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Keira Knightley Talks Feminism with 'Harper's Bazaar UK'

Keira Knightley Talks Feminism with 'Harper's Bazaar UK'

Keira Knightley is bright and colorful on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK‘s February 2014 issue.

Here is what the 28-year-old Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit actress had to share with the mag:

On feminism: “I think it’s great that the discussions are finally being allowed to be had [about feminism], as opposed to anybody mentioning feminism and everybody going, ‘Oh, f***ing shut up.’ Somehow, it [feminism] became a dirty word. I thought it was really weird for a long time, and I think it’s great that we’re coming out of that.”

On working in the male-dominated film industry: “I go to work at 5.30 in the morning; I wouldn’t get back probably until nine o’clock at night. Most of the guys that I talk to – and I’ve spoken to a lot of guys about it – they say [whispers], ‘My wife does everything.’ You think, ‘Why wasn’t I thinking about this five years ago?’ Hollywood has a really long way to go. I don’t think that anybody can deny that, really, and I think as much as you are getting more women playing lead roles… they’re still pretty few and far between.”

On why she was only on Twitter for 12 hours: “It made me feel a little bit like being in a school playground and not being popular and standing on the sidelines kind of going, ‘Argh.’”

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  • Wela

    Britains proudest daughter

  • Hapee


  • Probably a queen in some past life. She’s used to putting men in their places. lol

  • Bruce from TN

    How many mag covers has this chick been in?

  • Rupert Sanders

    Please let me direct you Keira

  • MM


  • Everhart


  • OIO

    not so thin looking here, more like a healthy skinny but not my favorite actress

  • Amelia

    Natural beauty

  • Bebe

    @Amelia: Like a goddess.. unlike her runt imposter nat portman

  • Actually

    Nice expression in that shot

  • A

    Are her lips getting thinner? They dont look as plump

  • cmac324

    Keira is saying some important things here. Let’s not respond by just analyzing her appearance. Unlike many actresses, she actually has a brain in her head.

  • Yidjick

    Feminjst bichiz

  • Nightwish

    @cmac324: Precisely. The girl has it all, including incredible smarts. Thats exacly why reddit loves her.

  • Fercat

    Well, if you’re going to argue about how the industry is so male dominated, then you have to point a finger at the writers.

    There is really a dearth of good scripts for female leads outside the romcom genre and that genre is in life support. That’s why J. Law is alone on her perch, she gets first dibs and there are no seconds.

    Back then, you could have J. Roberts, M. Ryan, M. Griffith, W. Ryder, M. Preiffer, J. Foster, etc coexist in multiple genres. Now there’s just J. Law and she can’t even hold a candle to these veteran names.

  • Me

    It’s women’s fault too. They don’t fight against that dominance and willing accept the 2nd role.

    Before Jennifer there’s still Jolie. Although Jolie isn’t interest in acting as much, she seems to prefer directing. She still gets the scripts first.

  • Isa

    Beautiful ! Love her !

  • otto

    @cmac324: Why cant we admire Keira’s beauty while respecting her feminist views? Its a pretty darn sexy combo if u ask me

  • living in a box

    @Fercat: most women in hollywood keep said that we need more women behind the camera but the problems is all these women later got pregnant and married then start raising a family. there is nothing wrong creating a family, but making a film is 24/7 jobs.

  • Jussayin

    Keira is NOT a feminist. She is just for equal rights in any work environment. Fair is fair.

  • Fercat

    That maybe true in some cases but there are just so little good material for women specially ones that get studio backing. And only those with good connections gets those, forget the audition process. That’s become a sham.

    Every script with a woman as lead would have her with a gun on her hand and not much else.

    J. Law is a studio/marketing construct. A very likable person with decent talent but in no way exceptional, elevated to full star status very quickly by a mechanism she has no control over but fully controls her. The system is very much off kilter.

    Jolie for her part has decided not to be a part of the current system and does her thing when it suits her. I doubt J. Law has the same temerity or staying power once the studio spigots are tightened.

