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Kim Kardashian Bares Cleavage for Barneys Shopping Trip!

Kim Kardashian Bares Cleavage for Barneys Shopping Trip!

Kim Kardashian rocks a cleavage baring outfit while doing some shopping at Barneys New York on Monday (January 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The day before, the 33-year-old reality star donned a pair of chic sunglasses while grabbing a bite to eat at Maria’s Italian Kitchen in Calabasas.

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“Lost In the World…it’s such a special song to me,” Kim recently shared to E! about her favorite song by her fiance Kanye West.

10+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian baring her cleavage while shopping at Barneys…

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kim kardashian bares cleavage for barneys shopping trip 01
kim kardashian bares cleavage for barneys shopping trip 02
kim kardashian bares cleavage for barneys shopping trip 03
kim kardashian bares cleavage for barneys shopping trip 04
kim kardashian bares cleavage for barneys shopping trip 05
kim kardashian bares cleavage for barneys shopping trip 06
kim kardashian bares cleavage for barneys shopping trip 07
kim kardashian bares cleavage for barneys shopping trip 08
kim kardashian bares cleavage for barneys shopping trip 09
kim kardashian bares cleavage for barneys shopping trip 10
kim kardashian bares cleavage for barneys shopping trip 11

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Eve

    This girl is maintaining her body and face like she was 60 years old. Problem with this is she’s starting to look like a 60 year old. So many cosmetic surgeries and beauty treatments are making her look too plastic.

  • jeanie

    Dang, she really has aged.. I mean rapid aging. What happened to her?!

  • Steph

    She looks lost, i guess she thinks shes in NY with that wool coat

  • Sam

    Her face is jacked up! She used to be pretty; now she just looked frozen and not in a good way. *SMH*

  • Jessie

    She’s crushing those puppies.

  • Nicole

    Yes, she looks confused. Los Angeles is very warm and she’s wearing a wool trench coat.

  • Looselipz

    Mark my a few months she will be on every magazine cover with the words ” Kim Kardashian Anorexia scare”
    She is clearly starving and looking very old and haggard.
    And please, stop trying to fit into a size zero Kim.

  • Betty

    She looks like an old hooker with a drinking problem, not surprising really.

  • Janice

    She’s freaky looking! If I didn’t know who she was I would think she’s 45! She definetly looks older than my mom…

  • soy

    where’s your baby, mom?

  • Mylene – Montreal

    Where is her baby ???? She go out, 2-3 times day … alone, no baby in sigh. POOR BABY !!! it is so sad

  • Wanda

    Where is her small waist? Is it at home napping with baby NW?

  • sammi

    she looks beautiful

  • Lisa

    @Mylene – Montreal: why do you care, North is fine worry about ur kid(s) or have some to worry about.

  • What’s bad is….

    Kim is putting up photos of her booty and talking about really unimportant things. As a mom, where is all her gushing over her new baby? You’d think you hear something wonderful about the child and how much she is in love with her baby. Some women in Hollywood don’t do this and it’s okay because they are more private, but Kim is open with everything else. I’m starting to think that she had a baby for the wrong reasons.

  • Meena

    Confused why anyone would want to mess up their face that way. Sadly, she probably won’t stop. Starting to look very ape-like in the mouth area.

  • Ha

    Her face’s looking very weird and……well….. old.

  • Ha

    She posts pics of herself on Instagram with abs and all but when she gets outside, she covers herself a lot hmmmm you’d think she’d wanna show it off… or maybe she does it on purpose so that when she finally puts on a bikini, people will be gushing on her body saying how amazing she looks? haha. Anyway, I agree with @What’s bad is….: you. Usually moms post pictures of themselves (yes) but with their newborns!! She only posts pics of her own damn self. Just goes to show how self-absorbed and narcissistic she is.

  • Verity

    It was 24°C in California, why is she wearing such a heavy coat? Could it be, that the body under the coat does not match the body in her “Selfies”?

  • hmm…

    What is it? Are these photos not photoshopped or something? Kim does look older here, compared to photos just yesterday. Hmm… She also looks grumpy in a lot of her recent photos. Hope she’s not starving herself. In general, dieting makes you grumpy and quick to anger.

  • Yup

    @Verity: Yup! You are probably right!

  • Tiana

    I hate that ppl always wanna trash Kim Kardashian she’s trashy, she has no talent, she’s a HOE! Well how many hoes has a $40 million dollar network. All I’m saying give credit when it’s due, I def got to give her credit she turned and embarrassing thing to a lucrative business ventures.

  • Monae

    @Lisa: Exactly my point like I don’t get why people are always worried about where North is. Maybe Kanye is with the baby lol who cares. She looks beautiful to me I love how relaxed she looks.

  • blablastupidworld


    This woman need phsycatric to determine her narssasstic behavior.
    She made enough money fooling ignorant idiots. all what she is
    a cheap sex video wh..e. with her 40 millions lol she claim to have
    made of stupid people who deffend her. she sure can retire and be a
    wife and a mom. SHE CANT BE BECAUSE
    her actions speak volumes so is her selfies.

