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Angelina Jolie: Luna Park Fun with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie: Luna Park Fun with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie holds hands with her five-year-old daughter Vivienne as they arrive for a day of fun to Luna Park on Monday (January 6) in Sydney, Australia.

The 38-year-old actress spent the day riding rides with Vivienne and her twin brother Knox. Also along for the awesome afternoon at the theme park were kids Pax, 10, and Zahara, 8!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Angelina and her kiddos are currently in Australia while she films her upcoming film Unbroken.

The whole family, including dad Brad Pitt, was last spotted out before the New Year, heading to a movie together!

50+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and some of her kids having fun at Luna Park…

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angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 01
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 02
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 03
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 04
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 05
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 06
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 07
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 08
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 09
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 10
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 11
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 12
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 13
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 14
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 15
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 16
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 17
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 18
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 19
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 20
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 21
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 22
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 23
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 24
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 25
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 26
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 27
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 28
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 29
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 30
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 31
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 32
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 33
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 34
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 35
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 36
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 37
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 38
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 39
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 40
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 41
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 42
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 43
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 44
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 45
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 46
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 47
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 48
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 49
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 50
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 51
angelina jolie luna park fun with the kids 52

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  • Ⱦamsin


    Hey Karma, the reason for this is because St. Angie has her first cousin working as personal photographer, and he also happens to works for this site. He’s also extremely close friends with Jared, but that’s something the coward loons are too afraid to discuss.

    For years they swore that Our Lady of Refugees didn’t have a publicist or PR teams behind her, but having a hired team of paps and a blog that praises your every move is the equivalent of having a publicist! Tomato to-mah-to! :P

  • Kim

    @Ⱦamsin: Good Luck with your exGay therapy

  • a lurker

    No Brad fan was happy about the marriage. Only Ticky hens were happy. Their plain looking idol married world’s hottest man.

  • Passing Through

    I can’t believe how much the twins have grown since they’ve been in Oz. Kids change so much at that age anyway but I swear they’ve each grown 2 inches since they got there in Sept.
    Also, those J-P kids sure love their high-top sneakers. They’ve all got multiple pairs. Can you just imagine how much clothing and shoes Brad and Angie hae to cart around with them for 6 growing kids? They’re so different individually that Angie can’t rely on hand-me-downs the way she did when they were younger. Laundry day for the household staff must really suck. I have 6 siblings and my mother had to do multiple loads of laundry what seemed like every freaking day. I’m sure she wishes she’d had some nannies to do it for her. LOL!

  • the ring

    I’m crying by Zahara, her father would be with her on her birthday, but pitty wants to be with Shia

    snif snif

  • Ⱦamsin

    That reminds me, loons forgot to answer this in the previous thread. What happened to Pitty’s fauxmanitarian and charity work? He seemed to be sooo into it when his affair with the Ho went public. All of a sudden he was traveling with her on these UN sponsored missions and then he stopped! :(

    So how come he lost interest in it? Since you loons claim to know EVERYTHING about them and even what goes on in their heads ,then you should be able to answer that. I know he has his kids as PR props when he needs good publicity, but I’m pretty sure his career would not be doing so badly if he had followed through on what he started with the Ho.

    So loons why isn’t your heathen idol not doing chariteeee anymore???? Don’t you all feel “cheated” too? AHAHAHAHA.

  • Passing Through

    # 42 karma @ 01/07/2014 at 11:32 am
    Oh grow up. The paps got pix of Ticky every day except the days she was supposedly hanging out with Porgie. After the time she set him up in Switzerland she knew she couldn’t pull that shite a second time. Ticky’s fameho game is far tighter than her flabby ass. Porgie ain’t gonna play that caca with Ticky and she knows that. If there was something in it for him Porgie’d be all over it – but there isn’t, so no pap pix of Ticky “partying” or “dining” with Porgie. Class has now ended. My lecture is free. Just be glad I don’t charge you for this shite.

