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Miley Cyrus Refutes Beyonce Statements as Made Up: Don't Cause Drama Between Me & B!

Miley Cyrus Refutes Beyonce Statements as Made Up: Don't Cause Drama Between Me & B!

Miley Cyrus has taken to her Twitter account to refute a misquoted statement that she supposedly made in her Love magazine interview about Beyonce.

“That quote people MADE UP about Beyonce just made me lol! Imagine if I said I got “the looks and the curves I’m just better!” Bahahahhaha” the 21-year-old entertainer wrote on Twitter. “How are people allowed to make up sh*t & then out quotes around it saying I said that shit! WTF!!?!” Miley continued about the quote, which inferred that Beyonce is outdated and she is the newest sensation.

“Thank god I just woke up from this nightmare,” Miley added. “don’t worry. getting 2 the bottom of this shit. making the liar retract the statement. U can cause ALOT of drama but NOT between me & B!”

Click inside to read the reported quote that Miley said about Beyonce

“Beyonce has been a big inspiration to me but she’s been out for such a long time. She’s so talented and I think she’s at the top of the game now but people are always looking for new blood and that’s what I bring to the game now, new blood I got the total package you know, the curves, the rhythm, and the voice. I’m just the best. As Beyoncé grows in motherhood and all the crap it does to your body, it will create a vacuum for fresh young faces to rise up and no one else can properly fill that void right now. I’m the only white female singer that could fill that slot right now and do it right, you know?”

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  • RED

    Why is she tweeting like rihanna and swearing and talking like a black person

  • Mike Goldman

    LOL at Miley acting like there is a friendship or any kind of relationship between her and beyonce…

  • Uhhh

    @RED: What does a black person talk like?

  • Sarah

    @RED: like a black person… really? Ignorance.

  • R

    Here come the fat internet trolls. How can you talk like a black person? Only blacks can swear? Just shut up.

  • Amanda.


    Are you serious? Don’t be ignorant. Not all black people type like that, and you sound dumb. Shut up.

  • Danae

    Dear Lord, she should go back to school and fix her grammar. I can barely understand this message…

  • LaLa

    Haha…not scared of Sinead but definitely scared of Ms. B!

  • Donna

    There is no way in hell that Miley will ever be in Beyonce’s league. B can sing and dance – the only thing worse than Miley’s singing is her dancing! A group of parents at my daughters school took our daughters to see her 3 or 4 years ago and she was terrible. Even the set up crew at the event were saying how awful she sounded, and no she wasn’t sick.

  • jane

    that reported quote that Miley said about Beyonce sounds like shit miley would say

  • Mrs. Gaston

    i’m going to ignore RED because such ignorance is a complete waste of my energy….
    BUT, i will say just from the sound of Miley’s nervous little rant in this story, she’s very aware Bey would squash her like the little bug she is!

  • Joel

    why would anyone make up quotes. She said that.

  • Devynn

    When you live in a country where BEV (Black English Vernacular) is an identified vernacular of the English language, talking like a black person is possible. This is coming from a black person. Everyone needs to calm down. We all know that every black person in America doesn’t sound the same, just like every white person doesn’t sound the same. Y’all can make an argument out of anything.

  • darek

    I don’t believe she was mis-qouted. She insulted a legend such as Sinead o’Connor by mocking her issues, why wouldn’t she say something nasty and rude about Beyonce? She said something in a magazine that she is better then most people her age and works harder then the average 20/21 year old because she wears white pants and was the first one to think of it. What a retard. So f–ing ugly too. Zero talent and would be a struggling waitress/lounge singer in Hollywood without her daddy, Dolly Parton and Disney. And she name drops Beyonce just to try to out-run her 15 mins of fame which are coming to an end now. Her tour will reportdly flop because of the amount fans she has lost and how many people just do not like her.
    And Miley might be 21 year old but she is vulgar, talentless, has zero sex appeal and is just incredibly unattractive. Beyonce at age 32 is more beautiful, is sexy and has a great voice.

  • Kyle

    I think Miley did say this. There are producers who even said she says things that people don’t hear. Like the time she needed a new look & sound so she told them she wants something that sounds more “black”. I can not with her. She is a complete waste of space in this music industry. If she wasn’t in it people wouldn’t even notice she was gone.

  • Kyle

    @darek: Exactly! She’s is only defending what she said about Bey because she knows people respect Bey & Bey could have to it that her career is done. I mean unfortunately they do call her Queen B.

  • darek

    And if she was mis-qouted, why wait 2 or 3 months to talk about it? She said this qoute in a live radio interview.
    She is pretty stupid. Most 20/21 year old are in college working 2 or 3 jobs to support themselves. I am sure they have better things on their mind rather then worrying about white pants.

  • Kyle

    @RED: Ummm are you being serious right now you racist fu*k. Like are you specifying that black people sound uneducated & don’t know how to properly use grammar? That so ignorant of you.

  • Maya

    Sounds like they’re burning both ends of the candle. Her people drew attention to the “misquote” so that she could refute it and make it seem like Beyonce and her are tight, maybe even earn some points with Beyonce’s fans (as if). Anything to keep people talking, right? This desperate attention-seeking crap is not working anymore, it’s just too tiresome.

  • Vanessa

    @Maya: Yeah I agree lol Bey stans hate everyone except Beyonce sooo. Good luck trying Miley. They probably already dragged her on Twitter. Miley is just getting attention for being a idiot.

  • nemo

    …yeah, she probably did say it, but she’s afraid of the great B. what an idiot.

  • Like Any of Us Care

    Who the hell cares about either of these slits. They’re both trash….

  • Anonymous

    It is all made up BS by her handlers to get more attention on Miley. Who floated this rumor? Miley’s team, and as usual they got some people in the media to play along. It makes Miley look like a victim and a friend or Bey. Neither is true, but the drama gives Miley reason to tweet how wonderful she is once again. Blech!!! It’s how things are done today on the Internet.

  • Mr. Majestyk

    Both of these ratchet ass women are talentless modern day minstrels! And RED is dead on with his statement. She is most definitely trying to adopt a black, ghetto persona with her ridiculous tweets and Beyonce is just as bad!. All this kind of behavior does is degrade the black female.

    Check out Dr. David Carroll’s video about this buckdancing heifer named Beyonce.

    It’s an eye-opener!!!

  • freddie

    Wow, Miley is delusional!!! She thinks she has curves and blacks are drinking her kool-aide….just WOW…hey she has all the

  • Trash

    Both are f*cking annoying.

  • Non

    Did she say that she had curves? LOL! Where? No body at all. Hilarious