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Gerard Butler Flashes Bulging Biceps for Coffee Run!

Gerard Butler Flashes Bulging Biceps for Coffee Run!

Gerard Butler shows off his bulging guns while grabbing a cup of coffee on Monday (January 6) in West Hollywood, Calif.

A few weeks ago, the 44-year-old Scottish actor was spotted flashing a smile while enjoying some time on the beach in Miami, Fla.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

It was recently announced that Courtney Eaton will be joining Gerard in the upcoming film Gods of Egypt, which also stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Geoffrey Rush, and Brenton Thwaites.

Gods of Egypt centers on a “feud between the gods set into motion when ruling god Set (Butler) kills Osiris.”

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gerard butler flashes bulging biceps for coffee run 02
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  • http://justjared lolita

    Good morning JJr’s. Have a day off of work because of the blizzard hitting us. Zero degrees with wind chills of minus 25 to 30 below. We haven’t had a blizzard since 1993 so we were over due.
    So Mr. Coffee is out and about.
    CGE and Nicole, thanks for the links. I can’t wait till the movie starts and we get to see the costumes.

  • Really?

    Really? Do you think they need to pay for s/ex??????

  • Monicker Stealer


  • Laruj

    I think it must be much more convenient for all busy, ambitious, businessmen who wish to focus on their work. Much less time consuming than emotional entanglements.

  • bodyzz

    @lolita: Really, don’t be mean. What have they done to you?

  • @Really?

    Get yourself an education or learn to use Google. Politicians, celebrities, high-profile athletes all do it. There are reasons that make sense for them. Read and learn.

  • Lyla J.

    Finally a new thread! Gerard getting coffee. Now that’s original. Lol! He is probably spending a lot of his time learning his lines for his upcoming projects. We’ll probably see London Has Fallen in theaters before we see Gods of Egypt. Let’s hope so anyway.
    Happy New Year to you all and here’s hoping 2014 is the best year yet for all of us!
    Stay warm everybody!

  • fckher

    @Really?: Yes, you could share your money so that others can do the same. LOL

  • Really?

    @@Really?: Education in that, no thanks. I have a decent job. They are both very handsome men no need to pay for that. You can’t compare them with ugly politicians………

  • Laruj

    Even handsome men often like to pay for sex, because it is supposedly CONFIDENTIAL. No blabbing.

  • More from MG

    Madalina Diana Ghenea

    Madalina Diana Ghenea’s photo.

  • More from MG
  • Nobody cares at all!

    @More from MG:
    @More from MG:
    No one gives a rat’s azz about this irreverent liar.

  • More from MG



    “It’s not easy to predict what’s going to happen, we did projects in this regard. at the moment I would say that we’re going more in the direction of a friendship or as a wedding.”

  • I’ll Bite FR

    Sounds like a realistic, worldly woman response ;)

  • very interesting

    MG is being very chatty with her fans today. Someone asked her about the Grazia interview in November where MG seemed to indicate she and Gerry were still together. MG answered and said the interview was actually done in May, but not published until November. She then highlighted a passage from the Grazia interview saying, “Anyway there is one of my answers that they published (if you read the interview) and that is the answer to everything.” This is the passage she highlighted:
    “It is not easy to predict what will happen, we did projects in this regard. At the moment I would say that we’re going more in the direction of a friendship or as a wedding.” (Google translate, but I think you get the gist.)
    She still hasn’t said anything about the Io Donna interview where she boasted of their “reconciliation” in June, after Gerry’s surprise trip to Rome. I doubt she ever will address it.


    @eurotrash: if you look at the pic carefully (fully opened) in her Instagram there is a guy about to kiss her or something else…and her admitting the she and GB broke up 7 months ago is there (not on her FB pg) but she refers to him as ”Mr. Butler” interesting.

  • very interesting

    @More from MG:
    Sorry, I didn’t see your posts. I think we all figured the Grazie interview was an old one, so I’m not surprised it was. It’s the Io Donna interview that is a problem for MG’s new version of events, so I’m guessing she’s going to stay silent about that one.

  • very interesting

    One of MG’s fans wrote, “Lovely picture, is that Mr Butler next to you?? x”.
    Madalina responded, “that’s not “Mr.Butler” :)”


    @very interesting: yes, but why respond with ”Mr Butler” instead of writing Gerard or Gerry? I mean they were living together for a bit – at least in Shreveport back when. I just sounds so childlike??, professional??, slightly pissed??

  • ha ha

    @Really?: Ask Tiger Woods. Ask Charlie Sheen. Ask Sean Penn. The list goes on and on and on.

  • ha ha

    @Laruj: Add to that actors, rock stars, directors, producers, professional athletes. I guess Really has never read about Heidi Fleiss or the Mayflower Madam. Saudi princes are big importers of American escorts.