  • awwww

    Knox has daddy’s baby blues eyes, he is going to break a lot hearts when he grows up. Angie and kids had a great fun. Brad and Maddox are in London, great father and son bond time. I bet Maddox is on set every day with daddy, he would be fascinated by the set.

  • Ⱦamsin

    @Uh uh:

    Loontard please, that was no isolated incident, so I will refresh your elephant memory. He also missed the twins’ birthday in 2012, and he was gone from the kids’ lives pretty much most of the year, even spent 4 months without seeing the eldest 4 kids? Remember how they staged a child handoff in Hong Kong and he only took the twins with him.

    So no loon, he’s not a lousy father only because he missed Zahara’s birthday this year. He’s done it more than once, has stayed away from them for long periods of time, and only likes to be seen with them when the cameras are around, and prefers to leave them under the care of nannies. Oh and he almost let Zahara choke on a chunk of ice because he was too busy getting drunk, by his own admission. Then Tarantino outed him as smoking hashish with the kids in the same house, while St. Angie was in the hospital after the twins’ birth.

    That among other things, is what makes him a shttty excuse for a father and a human being overall.

  • you are so pitiful


    You are in such actual behavioral pain over a woman who you do not even know. You have so self identified with her that you attempt to rewrite what is true with complete lies. Brad Pitt never needed the tv gurl’s money and she leveraged his fame to get film roles. She needed him, he did not need or ultimately want her.

    RachelG was never a bigger movie star than her former spouse. She was a tv gurl as Goop so accurately described her. She is now a parody of a middle aged woman who yearns to remain a young woman and who refuses to accept that she no longer is that. She is practically naked in her recent films and acts out in roles in overly sexual manners more befitting of a younger woman. She is not offered any prestigious films by well respected film makers, she has been left behind and she knows it and like you refuses to accept it.

    Men like AdamS and others are able to try more dramatic roles and spread their wings. She has now allowed herself to be typecast as an aging preying mantis nympo in films. Once she actually tried but now she just walks through roles for $$$$.

    Brad Pitt is now one of the most successful film stars and producers. He woke up and re-evaluated his life, and decided to be all he could be, to take a chance on having a full complete life, he has guts and determination and talent and charisma. And he has a complete filled with loving for him life these days. His satisfaction is on the surface for all to see. He and Angelina and their kids are the real deal.

    She will always be remembered for going on late night national tv and describing how she slept with a rebounding from unfaithful Goop BP on their first blind date at a hotel set up by their agents. She was so proud of her self. This is who you worship. This is the woman who said in she told BP to go out and have affairs and then come back to her while remaining married, her own words in VF, behavior which he rejected.

    You will never accept that they never should have been married, that he was still in love with Goop and hurting from that whole blowup, and that she cared more for him as movie star Brad Pitt not as just another human being Brad Pitt. She wanted to share in his shine but not in his life.

    I have wasted too much time with you and your complete insanity. Won’t do so again. You are a worthless roach.

  • Lol

    Sorry, tampon, Brad is voted #1 fav celeb dad. Lol

  • Bea


    Don’t talk about your mother that way – she spit you out of her moneymaker, show some respect.

  • Deadbeat daddy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAHARA JOLIE Today is jan 8th in Australia and that means it is ANGELINA’s oldest daughters birthday. She will be spending her birthday without her father who choice to be with Shia la plagierist on her special day.

  • Ⱦamsin

    And to add to Father Of The Year’s list of accomplishments: XD

    He admitted that he can only handle four kids at a time. No serious, handson parent would ever be caught saying that.

    When he took the twins with him to London, it was his brother Doug who spent time looking after them, because he was also gone on 12 hour day shooting schedules.

    And getting drunk on a plane while your pre-teen son is traveling with you? For shame!!!

  • a lurker

    @Passing Through:
    PT, I am always wondering if Brad and Angie let kids to do dishes and do laundry. I think they do just like the kids pack their bags when on a trip. I trust Brad and Angie educate them to be independent.

