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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Christmas Present from Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Christmas Present from Kanye West

Kim Kardashian does some shopping with her fiance Kanye West at a sporting goods store on Thursday afternoon (December 26) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old reality star showed off her brand new purse, which was a Christmas gift from Kanye!

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The bag is a one of a kind, hand painted Hermes Birkin bag created by visual artist George Condo, according to Kim‘s post on Instagram.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kim Kardashian’s gift for Christmas?

15+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West out shopping…

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kim kardashian shows off christmas present from kanye west 02
kim kardashian shows off christmas present from kanye west 03
kim kardashian shows off christmas present from kanye west 04
kim kardashian shows off christmas present from kanye west 05
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kim kardashian shows off christmas present from kanye west 10
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kim kardashian shows off christmas present from kanye west 12
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  • NYC

    Forget about her and that bag is awful….he dresses like my dream man.
    I love everything he wears.
    Super cute and current.

  • Nicole

    Mark my words, Kim is the new Katie Holmes. She’s got Stockholm syndrome and she doesn’t even know it. Her eyes are dead.

    BTW, thats the most dreadful bag Ive ever seen.

  • allison

    Don’t care how much that bag cost IT IS UGLY!

  • Asha

    Rich people pay for the ugliest s**t. Really??? That bag probably cost more than all 4 years of my college tuition.

  • NOT living in a box

    DAMN two birds and one stone a fiance and stylist # the life

  • brandysbabyhair

    It’s brilliantly pathetic how even with all the money and fame she has, she was never taught how to have class. Who posts their christmas gifts on instagram? She has no chill, at all.

  • Logan

    @brandysbabyhair: She does because all the stuff is free in exchange for publicity. And that bag is ugly, I don’t care how much it’s valued at.

  • Ali

    The painting on the bag is disgusting. How could anyone give that to someone as a gift? In my opinion, the Hermes Birkin, as well as the Hermes Kelly, bag is very poorly designed. The leather is good and the fixtures are fine, but the design is not the best for a busy woman. If you don’t fasten the lock, the bag flies open. If you fasten the lock, you can’t get to phone or cash, or anything you might need quickly. They’re bags for another era. Hermes really needs to make a perfect bag for today’s woman.

  • Looselipz

    Gawk that bag is atrocious. I’m a lover of art, but this looks like it was done by a demented teenager. And is that Kanye’s fantasy? His woman with another woman? I’m beyond disgusted by these two.
    I miss the days when celebrities were private, long before twitter and Instagram. It’s too much information. I’d prefer to know nothing about such awful selfish narcissistic people.

  • car

    Waste of an expensive Birkin to deface it like this with awful art work, but then neither Kim nor Kanye are known for having class or good taste.

  • serena

    Kim is the tackiest parasite on this planet. Lose some weight, cow.

  • Pikes

    Big ugly bag can’t hide with what she has done to her face.

  • sarah

    can you can put lipstick on a pig…it’s still just a pig. What her followers DO NOT understand is everything she wears, says she’s getting, tweets and so on she gets for FREE. Not to mention she gets paid millions because people still think she is relevant.

  • Fair

    @serena: ok the bag is hideous but if its ok to call Kim a fat cow then nobody should get upset when someone else gets called one ex. Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson , Melissa McCartney, and many more _

  • melissa

    Fugly bag, fugly Kanye and fugly Kim; they all belong together.

  • Chrissy

    That is one god-awful bag – is he trying to tell her something? Oh, I know, you can’t buy class. Also, all they ever do is shop, go for lunch and pretend to go to the gym – being the holidays you’d think that they might like to spend some time with their new baby, you know, like being a family? I hope someone is treating that poor child right and teaching some values!

  • Mylene – Montreal

    Only thing i can say : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !

  • Daniela Mihai

    The bag is so ugly, is Christmas time , my God, so crazy and i cant believe somebody can give that kind of gift no matter how expensive is, is disgusting. Both are stupid

  • wendy

    Ubelievable ugly…
    What the hell Kim…. what has happened to you!?!?!?!
    Have you no shame!?!?!?!?!

    Get rid of the dude AND the bag…

  • Denise

    @Fair: #14

    Kim is a big fat-ass cow. SO THERE!

  • gale

    That bag is hideous and vulgar, just like Kanye and Kim.

  • Motown

    I am not surprised, that, left to their own devices, these two believe that this purchase was inspired. P.T. Barnum said there’s one born every minute. And that goes for his recordings and her TV show, too. That poor baby was born to two holograms.

  • Kel

    Taste is relative I guess, but this is not my personal flavor. As a mother, I feel it is highly inappropriate to carry a bag containing this sort of art. When she carries it in public, others will see it, specifically children. I hope this subject matter is not what she will teach her own child so please do not feel it is acceptable to advertise hideousness to others. I also wonder whether the nude, full-busted woman who appears to be the focal point (in the center lying back) is an image of Kim engaged with another woman and whether the darker toned, green-horned devil is Kanye?

