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Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller Split After Six Months?

Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller Split After Six Months?

Jake Gyllenhaal and his girlfriend Alyssa Miller have reportedly split up, Us Weekly reports.

The 33-year-old actor and 24-year-old model had been dating for six months before the breakup.

“They fizzled out. It happened a while ago — before the holidays,” a source told the publication. “He’s back on the scene.”

“Things were really good between Jake and Alyssa right up until he had to leave for L.A. to go shoot a movie [Nightcrawler] in the fall,” another source said. “Then the distance just really got to them.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Jake Gyllenhaal and Alyssa Miller’s reported split??

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  • Evie


  • True

    She discovers she’s only his beard or he didn’t make her as famous as she’d hope. I guess she can bleach her hair blonde and go back to trying for Leo Dicaprio.

  • ace11

    The whole thing was FAKE

    Just PR

  • m

    YEY! gonna buy me a ticket to the states asap ;D

  • miriam

    6 months? Try maybe 2 at the most.

  • PumperNick

    Nah, she’s too old for Leo! She’s almost 25.

  • GQ

    Jake stay away from bimbo models and find a woman with a brain next time.

  • Livin’the Life

    Stupid Jake. He should’ve figured a way around it. What did he expect? Models have to travel for their jobs. Actors have to travel for their jobs. Some of them make it work. Alyssa is beautiful. She won’t be alone long. It’s hard not to believe this was a fake relationship. I think she really liked him. I guess it wasn’t mutual.

  • Dee

    That picture of them was the last taken and it was 3 1/2 months ago.

  • Anderson

    She should go back to her ex who she had just split with before dating Jake. He’s a fashion photographer and they travel in the same circles, plus they dated for almost 3 years.

  • Lori

    Why has he never dated MIchelle Williams?

  • Rose

    LMAO! Called it! Guess he needs a new beard now!

  • dan

    She got tired of using that strapon and wants one for herself.

  • European

    This post is for FP:

    Did you remember when u was angry with me cause i thought that was just a fling? Well, I TOLD YOU SO.

    I think he is a great actor and a really funny person and could be a great friend, but like boyfriend? I just don´t think so, he seems having problem to keep a relationship. But i just wish good things to him.

  • helen

    @European: I agree, his girl “friends” seem to be smart and classy while his flings seem mindless and lacking.

  • James

    I´d wish him to find a nice girl so much. Just someone ordinary, normal, sane, smart, down to earth…just a normal girl. It´s a curse being famous because you don´t meet normal people. And if you do they probably know who you are and that´s just the end of a healthy relationship that didn´t even have a time to begin.

  • George

    Well at least more people know who the hell she is now!j

  • Jen

    the US article says Jake isn’t into long term relationships and Alyssa is but the story when Alyssa and Jake got together was that he’d pursued her for one year but she was living with her boyfriend and then she finally gave in to his constant pestering. Did Jake play her for a whole year just to break them up and dump her a few months later? Well then he is a jerk.

  • anna

    i really liked jake with kirsten dunst. she was down to earth & just the right amount of hipster for him. as long s he does not go back to taylor swift. he’ll only date her then dump her again when he realises how immature & needy she is!

  • calico

    Maybe the thrill of the chase is more fun for him and once he gets them it wears off in a few months?

  • kelleen
  • Guest

    Either this dude can’t hold a relationship or he’s actually gay and trying to hide his true sexuality with these fake hetero relationships

  • cmac

    If Jake was gay, I’m sure he wouldn’t hide it. There’s no reason to anymore. Finding someone to have a long-term, meaningful relationship is tough for all of us and being in show business makes it 100 times more difficult. So what if Jake never gets married and keeps playing the field. It’s working for George Clooney.

  • Nolanfan

    Ahh too bad. Wonder who will be next in line?

  • jules

    @cmac: But… it really could hurt his career at this point, even in 2014. Not saying that he is but it could be a negative thing to lots of people.

  • Leah

    @cmac: George was married to Talia Balsam for four years.

