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Gerard Butler Flashes Bulging Biceps for Coffee Run!

Gerard Butler Flashes Bulging Biceps for Coffee Run!

Gerard Butler shows off his bulging guns while grabbing a cup of coffee on Monday (January 6) in West Hollywood, Calif.

A few weeks ago, the 44-year-old Scottish actor was spotted flashing a smile while enjoying some time on the beach in Miami, Fla.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

It was recently announced that Courtney Eaton will be joining Gerard in the upcoming film Gods of Egypt, which also stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Geoffrey Rush, and Brenton Thwaites.

Gods of Egypt centers on a “feud between the gods set into motion when ruling god Set (Butler) kills Osiris.”

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gerard butler flashes bulging biceps for coffee run 01
gerard butler flashes bulging biceps for coffee run 02
gerard butler flashes bulging biceps for coffee run 03

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  • III

    Someone said she used to be a escort. They knew her and posted a pic of them. But then they said someone who was in the same class as her said its impossible that she’s in her 20s because everyone else is 31/32. Anyway the first person worked with Maddie and said she had a rep as a bed hopping goldigger.

  • ???

    @????: We haven’t seen or heard of him in a club since he was with taxi girl in August. Maybe his alcoholism got in the way so he quit going?

  • karen

    His guns look like he’s getting ready for GOE, he looks good

  • ???

    @III: The old “someone said something” and of course it’s never proven. She was never an escort. It’s another one of the many lies you desperate phanniez keep pushing and of course never provide links or proof.

    Shut your piehole already. You’re boring as f/ck.

  • HH

    @Not Healthy:

    MG… in the they are both quite deadly for your health!!!

  • III

    The woman posted a pic. Never mind you just belove in fairytales.
    Sheesh.never mind you. Gerard looks good! You cannot tell he’s 44!!

  • Devil’s Advocate


    Actually during shooting in LA during OHF he was staying in a Hotel in town while MG and Esme (Her agent and perhaps more?) stayed alone in a house on the lake.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Figured out a motto for this Site:

    Never let Facts get in the way of a really good story!

  • Jake

    A lot of his fans are dimmer than a light bulb. At the moment he’s secretly dating a hot blonde and most of you don’t even know it!

  • Come on JJ

    No more threads until he starts working again, mmkay? Stop with these non-threads for awhile and let this nonsense die out for good.

  • Work it Gerry

    @???: I think that the bigger fashion shows are invitation only and tell you the truth, would love to see him go. Nice advertizing for the designers too. Nothing like seeing him in the front seat at Renzo Rosso’s Diesel show a while back. NY Magazine did an article and a comment was made: “They get it. Butler-holics love him because he’s accessible. Because we might get caught up in the “Tractor Beam of Yes” because he will literally bone anyone. What’s so wrong about wanting to have a roll in the proverbial hay with The Butler, for one night only? By the way, I LOOOOVE his game. He’s so old-school! The chat-up, the smooth hand drop. I bet he leaned in and looked directly into her eyes too. God bless Scotsmen.”
    Hope he goes to the GG’s, the Oscars and everything in between.

  • Thoughts

    @ Jake: Good. We want him to be happy. We don’t want him to be used. He starting dating Hot Lips while on drugs and just out of rehab. He was off and many of us felt he was being taken advantage of after a fashion. Most of us thought she was gorgeous and then she started all kinds games on FB and here. Then no one liked that. He was vulnerable. He looked horrible and sick. I do think he genuinely cared for her, but she just wants fame.

  • Nicole
  • Nicole

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    6 Super-cool celebrity university graduates

  • Nicole

    What people say about Gerry! Bad for him…

  • Read her tweets

    @Nicole: She is one sick, bored and unhappy person.

  • Good for him!


  • Tasty

    For those interested . . . screen shots of MG’s facebook conversations discussing Mr Butler.

  • Tasty


    For those interested . . . screen shot of MG’s Instagram conversation discussing GERRY.


    @Tasty: Can we all please finally take this as the last word on this subject?
    Done,… over with,… finito,… vaya con DIOS!


    @SUNKIST: Sorry, forgot to add “Thank You,Tasty”.

  • Health issues

    @HH: did u all see Fassy’s GQ cover? He looks like he aged 20 years. I suspect it is because he is dating the wanna be fame monger. She is high maintenance and already manipulated him to Romania. Hoped he was smarter than many. But in a recent interview he did talk about all his female options he can have. Maybe it is a excuse to date the freaky chick.

  • Gianni

    @III: Bed hopping gold digger. That we all agree on.

  • I’ll bite

    @Jake: Who is the secret blonde? I’m just guessing that it isn’t a secret since you seem to know.

  • Say it ain’t so

    Well Hello There Handsome!!! Nice to see you out and about.

  • The hot blonde

    @I’ll bite: … is supposed to be Masha Lund but she does not do left overs she is too smart for that! Try again “Jake”!

