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Katie Holmes: Pink Bikini Babe in Miami with Daughter Suri!

Katie Holmes: Pink Bikini Babe in Miami with Daughter Suri!

Katie Holmes shows off her bikini body by the pool in a bright pink two piece on Monday afternoon (December 30) in Miami, Fla.

The 35-year-old actress was joined by her seven-year-old daughter Suri and some friends as they prepare to celebrate the New Year’s holiday in the sunny location.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Beyonce‘s new album is incredible!!!!! I am blown away!!!!!!” Katie recently tweeted. We agree!

Katie most recently was seen stepping out on her 35th birthday earlier in the month.

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes showing off her bikini body…

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katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 01
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 02
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 03
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 04
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 05
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 06
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 07
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 08
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 09
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 10
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 11
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 12
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 13
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 14
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 15
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 16
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 17
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 18
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 19
katie holmes pink bikini babe in miami with suri 20

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  • roar

    Suri looks very cute in this picture

  • Oh….

    to be young, single, a mother of only one — and rich! Katie Holmes has never looked happier.

  • The Last Word

    Tom’s best acting gig was pretending to be attracted to this ugly chic. lol.
    No way can a man go from Nic and Penny to THIS.

    those tree trunk legs, those boat feet, those dingy teeth.The stringy hair. The pale old looking haggard face. Cant wait to see who she ends up with next.

  • megan

    who is she with besides Suri and the bored body guard behind her? does she have any friends?
    Is she spending NYE alone in Miami?

  • megan

    hmm. Look at the last picture up close. Is her toe against the body guards leg? is there something going on there? Things that make you go hmm.

  • Fernando Schiavi

    Suri is more beautiful day by day…..

    Katie has a strange skin around the navel……. She should make a corrective surgery in there.

  • Julianne

    Has this talentless p.o.s done anything to warrant all these post yet? Nope! Still just the girl that married for money and status and now is Suri’s mom.

    Suri does look cute here I have to say that. However, I am not a fan of little girls in two piece suits but that is not the girls fault.

  • Margarita

    @The Last Word:

    She did have a career before Tom. He kind of captured her and remade her in his image. Glad to see that she escaped and seems happy.

    To the Last Word, we can’t all be supermodels. You sound real ugly on the inside.

  • Cankles much?

    Her photo should be in the dictionary under the word CANKLES. There is nothing sexy to see here folks.

  • OK

    @Margarita: This is a GOSSIP SITE were anyone can almost say anything they want so if you can’t handle the heat then GET THE F^CK OFF THIS WEBSITE AND THAT GOES FOR ANYONE .PLUS THE TRUTH HURTS

  • Mary

    What’s with the weird wrinkly skin at her midsection? Is that from plastic surgery? I’ve never seen that on anyone, let alone someone with an otherwise flat and fit midsection.

  • Sam

    @Mary: tummy tuck ?

  • anastacia

    this is sick!
    it should be illegal to take pictures of children you dont know and post them on the internet! and especially in a bikini.
    it is also very strange that it seems not to bother her mother..

  • Oh please

    This is going to be the next Dina Lohan and Lindsay. Katie Holmes is going to use Suri Cruise as her ticket to being always in the spotlight. She’s not a stunning woman at best she looks like any weathered woman whose looks are fading (in some pics Katie looks like she’s on something)….but Suri is the main attraction for the paps and as she gets older, more spoiled and for sure used to the party life Katie will be there hanging on to her daughter’s fame.
    If there were no Suri Cruise she would even make a blurb on Just Jared site.

  • starsh

    @anastacia: it is sick and the USA sees nothing wrong about it. In Europe this would Never be allowed. And what do you expect KH to do about it – never take her kid to the beach? Maybe she’s trying to give her a “normal” life.

  • @oh please

    you nailed it. Poor kid.
    and as for the bathing suit yes, katie knows she might be papped at any time so she should be more careful imo with what suri is wearing. The paps won’t be the responsible ones so the mother should step up.

  • Not living in a box

    @starsh:it is very sick so sick that Katie shouldn’t get paid jack for any don’t want your kids photographed then find a NEW job or deal with it , oH oh and if she wants to give Suri a normal life then maybe she should stop buying her all her little EXPENSIVE DESIGNER shoes, clothes, bags and almost everything she wants .I know Katie and her husband have money and they want to buy and spend money on their daughter and there is nothing wrong with that but when she starts having bag collections over a million then its time to stop

  • Not living in a box

    @@oh please: poor kid? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO poor kids living under poverty and barely making it day by day those are POOR kids . Suri is living a great life and she should be happy that her parents do such hard working work and papas want to take their picture . I know I would. I am in my 30s and I envy her.

  • Rafaela

    I still see Suri without friends lol. What’s the matter?

  • @oh please

    you are right about that part. I was referring to the part of her life where she is being used by her mother. But yes, in light of real POOR kids that have other struggles she has it good.

  • poorme

    @Rafaela: They arent photographed but she surely has.

  • wtf

    so who is Katie on vacation with (just the kid??) She (kate)has other siblings doesn’t she? are they not friends with her? does Suri have cousins?
    Its the holiday season shouldn’t some family be there too? All I see is the bodyguard and the kid.
    If others are with her surely they would go to the pool too. Unless only Katie went with the kid (and others back at hotel) and called the paps if she is trying to send a message of “oh I got the kid for Christmas and New Year’s” which I would not put past her.

