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Leonardo DiCaprio Starts the New Year with Girlfriend Toni Garrn

Leonardo DiCaprio Starts the New Year with Girlfriend Toni Garrn

Leonardo DiCaprio and his model girlfriend Toni Garrn grab a bite to eat while vacationing together on Thursday (January 2) in Mexico.

Spywitnesses say that the 39-year-old actor and the 21-year-old model didn’t talk much during their lunch and focused mainly on their food.

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After just eight days at the domestic box office, Leo‘s latest movie The Wolf of Wall Street has grossed $47.3 million.

“This guy, Jordan Belfort, really took on a life of its own within me as an actor,” Leo said about the amorality of his character. “This attitude of what these characters represent in this film are ultimately everything that’s wrong with the world we live in,” he said.

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn in Mexico to start the New Year…

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leonardo dicaprio starts the new year with girlfriend toni garrn 13
leonardo dicaprio starts the new year with girlfriend toni garrn 14
leonardo dicaprio starts the new year with girlfriend toni garrn 15
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leonardo dicaprio starts the new year with girlfriend toni garrn 17

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  • Zzzzzz

    @####: Hi! Only on for a sec before I leave for work… Don’t you think it’s a little odd the Leo’s mom bf hasn’t posted anything since the first? He was posting on a regular basis and now nothing… Wonder if anything was said to him…….

  • also…

    @Zzzzzzz: I noticed the lack of posts! Maybe Leo asked him but why? I mean how many people do you think found Dave`s instagram account and follow him because of Leo? It`s not like his photos got published by gossip sites… Sugar Baby is quiet as well these days. I guess the paps photos put it out there that she is with Sugar Daddy and now she can relax a little. Or Daddy disciplined her? lol

  • ####


    Yeah. So many people know his MO! LOL

  • ace11

    What’s he expiration date?

    She could be his daughter for Christ’s sake?

  • ####


    I agree with also that maybe something was said to him. I wonder if he’ll privatize his account?? LOL

    Also: you’re right that toni got what she wanted for this trip. Everyone knows she’s with him in cabo. Eonline even did a thing on it. They mentioned her in the first paragraph (poor thing that she is only worthy of one paragraph) and then the discussion turned to awards season. :-)

  • ####

    So I went to record Tuesdays Ellen show with Leo and the info now mentions that he’ll be on it even though a couple of days ago he wasn’t listed in the info. I believe he might be doing Ellen so he can discuss the WOWS controversy and not because of awards season.

    So if he’s doing Ellen on Tuesday (1/7), is he then flying to London for the premiere of WOWS (1/9) and then returning to LA for the globes (1/12)??

    I guess we’ll see….

  • HAHA12

    Can’t wait to watch him on Ellen :) I also don’t think he’s going mainly for awards season, but also because he is good friends with Ellen and like you said he may want to clear some issues. I believe 2008 was the first and only time he’s been on her show?

  • ####


    And that was to get people voting! :-)

  • HAHA12

    Yeah, I don’t think he campaigned much during 2008 awards season. Black is such a good color on him, let’s hope he brings the hotness on Tuesday and lightens up a bit. It feels so weird to look forward to a talk show he’ll actually be on lol

  • ####


    Absolutely! At least we know he’ll be tan!! LOL

  • sugar daddy

    I don’t know if its just me but it seems like everyone tries to use Leo like Toni, Lukas and his moms bf… I just recently went onto that guys instagram and its the pics of when he vacations with Leo and stuff and also pics of his posters and stuff like that. That guy is like trying to show off how cool he is that he gets to go to all these places and do all these things and show off Leo.. I’m not sure what his job is and how rich he is but I hope Leo is fine with him. Finally Leo let his mom have her own life, he needs to completely let go of her but her bf seems kinda pretentious. He’s hot though especially for his age…..

  • HAHA12

    @sugar daddy:
    I think that’s part of the problem, Leo and his mom are inseparable. It’s time to cut the chord already LOL. Her bf seems like an interesting man, and I doubt Leo has a problem with him or anything.

  • HAHA12

    Haha and he’ll probably be super tired too.

  • BZ cute pic
  • Ellen

    Interesting that he’s on Ellen. She usually talk about other things besides “business” I wonder if he’ll loosen up a bit or will this be just another press conference for wolves. He will probably talk about Wolves and the will probably be a snooze fest. I watched the one where he was talking about voting and he came on and that was boring. He stuck to the script, he probably will again..but we can hope!

  • take

    its been YEARS since I’ve truly enjoyed Leo’s interviews….hes become so boring…

  • HAHA12

    Ugh, you’re probably right. But Ellen will probably try to make corny jokes or something and he just has to play along. He has no reason to act all serious around her. I’m hoping for the best tbh!

  • HAHA12

    Plus on her Twitter she said he gave the best performance of the year in Wolf, so maybe she’ll spend all her time complimenting him and stuff.

  • ####


    I do think he’s going to try to talk about the controversy because it’s been all over twitter how he and Scorsese have been trying to discuss why they made this movie about this despicable guy.