  • essie

    Of course it’s one of a kind, cause only a foolish person like Kim or Kanye would purchase it.

  • arealartist

    What’s consistent with these two is the lack of good taste and great styling. You can’t buy good taste, by she’s waaay off base if she think she looks good. Her eyes look dead like she’s on some kind of drug, and that constant trout pout has become even more unattractive. The bag? Good grief, they should have had a graffiti artist paint that suitcase. It’s too big and bawdy for anyone with good fashion sense to use.

  • What

    Honestly, I don’t think she had anything done post pregnancy. She lost weight after being stretched and it’s showing. She looks exhausted.

    Kanye West should be laughed at for eternity for saying that stuff about being the new Nelson Mandela. Both are mentally unsound and vulgar as heck.

  • b

    Tacky as hell. Just like it’s owner and buyer.

  • Nikki

    That purse is hideous!!!

  • liz

    that bag is so ugly lmao you can tell she hates it too. she is just showing it off because she is scared of kanye and will do anything to keep him from going into psycho mode.

  • Dv8

    THAT IS ONE OF THE MOST HIDEOUS BAGS I HAVE EVER SEEN! I don’t understand rich people, I have the cutest purse that I got for $80 dollars that doesn’t have ugly monsters painted on it.

  • namers

    @liz: I agree with this. Svengali was a cream puff compared to this idiot.

  • bb

    I Regina George said it best when she said “That’s the ugliest effing [bag] I’ve ever seen.”

  • rew

    that is the ugliest bag i’ve ever seen

  • kelli


    agree. the bag is quite ugly (the painting) and it really isn’t practical for most women. perhaps as a workbag for files and such, but not as a purse

  • zey

    the thing is Condo is HIS favorite artist.. So the girt is like like a present to himself for her.. I don’t necessarily hate the idea if you have the money even tho it will just sit in your closet but it’s not for her it’s for him.. Who’s her favorite artist? Does he know anything about her.. Also I don’t like Condo’s work it all looks so angry.. They’re gross.

  • Pechilvr

    I think the bag is disgusting and embarrassing!! I mean who the hell walks around with a bag of a naked women with bare breasts? No self respecting mother would and I really dont give a rat about who painted it or that its a Birkin! I own a Birkin and I wouldnt be caught dead with this bag in tote!

    Kim has her head so far up the jack ass’ ass and her taste and style has plummeted!

  • Pechilvr

    It also proves the taste level Kanye West has! Good God there’s 3 naked women and a demonic head on this bag…….like seriously why would you want to walk around with this bag with your child? Im sure we dont see baby North West airlines in tow but the talentless woman Im sure will be seen with this bag and with jer child….

    It also proves that having money doesnt necessarily mean you have class!

  • kelly martineau

    The bag is augly. And they allways have to wear nice fansey clothes out shoppinge or getting there hair done. Hate that guys. So into himself.

  • kelly martineau

    Kim has bags under her eyes. Or dark circles.

  • Camden

    I’m all for art, but what a great way to ruin a perfectly good bag.

  • Holly HO HO

    Kims been dieting so fast that she’s lost more weight in her face than her behind. Looks like Kim might need some of those filler treatments just as her Mom Kris has been getting.

  • Jombi

    That has to be one of the ugliest bags known to man. The purse is hideous too! Maybe she can use it to deflect her huge ass. Seriously, this just goes to show that money can’t buy taste. We know it can’t buy class.
    The photos make her look like a zombie or she knows she about to get a beating. Kanye looks like he is taking out the trash, not just walking next to it.

  • kelebogile

    is this Kanye’s way of showing Francois Pinault and Bernard Arnault the middle finger! he has failed miserably. Hermes is a classy brand and if he thinks this will rub off on him, then he has no discernment and Hermes will not embrace him!!!

  • Soozie Q

    Finally! Something uglier than the cat purse I got for my birthday last year!

  • aranka paul

    The bag is ugly, no debate on that one. What gets to me is that while a great number of Americans are strugling to make ends meet, these two idiots are publicly advertising their wealth. Yes, we get it, we get it, you are uber rich and you can afford to buy a zillion ugly bags, but do you really need to remind us of your wealth with every single gesture you make every single day?. If you need to advertise your wealth then you are either insecure or immensely classless – well, I suppose these two have both in abundance.

  • burberry bags

    Sea como fuere, parece ser que hay una cierta relacin entre las “depresiones” en Bolsa y la infliuencia astrolgica que se “capta” usando las ondas armnicas.
    burberry bags