  • nyc

    Does anyone know which hotel in Miami this is?

  • Dare to be honest

    @megan: the article said that Katie was with her friend.

  • annie

    Maybe Katie and Tom are hooking up again. Wouldn’t that drive people insane!
    Isn’t he in Miami, for a couple of things.
    Their security guard is in the scene again. He was always with them.

    Katie is great, what you see is what you get. She’s got a funny tummy (toms doing), so who cares. The paps shouldn’t be spying on them anyway.
    There are other pics with her in shorts, and her legs are not big at all.
    She has no need to show off to anybody. There are others who do that very well.

  • Dare to be honest

    @megan: The next to see Suri and say, “if she was so easy for that idiot, TC”, I think I got my free meal ticket.” …… Will her life ever be normal?

  • fatty

    Ok. The question is, where are their friends?

  • annie

    believe she spent christmas with her family in ohio.

  • megan

    @dare to be honest, I see it says that but where are they then? odd.

  • @annie

    Tom is not in Miami. There are no news reports of that. Are you just trying to start rumors? I think they are more then over each other so I wouldn’t be expecting a reunion there.

  • snake

    Like everyone is dumb in this thread

  • Dare to be honest

    I’m 56 and my stomach looks better than that. I don’t know of a normal guy who wouldn’t see that and say, “WTF”. Can’t imagine knowing the Paps will be taking pictures????????

  • megan

    actually the woman in the chair next to her: Is it possible that she is the significant other of her bodyguard and they are her “friends” for the week?

  • ace11

    Sorry..but for 25, she looks pretty damn good

    Im curious though

    If you are a single guy and wanted to talk to her, do you have to go up and clear it with the bodyguards and nanny?

    Do they have to approach you?

  • QueenOfTrashin

    She doesn’t even know how to gracefully sit down on a chaise. Poor child.

  • Sandy

    @snake: Like everyone is dumb in this thread? Please learn to write properly before you try to say shit about how ” dumb” people are .

  • Dare to be honest

    @ace11: If you see the pics from Daily Mail, (much larger) it is like the skin right around her belly button (about 3-4 inches in diameter) just hangs. VERY ODD! Hard to believed she papped out in a bikini….

  • Dare to be honest

    Annie; are you saying Tom is responsible for a plastic surgery disaster and she’s saying in your face with that? Like Anne said then. Vengeful. Seriously, what prospective mate is going to like to look at that? Tummy tuck nightmare!

  • jelline


    Katie Holmes should be/have been partnering with fellow celebrity parents like Halle Berry, who work towards protecting her daughter helped a law redefining the definition of harassment in California State law. Gov. Jerry Brown signed Berry’s paparazzi bill, Senate Bill 606, aimed at protecting the privacy of the children of public figures, in Sacramento yesterday (Sept. 24).

    I believe Adele and Jennifer Garner also testified in California in support of the bill.

  • annie

    not starting rumours, you know how life is, can’t live with you, can’t live without you. from where I’m standing it was quick, maybe a little too quick.
    just saying.
    I thought Tom was there, for his daughters birthday, and the big Scie bash on New Years eve.
    You say , ”Tom is not there”, how do you know he’s not.

  • @annie

    Annie, Connor posted they already came back and Miami is not Orlando. If he was there we would have got twitter accounts or something like we did of him in Orlando for Bella.
    As for how do I know- I don’t know for sure but you are the one that said he was without any reason other then pulling it out of the air.

  • Dare to be honest

    @annie: Very selfish if that is so. It is obvious that they have 0 in common and that is what drove them apart. So to play this supposed charade you r suggesting is only playing on a child’s emotions.

  • annie

    @dare to be honest
    you mean to tell me, because of her tummy, she won’t find a partner, are you for real?
    And I’m saying , that Tom did that to her because she carried his child, nothing more.
    If she cared about what you just said, she wouldn’t be wearing a 2 piece, which she has worn before on a few occasions.
    Have you seen people on the beach in bikinis, they come in all shapes and sizes, and all ages.
    You sure are a funny one!

  • Patsy

    @annie, true at the beach but miss K-homely is suppose to be a “glamorous actress” and model. She should take better care of herself for the business she is in. Sure that is her choice not to but she can go the way of Janeane Garofalo and dress like a slob but I don’t think she will get many roles that way. Heck, she may as well she isn’t getting much these days that is noteworthy anyway.

  • adambrodyrocks

    Suri is gorgeous

  • snake

    @Sandy: Are you questioning my grammar or what?

  • @dare to be honest

    wow you are right. the DM has more pics and they are worse. She is also talking to the heavy set black woman that is next to her so that is her so is that her 1 “friend” that is with her for the trip? Could it be the wife of her bodyguard?
    They have Suri eating a hamburger alone. Why didn’t Katie bring someone for her to play with if she has friends or something? ish.

  • youngster

    I thought Suri was already older…

  • Margarita


    My you are a pleasant one. Thanks for explaining how things work. I said what I wanted and per your rules that is allowable. I hope this is just a stage that you are going though and that you find happiness in your life.

  • annie

    We are ahead of you here… Happy New Year to all of you!
    Things to do!