  • Deadbeat daddy

    @Ⱦamsin: you are delusional tamiqua! AJ BARELY knows her dirt dousing. Btw her first cousin is fooking hawt. But even if she did have her hot as he ll cousin working for her who gives a sht besides your loser arse. LOSER DEADBEAT fan. Go cry a river and stare at photos of deadbeat with the woman he cheated on and dumped. That’s what you’ve been doing for a decade, huh? Just like brangetards fftards are suckers for a good punishment.p and smack down.










  • valis202

    From Variety
    The Directors Guild of America has nominated Alfonso Cuaron (“Gravity”), Paul Greengrass (“Captain Phillips”), Steve McQueen (“12 Years a Slave”), David O. Russell (“American Hustle”) and Martin Scorsese (“The Wolf of Wall Street”) for its top feature film award. The winner will be announced Jan. 25.

    Congrats to Steve

  • Deadbeat daddy

    @Deadbeat daddy: hahha dirt dousing = cousin. I don’t know how in the world her cousin was flipped into dirt dousing but you know how autocorrect works. Oh wait no you don’t…. Computers from back in the day don’t have that.


    @Deadbeat daddy:





  • Michele

    Ⱦamsin @ 01/07/2014 at 12:35 pm

    Brad checked out of that merger LONG before the stain was allowed to file. According to HER friends…SHE wanted to work on it and HE WANTED OUT. Brad is happy with his family and MANY achievement since dumping the stain. She is happy with her skinny jeans man…as her publicist has made sure everyone reads in the tabloids. It’s ALL good.

  • so

    I guess those dads in Army are all bad dads because they can’t make to their kids birthdays due to their works. Can’t the trolls be more dumb?

  • Kim

    @Ⱦamsin: I am so sorry your Papa rejected you.I am sorry your Papa doesn’t love and accept as you are.

  • valis202

    @you are so pitiful:
    Excellent post

  • lilchar

    “What is it really like to vacation with one of the world’s most high-profile couples?”

    HAHHAHAH the world??? Jennifer who?

  • Lol

    Ticky hags have serious daddy issues. Lol

  • Deadbeat daddy

    @LIAR WITH BURNING PANTS: you dumb arse. It’s January 9th in aus ATM and about 5pm in England. Deadbeat was spotted filming with Shia laPlagiersit earlier. It takes 20 hrs to travel to aus from London. Don’t be naive. FACE THE FACTS. DEADBEAT IS SKIPPING OUT ON THE ONLY CHILD IN THE JOLIE FAMILY THAT ADORES HIM.

    In the US. This is how it will go tomorrow January 8th. Y’all will wake up and beg justjared for a new thread dedicated to ANGELINA’S DAUGHTER. no photos will be released of Aj +kids that day and no photos of Deadbeat either. The media -us weekly, okay, the daily fail- will mention Angelina’s daughters 9th birthday but none will mention the FACT that deadbeat is not with her for her special day. None will mention the fact that deadbeat chose work over family.very similar to tom cruise abandoning his suri. Just in case they do happen to cross deadbeats PR TEAM he. Has maddox with him to smooth over the abandoning daddy headlines


    OH AND YAll will all post “happy b-day zahara” as if she’s reading this site.
    It’s only a matter of time before y’all turn on poor zahara.

  • TeeHee

    Lol! I see tamshittt got her Internet privilege back! Haha.

    This tabloid addled psycho can rant all day. I say, LET THEM! The whole world knows that at the end of the day, Pitt and Jolie is still HW royal couple. Their children is still more famous than Chinny and her paid boy toy. Jolie is still #2 and Pitt is #6 most charitable celebrity. Jolie is still the highest paid actress and Pitt is 2nd bankable star. Pitt is the father of the year, Jolie got her 2nd Oscar. The list of good thing goes on.

