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Katie Holmes Goes Shopping & Gets Frozen Yogurt with Suri!

Katie Holmes Goes Shopping & Gets Frozen Yogurt with Suri!

Katie Holmes and her seven-year-old daughter Suri stop by some stores after picking up a frozen yogurt treat on Thursday evening (January 2) in Miami, Fla.

The 35-year-old actress’ bodyguard had to jump in front of some cars to stop them from hitting the ladies as they crossed the street.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Katie has been enjoying her sunny vacation with Suri and has been seen showing off her bikini body at her hotel pool on two occasions already!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri relaxing in Miami…

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katie holmes goes shopping gets frozen yogurt with suri 01
katie holmes goes shopping gets frozen yogurt with suri 02
katie holmes goes shopping gets frozen yogurt with suri 03
katie holmes goes shopping gets frozen yogurt with suri 04
katie holmes goes shopping gets frozen yogurt with suri 05
katie holmes goes shopping gets frozen yogurt with suri 06
katie holmes goes shopping gets frozen yogurt with suri 07
katie holmes goes shopping gets frozen yogurt with suri 08
katie holmes goes shopping gets frozen yogurt with suri 09
katie holmes goes shopping gets frozen yogurt with suri 10
katie holmes goes shopping gets frozen yogurt with suri 11
katie holmes goes shopping gets frozen yogurt with suri 12

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  • assman

    she been on this site a lot lately…why? no more acting

  • lacey

    There’s Tom’s security again!

  • !!!

    pull your finger out then, holmes has four movies coming out, as if you didn’t know.!!!

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  • Wurry

    She looks relaxed and to be enjoying Tommy’s hush money quite nicely. Hey, I would too!

  • K-Flop – Celebrity

    “The 35-year-old actress’ ” or “The 35-year-old celebrity”

    We’ll see, 2014…

    Days and Nights (formerly The Seagull)
    Mania Days
    Miss Meadows
    The Giver – release Aug 15, 2014

    The Giver is the only movie she’s in with a solid release date, and that is in spite of not because of K-Flop. It’s release is date ‘solid’, as far as announced release dates go, due to Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, and Alexander Skarsgard involvement in the movie.

    ***OSU Buckeyes -vs- Clemson Tigers – Orange Bowl – Game Day***

  • straightprn

    LOL Nice hairstyle Holmes.

  • ANNE

    @K-Flop – Celebrity:
    Get a life, loser. Stands in front of the PC chasing Katie Holmes.

  • xyz


  • K-Flop – ✰ Loser ✰


    I’m neither an actor or a celebrity and you’re chasing behind my comments like a rabid stan, so… what does that say about you?

    Enjoy the game!

    ***OSU Buckeyes -vs- Clemson Tigers – Orange Bowl- Game Day ***

  • Suri the meal ticket

    @K-Flop – ✰ Loser ✰:
    Now you got me interested in the game, even though no team from FL involved.
    The game will be on 8:30 PM Eastern Time on ESPN!
    Thank God, KHo finally covers up.

  • tigress

    @ANNE: B*tch! Go away with your ogre face!

  • wtf

    wtf? her bodyguard had to jump in front of cars to stop them from hitting them??? does that mean katie jumped out in front of moving traffic? did she not try and cross at a stop light/stop walk with her daughter?
    @k-flop– I agree about her 2 or3 stans. They are a crack up trying to convince people this chick can act and that she is “beautiful”. She is the most haggard “celebrity” i have seen under 60.

  • olivia

    I totally predict little Suri is going to ask to live with dad one day. COS or not she loves him and seems happier around him.
    Then what will poor old Katie do for attention and press?

  • where are her friends???

    so again no friends or family in sight on this trip but her fans insist she wasn’t alone.
    Do her friends always wait in the hotel and not go to the pool or to get ice cream? These shots are wide enough (and the pool ones too) that any friend or family near by would be in the shot too.
    her fans insisted other pictures showed they were with other people but yet they won’t post the links to those pictures. Is that perhaps because either they don’t exist or the ‘friends’ suri was with were just random kids in the pool she played with for a few minutes?

