he never has a nanny with him. In fact, we don’t have a nanny. I am a competent and confident mommy and I don’t have a nanny. Don’t tell me that its because they work because that is utter BS. I work. A real job, not that modeling crap. My husband works (BTW Orlando lost his job). We both work different shifts so that we take care of our own kid. Neither of Flynn’s parents are confident OR competent. They don’t have to be. They’re rich and rich people don’t have to take care of their own kids.

  • @9

    So you and your husband work different shifts and NEVER have a baby sitter? Wow. I guess that you don’t care about being with your husband, eh? Never having a night out. Never seeing each other? Never EVER doing anything without your child? Never having any adult time?
    What a pathetic mess you are. I feel sorry for your poor husband. He must feel so alone.

  • Diana

    @eh: #4

    A 30 year old and 36 year old, are NOT youngsters. You must be insane to think so.

  • @10

    You are obviously NOT married and NOT a working mother. Sometimes, when two people love each other but have to work to make ends meet, they sacrifice a lot to make sure their kids get what they need and if that is being a pathetic mess, I’ll just be a pathetic mess and be proud of it and wait for you and your tiny mind to grow up and become a responsible adult. Not all parents are rich models and actors Some of us have to work. Also, life is not all about getting what you want all the time and my husband knew this when we decided to have a baby. He is a competent and caring daddy and knows that his child’s needs come before his and he is not immature and selfish like all of the men you know, apparently. You will learn this when you grow up. If not, if you instead spend all of your life catering to the needs of an infantile, selfish man, then I will feel sorry for you. On second thought, no, I won’t. You will get what you deserve,

  • Oh! @Diana

    It depends on perspective, doesn’t it? I mean, to a 70 year old, 30 and 36 year olds are youngsters. Grow up and learn to look at the world beyond your own ignorant nose. But then…#’s 10 and 11 must be written by the same person, hence the rude ad hominem attacks.

  • cmac

    I don’t understand these grumpy and mean comments. When I look at these photos I see parents being mature about their divorce and putting their child first. Admirable.

  • @12

    You just sound like you are jealous of the fact that Orlando and Miranda can afford a nanny.
    Just because they don’t have to struggle doesn’t make them bad parents. You’re not a martyr. You’re a parent who seems to resent the fact that you have to work opposite shifts.
    Don’t hate them because they’re rich. For them, a nanny makes sense. She is a consistent presence for Flynn when mommy and/or daddy are working late. And she is someone who can be trusted enough to even fly with Flynn across the country. A random, casual baby sitter would not work for them.
    Insulting them for having a nanny is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Dee


    It’s called jealousy & it is from a small and sad group of Orlando Bloom internet stalkers called The Delphi loons, a real pathetic group of losers with no life, who will makeup stories, and even pretend they are parents and married in order to criticize Miranda’s parenting of Flynn, in reality they are ugly, fat, virgins that will all die alone.

  • @12

    Miranda had a happy but working class upbringing so was brought up in a normal average way.

    All the success & money she has now is due to HER being professional & hard working in HER field of work which is being a model in the fashion industry. Just because she’s a model it doesn’t mean everything was handed to her on a plate

    There are many many beautiful models but very few of them go on to be in the top ten of highest earning models in the world for five years straight & now Miranda is currently the 2nd highest paid model in the world.

    It’s a bit childish to resent her simply because she’s successful at her job therefore can afford to have a Nanny when she’s working.

    Besides Miranda has ALWAYS been a very hands on mom from the day Flynn was born, she breast fed him for one & a half years & he went everywhere with her.

    She’s always said in interviews that she feels lucky that she has a job that allowed her to take him with her on photo shoots when he was younger & that she never took it for granted.

    You can see the close bond between her & Flynn & he’s such a happy smiley child that is loved & adorned.

    It’s sad that that she & Orlando broke up but they are handling it all with class & putting the best interests of Flynn first rather than being resentful toward each other.

    I really don’t understand why you feel so much hatred for a woman that is successful in just about the ONLY business where they make more money than their male counterparts as well as being a caring loving mother to her child!

  • Andrea

    Great that Miranda and Orlando are putting Flynn first and handling their split with class. Flynn is a cute kid and so is the blond kid. Great that Orlando’s mom is visiting him and Flynn over the holidays.