  • Lyn

    C’mon guys, it was just a fling for him!
    She’s pretty but seems stupid and superficial. He took her to the theater in the summer: I don’t think she understood anything at all :-)
    There will be another girl and another, until he finds a smart woman. In Hollywood it’s almost impossible.

  • Clooney

    25 years ago!!!! Clooney didn’t have a serious commited relationship in the last 2 decades!!!! LOL

  • PumperNick

    I don’t see any reason here to think Jake is gay. But if he were gay, cmac thinking he would come out – now why would he? It isn’t simply that some conservative movie fans wouldn’t like it. It’s more like his big fan base is women who fantasise about dating him. His agents and the studios would not fancy one of their heart-throb stars out of the closet.

  • Mona

    Yep things really haven’t changed that much since Rock Hudson was a big screen romantic man all the women wanted to date. Kind of sad really but that’s the way it is.

  • Tiana

    @anna: I honestly feel that Kirsten is the one that got away I so remember them going out I thought they were great together.

  • evan

    @Lyn: for sure she’s a 24 yo underwear model who shows a boob now and then. what did he expect, oh yeah, exactly what any guy would!

  • Summer love

    I don’t think Jake is gay. Never thought it. More like, the gay community wants him to be one of them cause they fantasize about him since Brokeback Mountain. Nothing wrong with it, we women fantasize about him too, we understand ;)
    Alyssa, clearly she was just summer love. And by love I mean sex.
    I don’t think she loved him either, they just had fun for awhile.

  • mom50

    He’s a hunk.

  • Livin’the Life

    I have seen a big change in Jake since the Taylor Swift mess. I was his fan for a long time. But he is different now. He acts like he hates his fans and he is always frowning and not very nice anymore.

    It seems like he does fake stuff for publicity like with Taylor and now this girl. I think he played with this girl’s feelings. I don’t think Alyssa is some bimbo or that she is shallow. I think he was all over her when his movie was coming out, then suddenly he dumped her. I don’t think of Jake as anything special or very nice anymore. Think about it. He broke off with her before the holidays. That is really harsh. Sorry. Jake has lost a lot of ground with me. If he wasn’t serious with her why did he put on such a big show for six months. Taylor Swift was bad enough, but now it seems like this is how he is, and really Taylor had him figured out before anyone.

  • Gary

    Broke it off with Taylor in December too. Wonder if he broke up with Alyssa over the phone too. Yeah I think he’s a player.

  • Ouch!

    I think even they saw this coming. Like come on… she travels a lot and so does he. No relationship survives to that. It’s too much time apart. They have a difficult life to manage unless both of them have jobs at the same town. Working in LA and living in NYC is not very practical. They seem ok tho, I guess it was a mutual decision.

  • Lori

    Is Austin Nichols suddenly single now too?

  • Ava

    In her twitter she would post pics of his writing I love you so much on mirrors and napkins, etc. Guess his kind of love is short term at best.

  • jonah

    ahh man too bad for them. I was thinking since she wasn’t real famous they might stay with each other. people with money can arrange their schedules where they can do stuff together so probably there was more to it than that.


    Alyssa Miller WAS CHEAP BEARD – YUCK.

  • ha ha ha

    “In her twitter she would post pics of his writing I love you so much on mirrors and napkins, etc.”
    Alyssa Miller is pathetic liar.

  • prairiegirl

    The “break-up” story was released today on purpose to cover for Jake’s whereabouts. And that would be a big clue that he and Austin did father again five years ago and have a little one or little ones born around this time, most likely on this day, January 7.


    @Nolanfan: He’d be a better Wonder Woman than the anteater-face they want to cast in the new Superman Loves Batman movie disaster-flic BOMB they’re making.

  • crazy

    Jake, Anne Hathaway loves you!

  • gordie

    @prairiegirl: Huh? You R Crazy

  • Ann

    F*ck off haters! Jake deserves to be happy!!

  • jimmy

    word is he’s already cruising soul cycle for his next piece of azz

  • Evan


  • Leah

    @Clooney: Just sayin that George has been married and Jake hasn’t that’s all. Geez