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @olivia: Go skiing in Vail or Lake Tahoe… Tee Hee. You are probably right. At 33, she still has the youth, vitality and wisdom to do it right. Mistakes are the Portals to Discovery. As Billy Joel once said, Mistakes are the only thing we own. As a Sagi myself, I can’t understand why she doesn’t take that fire to
    Play….. Yes, Sagi’s are scatterbrained and maybe that is why she looks bored. A good assist. (if that is what that girl is- I wonder if she is an Aquarius) would learn how to channel it. Take phenomenal coaching classes, fix the belly, skiing classes. Sagi’s LOVE to learn and embrace “knowledge is Power”. It’s our follow-through that sucks and pisses some people off. So be it. I read in some paper that 2014 is the year for Sagi’s. Aries(Suri),; their thirst for excitement partner can so make it work. ……while Cancers(Tom) sit on the side bogging them down. I so foresee Suri seeking Tommygirl out in her 20′s for that power she thirsts as an Aries. That is why Katie’s could be using this precious time to spend it more wisely. Even if you poo poo the astrology notion, you can’t disagree with my mindset. Right now; all I am seeing with Katie is, I am the eye of the tiger, hear me choke. I hope I am wrong. God’s Speed.

  • Tari

    Jared the bodyguard did not jump in front of the car. Other sites show him clearly trying to prevent other people from getting too close and taking pictures.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    If it were me I would be in Vail or at Lake Tahoe with a set of head phones on listening to Cowboy Casanova or Before he Cheats or Miranda Lambert’s Mama’s Broken Heart while Suri is taking classes on the bunny hill. as long it gets the fire stirring. There’s 5 necessary stages in a grieving process (keubler Ross) and I think a little of the Anger stage would be cathartic.

  • Dee

    @Sincerely Concerned: the song Good Girl by Underwood for a Blue Square:)))))

  • @sincerely concerned

    @sincerely concerned: Are you the one that use to post that you knew someone close to the family? Before I think you were more favorable of Katie but you have since changed your mind a bit (if i am not confusing you with someone else).
    Anyway- my question is 1) what made you change and 2) i think you wrote once that in the cruise family the men are put on a pedestal and the women were treated like dogs. Did someone tell you that or was that just a comment you made.

  • pr person

    Wait a minute… What is the Scientology bodyguard/minder doing with them?? He hasn’t been seen with them since the divorce …. but he is in a few of these pics from Miami.. ?

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @@sincerely concerned: I know someone who is close to the Holmes family. The family was totally agt. the marriage knowing he was just a gigilo but Katie was smitten. I can not stand him but I just think Katie is looking too much like sour grapes. I’m disappointed that she isn’t enjoying her freedom. At least by how it appears. I read so many quotes about how athletic she is and yet all you see her doing in NYC is coffee runs. Then this latest of her showing her phone to her “friend” as she lounges by the pool. And the these most recent she looks more like sour grapes in cutoffs to cover up her tummy. Just saying; life IS short, before she knows it, Suri won’t want to be spending time with her. What better way to explore new brain matter than skiing. If Suri is the dare devil, the articles play her out to be, she would love it. Here, she just looks like she is looking at her sour puss mom for direction. I really do hope I’m wrong and if so, like I said, God speed.

  • @sincerely concerned

    thanks for answering…but I see they didn’t like him…but “gigilo” isn’t that an older man who takes money from younger women? I know he is a lot of things but is that the right word? Oh and what about that “dog” comment- was that something direct you heard or just something you said at the time?

    as for katie I was thinking about her ‘fashion’ and noticed she seems to dress like her mother is is not a young mother at all! It made me wonder if she has all the wrong people giving her advise on this. I also saw some place else a while back that her mom was wearing some of her stuff from the line. That’s probably part of the problem- a 70 year old can wear it. lol.

  • @sincerely concerned

    and also I am sure you heard an ear full from family but I am also sure now watching katie you can see that despite what Tom did or was- that doesn’t mean Katie was an innocent saint like perhaps the family might see it through their eyes. Its hard for family to see the truth about someone they love and maybe not see that she wanted this fame , money and status and was willing to do whatever to get it.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @@sincerely concerned: wrong word but right concept. He had the money she had the stable home. He was going for stability ( not money).

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @@sincerely concerned: Got to think about that one. This may be why she looks so disjointed and I find myself frustrated. If your motives are not pure than what do u have to go on. Maybe this is why she looks lost. That picture of her showing her “friend” something on her phone really annoys me!!!!!!