  • Jussayin

    @living in a box: Even the superhero movie roles are male dominated. Take the marvel universe for example- spider woman and miss marvel would make great films, but disney would never sink big money into those roles. Discrimination does exist. Many great female lead roles in film have been historical or via literature, and knightley has grabbed them all. Im sure she wants to see more women have those opportunities, but its rough going these days.

  • Fercat

    @living in a box:
    If the system wasn’t flawed then another woman would just simply fill in and take her place but instead we have a growing cavity.

  • Third eye blind

    This is my oral sex dream girl with her fat lips, awesome high inseam, perfect round ass and high nose

  • Fercat

    To be fair, I don’t see it as blatant discrimination but a gap that needs to be filled but no one is filling it. There’s just a lack of incentive to do so.

  • living in a box

    @Jussayin: i don’t said discrimination doesn’t happen. it happen everywhere. i love to see more women behind the camera,i love to see a film about women perspective, and women being strong not just in superheroes movie. zero dark thirty is one of the best example about women being strong and a female director also capable making a good film.

  • Jussayin

    @Fercat: I think its also a situation of what the market will bear. Cinema is dying, lets face it. It seems like the biggest names are clawing for a film that goes wide release these days. It has to be a great story and a big production, or the film will struggle. Once in a while you get a charmer that slips through the cracks. In any case, which women can command a huge lead in a film these days? Maybe Jolie, Hathaway, Theron, and j. Lawrence if its hunger games related but not much other women. Im waiting for Keira to claim her rightful place at the top of the box office again but i wonder if she’s lost the desire to do so anymore.

  • living in a box

    @Jussayin: you forget sandra bullock, she is the highest grossing female actress right now. even hathaway and theron couldn’t beat her.

  • Sue

    Why so pretty Keira?

  • Jussayin

    @living in a box: Yes, correct

  • Vangie

    Hey she got Harpers again. Go Keira!

  • Knightleyonthedaily

    I want to raid her closet

  • zzz

    Lots of jealous sexist female comments right here. Dont worry girls, she’s married to a boy

  • Shar

    No photoshop. Much more real than if other women were on the cover. That’s the way to do it. She is such a natural beauty. :-)

  • xyz


  • xyz


  • Shar

    @xyz: Yes. Maybe she should get implants and look like other girls these days. Like someone shoved a bowl upside down under their skin. Please. She looks fantastic how she is.

  • Shar

    @xyz: F*** off

  • VL

    Love her dress!

  • luke

    why is she still getting covers?she hasn’t have a movie that made his budget back since 2007!

  • the uglies are at it again

    This in response to your ignorance and cruelty cut and pasted below:
    How dare you say most actresses don’t have a brain and only keira does.
    according to your ugly comment, only ugly women are smart.
    give it up loser
    you are both stupid and ugly
    you are not going to get ahead in life and if you do there will be plenty of ugly women objecting and putting you back in your low life place
    now excuse yourself and leave until you can have a genuinely equal discussion.
    ps: i am a superior beauty with a brain. some call that snooty
    its because we are better than ugly arrogant snots like you.
    if you can’t accept beautiful women being smart and having brains then you will hold ugly women back too. and they deserve to be held back way more than beautiful women do.
    if you come back be prepared to have your claws clipped bish
    # 13
    cmac324 @ 12/29/2013 at 12:42 am

    Keira is saying some important things here. Let’s not respond by just analyzing her appearance. Unlike many actresses, she actually has a brain in her head.
    @reply | Flag This

  • Ava

    @luke: She probably has a movie coming out, dumbass, that’s why she’s on the magazine. For publicity.

  • Vangie

    Keira’s films have grossed over 2 billion at the box office. She is totally hot. Why doesnt she deserve to be on a magazine cover? lol

  • Mike
  • Vangie

    @Ava: She has 4 films coming out

  • Third eye blind

    I would tap that all night. She smells like a rose down there, james told me. Plus pink nips too

  • Insequent

    I see the exquisite english rose has captured yet another magazine cover.. touche for her

  • Geoff

    Marry me. Jesus what a babe

  • Vangie

    @Geoff: She is married already, hello!