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Vanessa Hudgens: Merry Christmas to the Phillippines!

Vanessa Hudgens: Merry Christmas to the Phillippines!

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her toned legs while stepping out of a private residence on Friday (December 27) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Earlier in the week, the 25-year-old actress was spotted doing some last minute shopping before Christmas at Maxwell Dog in Studio City.

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“Hello to everyone in the Philippines! I just want to wish you all a very merry Christmas. I’m sending you prayers and so much love. God bless!” Vanessa recently shared. Watch the video below!

Vanessa Hudgens – Balitang Showbiz Interview

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  • Malu

    Wonderful! This is the kind of news we like to have, seeing her working for relief… Good job Vanessa

  • zacfan


  • yeah

    huge thighs

  • http://deleted lovely

    lovely<3 hope she gets a new project soon. whatever i don't care.

  • Eduardo

    So beautiful! *-*

  • emma

    baby V
    wish she goes to phillipines in this needy time. she’s never gone there eventhough she’s half PH : ( they’d much appreciate if she went there in person rather than just tweeting.

  • anney

    she looks so cute <3

  • Dee

    beautiful V
    @emma I think she doesn’t like her PH roots much as she flaunts it.

  • Ha

    She’s pretty. Too bad she can’t act to save her life!

  • Michael

    She should try n do good work instead of snoozing the Hollywood press for an award she doesn’t deserve. She would visit he’ll for an award nom.

  • yets

    i love you v.
    hope you have more movie project for 2014.

  • Jen

    holy shit the hate is never going to stop

    I wish it was as warm here as it is there. jealous that you guys can still wear shorts in the winter lol

  • Jen

    and good on her for the Philippines fundraising she’s still doing

  • angie

    Her thighs are, wrinkled

  • maria

    @Jen: Sadly not. But they just sound like whiney babies anyway. Anyone who knocks her fabulous legs is truly jealous. She spends hours in the gym and it shows. She looks better than ever. Unfortunately, it’s the ones who think she should still look like a 16 yr old that trash her. She’s 25 and looks perfect!

  • maria

    @Michael: She IS doing good work. Out of all the HSM alumni, she is taking on the challenges and improving. Good for her. When she deserves a nom, she’ll get one. Don’t be so hard on those trying to improve. Not everyone is handed awards or dream roles to start.

  • emily

    @Dee: You’re full of malicious thoughts so you’re opinion doesn’t matter! You need a root canal or something.

  • emily

    @maria: All of the HSM alumni are doing well except for one. I heard one who used to score baskets for the wildcats was scoring drugs. That’s sad! He had the first jumpstart to stardom but fizzled out with his bad habits! tsk tsk tsk!

  • emily

    @maria: FYI doing well = healthy and happy. Lucas has a hit show, Vanessa is happily with Austin and getting rave reviews as a serious actress, Monique has her charity and other causes, and Ashley is happily engaged. I wish I could say Zac is happily rehabbed but he still looks like a mess!

  • florence2

    Oh my how lovely baby V. Just adore that she is spending Xmas filled with love and joy of her family and Austin. They have the cutest relationship ever.

  • florence2

    @emily aka @zacfan, Zac who? Stop bringing him up here. Are you really on drugs?

  • Aryanna

    @florence2: Vanessa and Austin didn’t spend Christmas together at all and they are not even together anymore either

  • wtf

    She looks so down she was vising a psychiatrist in santa monica. She might have finally split up with Barbie

  • Twin1

    @emily: really? I guess you forgot he has two movies coming out. But why would you even try to hate on Zac when he is not even in the article? People are so judge mental these days. It’s really sad when you want (and will) somebody to fail. And for what reason? Did these stars personally do something horrible to you? I want everyone to succeed in their life. I just find it ridiculous that people talk trash about someone they do not personally know. It does not make you the bigger person. Anyways…. I love the outfit, I wish I could wear that right now, but where I live is a little under 26 degrees.

  • maria

    @emily: I meant professionally. I think she is going out of her comfort zone more than any of the others with her work. On a personal level, I think they are all doing well, except for the ex. I think his team did him a disservice by building him up in his head too fast. He could never attain that level as quickly as his peeps claimed, and I think it drove him into that downward spiral of addiction. Once he figures out he needs to really go out of his pinup boy movies, he may get what he’s looking for. I just think he is unhappy, both personally and professionally. It is a big reason why people turn to alcohol and drugs. Just my guess. Vanessa has had more personal happiness in her life, as have the other HSMers. They all seem more stable.

  • Kelly martineau

    She doesn’t”t know how to act to save her life. Her and big lips are a augly couple.

  • Kelly martineau

    22that”s a funny comment. She must be bored and looking for something to do.

  • Pinoy

    She hates Filipino men.

  • maria

    @Kelly martineau: I think you meant to post that on Efron’s thread. Nice lips is far better for her than Mr no lips. Go away. You are so annoying.

  • abbey

    @maria ‘On a personal level, I think they are all doing well, except for the ex’ give me a break. It’s ONLY the EX who’s doing fine. Vanessa is just going to gym and TFG or SB didn’t get her any of the noms she was hoping for or any serous roles so that she again plummeted to that teenager fighting freaks -silly- level. Lucas has vanished in to thin air. Ashley’s doing nothing but flaunting her hideous BF and producing flop songs. Monique is doing this and that for UN. Corbin finally got an interview in a mag eversince leaving HSM because of DWTS. The only one who’s managed to produce hit films on his own is Zac since leaving HSM. He’s switched to indies the past whole year. Just because you think vanessa is the biggest and most successful of the HSMers doesn’t mean that it actually is the truth. This is why in general people think Vanessa’s fans are deluded. Don’t bother replying. I am not coming back to read what you write.