  • Martin

    Miranda,may the spirit of Christmas bring you love,the pleasure of Christmas give you hope.Miranda, I don’t want to see you unhappy. Please be happy.

    Love you Miranda!

  • karma

    Super “photoshop” model didn’t exactly look happy.
    What a fake person.

  • :(

    @14 When I look at these photos I see parents being PATHETIC fame whores as usual and fooling they “fans” with a fake relationship. LOOOL All for show! Sorry
    Where are all men that drools about her?

  • Elena

    @10, 15, 16 and 17: I don’t a rat’s a$$ about the plight of the working mother but I read you’re comments and I just wanted to slap you. Are you seriously comparing an occasional baby sitter to a full time nanny (which the Kerrdashains have had since the melon headed brat was squirted out into the world. Who do you honestly think was changing the brat’s sh*tty nappies while Miranda was working out 20 hours a day to get into runway shape? Orlando? Please…)?? Your logic, as always, is flawed. As always. Then there is the fact that the woman at #9 lives in the real world while the Kerrdashians do not. They live in a rich person’s world (a fact of which Miranda likes to use her Instagram to remind us of all the time. Oh, and the expensive clothes she calls the paparazzi to come photograph her in all the time). Miranda doesn’t work hard. She’s a model. She would die if she had to do whatever #9 is doing for a living because she would then have to ACTUALLY work hard and it would kill her. Orlando, too. They chose the professions they are in so they could get by on their looks and never have to actually work hard ever. Don’t kid yourself. Both Miranda and Orlando are spoilt brats themselves, over privileged and with inflated senses of their own importance in this world. Don’t you dare ever demean a working woman who has to struggle to make ends meet for pointing out the disgusting over privilege of people like the Kerrdashians. You are an idiot.
    Also, I wonder if the Kerrdashians got more money for the Xmas Eve pics. Maybe they got a bonuses for the grandmum and the extra brat.

  • @22

    And I want slap YOU, because you still attack the children!

  • EVA

    @@5: Then I would say RICH PEOPLE are darn lucky in that way!!! Having kids in today’s world and society is something to seriously think long and hard about. Not all rosy, for sure.

  • What … ever!

    @Elena: Who cares? Some people have a good and easier situation. Others have to struggle. Everybody doesn’t take the same ride in life. Accept it or enjoy a life being miserable. YOU, my dear, have serious envy/jealousy issues. See a shrink!

  • @TROLLena

    “Don’t you dare ever demean a working woman who has to struggle to make ends meet for pointing out the disgusting over privilege of people like the Kerrdashians.”
    Goes both ways, hypocrite. That “working woman” was condemning them for being wealthy enough to have a nanny. Judging people’s parenting abilities on their social status is idiotic. I guess that’s why you are OK with it, eh?
    And “over privilege”? So, they earned more money last year than most of the human race. If they earned it, that means that someone thought that they were worth it. That’s not Over privilege. That’s earning your pay. Or do you only consider blue collar work, ‘work’? What does that say about the secretaries who sit at a desk, and never break a sweat? Or the engineer who spends all day in front of a computer? You saw the behind the scenes look at the stunts that were required for the Hobbit. Orlando worked harder than either of those professions. The fact that people are willing to pay him millions to break a sweat is not his fault. The only fault here lies in you, and your incredible jealousy of anyone that seems to have a better life than you. I know people here have suggested that you seek help. But in all seriousness, I think that you really do need help. This irrational hatred and obsession is not healthy for you. You really need to step back and try to face your feelings honestly. Find out the real reason that you feel the need to spend so much time in darkness. Seriously.

  • Mea


    Well I also don’t like “Elena’s” post sometimes but she’s right. NOBODY works hard enough to earn MILLIONS a year. NOBODY!

    Ah and …Still gay :D …

  • @27

    Hey, other people set the market value. If they are getting paid that much, then people must think that they are worth it.
    If you think that people should get paid based upon how hard they work, that means that a laborer digging a ditch in the summer heat should get paid more than the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. And more than any doctor or nurse. Bankers even less.
    See how ridiculous that sounds?
    People get paid what they are worth. If an actor earns that much, it means that people think that is what he/she is worth. Same with models.
    It appears that you resent wealth. You have a problem with people who are better off than you. And that last idiotic statement is a good example of why you will never earn much money in your life. Head hunters for high earning jobs never scout stupid people.