  • I’ll bite

    @The hot blonde: I wouldn’t know about that and doubt you do either. She seems nice enough to me from her fb and gives credit to others which is a pleasant change. Seems like a fun person and if they are dating and having fun then twice as nice.

  • JS

    @Monicker Stealer: Thank you for pointing out that those posts were not me.

  • JS

    @Firefly: “August?”

    Thank you, It may have been, I can’t remember for sure, but it did stop taking comments once before.

  • JS

    @???: “Maybe his alcoholism got in the way so he quit going?”

    He was never diagnosed as an alcoholic, he just decided himself that he was drinking more than he should and gave up. And as he hasn’t drank for years that can’t be the reason he stopped going to clubs.

  • JS

    @SUNKIST: “Can we all please finally take this as the last word on this subject?”

    I agree. As we now have it from the horses mouth that it’s over and therefore no reason for speculation, we should just leave it in the past.

  • JS

    @Lord Love a Duck: “How did i do JS? lol”

    You done very well girl!

  • The hot blonde

    @I’ll bite: you say you don’t know and tell me off! You go to her FB page to snuffle around and then make a statement about how nice them possible dating!
    Masha Lund is a SMART (as in CLEVER) chick with BIG ambitions! She will be another who got away!
    Someone said he looks old in them pics and very big hips and Mada looks so young now! She did not get away Yes let us keep her on the thread so we don’t get bored with all the coffee and walks. Maybe Jake could get a pic of the hot blonde for us phannies to go sour over and rip her to pieces! Yes yes yes yes

  • Gettin’ Real

    @JS: Yes, he is an alcoholic. He was to the point of blacking out when he drank which is a serious sign of alcoholism. He couldn’t stop at one drink, he got smashed every night.

    He’s now trying to rewrite history as most leftists tend to do when faced with the ugly truth about everything. Typical leftie action is to deny and spin the truth.

    If this was a lie, why didn’t Gerard have it removed from PH’s site?

    Link here:

  • Gettin’ Real

    He’s not dating Masha Lund. He was invited to her party in late December and he went. Probably knew each other since he knows all the models in Hell Ay so what’s new? Nothing. She’s too busy pi/mp/ing her calendar and her body elsewhere to settle down with one man.

  • No way

    @The hot blonde: He’s not dating Masha, she has a long term partner.

  • No way

    @Gettin’ Real: He only drank at weekends and was a binge drinker, not an alcoholic. The article used that term but he himself only spoke about heavy drinking and not alcoholism.

  • Gettin’ Real

    @No way: Binge drinking IS alcoholism you dolt.

    Once a drunk, always a drunk. He drank heavily from age 14 to age 27. He was blacking out and acting crazy. He was and is an alcoholic by any standard or medical definition. I don’t care what he SAYS or what you say, you’re wrong.

  • Doctor

    @Health issues: That’s because this vampire slu t makes them that way. Look at GB when he was with her and how old and sick he looked and see him now that he dumped her and he looks like a different man.

  • Garbage

    @Gettin’ Real: You can’t buy drink until your 18 in the UK and don’t you think if he was drinking heavily before that his mom and family would have noticed and done something?

  • Canada calling

    @Gettin’ Real: He was never diagnosed as an alcoholic.

  • Keyvani’s Kathryn

    @Doctor: I disagree. I think he looks worse. He doesn’t look right at all. Haven’t seen any good pics of him in months. The last time he looked good he was in Rome with her.

  • Your talking shite
  • Very true!
  • Gettin’ Real

    @Garbage: He was 14 in 1983 and his mum was 30 years younger and working fulltime. Rules and laws were different then. She was probably so busy she didn’t have an eye on him every second of the day. Kids are notorious for hiding stuff and maybe she wasn’t around as much as you seem to think she was. Kids can always get booze in any country they live in. Why do you think there are so many more teen alkies than there used to be? Hint—–their older friends buy it for them. The point is that he admitted drinking heavily from age 14 until he stopped at age 27. That’s a long time to drink “without” becoming an alcoholic. I’m certain he IS an alcoholic and is trying to backtrack and cover it up.

  • No way

    @Gettin’ Real: No matter how busy his mother was she would still notice if he was drunk at 14. And 30 years ago you had to be 21 to get drink in Britain.

  • When

    @Gettin’ Real: When did he admit it?

  • Speak for yourself

    @Thoughts: “Most of us thought she was gorgeous”. What cra.p. Just because you did, stop trying to inflate her image here and speak for yourself. If you want to talk about “most”, then “most” thought she looked like a dude. See how that works? It doesn’t count when you have to pay for them, anyway.

  • Yes way

    You have NEVER had to be 21 to get alcohol in the UK. Stop with the lies.

  • Just to point out

    @Gettin’ Real:

    Perez Hilton is not a reliable source. He got many rumors wrong, most recently in Miami, he mistook the brunette kissing Gerry for the Horse’s mouth when the woman looked nothing like the Romanian.

    Perez takes articles from the web and just repost them.