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Gerard Butler Flashes Bulging Biceps for Coffee Run!

Gerard Butler Flashes Bulging Biceps for Coffee Run!

Gerard Butler shows off his bulging guns while grabbing a cup of coffee on Monday (January 6) in West Hollywood, Calif.

A few weeks ago, the 44-year-old Scottish actor was spotted flashing a smile while enjoying some time on the beach in Miami, Fla.

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It was recently announced that Courtney Eaton will be joining Gerard in the upcoming film Gods of Egypt, which also stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Geoffrey Rush, and Brenton Thwaites.

Gods of Egypt centers on a “feud between the gods set into motion when ruling god Set (Butler) kills Osiris.”

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gerard butler flashes bulging biceps for coffee run 01
gerard butler flashes bulging biceps for coffee run 02
gerard butler flashes bulging biceps for coffee run 03

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  • Wonder if

    Maddie will get a part in this movie.

  • Who’s that?
  • me

    I am quite excited at the idea of seeing Gerry surfing again, perhaps because I truly love CM and I believe he can make any role his if he wishes so.
    I agree with people saying he can do so much more, but I guess that when it comes to it, there are so many factors which influence his role choices, who knows what he has been offered? Some roles are interesting as an idea but perhaps when it comes to the actual script they might have not been made as good as he wants them, also he does have the need to stay relevant in the industry and. despite our preferences, when he took on more in depth roles he has not been given much recognition as he hoped.
    I am not totally against remakes, Dracula by F F Coppola was one of the best remakes ever made, and even The Phantom Of The Opera was! I can see him in the role, and I like his acting so, until I have actually watched the movie, I’d rather stay hopeful he does a great job than diss this project because someone has already played that role.
    How many people have played Romeo in Romeo and Juliet?
    “A part doesn’t belong to an actor, it’s the actor that has to belong to a part” From the movie Stage Beauty.

  • sweet ‘n sour

    Wow, the article in The Hollywood Reporter sure sounds promising! The only thing that puzzled me was this …. it says principle photography for “Point Break” starts in March 2014. Doesn’t filming for “Gods of Egypt” also start in March?

  • sweet ‘n sour

    If you read the THR article Ducky posted it says the Point Break re-boot isn’t going to be a surfing film per se … “The new film will go beyond big wave surfing to include the massive world of extreme sports, including wingsuiting, snowboarding, rock climbing and motorcycle racing… While the first Point Break was largely set in California, the new film will go global, with location shooting planned in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, China and Malta. This will be much more like a James Bond film.”

  • Notsomuch

    After a quick Google and twitter search, the comments are overwhelmingly negative. I’d say this is a very bad idea, whether they change locations or not.

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • http://gerard-butler-flashes-bulguing-biceps-for-coffee-run/comment-page-11 CHOLITA

    ps….gracias fantasma de la opera se que llego mi mensaje……besitos chau!!!!…(^.^)/~~~…y no soy nostradamus…..risitas…….

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • no

    @Wonder if: not unless there’s a prostitute in it.

  • Embla

    @Can’tGetEnough: LOL! Yeah, he looks a bit windswept there. :-D

  • Hair today, gone tomorrow

    TBT!! That hair!!!

    Looks like he was dragged through a hedge backwards.

  • thor’s day

    @Embla: Was he caught in the polar vortex?

  • mini

    @CHOLITA: Nostradamus told you what?

  • Poppy

    @Hair today, gone tomorrow: Is he using again? He’s so thin. Or is this an old pic of him just reposted now?

  • not


    It seems you are using….that is an old photo, at the Celtic match

  • Poppy

    @not: Why would I be using? It’s not human to know every single pic he’s ever had taken of him. So are you psychic and you know everything?

  • Ms Psychic needed

    @Poppy: yes yes lets have some psychics back on the thread to tell us more about this old movie and if Mr Butler will go under once again or if he will finally hook up with that mysterious brunette/blonde who will boost his career to unknown heights and make him truly famous! Yes?

  • mileva

    Hey, Einstein, have a look at the photos at the top of this thread. Does it look like Gerry has long hair?

  • Poppy

    @mileva: No but it looks like he has feminine hips. Ewwwwww, creepy.

  • Bland

    @Harassment by computer:
    New cyber harassment laws should stop some bloggers from making many dangerous situations, one celeb here was harassed up to 100 time in one day, just mad rants, the laws have threatened him and he may joke about this, you introduce a good samaratin and he will deter the attacks, but in some instances he could also scare away the other bloggers.

  • BMorningstar

    Whence he act, he find he can’t act much. Not liking this film yet and his chances in it. Where is he.

  • haiwat

    @B movies:
    Some B movies go on to spur projects for A movies or mini series, also some B movies are rated highly for fatherhood/motherhood roles and also recieve awards in different countries or alter lifestyles for the better.

  • Don’tDoIt

    I hope the geniuses behind this are reading the articles, comments and tweets this morning. This is the worst idea, ever. Find something else, Gerry.

  • Wishy Washy

    @Hair today, gone tomorrow:
    L’arginine helps to rejuvenate lost hair, also science has found a way to bring back hair colour, although they haven’t found a way to market the product yet.