  • @28

    There is not one single model, actor, athlete or musician on the entire planet who is worth the millions they are paid. Not Orlando, not Miranda, not any of them. There is no CEO worth the million, sometime billions they are paid. Not one. Yes, a man working in a ditch in the summer heat should be paid more than Miranda or Orlando or a CEO. Yes, so should a doctor or a nurse. Yes, so should a teacher. Until Orlando or Miranda actually do something of value, I will go on believing they are not worth a cent of what they are paid to get naked and play act. You. Are. A moron.

  • Zach

    @@27: Little girl, you seem to be in need of some serious education so allow me to school your dumb a**, okay. If you have stupidly bought into the idea that you will achieve the ‘Murican Dream and make a million dollars of your own just by blowing a head hunter or two for a cush job, you are woefully mistaken. Your generation is well and truly screwed. You, my dear, clueless little girl, are going to be down in that ditch, digging in the sweltering summer heat. You will be struggling and you will be wondering why your hard work isn’t worth more money than the woman who takes her clothes off and gets pampered and primped for a living. Your back will ache and u will wonder why the CEO of your company makes more money in a minute than you make in to months. You will not be rich. You will be one of us po’ folk and you will want to slap the sh*t out of idiotic little snot kids who make statements like the one you made here.

  • Elena

    @@22: Cool your tits. Those vile creatures aren’t worth your vitriol. They are only children and should be avoided at all costs. Geez, it’s not like I said anything bad about Sidi. That’s dog is pretty freaking amazing.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Orlando looks good and how sweet is he’s Flynn. And Orlando’s mum dose not look happy. Hope everyone had a good Christmas too.

  • LOL!

    @Jayne: Orlando’s mum is sorry that woman in the black coat ever darkened her doorstep.

  • Kath

    Geez…….Cool your tits ELENA! You stupid beard!! Your the only vile creature not worth any vitriol. Being a hypocrite again I see. Firstly Miranda & Orlando as we know dont work hard as they are doing work they love. And when you love what your doing its easy. There rich & famous…again take your own advice……Get over it! There not bad parents just because they have a nanny. #9 for you to say what you did its obvious you are just plain ole jealous! Yes your husband recognised you dont get everything in life but did you? You are coming across as whinging about having to work 2 jobs to provide for your children? And if thats a problem for you then why did you have kids? Miranda & Orlando are loving non abusive parents that whats important. #25 hit the nail on the head by saying everybody doesnt have the same ride in life & to accept it or be miserable….EXACTLY!! Life is what YOU make it & appreciate what you have because there are heaps of people far worse off. And #26 also is correct with the secretary & engineer comment. So again…get over it Elena.

  • Elena

    @Kath: “Stupid beard?” Who am I bearding for? The last time I checked I was not pretending to date a closeted gay actor in order to make him look straight to idiot fans like you. I didn’t bother to read the rest of your comment because after that “stupid beard” comment I realized that you are an utter, absolute moron and have no idea whatsoever what you are talking about. You. Blithering. Idiot.

  • @30

    …”make a million dollars of your own just by blowing a head hunter or two for a cush job…”
    That has to be the most misogynistic thing that I have read in a while.
    You think that the only way that a woman could get a high paying job is to perform sexual favors? Wow. You’re a pig. And an idiot who has absolutely no reading comprehension skills.
    No wonder you are one of the “po’ folk”.

  • @35

    By closeted actor, do you mean Luke Evans? I know that he resembles Orlando so maybe it was an honest mistake on your part?

  • Elena

    @@30: I have no idea if you are a man or a woman. It works both way. A dude can get down on his knees for another dude. A dude can go down on a woman head hunter, too. Both men and women perform sexual favours for both men and women. It is YOU who slapped the genders onto the comment so it is YOU who is the misogynist. You are such a pig!

  • Here’s something hilarious!

