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Miley Cyrus: 'Adore You' Full Music Video - WATCH NOW!

Miley Cyrus: 'Adore You' Full Music Video - WATCH NOW!

Check out the full version of Miley Cyrus‘ music video for her new single “Adore You”!

The 21-year-old entertainer has been teasing the video all week and she has caused controversy yet again for the scenes in the video featuring her masturbating.

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The video surfaced online a little bit early and Miley tweeted about the leak.

“We all know Smilers would break another record if it wasn’t for the f–k face who leaked my video. Alllllll good! Keep smiling :)” Miley wrote.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley Cyrus’ new music video for “Adore You”?

Miley Cyrus – “Adore You” Video

10+ pictures inside of screencaps from Miley Cyrus‘ new music video…

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  • steff

    I actually love this song but she is just trying to hard when it comes to being sexy so it’s not very good she needs to know the real meaning of being exy. it doesn’t mean this.

  • G

    I don’t want to see one effing comment calling her trashy. Orlando bloom was on justjared talking about his naked scene. Alexander skarsguard had one. Shia lebeouf is naked and having actual sex in his new movie. It’s no different when it’s a female. And don’t try to say she’s trashy because her music video isn’t art. True blood isn’t high quality art either. So F off.

  • Stacy

    That’s so awkward to watch, because her face still looks as a little girl’s face!

  • Wow

    I think she’s very sexy. The 40 year old fat jealous trolls on justjared don’t. Everyone including myself under 21 does.

  • Maria Montero

    You should not publish that. They have to wait for the video on VEVO seep would be a lack of respect for Miley.

  • Asha

    This is one of my favorite songs off of her album but like with all things Miley, she is trying way too hard to make that sexy face.

  • Louise

    This girl is such a freaking fame-whore,..I’m sorry but trash is most definitely a word I would use to describe this nonsense. This is not art or whatever word you want to use to excuse it. There is methodical thought behind performance art per Gaga but this is basically music label pr in overdrive. Sex sells and basically that’s the road Miley Cyrus has gone down in order to sell her music. If I see another Miley post on her flashing her tits, rolling around in stupid fetishwear I’ll scream. It’s unfortunate because despite all this, I actually think some of her music is ok but she is so irritating I cant bear anything to do with her.

  • J

    shame i really like this song but the vid is sh*t. She’s not even pretty and just awkward to watch.. she doesn’t know the word tasteful. a guy in there may have been nice to watch

  • Pizza

    She looked like she was drowning in that tub. Not sexy at all. Trying way too hard to act “grown up” but she doesn’t know the true meaning of that. Pathetic.

  • Ha

    Jeez. Is this girl fvckin’ serious!? Can she get anymore HORNY? No really, she’s doing that b!tch sex face all through the damn video. And it’s not pretty. She’s so not pretty. That rubbing the lip thing she does with her thumb is SO not sexy either. It makes her look even uglier. WTH. She’s seriously in her rebellious period where she discovers sexuality and believes she’s a sex queen. Damn girl, get over yourself. You love being desired, we get it. Give us a damn break. Now, seriously, she looks like a horny dog O.O

  • Me3

    What is WRONG with her? It’s pathetic she has stooped so low. What is next? Afraid to see. Singers don’t need to degrade themselves.

  • Nico

    She really is pathetic. This is a decent song that could have been so much better with a quality music video but instead all we get is more of Miley rolling around, touching herself and licking her finger. She has zero sex appeal and it just comes off as creepy and trying way too hard! Miley, get a clue and stop trying to make sexy happen, it’s NOT going to happen!

  • mk

    Lol at the ugly, bitter moles on this site. She looks better than you do! Get lives..

  • Kelly


    She is a boney little girl with buck teeth! Pretty sure some of us look better than her!

  • kmg

    She is actually a really great artist and singer. But these videos are awful! She has a obsession with her mouth and it’s not sexy. Awkward.