  • ntso

    She may have millions but at what price?? That disgusting tape will follow her wherever she goes, for all to see, forever.

  • ntso

    She may have millions but at what price?? That disgusting tape will follow her wherever she goes, for all to see, forever. And I wanted to add that her daughter may one day have to deal with that tape as well, which is really too bad.

  • no way

    lipo and face surgery have made you look like a damn clone. You look nasty.

  • Mary

    She looks … vacant. Lots of shopping, eating out, beauty stops and selfies lately. It’s like she’s wandering around without a purpose. Maybe drop in and see the kid once in awhile?

  • Angele

    How can anyone defend her? BTW, 40 million is what the entire K family is worth combined. Kim at most is worth only 5 or 6 million. Maybe 10. But she is not Paris Hilton, who comes from old money and a billion dollar one.
    She made her ‘career’ because of a cheap sex tape, and still rides off it. And her dressing like an aging hooker and posting useless selfies are just to keep her ‘famous’ Apparently her lame show is in danger of being cancelled, and her fiancee Kanye can’t even sell 5,000 tickets to his crap shows. He got less then 5,000 tickets sold at an 20,000 arena recently. So even he is not making the kind of money he used to be making.

  • Angele

    And what about when her daughter is old enough to use the internet and read about her? Finds out her mother was famous because of a sex tape, ran a sham marriage and used to run a stupid reality tv show? By then, Kim is going to be irrelavent and no one will remember her. I am sure Kanye will also have ditched Kim by then too. She better save all those millions and even Kanye too. Because when her daugher is older, these people won’t be making millions anymore. They will be bankrupt and have their homes siezed probably. You saw what happened to famehores like Octomom or many other ones.

  • Dawn

    Love this look on her. Don’t forgot guys Keeping up with the Kardashians is back on Jan19th! Can’t freakin wait!

  • Diedre

    What is wrong with her face??? She’s looking more odd by the second.

  • Linn

    @Angele: So True.

  • ignorantarrogantyou


    Their fake so called reality excite you. lol you have no real life to your own
    follow shallow vile egomaniac people who makes millions from idiots.

    They have nothing to offer to soceity. They have talked about their vaginas
    how many guys fuc.. them. when they lost their virginity and blahblah
    a disfunctional family of hores.
    everything about them is fake. they live in an illusion.

    their lives is plastered all over the internet. you must be a shallow
    vain person or 1 of their payed undercover PR AGENTS.

    Their will be cancelled.

  • RegisteredNurse

    This woman is embarrassing,always want attention just liked her black fiancee,go on a diet woman

  • bleh

    Amazing to me how her style has deteriorated so badly since she hooked up with Kanye.

    I don’t like her but I did like her sense of style pre Kanye but now it’s like, does she need glasses, a new mirror, a mirror, not to take fashion advice from a misogynist gay man oops I mean Kanye, it’s like him and his boyfriend the designer must just sit around and bust a gut thinking can you believe it she’ll do and wear whatever we tell her……….

  • nemo

    I’m surprised her fake boobs didn’t pop out of her shirt.

  • aranka paul

    Her huge breasts make her look older and matronly. Put an apron on her and she could pass for a waitress in a family Italian restaurant. She doesn’t have that modern delicate look. She is built like a square brick s^it house, I really don’t know what is her appeal about (enlarged boobs and behind, that is just so vulgar and excessive). And her face, oy vey, it looks frozen. Her fifteen minutes of fame are so over, let’s move on to more interesting and appealing personalities.

  • Lexie

    You can clearly see her knee cap to waist body hugging girdle on beneath this polyester knit skirt. Kim already needs help holding things in and up.

  • UglyKartrashians

    Disgusting ugly ho. Look at those fake overinflated lips. She thinks she’s sexy lol

  • UglyKartrashians

    @Tiana: you also credit ho’s on the street for earning a living? You are whats wrong with our society, you are brainless.

  • sherry

    @#29 – just did a little research and, yes, Kim alone is worth about $40 million.

  • Doris

    @Lexie: That thigh hugging girdle explains why the current selfies Kim’s been posting of herself are fake. Photoshop and girdles are Kim’s best assets.

  • Nina

    For Kim to go shopping, I bet its an all day event just getting ready. Its evident that Kim doesn’t cook, clean, tend, bond or play with her daughter.

  • Kirk

    Seems like Kim puts out PR paparazzi baby-stroller shot right before she takes off on one of her vacations, just to fool the public into thinking she spends time with her kid.

  • kay preston

    “Kim Kartrashian bares cleavage”… this is news? Her fakes are always poised to pop out of her top. Sad that she feels the need to expose herself in every imaginable way.

  • Laney Jane

    @kay preston: I think Kanyes CD and concert ticket sales have tanked. Kim might be the bigger bread winner here. Perhaps she’s putting it all out there to reap some added benefits.


    @Betty: lol @ old hooker with a drinking problem..haha