  • HAHA12

    That’s what I’m thinking as well, if he really was campaigning I don’t think going on just Ellen is that big of a deal. He would have to go on every talk show like Fallon, Letterman, etc and then I would agree he is campaigning for the Oscars.

  • WOWS

    The Wife of Wall Street: Or, Why Literally Every Feminist Criticism of this Movie is Woefully Inadequate
    The feminist criticism of The Wolf of Wall Street boils down to a couple of succinct points: the women are caricatures, and they are pushed to the margins while male characters enjoy the spotlight. I’m not here to brook any claims to the contrary. These women are caricatures. They are frequently relegated to the background while their husbands and boyfriends and paramours behave badly.
    And that is really, really important given the way that Martin Scorsese has chosen to frame this story.
    There’s a wider debate raging on about the morality of this movie – does it adequately condemn Wall Street brokers? Is it decrying yachts, mansions, and private jets, or reveling in them? Why do we see so much of Jordan Belfort’s conniving and so little of his victims’ suffering?
    The answer is really, really simple: the film isn’t concerned with depicting the consequences of Jordan’s actions outside of his private sphere, precisely because Jordan is not concerned with the consequences of his actions outside of his private sphere. Jordan has no conscience. Jordan accumulates wealth only to destroy it. He earns a year’s salary in one trade. He flings the money, bill by hundred-dollar-bill, off of the side of his yacht. A little later on, he sinks the yacht.
    Scorsese doesn’t want to grant us a sobering, sombre peek at the exploited subaltern class; he wants us to watch the upper class cannibalize itself.
    This is the genius of Wolf’s storytelling. It would be so easy, too easy, to treat the viewer to a bacchanal of gold teeth, Grey Goose, and tripping in the bathroom, and to follow the display with a greyscale portrait of the hardworking poor people Jordan and his ilk cheated of an honest living. We know that Jordan feels no remorse whatsoever for violencing the poor; he describes his exploitation as charity, goes on about how he used his ill-gotten gains to fund one employee’s kid’s college tuition and another’s mother’s life-saving surgery. Because the viewer is standing in for Jordan, watching the story unfold through his eyes, the film is only going to succeed in hitting Jordan where it really hurts: his possessions.
    When we first meet Naomi, Jordan’s wife, he is listing her among his spoils; the line is something like, “I make $49 million a year, I have three Ferraris, two horses, a helicopter, a mansion in Long Island, and…” – smash cut to Naomi reclining on a luxe bed in fancy lingerie – “this is Naomi, my wife, former model and Miller Light girl.”
    Every feminist criticism of this movie as depicting Naomi as a sex symbol, a trophy wife, a gold digger, etc., is correct, but only because the narrator of this story lists her along with his cars and yachts and horses as a prized possession. By the film’s end, Naomi has completely and utterly exploded out of this narrative, revealing herself as fully human and concerned not with her husband’s welfare, but with her own, and that of her children. It’s only when she starts vocally expressing her displeasure that Jordan’s inner cruelty and ugliness boils to the surface.
    See, we, the viewers, know implicitly that Jordan is a cruel, callous villain. But we’re not going to cry about a totalled Ferrari. We’re not going to cry about a sunken yacht. Watching material wealth being destroyed isn’t going to inspire in us the sort of visceral emotional reaction necessary to drive home the film’s thesis.
    When Jordan got high and smashed his Ferrari, the entire theatre dissolved into raucous laughter. When Naomi announced her intent to file for divorce, and he responded by raping her, physically assaulting her, and kidnapping their daughter, the theatre was silent. “My wife,” Jordan roars, throughout the arduous, terrifying sequence, “my daughter!” He is literally asserting ownership over the women in his life. The violence inherent in his nature and his occupation is no longer metaphorical, but real, and palpable, and tangible.
    The four-year-old daughter’s head lolls back as the Ferrari collides with the brick wall of the Long Island mansion, and the platinum blonde trophy wife screams in anguish, and all of a sudden, we are no longer dealing with pretty baubles of Jordan’s fantasy, but living, breathing human beings.
    We were all along, of course; we just didn’t get to see past the periphery of Jordan’s myopic vision until this point.
    Essentially, Wolf succeeds as an indictment of misogyny precisely because it caricaturizes its women characters and pushes them to the margins. “This is the mind of the prototypical wealthy white man,” the film says. “Isn’t it a scary place to be?”
    Still, we don’t hear the stories of the migrant workers of colour that Jordan and his firm exploit. We don’t hear the stories of the sex workers Jordan and his co-workers abuse. They, too, are on the margins of Jordan’s conscience, but the film doesn’t give them a chance to display their bruises and discuss how misogynistic violence specifically and particularly hurts them.
    When all is said and done, the biggest casualty of Jordan’s rampant misogyny is a wealthy, beautiful, stick-thin white woman; an easily sympathetic victim. This is as much attributable to Scorsese individually as it is to broad trends within the film industry. It deserves feminist critique and consideration far more than the film deserves to be called misogynistic merely for its wholly unsympathetic depiction of misogynistic male characters.
    We need more films like this one, films that paint hallowed bastions of masculinity as pathetic and miserable, films that are unflinching in their critical examination of how men exact misogynistic violence. We also need films that grant credence to a wide variety of women’s experiences. Wolf succeeds on the first two counts, but not quite on the last. And that needs to be the focus of the feminist discussion surrounding both this movie and the film industry as a whole.