  • @sincerely concerned

    hmm but we don’t know what it was- it might have been nothing important or personal on the phone.

  • annie

    didn’t realise 70 yr olds go around in cut off jeans, and mini skirts. guess you had to say something…and you did!
    Also, that fuchia coloured shirt you are talking about, Katie wore with shorts and boots, her mother wore it with tailored pants, and jacket and bobbi brown wore the same shirt in grey and black with pants.

  • @sincerely concerned

    REPLY TO ANNIE—-no one said 70 year olds go around in cut offs. The cut offs aren’t part of katie’s line. Read it again.
    But the critics here on JJ are far from her only ones of that line. And I am sure BB wore it since she was working with her- i seriously doubt BB would otherwise have gone out to buy it.

  • annie

    @ sincerely concerned
    can’t be bothered looking over what was said, but i think it said she dresses as old as her 70yr old mother.

    There was a time when I thought you were ok…but, man o man did i get that wrong. nothing bad about expressing opinions, but sorry to say, you are really off, or you are on something.
    in all honesty, you’re an awful person, rubyz, or (olivia, or mercy or fact or fiction,) who are probably one and the same sound nicer than you and that’s saying something.
    first time i really don’t want to come here because of a certain person, and that’s you!

  • @sincerely concerned

    LOL thnk what you want about me I don’t care.
    but yes I (and I guess others) also think she dresses old/ugly. You said “there was a time when you thought I was ok” I haven’t been around her fandom for a long time so I think you are assuming I am someone else.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    I take no sides; have no favorites; have no ill will. I am only in relentless pursuit of the truth.

  • annie

    @ #15
    poor katie all alone in the world, no family, no friends , no career ,no tom, no scie….only she was in Miami at the ranch canyon hotel , with 17 family members and friends.
    poor lonely katie, obviously has no need to prove to you or anyone else what she’s doing in her life, or who she’s doing it with.

  • @annie

    oh and you have this inside information? Where were they when she was by the pool and going to get ice cream? When her mother or family are with her they are usually not walking ten feet away and get caught in the shots.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @@sincerely concerned: and I said nothing about 70 y/0′s. Mismatch from the get go.

  • @sincerely concerned

    huh? was your comment at my post to you or to Annie? I never said you said anything about 70 year olds. I said something about katie’s fashion line being suitable for her 70ish year old mother but never said someone else said it.

  • annie

    hey, who knows, maybe she stayed a couple more days, there are pics of her walking and talking with a woman wrapped in a towel.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @annie: I had no idea I was upsetting u. I simply am curious about how a high profile heated romance can fall apart.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    @K-Flop – ✰ Loser ✰:
    Were you surprised that Clemson beat OSU?

  • blind item

    There was a blind item around the time or just before they split and it was suppose to be about Katie and it said that this actress left the house a mess with wet or dirty hair often to piss off her controlling husband who said it was a reflection of his image when she did that. She was doing it to provoke him.
    If that is true she probably did make him mad but I am surprised she wasn’t smart enough to know it would backfire on her. Now she has the reputation of someone who never takes care of themselves and a supposed fashion designer with no fashion sense.

  • Blind item #2

    A previous blind item led to this fashion blog post –

    Calling no names, recently reported news of a “recently divorced actress/designer with a stylish daughter” having her card declined in a popular high-street retail chain here in New York. The actresses card was declined for $900 worth of kids clothes. What’s worse, instead of simply slipping out another plastic payment method, the unnamed actress allegedly put the items on hold (gasp!) and never returned (GASP!).

    Of course the ‘blue’s clues’ detailing…well…her life has led to so suspect that the declined card in question was that of the former Mrs. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes. It was only a few weeks ago we heard reports of Katie and Suri flying commercial from a visit to Katie’s parents in Ohio, and taking yellow taxis about town. While Katie does seem to genuinely want to give Suri a normal wholesome life—to contrast the private helicopter rides and Hamptons getaways Suri will have with Tom—is Katie’s declined credit card a sign she’s in denial and the worst is yet to come?

    Seems like money was pretty tight right after the divorce. What changed? Leaked stories to the press? What’s keeping Holmes & Yang afloat? Certainly not sales.

  • Hmmmmm

    I wonder how often Cruise’s scieno minions show up her to try to make Katie look bad for shaming the hell out of their second in command? Judging by some of the posts here and most especially the last 2 blind items, I’d say it happens quite a bit.

