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Katie Holmes & Suri Continue Miami Vacation with Movie Day!

Katie Holmes & Suri Continue Miami Vacation with Movie Day!

Katie Holmes keeps it casual while exiting a movie theater with her adorable daughter Suri on Saturday (January 4) in Miami Beach, Fla.

Earlier in the week, the 35-year-old actress and her seven-year-old daughter were spotted grabbing frozen yogurt together.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Katie and Suri have been enjoying their vacation for over a week now.

It was recently announced that Suri‘s dad Tom Cruise is developing a sequel to his recent film Jack Reacher, which will be based on Lee Childs‘ “Never Go Back.”

Here’s the synopsis: “Reacher heads back to his old military base in Virginia to take a woman to dinner who is now the commanding officer. By the time he gets there, she has been arrested, and Reacher finds himself being charged with pummeling one guy and fathering a child with a woman. He can’t remember either transgression but gets to the bottom of it with cunning and sometimes brute force.”

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  • all alone naturally

    AGAIN they are ALONE. So much for the bs her fans are trying to put out there that she had people with her on this vacation aside from bodyguards. lol

  • all alone naturally

    AND Suri again has a stuffed animal with her. She is 7 almost 8 years old. This is not normal. She had a bottle until 6.

  • NG

    Suri looks bored and Katie looks serious holding Suri’s blanket and stuffed animal. Usually when people leave a movie house they are talking about the movie or look a little animated. Not these two. I agree with #2, Suri will be 8 years old soon and still randonmly needs a stuffed animal and blanket.

  • Mary

    Lots of kids carry stuffed animals at that age, although I think the blanket is a bit unusual. But she seems a bit fragile, so maybe it’s a coping mechanism. They do seem to have such lonely lives – surprised that she doesn’t vacation with her siblings or parents – seems like it would be much more fun than vacationing with Tom’s old body guards. That’s kinda weird.

  • Lee Child

    Yeah, Deadline announced the Jack Reacher follow-up early Dec 2013.

    For a film that had a huge outcry from fans of the Lee Child novel series, and said the film flopped ($218 MIL WW). Why is Paramount (along with Skydance) backing “Never Go Back”?

    Celebrity blogs (DM, JJ, Radar, et. al) still tying Cruise news with Holmes post.

    Holmes relevance almost 2 yrs post divorce is still due being Ex-Mrs. Cruise.

    Those Holmes projects don’t seem to be enough to keep her in the news on her own merit.

  • NG

    #4 – In my opinion, they are in Miami, Florida for Cruise (if he’s in town). Katie and Suri spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with her family in Toledo, Ohio. I think Cruise is in Miami and Katie went over there to be around Suri. The blanket for me represents “when Suri feels insecure and emotional.” After the divorce, Suri was slowly beginnnig to look more confident, wearing coats and sweaters, carry her backpack going to school, walking with her little friends, following a schedule and clearly by the looks of Suri in her bathing suit, she is still in some kind of gymnastics or dance class so I think its hard for Suri going between Tom Cruise and Katie.

  • K-Flop – Bummed

    OSU loss to Clemson has left us all a little bummed I see.

    Orange Bowl review – both teams had good talented and good plays – overall OSU did well, but couldn’t pull off the win.

    On to next season.

    Speaking of next season….

    Holmes & Yang – New York Fashion Week Fall 2014? (Feb. 6-13)

  • @6

    why do you think TC is in Miami? Is there any evidence or reports to suggest that? There have been no sightings of him alone or with Suri and if he is suppose to be spending the time with Suri that doesn’t add up either since we have seen her almost daily with her mother instead.
    I doubt Katie would follow her to a visit with her dad. Suri has been alone with her dad alot and does fine with him.
    Tom was in Orlando (not Miami) well over a week ago just for a day or so but per Connor twitter and IG we can see they left a while ago.

  • WhyNot

    You need to stop piggybacking Tom Cruise onto Katie and Suri’s news stories. He’s not with them. He has no part in their vacation, and if the only way he can get publicity is to tag along in absentia, then don’t do it. It makes him look ridiculous. As for his movies… I think he acts out the rage and aggression he can’t let loose in real life… and if you’ve seen one of his movies you’ve seen them all.

