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Kim Kardashian Bares Abs, Butt, & Cleavage in Instagram Pics

Kim Kardashian Bares Abs, Butt, & Cleavage in Instagram Pics

Kim Kardashian shows off her ripped abs and cleavage in her workout clothes in this new photo shared to Instagram.

“Getting right for the new year,” the 33-year-old reality star wrote as the caption for the photo, which also features her good pal Blac Chyna.

Kim also shared a photo of herself and Chyna showing off their butts together.

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The day before, Kim and her fiance Kanye West were seen going shopping and she showed off her bare face without any makeup on. She also stopped by a nail salon for a pampering session that morning.

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  • jane

    barf, I just threw up my dinner.. thanks a lot, Kim. Isn’t she a little bit old to be doing these silly things? Such narcissist.

  • Nicole Young

    This B just won’t stop. She’ll be 72 and still instagramming.

  • Mkhay

    I feel so bad for her child… seriously. If she ends up being a good person it will be a miracle.

  • haywood jablomi

    these uesless w..h..o..r..e..s.. need to go away

  • Mary

    D-list, and just plain creepy. And of course photo-shopped. Someone who photo-shops an instagram photo is the epitome of a loser.

  • Frozen

    Gret body, Kimberly, stunning… But Kim’s friend ass is SCARY!

  • assman


  • Maggi

    That’s obviously photoshopped, how sad.

  • sarah

    She’ll always be known as the chick who Rayj did a porno with and literally p issed on her. Oh and there’s the whole gimme gimme freebee’s too. Lol..

  • Realist

    Just shift your eyes to the left of both pictures…doors and tiles generally don’t bend. Photoshop fail.

  • http://google cynthia

    showing insecurity and immaturity… sad!

  • Dani

    Most definitely photoshopped. Look at the way the closet door curves in the background.

  • J

    GROSS look the same butt implants and boob implants ….i just vomited my dinner …..

  • shivasb

    It is still all about her – even she is now a mom.
    She should be acting more mature. This is childish and silly.
    Like her looks and body is still the most important thing.
    Grow up

  • go go

    Gross isnt the word….

  • 55vineyard

    Didn’t I read their show got cancelled due to low ratings or am I wrong?

  • nyc


  • Reality

    What will Kim do when her looks are gone?

    The answer, children, is nothing. Because she has the IQ of a cardboard box.

  • Ross


  • Jesse B

    Waste of space!! Slutbag! Go be a mother and stop worrying about yourself all the time!! Selfish bitch!

  • Debsagrrl


  • kelli

    pure trash

  • apples

    Kim we have seen your droopy butt. Please stop with the photo shopped versions

  • apples

    Kim please stop with the fake images and stick with your plastic surgery. I’m sure you can afford a butt lift…Pathetic attention seeker.

  • Heather

    so faking unnatural, it’s just fake everything. geez.

  • Corine

    Not attractive at all. Eventually Kims bottom is going to look like her buddies, large, misshapen and lumpy.

  • Chris

    hmm considering she loves to show her ugly ass face in pictures i find it hard to believe this is her just saying

  • Heather

    @Chris: I agree! Kims behind did not look like that on the ski slopes or when she went out for the massage the other day (black spandex). Pictures have been posted all over the net and her bottom is wide, sagging and moving to her hips. Photoshop, photoshop, photoshop…

  • Joseph


    Sorry, Kim’s Arse is 200% been proven fake with fat injections. Before and after pics don’t lie. Nor does her former docs, friends, agents, and the like. The woman may have worked out, but she’s also got the hand of plastic surgery all over that wanna-be-black body. At least the other woman probably had a real bubble butt being black. Kimmie is a cartoon character, and nothing more.

  • Lexie

    @Joseph: The problem with cosmetic surgery is that it weakens the tissue and it doesn’t hold up. Like with any surgery, scar tissue forms and that weakens the bodies natural structure, accelerating the aging process. Kims mom Kris will probably look like her sister when Kim turns 40.

