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Kaley Cuoco: New Wedding Photo with Husband Ryan Sweeting!

Kaley Cuoco: New Wedding Photo with Husband Ryan Sweeting!

Ryan Sweeting gets tangled up in wife Kaley Cuoco‘s wedding dress in this new Instagram photo!

“Greatest night of my entire life :) @ryansweething,” the 27-year-old actress captioned the pic. She also added one of their first dance!

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Kaley wore a custom Vera Wang petal pink strapless tulle ball gown with sweetheart neckline, hand gathering detailed bodice, and hand appliqué Chantilly lace accents. The veil was a nude tulle veil with petal pink floating hand appliqué Chantilly lace.

The couple tied the knot in a New Year’s Eve Wedding on Tuesday (December 31) at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana, Calif.

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kaley cuoco new wedding photo with husband ryan sweeting 01
kaley cuoco new wedding photo with husband ryan sweeting 02
kaley cuoco new wedding photo with husband ryan sweeting 03

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  • Mrs. Gaston

    i want this girl to stop….

  • pete

    wtf, wasnt she with the superman dude?

  • Myi

    Haha @pete…no that was weeks and weeks ago, aren’t you keeping up?
    On another note I think the gown makes her look like a Disney princess

  • Mrs. Gaston

    you can be happy AND quiet…get off Instagram and go spend time with your new husband, sheesh.

  • Lia

    Divorce is coming.

  • anne

    Isn’t she 28?! Born in Dec. ’85 as far as I can remember

  • Gee

    Her famewh0ring has become unbearable lately.

  • opi

    Hope she has one helluva pre-nup. He looks super creepy and loserish to me. Don’t think this will last past their 1st anniversary.

  • JoJo

    I give it less than a year. She’ll be celebrating New Year’s next year with her next victim!

  • Rita

    … and somewhere Henry Cavill sighs with relief. He sure dodged the bullet with that one!

  • DB

    What’s the point of having a private wedding in a closed-up ranch if you’re gonna post tons of pics on your self-absorbed Instagram a few hours later? She tries HARD. And unfortunately, a lot of people find that to be a gross trait in a talentless starlet.

  • ben

    *Knock knock knock* Penny? *Knock knock knock* Penny?

  • lol

    @Lia: Brace yourselves!

  • Sunn

    @Mrs. Gaston: No why not yout stop

  • Sunn

    @Gee: Shut up ,grow up .

  • Sunn

    @opi: God dame it get lost@Rita: What no one can get married anymore ,if she wanted to get married after six months then let her.

  • Sunn

    @DB:FAGGOT ,shut up.

  • Sunn

    @JoJo: Victum card huh,right.God shut up.

  • Sunn

    @ben: Then why post on the article

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  • Sayer

    Ryan, congrats on sealing the deal with your sugar momma.

    She’s the new Jennifer Love Hewitt. Annoying and desperate.

  • Sunn

    @Sayer: You are annoying and desperate.

  • Sunn

    @lol: Brass yourself with a f you

  • Sunn

    @ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!: Hey boy stops trashing the internet.

  • lol

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  • Sunn

    I apologize profusely for the stupid sh^t coming out of my mouth today. I had forgotten to take my meds. PS: Kaley, cunt please would you finally consent to lift the restraining order you have against me? I will get help, promise.

  • sunn

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  • Nicole

    I don’t get the hate. I mean she shared on HER insta so people who follow her (her fans who care) and her friends can see the pics. I bet if it was your wedding you’d share pictures of it as well. God you guys share your Starbucks order and no one gives you shit about it.

  • Sweetness

    she seems very strange…attention whøreish but with desperation that the media attention on her “relationship” will elevate her in Hollywood. she was made out to be a laughing stock with the made up relationship with Caville and to cover that up she fell in love with guy who figures he could use pr too…and now they’re married. manic and crazy much…

  • perry

    @Nicole: You seriously think she didn’t intend for them pics to get picked up by tabloids? Yeah, that’s why she added some more. God, you so naive.

  • Lucifer

    A toast to male gold diggers getting it in for 2014.
    Hope this desperate ho has kissed goodbye to her bank account and half her sh*t.

  • haha

    I don’t know what happened but I am sick of hearing about this chick. It’s like someone telling you about the cold bowl of oatmeal they had for breakfast; I don’t give a f-ck.

  • Mikey

    I’m surprised they actually went through with it. But honestly, only a group of hopeless nerds could consider that vapid girl hot. Six months and half of everything later, Sweeting will then write a book called “Golddiggin for dudes”.

  • Pam

    I don’t know how much lines of coke she does a day but no way she’s really 28! Her droopy butterface is melting by the minute. Also that pink dress is tacky as hell. Who the fùck designed that dress, Mattel? Atrocious.

  • Sunn

    @Sweetness: Whatever dumby

  • Sunn

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  • Sunn

    @Pam: Hey pam ,some people age alot quicker then others.Also alot of people werea pink wedding gowns

    Cunts like you need to shut it.

  • Shamu

    Who cares what she does. After Big Bang Theory is over so is her career. She’s not really pretty or talented. The only one that will survive from that show is propably Galecki.

  • Leigh

    Hey look everyone, it’s Sunn/Count here to troll everyone with his inept usage of grammar. Anyways, Kaley strikes me as a little unhinged, like full on bunny boiler crazy. If she hasn’t signed a prenup she better kiss half her shit goodbye.

  • Stella

    Oh my god guys, why do you have to say bad things about her? She’s beautiful, she’s a talented actress and has no scandals. Big Bang theory is a great comedy. And she’s getting married, so what? Both her and Ryan are happy, so why don’t we just congratculate them,wish them more happy instead of basing her?