  • because

    Do you really think Tom had anything to do with JJ writing this blurb? lol he can do a news release whenever he wants to. Jared is known for linking ex-couples together for a long time just to get posters. He does it on both sides. It’s a JJ issue not Tom or Katie’s.

  • come on people

    Ok, I’m not a fan of KH, but come on people… I’ve seen many a grown up with a stuffed animal obsession, so there’s nothing UN normal about Suri having one and… Have you people ever been INSIDE a movie theater??? It’s cooooold in there, hence the blanket and mom’s sweater. Sheesh you people need to lighten up.

  • rubyz

    I agree that carrying a stuffed animal and security blanket at almost eight years old is odd. Child seems very immature: clutching blankets, clinging to stuffed animals, wanting to be carried.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Yay to the sequel of Jack Reacher! Too bad Robert Duvall may not be in there again! ‘You can start running…’ and Reacher’s looking back at him…
    @K-Flop – Bummed:
    Too bad OSU lost to Clemen (who are those people still?), but they are about to play Michigan! I will watch, see if OSU can redeem themselves!
    Jack Reacher is the only TC movie that I could finish, heck I saw it 3 times! I like it very much, hopefully the sequel won’t blow it.

    Comments on the Meal Ticket:
    She’s bored the heck of her short 8 yrs of life. Words to the pimp mama KHo, there’s a seaquarium in Miami, with Komodo dragon at display, perhaps your #1 prop may be interested.

  • rubyz

    @ #5: “Holmes relevance almost 2 yrs post divorce is still due being Ex-Mrs. Cruise. Those Holmes projects don’t seem to be enough to keep her in the news on her own merit.” Exactly. And she will continue to be relevant ONLY because she married Cruise and had his kid. Her work cannot stand on its own; it’s pathetic. (I believe she saw her own irrelevance coming, and that this was her plan in marrying Cruise.)

  • no way

    Never one picture of Tom with Suri.

  • @15

    maybe because he isn’t calling the paps when the do get together? (although I don’t think these Miami pics are call-ins from katie- but she does court them in NYC.)
    On another thread a link was posted to pictures of him bungee jumping with Suri a couple of months ago. Thing is it wasn’t in the press and he didn’t call the paps. It was only made public when the owners of the place released a pic and some info about it. It was in upstate NY in September. There was also some weird fuzzy picture of him with her in some park with a cupcake. So really we don’t know how much or how little he is spending with her now except we know Katie got Christmas this year.

  • Breaking News!!!!!

    Breaking News: Katie Holmes does not look too bad in these pictures. A (late) Christmas Miracle!
    On the other hand she dressed Suri in 4 random colors that don’t match but we will ignore that and celebrate the fact pulled herself together to go to the movies.

  • lillian

    took her bungee jumping with a broken arm, that is really one for the books!

  • http://Comcast Loren

    Congratulations Katie and Suri on THE GREAT ESCAPE !!!!

  • @18

    She didn’t have a broken arm in the picture so it must have been after the cast was off.

  • Dare to be Honest

    @K-Flop – Bummed: My son played soccer with Anthony Gonzales. That is the last time OSU was on fire …..I THINK. What does pushing OSU have to do with your factual disdain for Holmes? …. Seriously???

  • Dare to be Honest

    @lillian: That must be his ADHD that COS has failed to resolve.

  • Dare to be Honest

    @@18: Arm is still very week. As a therapist, I wouldn’t of recommended it.

  • Dare to be Honest

    Short you tube film of ski conditions in Vail this holiday. So cute!!!!! Suri would of loved it and ski garb would of disguised as necessary

  • @dare to be honest

    perhaps but the exact date of when they went is unknown. Either way it just shows he does spend time with her and its not on the blogs every time.

  • popeye

    it is soo stupid of people here to say that k-ho is always calling the paps for publicity while t-cruise does not do that whenever he is with her daughter suri. common sense peeps,of course cruise cant do that as he is not allowed by his religion to go near suppressive persons ‘cos that’s what k-ho & suri to him after the divorce.