  • Staynzy

    I’m sure her friends bottom is not real it looks so fake and unnatural as for kids well I just don’t care

  • anon96

    pathetic comments… y’all all jealous cause none of you are proud of your bodies. Kim is working hard as well as looking after her child. Kim justg had a baby… you all called her a cow and fat when she was pregnant, and now that she’s lost the weight and her body is amazing and she looks as fit as ever, you all still want to criticise her… how pathetic..

  • Hannah

    It’s like having a pillow glued to your butt ahahahahah

  • pattylover

    OK well if she photoshop that her problem if she doesn’t accept her own body than shame plus if she keeps on having so many surgery she will look hideous by time she s 45 and plastic surgery won’t work anymore

  • natalie

    Fake boob. Fake abs. Huge butt! Huge hips. Fake person. Narcissistic famewhore!

  • Audrey

    OMG, she has huge butt

  • toni

    @anon96: Of course everyone expected her gain weight during pregnancy, but I think most people criticized her more for her fashion choices rather than her weight. People are complaining about her because all she seems to care about is seeking revenge on people who criticized her during her pregnancy by showing off her body. Why does she feel the need to put the effort in showing her weight loss? We get it, you’ve lost the baby weight, don’t think it’s necessary to do it every chance she gets.

  • jean

    She’s always bearing something. TRAMP!

  • Diedre

    Dear Kim -
    Put it away. Nobody wants to see that. You can exercise until kingdom come and you’ll still have a massive @ss and horse hips. Not to mentions you’ll always be a moronic fame ho.

  • remember da truth

    Whew! I hope all you women feel better now that you are assured that if someone looks as good as that, it’s ALL FAKE. Now you can go back to your frumpy clothes and eat potato chips while congratulating yourselves on being good moms because you don’t work out. Let me guess, you NEVER talk about your body or wanting to look good with YOUR friends, right?

  • Chrissy

    Does she have nothing better to do than Instagram her ridiculously fake cartoon body? Fake butt, fake lumpy boobs and fake photoshopped waist and hanging with stripper “friends” – how pathetic that she’s a 33 year old mother and it’s still all about her. Grow up Kim!!!! You’re a total embarrassment to women!!! Her dad would disown her if he were alive!

  • nemo

    oh, look, fake boobs. and a funny looking door (= yay for photoshop!).

  • God


  • Mary

    @ anon96 — the objection is the obvious photoshop. Actually look at the pic and it is completely obvious. And please, she doesn’t know the definition of hard work.

    More importantly, it is clear that her priorities have remained her, her, her. She seems to do absolutely nothing with that poor child. She can only think of her body.

    And even with the photoshop, that’s not a body to envy. I prefer strong and fit, and natural. She’s very doughy looking for such a young thing, and completely unnatural. Lots of us don’t care for that plastic look.

  • @ remember da truth

    Or maybe most women can work out and feel great about their bods and entire lives without feeling the need to photo shop pics of ourselves and constantly post them.

    Tons of women look fabulous without being fake, and there are many, many compliments on this site for women who look great. But she doesn’t look great, even with the photo shop.

    She is in her 30′s with a child – she needs to focus on more important things that photo shopping pics, shopping, and getting beauty treatments. Where is that poor baby in her life? She is out an about day in and day out, and never with that child.

  • Ill

    Why would anyone want to have an ass like that? It’s ridiculous and how can they even sit down? Especially her friend whose butt implants look like they’re about to pop out from the bottom, yikes!

  • Terrance

    It looks bad and trashy even after all the photoshop. She photoshops her mobile pictures. Geez, she even photoshopped her daughter’s face to make her look pretty. Her whole life is a scam.

  • Jess

    @remember da truth: Where did anyone say she was a bad mom for working out? Moms who take care of themselves should be commended for setting healthy examples for their children. But she’s very clearly photoshopping her body, and that’s setting the example for her daughter that having an “ideal” body is better than being healthy. She’s also perpetuating the idea that women need to have a tiny waist and a six pack mere months after giving birth, even though she really doesn’t. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

  • Malia

    Her waist it’s not small, her cow hips plus photoshop give the illusion of a smaller waist. She had a thick layer of fat before giving birth, how come she has flat abs now? One word: Photoshop. Kim is a Con Artist.

  • Dr butter

    Ugh! R they part baboon ? Geez…and they think they r sexy. Barf!