  • eurotrash

    That prostitution scandal with Berlusconi was interesting. Elizabetta Canalis was somehow involved. Bet she knows all about being paid for services rendered.

  • Dalhousie

    @Really?: Excellent point my friend. None of these wealthy famous handsome men needs to pay anyone for sex unless they get off on doing so. They have thousands of women throwing themselves at them every year. What Fass and Butler have in common is that they have more choice than the average guy. That’s why they choose the young beauties.

    What most of you seem to overlook (probably because you don’t date or never dated in your life) is that while some men pay women, they don’t stick around to show them off in public. GB and MG did stick together. I believe Fass is way more private.

    I think she refers to him as “Mr Butler” because of the ad they did together.

  • Really

    @Dalhousie: god how to compare gb with berlusconi?! Anyway what is the point to talk about his ex here? How is Masha Lund?

  • hmmm

    she’s already deleted some of the posts that refered to GB and her break up from her fans & her responses on her Instagram photo w/the mystery guy…wonder why…not really. Reading here maybe??

  • Dalhousie

    Really: I posted to Really? <—- the Really with a question mark. NOT YOU. Besides, I don't answer gibberish which is what YOUR post is.

  • not


    buy some glasses…it’s still all there on instagram and FB

  • Too bad

    JJ, you should have kept the comments section on GB threads closed.

  • Utter rubbish here

    @Too bad: I completely agree with you. These threads are all lampoon now and nothing more.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “When I said, ‘My foot is slipping,’ your unfailing love, LORD, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” Psalm 94:18-19

  • hmmm

    @not: no, not all of them. I saw more yesterday…some guy commented something to the affect of ”not him. he’s probably crying. ha, ha, ha & there was a comment from another guy ”life’s a b*tch – f**k her, & another she wrote directly to a person and that said it was too bad she wanted to see wedding pics…I don’t need glasses and you don’t need to be rude.

  • BMorningstar

    I glad all talk is now about her again. MG win as ushual you know. She is right and still pretty with her Facebook piccs.

  • hmmm

    ok, my computer was in a glitch…it happens – I rebooted. I see everything now…geez.

  • BMorningstar

    So MG still with Fasha. Maybe she happy and say so for that reason.

  • Tuesday Morning

    @Dalhousie: She’s referring to him as “Mr. Butler” because the fan who posed the question called him that. We know nothing about the lives of these people because they are nothing like ours. Men and even some women of their status and wealth don’t operate on a daily basis like the rest of us do unless they make a concerted effort to do so but that would mean not living or hanging out in LA. It’s safer for these people to “buy” sex then to find it the regular way because of who they are and the people out there trying to use them or get at their money. It makes sense. I think G and M had a legitimate relationship but I think they both knew and understood going in it had no future. Gerry’s all about having fun in the moment and taking things as far as he derives pleasure from it. When that ceases to happen, he moves on. Women her age are easier targets for that kind of thing because they seldom want to settle down. They’re young and aspiring and while he’s getting a steady girlfriend and companion for sex, she’s getting the publicity. It’s a fair exchange and no body is the worse for wear.

  • harajuku

    In Japan the “hire a date” or “hire a boyfriend or girlfriend” is big business and it is not necessarily about sex but just companionship. Because the young Japanese claim works such long hours, hard to find love outside of work.

  • Dalhousie

    @harajuku: I think this is why he spends so much time at fashion shows and clubs where models hang out. He knows what he likes and those women tend to throw themselves at him at times.

  • She always done that

    @hmmm: She would often post something on her FB that she hoped would piss off GBs fans and then remove it after a couple of hours.

  • ????

    @Dalhousie: “I think this is why he spends so much time at fashion shows and clubs”

    When was the last time we heard anything about him being at a fashion show or a club?

  • EM?

    @BMorningstar: “So MG still with Fasha. Maybe she happy and say so for that reason.”

    As long as he’s spending money on her she’s happy.

  • Firefly


  • ???

    @She always done that: She’s never done that. Just because you can’t find it doesn’t mean it’s not there. You’re making this up.

  • Deena

    There are posts on MGs FB where people are taking about her being pregnant to fassy.

  • Yes she did

    @???: it was one of her childish games.

  • Could be anybody’s

    @Deena: If I was Fassy I’d ask for a paternity test.

  • harajuku

    @Could be anybody’s: If baby a ginger know for sure

  • Lol

    @Deena: She’s pregnant by a dozen different men.

  • Lolita Butler

    “Where is Gerry, I am ready for apres-ski?”

  • III

    Someone said she used to be a prostitute. They knew her and posted a pic of them. But then they said someone who was in the same class as her said its impossible that she’s in her 20s because everyone else is 31/32. Anyway the first person worked with Maddie and said she had a rep as a bed hopping goldigger.