  • olive oyl

    well he doesn’t seem to be obeying that law if that is the case. He has spent time with her around her birthday as well and the other times mentioned and probably other times we don’t know about.
    One might argue he has special rules in the cult but we don’t know.(although there are also reports the SP’s are only those who are speaking ill of it and not just those who left and that goes with what Kiristie Alley recently said on some talk show)

  • popeye

    and nothing wrong with the stuffed animal and blanket. what is wrong is the negativity and hate a lot of people here have towards k-ho. she is just living her life,trying to maintain a sense of balance from all the complexities of hollywood. if you dont like her,then dont read updates on her. go to more news-worthy celebs like kim kardashian posting a selfie of her perfect body courtesy of thank-you-doctor-but-wont-admit-that.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    Precisely my point Annie! If she is retaliating to Cruise’s controlling ways BUT what he was asking was to be “presentable” than her WTF, sneaking behavior will only hurt her. Christians are supposedly good at humiliation: take that advise however it may have been grinding to her and use it. Otherwise, she will only be a bitter ole bat. I believe that is where I was reading a post on Big and Little Edie of Grey Gardens. The mind is very complicated and will take years to change old habits; but then it is for Suri AND her that she is doing this for. 5-6 yrs. with the guys. That’s a lot of mindset to change, sort of like working clay. Unfortunately, I believe it was her family that began the mindset of you know the root of Catholicism, the male is the superior and the female must be subordinate (Adam’s rib etc…….) To run into the comforts of her family is only toxic if she is not a pioneer in her thinking.

  • lol

    so I just googled the words “8 year old carry blankets” to see if I can find other kids of that age walking around with blankets. I hit images and the first image is tom and katie carrying suri. LOL I think she is the only one.

  • Keep telling yourself that


    If he isn’t allowed around suppressive’s then why has he maintained a friendship with Penelope Cruz, who according to reports tried Scientology, but gave it a pass.

    More recent media reported (via Cameron Diaz) that Penelope, Javier and Tom had dinner together:

    She tells U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, “I happened to bump into Penelope Cruz, Javier, Tom and his son in a hotel and joined them for dinner. At midnight I said, ‘I’m 40′ so we took pictures and then said ‘Goodnight, see you later, blah, blah, blah’ and I haven’t seen him since. But the next thing I know, apparently I am dating him and it’s full on and he is coming after me.”

    Some suppressive’s are ok?

  • annie

    since when was penelope cruz a suppressive person?
    she wasn’t married to him, or had a child, nor was she a scientologist. i think it’s a different scenario, when your wife walks out, with your scie daughter, and different when you break up with your girlfriend.
    you do remember what tom said in his deposition don’t you ? ….he said a few things he can’t back.

  • keep telling yourself that


    so you have to have been married, have child and then divorce a scientologist to be considered a suppressive? you can’t just have been a scientologist and left? so that’s the criteria for a suppressive person? didn’t know.

    i did read that penelope did some auditing while with cruise.

    tom said in the deposition that katie and suri are suppressive persons?

    do you have

  • keep telling yourself that


    continued: do you have a link to where tom called katie and sure suppressive persons?

  • annie

    We can go on forever here, you say , i say, but yes, there are things that Tom said , he can’t take back, I read his deposition, and so did many others, so please, don’t try to change things to suit you.

    Firstly I defended TC for many years, about his Scie , people are allowed to believe in whatever makes them happy. I have no problem with that.
    But there are no choices with Tom eg.
    My brother in law is an athiest, his father being a science teacher, deals in facts and figures, but he never stopped my sister from christening their 2 kids in our church. He gave her choices, because he doesn’t believe, doesn’t mean he expects her to conform to his beliefs,[or lack of] and she doesn’t expect him to conform to ours. There is tolerance, and acceptance. He goes along with everything, just doesn’t believe in any of it, never questions , never criticises, just goes along. We are not an overly religious family, so we are accepting of him as well.
    Tom said in an interview, you can be catholic or jewish and still be scie, but we are scientoligists…..gone is your choice.
    Anyway, someone on this board put me onto Underground Bunker, and it has been an eye opener for me. Quite an eye opener.
    I read the emails, where people like Kirsty Alley [you brought her up], and others including Leah Remeni, were urged to go after these people who had left Scie.
    You see , the problem for Tom is, not that this goes on, but that he is best friends, with the guy who runs the organisation.
    Please do not tell me that TC is innocent, because he’s not, he knows everything that goes on, but has been brainwashed, to say” it is what it is” one of his favourite sayings, which he applies to the paps, so he must apply the same mentality to the goings on in Scie.
    So please don’t try to confuse the situation, about suppressive persons or not suppressive persons.
    I’ll say it again, if TC wasn’t best buddies with DM, things may or may not apply to him, but since he is, well he knows, what goes on.
    Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are, applies so much to Tom, so please stop wasting your time, in trying to convince me, in whatever it is you are trying to convince me of about Tom.