    Katie made a total ass out of the Cruiser when she got herself a bunch of throw away phones, a new apartment, and a couple of good lawyers, and left him standing in the dust. Then she used her inside knowledge about him and his nutso cult to make sure she got full legal and residential custody (no father gives up legal custody just like that – face it, Katie had something BIG on him).

    You scieno’s are too obvious. Seriously.

  • blind item

    I was the first Blind comment and I am not a SCIENO by any means. I know it’s an easy excuse for people who are fans of Katie to assume anyone who doesn’t like her is a big Tom fan or something but it’s not always the case. Curse him all you want.There are many reasons to not like Katie aside from him. Even if she did “escape” or “make him look like like an ass” she played the game for a long time and has a bad reputation because of it. This is a Katie thread and it was about her as a bad actress and horrible fashion sense and hardly mentions of Tom. I only mentioned the BI because it does seem to me she did it to piss him off so the BI makes sense but I don’t care if she tries to piss off Tom or not. I just think its funny that if she did do it she doesn’t seem to see that its not a good plan since it makes her look horrible.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    What was he thinking marrying someone so much younger. That is an ego trip right there. And then to think he would run the show with how to be. I think she was very smart – NOT vindictive – to get out. I just don’t get the sour puss look all the time. I wonder if his COS is helping him to stay focused, void of criticism (smart to stay away from the Paps). Catholics ARE prone to playing the martyr, self rightious etc. etc. with her father putting her and her mother in that submissive role that she hated in the first place. While he’s off master bating somewhere, she appears to be imploding. …JUST a thought.

  • Suri’s baby bottle

    @42hmmm lol at people who believe everything they read in the tabloids

  • NG

    Re: Blind item – If in fact its true, we are talking about the period June 2012 before or after, and probably Cruise’s accountant didn’t know how to respond to Katie’s expenses. Should he continue to pay her credit line or turn off the water supply and not inform her so she could be embarrassed when they rejected her card. Good thing it wasn’t after lunch at a restaurant. Imagine how upset Suri became when they had to walk out without any toys? Most likely Katie was no longer speaking to any of them (Cruise’s staff) and don’t forget Cruise was in Iceland making the movie Oblivion. I think the staff knew this was coming and maybe cancelled her cards by Cruise. Surely all of that was part of her $$$ settlement. I believe Katie was on a payment plan throughout their marriage contract. And Suri was also on a payment installments into her trust.

  • NG

    Even though reports have said Katie acknowledged their marriage was over 6 MONTHS before June 2012, which would have been Dec 2011, Cruise was going to “milk” the father /daughter photo op as much as possible as he paid a pretty penney for it. The last major event they attended together was the Mission Impossible IV premiere in New York and Katie looked tense in the videos of that event, wanting to put in her appearance and then LEAVE. If u recall in January of 2012, Cruise took Suri for a father/daughter day at Disneyland in Orange County, California (Katie did not go with them). Cruise and Suri were photographed on the Disney rides cups, among other rides, Katie was probably was tired of the facade by then and she knew it was a matter of time before she bolted. Cruise was enjoying the success of Mission Impossible IV and getting ready to film the other movies that were already lined up for him. How good of liars are they? Around Nov/Dec 2011, Katie appeard on David Letterman’s show and tried to act like everything was roses. According to interviews by Katie, their marriage was over by Dec 2011.

  • @hmmmmmm


    When there is no longer any church of scientology then who you going to blame for Katie Holmes mediocrity and lack of talent (or success)?

    I’m pretty sure in her Dawson Creek days she had her critics and that was before her involvement with Scientology.

    Guess what those critics are still here and then some.

  • NG

    There was a BLIND ITEM on that website that a Hollywood couple were trying to decide when to announce their breakup because the actor had several movies coming out and he didn’t want to breakup until AFTER the movies premiered. If the wife agreed to stay she would get more $$$. Many people said this couple was Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. We now she how complexed this breakup has become for all involved, Tom Cruise’s pr image, Church of Scienotology, and even Katie Holmes herself because it brings to question how could she put her daughter into this mess. In my opinion, Tom and Katie do not walk out of this unscathed. They both look bad. The sacrificial lamb here was Suri Cruise.

  • So Tom’s an Ass

    How does it or will it help Katie Holmes career?