    So guys, let the trolls have their meltdown and rant, after all, it’s probably the only thing that calms them down! There’s only like, what? 7 of them who makes this lies and believes it! So yeah, let them believe what they want to believe! Hahahaha

  • Ⱦamsin


    ROFLMAO, are you upset dear? I love it! Calm down tiny loon, your head might explode! :D

    Just because you are screaming in CAPS it doesn’t make your ramblings true. He returned for the end of the year and stage those ridiculous photo ops in a yacht. That means nothing, it doesn’t change the fact that he sent the twins back to Mommie Dearest with somebody else. He did not see the eldest four kids for almost four months, and spending a weekend with them for Pax’s birthday cannot make up for lost time, but hey, don’t get your panties in a bunch, it’s his kids whom he owes an explanation, not you or me. They’re the ones who will be scarred for life with his behavior, and also by Mommie Dearest’s mental issues.

    And I see you could not deflect what he said about being able to handle only 4 kids at a time, or letting Doug take care of the twins while they were in London, or how he almost let Zahara choke to death. And let’s not mention again the hashish smoking episode with QT… you’re won’t be discussing that, or will you?

    My heart weeps for those kids! :’(

  • Lol

    Ticky hags are having a meltdown. Lol.


    BEGINNING: bline date by CAA

    development: Merger and Acquisitions , M&A

    CONCLUSION: Brad DUMPED Jennifer
    dumpee Jennifer becomes a Billionaire

  • Deadbeat daddy

    @LIAR WITH BURNING PANTS: she not filming unbroken. Filming will continue NEXT WEEK. Nice try deadbeat fan but even if she was working today she would still be there with her daughter and no doubt would make time for her big day. when you’re that age birthdays are a BIG DEAL and Aj would never skip any of her kids big days. But you already know that.

    I knew it was only a matter of time before one of you deadbeat fans turned on La jolie. When that happens join the tards at ff. Refugee deadbeat fans from brangelina fandom would fit in wonderfully with the frtards but something tells me you already know that. Lmao

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @Kim: Hi Kim!!! isnt hilarious to see the trolls in so much pain?!! booty licking, DIRTY TAMPON trying to lick it’s wound by saying tranny manny is the one who did the dumping!!! BWAHAHHAHA
    Brad is a gentleman..He let the old tranny manny save her unfortunate looking face by letting her file for divorce!!! throw the old dog a bone!! awe, looky @poor dirty Trampy Tampon drunk off John Mayer’s pee!!! medicated up on hallucinogen drugs!!!! awe, soooo cute to see TAMWHORE recruiting its imaginary friends for support!! booty licking party for the re.tar.distons!! all together now!! clap!!clap!! for the re.tar.distons!!bwhahahhaha

  • seriously

    Maniston hens really have a hard time to accept today is 9th years of Brad dumping Maniston. It is a tough day for them, they are already losing their minds right now.

  • horns

    too late, J2
    I saw these pictures yesterday,
    Learn DM, POPSUGAR.

  • Troll Meltdown

    ==========TROLL MELTDOWN=====

  • valis202

    Steve McQueen was heckled by some moronic film critic while he received his award from the NYFCC last night.
    He was however presented with his award by Harry Belafonte
    The most moving moment of the ceremony, though, came after Belafonte was introduced, stepped up to the stage with a cane while receiving a standing ovation, and then delivered the speech of the night in presenting the best director prize to 12 Years a Slave’s McQueen. Noting that, over the course of his lifetime, people of color have been categorized as “colored,” then “Negro,” then “black” and now “African-American,” he said the abiding question for him and others who look like him has been, “Who am I? What am I?” He said the cinema has not always provided a helpful answer to that question. The Birth of a Nation, the first feature film, showed blacks as rapists and abusers, absent of soul, intelligence and desire, and Tarzan, the first film he ever saw in a theater, depicted them as little more than savages. “I didn’t want to be an African,” Belafonte recalled. “Now, I can say, in my 87th year of life, I am overjoyed to have seen Steve McQueen step into this space and give us a film that touches the depths of who we are as a people.” Belafonte addressed McQueen: “Even if you never do anything else, many in your tribe — many in the world — are deeply grateful.” As the room rose in a standing ovation, led by Fruitvale Station’s Jordan, McQueen, in tears, took the stage, kissed Belafonte’s hand and patted his chest.
    Thought Belfonte’s word were outstanding. Sandra Bullock recently also spoke about the powerful impact that watching TYAS had on her.