  • Keep telling yourself that


    “suppressive persons or not suppressive persons.” you’re confused in your own statement.

    i have no dog in the fight, so convincing you of anything, scientology, suppressive/non-suppressive, anything to do with tom cruise personal life that’s beyond the scope of my comments on JJ.

    but if it is necessary to keep katie holmes relevant in media and to the public you and others want to continue to tie those issues into her posts, stories or any other media concerning her then expect others, like myself to question or point out that katie holmes is only relevant because of those issues.

    otherwise stick to talking about her projects and YOU won’t feel confused about the situation.

  • annie

    I know, truth hurts, sorry! You do care about suppressive/non suppressive!

    When I said something very valid about this” mediocre actress”, as you put it and her movies, and compared her movies, and people who go to see them, with other more talented actors and actresses as you put it, you didn’t like what I said. you want everything your way!

  • wtf

    Is it true that they called the rugrat SURI because LRHubbard was born is Surrey England?????
    BTW: if you have the stomach google “katie holmes cold sore” the girl went out it seems at least 4 or 5 times with huge cold sores and no make up. That’s not trying to be “el natural” that’s just nasty.

  • Lauren


    lmfao irl

    you’re hysterical. holy shit. tell me more about…. “the blanky.”

  • Keep telling yourself that


    the thing about blogs, and celebrity gossip blogs in particular, little truth is found on them and claims of truth found therein are all relative. keep your truth annie and i’ll keep mine. goodnight.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    I am still waiting to see ANY picture where there are 17 people with her.

  • NG

    #41 – On this link you can see the little school mate that is seen walking with Suri to school. She has long dark hair.

    and on this other link you can see (if you scroll down) another little girl going down the elevator with Katie and Suri. She is a relative of Katie or Cruise (I think) because she has been photographed with Katie & Suri shopping when Katie and Cruise were married. No, its not 17 people and I am NOT the person defending Katie being with 17 people but these are pictures that Just Jared did not run. Maybe didn’t want to pay for the right to use them.

  • NG

    I think ithe people n this trip to Miami that are sitting in the sun with Katie and Suri were some of Cruise’s camp with the exception of Suri’s friend from Avenues (the little girl with long dark hair), she’s a school mate.The probably were vacationing with Cruise and when he left they stood to spend time with Suri.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    The OCD me re: Katie going skiing with Suri and friends carries on. If you google Katie and snow skiing, the only picture you see is with Tom (of course with that silly bob cut) and he is basically smothering her. It would be ole so cool if she, As THERAPY, tried skiing, snorkeling etc. SANS Tom Cruise for cathartic reasons.

  • NG

    Maybe this is the reason they are still in Miami, can’t get a flight to New York.

    - FROM THE NEW YORK POST – The city’s first major winter storm stranded thousands of air travelers, shut down highways and caused mass-transit disruptions as it dumped a blanket of snow overnight on the Big Apple.

    New Yorkers were urged to stay at home to avoid the lethal combo of heavy winds and polar temperatures that will make it feel like minus-10 degrees on Friday. “This is not something to be trifled with . . . New York has learned the hard way: Take Mother Nature seriously,” said Gov. Cuomo, who, along with New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie, declared a state of emergency


  • finally

    well finally there were some pics of at least suri with kids but none of katie with adults .
    and did they go to the movies alone?
    who knows.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @NG: all the more reason to go to Vail or Utah:)

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @finally: Whatever happened to humbling or periods of time sans external reinforcement. The pictures shown compliments of poster #42 illustrate that Suri is already soaking up HER fame and despite her atrocious teeth, is flaunting her assets; skinny foo foo, gymnastics’ skills and friends willing to be her puppy dogs. I fear we will see or hear of her in rehab somewhere down the road.

  • missy d

    This is disgusting. That child has done nothing to justify this stalking.

  • @49

    true but her parents (BOTH of them) sure haven’t done much to protect her during her whole life.