  • tina

    @abbey Coward. Make statements you can’t possibly back up, then leave. They are ALL doing fine. To say the only one of them who has been talked about for being late on set for doing drugs is the successful one, well that’s my version of delusional. HE HAS THE PROBLEM. I wish him well. I don’t come to his posts do both of us a favor and keep your delusional ass off hers. Oh and didn’t J2 make 325 million and her indie SB make more money than all three of his combined? Just saying. I keep forgetting he was great as the voice of a twelve year old. Like I said they’re all doing well. Don’t bring your crazy s hit here.

  • lololo

    @abbey: Hate to keep bring this up: but anyone who has been in rehab twice in one year and has suffered numerous injuries possibly to drug use i.e. a broken hand and a broken jaw, is not doing well. But at least he had the good sense to go and get help before it was too late. I wish him the best because he has a very long battle in from of him especially given the industry he is in.

  • Nightwish

    Who is more desperate, hudgens always wearing overly sexy stuff forcing people to look at her or her few fans here with their long-winded testimonials about her? You guys are all so insecure. Its sad to behold.

  • Nightwish

    Hudgens is VERY insecure. She should accept her station in life. Anyone constantly seeking attention from others to make themselves feel better is in big trouble from a psychological standpoint. She expected way too much from her recent roles, to the point of publicly begging for nominations. Confidence is quiet. Insecurity is LOUD.

  • Nightwish

    @tina: Hudgens had very little to do with the ‘success’ of both those films, so dont act. They could have replaced her with virtually any other actress and get the same result at he box office. People saw those flicks for the rock, josh h, selena gomez, because it was korines film, etc., so stop being delusional.

  • yolo

    @maria lol SB got a wide release none of his indies did

  • Nightwish

    Here you have hudgens, a half filipina, giving lip service support for the phils while beiber, with no phil blood, flies to tacloban to directly support a third world country he has no ties to. Nice job, van. Hudgens doesnt want to go because the chicks there make her look common. Hudgens always wants to stand out.. she doesnt want to get photographed next to women who are prettier than her as much as possible. Unless her hair is orange, or her dress looks louder. Lol

  • yolo

    sorry my comment should be for @tina

    So where’s that Golden Globe and SAG nod that SB , the ‘masterpiece of the century’ was supposed to get? Weren’t you jackasses expecting an oscar for SB? omg what losers!

  • hola

    @tina perhaps you can do us Zattakers a favor by NOT bringing him up on this thread. look who brought him up on this post. not any of us. it’s one of your fans who did.

  • Nightwish

    @yolo: Hudgens doesnt play anguished in a sustainable way. You get sick and tired of her too fast. She has serious casting challenges ahead.

  • Haters Suck!

    What the hell is your problem? You support coke addicts and home wreckers but Vanessa can’t breathe without you jumping down her neck. Stop being such a jackass.

  • Haters Suck!

    Btw you said if spring breakers made $5 million you’d stop posting here. It made over 30 million and you’re still here liar.

  • nic

    @tina His The Lucky One made $100m worldwide. Neighbours will probably do the same next year.

  • tina

    @nic: Good for him. Now tell me how either of them are indies? Read for understanding, I said(with capital letters) ALL of them are successful. I think he’s perfect for the part of a drugged out fratboy. He should do well. Isn’t that the movie that he missed calls on that caused his second trip to rehab? Again I wish him well.

  • tina

    @yolo: SB started with a small release also. It got a bigger after the inital shows sold out. His movies actually started in more theaters but decreased as there was a lack of interest

  • tina

    @hola: I give less than a damn about whatever the hell a Zattacker is. I never bring him up.I never go on his post. But I won’t allow his fans to come here to slander Vanessa. I WILL ANSWER STUPID POST ON HER THREADS ABOUT HIM. Don’t try to make like I’m personally responsible for anything said about him. For years his fans have tried to put her down in every way. You are the most delusional bunch in the world. He has been drugging and w horing for two years what the hell does that have to do with Vanessa? They broke up in 2010 before he CHOSE that path. That’s right, he’s a grown assed man he had choices in life. All while he was doing his women and drugs you –his fans were right there behind him–enabling him. “He’s a young man what do you expect” I expected him to have better sense than to become an addict but apparently that was asking too much.
    She has moved on don’t you think it’s time you did, too?

  • maria

    @abbey: Reading comprehension problems? I was comparing PERSONAL lives, NOT PROFESSIONAL lives. Vanessa and the others are stable, Efron is not. But PROFESSIONALLY, Vaness is doing just fine as well. Your loverboy doesn’t have “noms” either, and he has certainly not done any movies on his own. What delusional crap are you spewing? We are WELL aware Vanessa is on a nice track with recent good roles and reviews, is happy PERSONALLY, and does not need drugs and alcohol to have fun. FACTS. Efron has made forgettable chick flicks, and now has some frat boy flicks coming out, has been to rehab twice, and fell in a puddle. You must be so proud. Don’t hold your breath for noms from those romps.

  • maria

    @hola: You are not the boss of us, sweetheart. We will talk about ANYthing we want, especially when your RATtackers keep coming HERE. Don’t need your spewing about his oscar winning movies and stellar personal life. LOL! Maybe if you nutcases were more realistic anout his SHORTcomings and if his team had not filled his head with delusions of grandeur, he might have been better off. At least we have always known Vanessa had a tough road ahead of her. I think she’s doing just fine.

  • Nightwish

    @maria: You and tina write almost identically. Are you sisters?

  • maria

    @Nightwish: Nope. Did you have a lonely Christmas? You’re going all paranoid and spouting silly psycho babble. Go find yourself a plain jane who wears backwards caps and chucks.