    In honor of his emancipation day, will say that am so proud of the fact that Brad is involved in projects that are so meaningful, powerful and culturally significant and in a way it reaffirms that he was correct to leave the mediocrity that he was married to.

  • Troll Meltdown


  • Deadbeat daddy

    Oh that makes me think that because Jolie doesn’t resume filming until Next week in Sydney she could have flew off to London with deadbeat and kids for the week. Bwhahahaha But she didn’t.
    I’m sure deadbeat fftards like tamique will try to claim that Deadbeat didn’t want her to go but I bet he did. It would be less stressful for his ego if the media knew he was with ZAHARA for her big day. Bwhahahaha Angelina didn’t want to go, I guess. He was only capable of convincing MADDOX to go with him and he had to bribe him with jewelry from Dubai.


    @Deadbeat daddy:





  • a lurker

    Armond White is a jerk, he insulted many actors/directors when they were at NYFCC. It is disgraceful they still allow him to be in NYFCC and attend the ceremonies.

  • seriously

    @Deadbeat daddy:


  • Deadbeat daddy

    Maddox was spotted shopping for jewels with deadbeat in Dubai btw.
    Straight yo bribery.
    Deadbeat is such a gentlemen that he skipped ZAHARAS BIRTHDAY. she will never forget this time when deadbeat chose Logan Kerman over her.


    All of the jolie-pitt children are going to have deadbeat daddy issues just like AJ.


    @Troll Meltdown: another name change for burning pants. Hahahhaahahahhaah

  • Ⱦamsin

    Wow, just wow. The stalking troll has totally gone bonkers on this thread. So far I can spot about 6 of its aliases, all of them directing their comments to me. Why doesn’t it try to stay on TOPIC for a change, and discuss the FACTS about its supposed idols that I’m presenting? (if the troll is really a fan of them) So it thinks that its continuous failed stalking attempts and posting laughable, fictitious information about me will stop me from posting? Bless the troll’s heart (that is, if trolls have a heart at all). I’d say it’s time to change its tune. LOL.

  • just Saying

    @Deadbeat daddy:
    I feel sorry for you, I know your dad dumped you. But don’t project your misery on others.

  • Kim

    @Ⱦamsin: My heart weeps for you… to have family that rejects you.Heartbreaking

  • Unbroken

    Unbroken filming in West Sydney.

    It is 4:28AM in Sydney, January 8, 2014.

  • plz

    Let’s ignore the trolls, they are in pain. Let’s enjoy the beautiful pics of jps. The kids are adorable.

  • goopier


    Laura Ziskin’s?

  • Deadbeat daddy

    @LIAR WITH BURNING PANTS: I will be honest with you. I DON’T know much about the filming schedule but a newspaper in australia says filming resumes next weekl. that’s why aj had free time for the luna park.
    When AJ IS working we don’t see the kids during the week unless they pop on set. We usually get photos of their weekends. Aj was off yesterday and today she will also be free to celebrate Zaharias birthday.

    Obviously YOU don’t have a clue. But I can imagine you’re confusion because as said if Aj had the week off she could’ve took zahara to london so she could spend the day with her ENTIRE family again Jolie is happier without Deadbeat around. I knows that’s difficult for brangtards and fftards to comprehend. In your twisted minds Aj would be insane not to be thrilled to be with deadbeat, well y’all are not aj , but you wish you were. Hahhahahaahah