  • Lucy

    The song is beautiful but the music video takes away from the quality of the song. It’s like she’s doing a trashy solo sex video.

  • sid

    The song is okay, the video is just blah…

  • Asdfg

    The funniest thing i’ve seen all day! xD xD xD xD

  • Karly

    she looks like a man… and those eyebrows…arch them. I’m sorry. I’m being harsh, but just stop trying to be sexy and let your music speak for itself. This song is actually decent (for her), but she ruins everything with her attempt at being sexy.

  • Zzzz

    Her audience isn’t 15 year old boys. Why can’t she control her trashy, pathetic attempts at being sexy? Ever hear of leaving things to the imagination? I guess she or her record company think she needs to degrade herself to sell. Sad really. Money isnt worth your reputation. It really isn’t.

  • OK

    Miley, Selena , and all these other so called singers need to just focus on their music and that’s all. Miley looks like a boy and her small frame and Justine Bieber haircut don’t help her look more feminine either, its mean buts its the truth so trying to be sexy,provocative and promote sex( which their isn’t anything wrong with that) she alright by me but she than she better deliver and ACTUALLY LOOK sexy or cute other wise she just looks ridicules. BTW I don’t see why ppl make a big deal out of her videos when Katy Perry, Lady Gaga , Rhianna , Kesha, and Beyonce videos are all MOSTLY showing many skin and the same whether you admit it or not so everyone needs to get over the fact that she is no longer 15 and get use to MILEY CYRUS and quit criticizing her like she’s still Hannah Montana. I am not saying EVERYTHING she does is correct and all but Britney , Hilary, and Christina did it and went from Disney or teen stars to a more mature and they only accomplished that by pulling the sexy card which sadly is the only way they figured to do it so no worries…give it a couple more years and the next time we see Miley Cyrus twerking we won’t look or care to comment .

  • Stela

    is it just me or the video looks as if she video tape it herself and whats with her trying to eat her hand and arm?

  • James

    The song seems too slow and boring.

  • bosco

    i agree, and the song should be called ” i adore myself” she’s is so disturbed

  • Amanda

    Can you actually THINK and analyse the video before shouting thoughtless hate? Damn.

  • Davison

    I already parodied my thoughts on it!

  • Kim

    I like the song-not bad. The video- Miley, really? The thing I noticed that you are rubbing your hands all over your body-including your #$%^. Why? We really don’t want to see what you do in the bedroom-then put it in your video.

  • liz

    embarrassed for her as usual. she does not have a pretty or feminine face so even if she had a different personality and wasn’t acting like such a freak, i still would not like this.

  • Loves gossip

    Why does Miley feel the need to come across as “sexy” in every video, photo shoot or performance? She needs to accept the fact that she has NO sex appeal whatsoever (this is probably the reason why Liam dumped Miley for that soap actress). Please do NOT take this the wrong way but truth be told Miley looks like a lesbian (of course I have now just given her material for her next video). We the public are sick of her “twerking”, over exposed non-existent ass, the constant flashing of almost non- existent t*ts, her disgusting coated tongue, her dancing bears and dancing little people and “Uncle” Terry etc. etc. She needs to concentrate on her music and forget all the rest imo.

  • Isa

    Don’t like the video …

  • Allie

    You all realize she’s doing this for fame right? She doesnt care how slutty it is, it’s bringing her all this publicity, and money. She’s a genius. She knows that if she acts a certain way, and does things to attract the public, it’ll just make her more famous. You guys are all talking shit, but shes doing what you cant do. Props to her. Idgaf what anyone else says. Keep doing your thing girl.

  • sandra

    I really like her voice, but the video…I don’t know, she can do much better then that.

  • kLARA

    she got really nice voice, but the video…I don’t know. SHE CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER

  • Jon

    This guy thought the new video was boring.

  • Monica

    I think she doesn’t know what growing up means.