  • haiwat

    Egyptian skirts would look good, some modern designs, recently seen Jennifer Lawrence sporting a modern material skirt that looked eqyptian, except the shoes looked like they clashed with the wrap around skirt.

  • I’m Up For It

    Gerard Butler playing Bohdi in a Point Break remake. I am up for it as longs as keep the part where Bohdi has habit of mooning people.

  • BMorningstar

    I like to post link. here look.

  • Grasping For Something

    @BMorningstar: You are quite pathetic Bubba, creating sock that agree’s with you. You know He is not gay, and never will be. No matter how much you wish he was.

  • Kali Orexi
  • Rainbow

    @Grasping For Something: he is not the only one

  • angelsrock

    Always like watching Swayze and Reeves in Point Break… a really cool movie. I am not into remakes at all, but I’m just glad to see Gerry being considered for some more roles. He could do a fine job in this role. It seems the basis could be more global and extreme. I can’t wait to see who will be cast as Keanu’s character. I always thought that Bodhi should be a bit older.
    Could be very interesting and lots of fun.

  • Ducky

    Crap, can’t remember which of CGE links had this on after I wrote it down. 75% a yes and score, 6.3% no, and 18.8% why make a remake. From what I have read so far, this is going to be a lot different and not just a remake. Great and talented writers on board and looks like gerry has already signed on.
    SWEET N’ SOUR Great posts. Didn’t realize the timing till you mentioned it. That’s going to be some balancing act. I think you are right from what the article said. lol he will get his James Bond after all.
    My initial reaction was a bit hasty to say the least. But if financing is already in place, why not.
    hey Kali, good to see you!
    @I’m Up For It: Oh girl, that would be right down his alley.

  • Ducky

    @angelsrock: Hello Angelsrock. So very good to see you. “Could be very interesting and lots of fun.” After ready the links, I totally agree with you. Hope you are doing well.
    Guess he will go into the Chasing Mavericks mode with his windswept hair again. Just when I was liking his short hair.

  • angelsrock

    Hey, Ducky! Always a pleasure to read your posts. I too like the short hair and who knows maybe Bohdi will be the suave ladies man in a business suit or tux when he’s not robbing banks and surfing. Can’t wait to find out. I will always love Patrick as Bohdi though.

  • Joie de Vivre

    @Ducky: Hello Ducky! Hope you are well! Have to jump in here and add that the best thing that might come of him doing this remake will be that he may have to grow out those luscious curly locks again….LOL!! I really took a shine to him in long hair. :)~
    But honestly, what’s with the lack of imagination in film-making these days and all the remakes? Not just Point Break, but the many others. There are still about a million more original ideas out there. Plus there are so many more amazing stories of real people to be told. Like the Jay Dobyns story. Truth is often stranger and more interesting than fiction. Just my thoughts on it that I am sure no one cares about.
    Hello to all my cyber pals out there! Hope everyone is well and happy!

  • Joie de Vivre

    @angelsrock: Hey neighbor! Happy New Year to you! Hope life is being good to you and your family. The little ones turn 5 soon. I cannot believe it, can you? Good to see you here.

  • Ducky

    @Joie de Vivre: LOL This is like the chickens coming home to roost today. Great to see you. I don’t know what the HW problem is. So many stories yet to be told on film. Why don’t they ask us?
    The writer is Kurt Wimmer. He is a writer and director, known for Total Recall (2012), Equilibrium (2002) and Law Abiding Citizen. So that too is a plus…I hope.
    Funny that you and Angelsrock have a difference of hair opinion. I could go for suave, yes I could.
    Hope you are having a terrific day as well as all JJrs Ducky

  • Keyvani’s Kathryn

    His career is over as is Guvernor Christie’s. He needs a better film project soon and anything but Point Break which is not his fort.

  • yada yada yada
  • saoirse
  • Embla

    @saoirse: Yeah, WOW…
    Even if I`m not too keen on this remake, some of the comments there are really harsh. :-(

  • saoirse

    @Embla: Yeah they were. But the one guy has a point. It should be Matthew McConaughey. He’s a Bodhi type in real life, imo. He’d be awesome and I am against a remake.

  • Prancing Pony

    @saoirse: Some of those comments….ouch!!! *winces* Comments on THR were negative too (about the remake and GB). :(

    The fact that it’s been sold is very encouraging though.

    Oh well, I’m sure GB will prove them wrong! :) (trying to be positive…)

  • Keyvani’s Kathryn

    How I’d love to advise him and give him career direction which he seems to have forgotten all these years with Alan. My lug needs help.

  • saoirse

    @Prancing Pony: I’d love nothing more. I am a Gerard fan first, but I like Matthew also. Did you know that Matthew is 9 days older than Gerard? That surprised me. Matthew looks younger by a few years imo.

  • Prancing Pony

    @saoirse: They were both born in ’69? Wow. I will admit that sometimes GB looks his age…but even then he is a very, very, very handsome wee man. :)

  • thor’s day

    Matthew M however is trying to get broaden his horizons and do more serious and dramatic stuff. I am looking forward to the new HBO series with Matt and Woody Harrelson called True Detective. Filmed in Shreveport I believe.

  • Prancing Pony

    @thor’s day: Hi thor’s day. Yes, True Detective looks interesting.

    MM is doing some really good work these days, but even he has done some woeful movies.