  • OMG

    @Mommie dearest!:


    Yes I said this here on JJ months ago, but most of the posters here have a different opinion, so I do not want to fight. But the sad truth is what you wrote. I hope we are wrong.

  • Truth

    He’s not going to marry her, but they will last longer then both Blake and Erin did.

  • comment on dailymail


    tishtoshtess, Sheffield, 2 hours ago

    She looks like she only wants to be with him for the status…there’s no closeness at all in these photos. Who is she, anyway?

  • Truth

    AKA she will most likely be another Bar type, but worse.

  • Lilly
  • ####


    just my opinion but I think it’ll be over within the next few months. There’s just no chemistry between them at all. At least with he and bar you saw some chemistry.

  • :)

    I bet most of people here post comments on dailymail

  • so what?

    @#378: yeah… go stalk them in dailymail ,

  • @:)

    They’re obsessed with Leo’s private life…and they have no life.

  • @277

    lol.It’s like watching two kids(Leo& Toni) playing in the kindergarten

  • #275

    While I agree that there was more chemistry with some than others I just don’t understand why people write as if this is any different than Typical Leo. We’ve had the kissing pics – Spain, Kanye concert, VS, we’ve had the rumors of other girls (on/off), we’ve have also had indifferent pictures like these. The truth is you can say the same or all his girlfriends were at times he looked into them and others like he did not even even want them anywhere near unless his posse was around. Toni is no different and the next girllfriend will be no different

  • S

    I thought it was pretty interesting how the daily mail article linked her insta photo about the Cabo hint. Seems we aren’t the only one’s looking, and now with this article many more will start. I am not sure but I thought the Ellen episodes are pretaped. Could he have taped it before his holiday if so?

  • Thoughts


    Her name is Madalina Ghenea. She is a famewhore.

    Some famous soccer player in Italy hat left his wife and kids for her when she was 16. Adrian Brody, Leo, Gerry Butler (who dumper after she started hooking up the soccer player his name is Marco, behind his back) and then Michael Fassbender now.

  • um

    in the end he will end up marrying the girl that makes him less bored than the others have done.This girl will be the winner(and judging from the pics it wont be Garrn)

  • ####


    I have no doubt daily mail and others monitor his friends/gfs/family twitter and Instagram accounts for information on Leo and his gfs. LOL

    are they pre-taped? You may be right. I wonder how far before they air do they tape them?

  • HAHA12

    IF he ever decides to marry, I don’t think it will be with a model. He obviously is embarrassed being seen with Toni or any of them in general by his peers and only sees them as eye candy or entertainment, and imo you just don’t marry a person you have no emotional connection with. Also I hate to bring this up but someone here the other day said if something ever happened to Leo, everything would go to Toni. Imagine what a mess thatd be, If he marries I really think it’ll be because he loves the girl, and I’ve yet to sense ‘love’ with any of his latest gfs.

  • @280

    The same way you are obsessed with JJ posters…. you have no life.

  • @289


  • can’t wait

    for this circus to come to an end aka his break -up with Garrn
    These photos are ridiculous.He’s a great actor can we take him seriously when we see those pics??

  • WOWS controversy
  • HAHA12

    @can’t wait:
    His dating relationships have made lots of people not take him seriously anymore.

  • can’t wait

    it’s not because of his dating habits.
    You just see two different personas. Leo the kid and Leo the actor .
    It’s confusing, isn’t it? O_o

  • HAHA12

    @can’t wait:
    Definitely. It was weird seeing those birthday videos of him drunk off his ass surrounded by 20 year olds and then to watch interviews with him sounding so articulate and intelligent.

  • ####


    I agree.

  • ####

    @can’t wait:

    Confusing or frustrating??? He can speak so intelligently in interviews and then you see him in pics like these plus all the other ones from 2013 and it’s like really Leo???

  • HAHA12

    Amen! I just think 2013 was a bad year for him generally, and all the candids snapped of him doing such embarrassing/douchey things is so cringe worthy to look at. Like all those clubbing pics from Cannes, ugh. And his interviews for Gatsby were pretty bad as well. And this relationship itself has been a mess. I just don’t get how anyone can think he will marry her. He can’t even walk next to her in public without Lukas tagging along or looking like he wants to hide in a dumpster.

  • too funny!

    two kids in the kidnergarten hahaha!!!

  • ####


    I agree. I think (or maybe just hope) that this “couples” vacation is it and that they will slowly not be seen together anymore. We’ll see if she goes to any of the award after parties. I know erin went to the globe after party but that’s the only one I think she went to plus Leo and her were a “new” couple when she went.

  • HAHA12

    Leo’s going to be busy soon again so I agree this vacation will probably be the last we see of them together for awhile. If the relationship ends after this is what’s unclear. I’m not expecting a breakup anytime soon.