  • Mia

    I love Miley and her songs are amazing but tbh her videos are getting worse and worse and I don’t think she’s really pretty and sexy, but the song is amazing.

  • Kristen

    Miley Cyrus has so much talent and she keeps wasting it on “shock factor”.
    Unfortunately, she’s hitting “disgusting factor”.
    HEY MILEY: how many respectable artists have music videos of themselves touching themselves??????????????????
    no one. #youofficiallysuck

  • Newman

    All of you saying she’s ugly SHE’S NOT OKAY you’re all just jealous because she pretty and can sing and act you don’t realise but she knows what she’s doing if you watcher miley the movement she says she’s doing all of this for publicity and she is all of the hater are giving her what she wants like YouTube views and NUMBER 1 RECORDS so all of the haters stfu #smiler4ever

  • Jessica

    I love her songs but the videos.. They are so awkward and disturbing. And everything involving her mouth isn’t sexy. She is becoming pathetic.

  • blabla

    ugly face, not sexy at all, this is king of disgusting but i do like the song

  • lawrence

    More trash from this trashy slut.

  • va

    really this is disgusting , like watching a soft porn … needs to stop and get back to being herself and not acting like a porn star or looking like a cheap hooker . whatever happened to being a graceful woman and sharing your voice with the world not your body parts . sad world we live if we find this to be music . it’s crap .. this would have been banned or rated r or nc 17 in a movie ..

  • Wolfen00

    Lets look past the Obvious video of here trying to prove she is “Adult” and focus on the actually song.
    How is this even a song? The Lyrics sound like she took a couple sentences from her diary and than added them together. She just repeats the same question over and over again with different phrasing. “Baby, baby, are you listening”, “Oh baby, are you listening”, “Baby can you hear me”.
    There is no originality to this song and this video is just to TRY and show us she is “Sexy”.

  • babs

    i like Miley a lot / her music is decent / and her videos are soft porn / unlike the trash novice kardashian crap or the hard edge Gaga crazy ef / Miley is spot on as an artist / singer and most of all – comedienne / she is hysterical / i do worry about the young girl impressions she leaves / but in reality – she is a full grown adult / and pretty / not overtly big fake titted and nasty looking

  • sherry

    the song is good but i never thought miley had a pleasant sounding singing voice, she has a full voice cause she naturally has a loud voice, but to have pleasant sounding vocals is a different kind of sound and ive listened to her acoustic sessions but her vocals aren’t superstar vocals, that’s why people are saying she’s the new madonna – madonna never had a good singing voice to begin with but she was a smart and creative businesswoman that knew how to attract others to her image. the video… WELL… she knows sex sells, thats all i have to say. the girl isnt stupid but is sex ALWAYS gonna be her one trick pony? she really can’t do this back to back, she needs to learn that moderation is better, some sexy videos but some serious videos or funny videos to break up the monotony. actually make stories out of your music videos, it isnt easy when a song is 3-4 minutes long but i think many of the popular singers today do not know how to create stories out of their music, a music video is supposed to be their platform to do that but i feel that is one of the biggest elements that are lacking currently in the music industry.

  • me

    beautiful song from a beautiful young lady.

  • i miss the thumbs…..

    …..i really do

    anyway, its all about $$$, ok with mommy, daddy had to settle down or else (shows you the mean streak miley has). lets face it if wearing a turtleneck with long pants and low heeled pumps sold singing about american history, she would be doing that.

  • Katie


    If she was doing something other than touching herself, I would have no problem watching this video.

  • jay herron

    feeling sorry for her-homely to right down ugh….poor thing-as age grows on her she will have a hard job even selling a newspaper!
    actually-quite gross….it is like-who’d marry something like this? after flaunting her (fairly decent) body to the world….uhm, it is that face-whew….look out coyotes-one of your pack is on the run!!

  • Imzadi

    She is is really trying to hard to change her image. That’s the real problem and people can’t take her seriously.