    James Packer is on’s list of 50 they wish they were in 2013 because he’s boning Miranda Kerr. They say he’s “living the dream.” Miranda on the other hand…is living the life of a high priced wh@re. Which is what she is, really. She was a high priced wh@re for Brandon Davis, too. At least her contract with Bloom made her look legit.

  • Dee

    Elena, you are hilarious IMO. Not intentionally of course, but your high level of cray cray is hysterical. You post about Orlando and Miranda and their nanny as if you have a web cam into their home and know all the details of their life. It just proves what a crazy stalker with insane delusions you really are. I hope your parents never let you out of that basement though. Pathetic Nutjob.

  • @38

    The fact that you are convinced that the only way for anyone to get a good job is to provide sexual favors is a really sad comment on your life.
    I guess that you are playing the victim since you are stuck in a dead end job. You keep getting passed over for promotions so you try to comfort yourself by believing that they only got ahead because of what they do behind closed doors. Well sweetums, the only reason that you are stuck where you are is because you are a nasty human being. Who would want to promote someone so full of hate and self loathing? You and your negativity would poison any work environment. No manager would want that. So keep telling yourself that everyone else is sleeping their way to the top if that makes you feel better, but we all know the truth. And so do you. That’s why you have to spread lies to make you feel better about yourself. If you can’t face your problem, then you are doomed to be a paper pusher fir the rest of your working life.

  • @Elena

    You are vile creature pu$$y! And pathetic para$ite who can’t stand that Orlando doesn’t have kid(s) with you! And I do hope you don’t have dogs!

  • Kath

    Now…now….ELENA….Again cool your tits! You sound a tad touchy to my comment? Too bad suck it up. Cmon now dont lie & tell me you didnt read my post…..of course you did! You silly beard! Sounds like a bit of “You can dish it out but cant take it in return” to me. Hey I might be a blithering idiot, moron to you or even a wanker or d*ckhead….and….so what…big bloody deal. You know what they say…….”Takes one to know one” hey! hahahahhhaaaahahhaaa your soooo funny. Now calm down & go back to patting that pussy of yours……hahahahhhaaaa

  • Elena

    @Kath: Do you even understand what you are saying when you use the word “beard”? A beard is a woman who pretends to date an closeted male celebrity in order to give him the appearance of heterosexuality in the press. I have not been employed as a beard but, I have to say, based on the success Miranda Kerrdashian has had in that line of work, it might be a good option. Your stupid…it burns. @41 No, little girl, I am NOT saying that the only way for a person to get a good job is to perform sexual favours. What I am saying is that that is the only way YOU will get a good job. Pucker up, Buttercup!!

  • Andrea

    Why is the little old grandmother carrying the baby bag and the man with the pins in his back carrying both children while the young, freeloading ex-wife is walking empty handed?

  • Two Cents

    Another meaning for a beard I believe is vagina. Just saying Elena

  • Two Cents

    Let me say that without the blocking. Another meaning for beard is v@gina

  • Kath

    Yes…..ELENA…..I know what the American term “Beard” means. Its not hard to know since the history of you always crapping on about Miranda & Orlando being in a contract & the gay slurs towards Orlando. Have you ever heard the Australian term “taking the piss” well…..uummm…..thats what Im doing with you! Since you like to think your so smart you would know of the other meanings to “Beard” Thats what I was referring to. You know that little hairy bit on the outside of a mussels lips or shell…..the beard! A derogatory term towards a woman. And since you carry on like a do-gooder feminist, I thought you would get it……but obviously not. Im not against feminism by the way….just you. You scream hypocrisy in everything you say.. Gosh it annoys me that your not so smart after all……annoys so much….it burns……

  • Kath

    Oh….and can I say your obviously reading my posts which proves you read my #34 post which again proves your a hypocrite. Such a liar to say you didnt…..haahahahhaahhaaaa

  • @44

    I guess that backtracking is your best *cough* talent, eh?
    It should be with all of the idiotic things that make it past that ‘beautiful tongue’ of yours.
    Don’t you ever get tired of being unhappy? Come on Bealze/Kerrazy/beautiful tongue, don’t you want a nice life of your own? Or is being mean and nasty the only thing that brings you joy?
    You are one sick puppy.