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Leonardo DiCaprio Discusses Shark Survival Story on 'Ellen'!

Leonardo DiCaprio Discusses Shark Survival Story on 'Ellen'!

Leonardo DiCaprio flashes his signature smile while making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs today on NBC.

On the show, the 39-year-old actor detailed some behind the scenes tidbits about filming the infamous ham scene in The Wolf of Wall Street.

“It all resulted in this insane sequence in the end where Jonah [Hill] decides to stuff ham into his mouth as well and crashes into a plate glass table and we were doing this CPR sequence and you know the big challenge that day we had to do 70 takes because they couldn’t get this ham to stick on my face and they had to put K-Y Jelly and there’s literally a guy there behind this giant window with a plastic spoon just flicking ham on my face all day long as I’m doing this insane sequence,” Leo said. “But it was almost, it was one of the most surreal things I’ve ever done in my entire career.

Also check out a video below, where Leonardo discusses surviving being in a shark tank with a Great White!

“I went scuba diving looking for sharks and I had a huge fear of sharks and when I did Blood Diamond in 2006 I actually got stuck in a cage with a great white, which was awesome,” Leo said. Find out what happened below!

FYI: Leo is wearing a Shamballa Jewels 10mm Black Onyx Bracelet

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Credit: Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.
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# 1

good to know he is having a good time lol

# 2

He looks in great spirit. He should stay away from his girlfriend and be with Ellen all the time. I love to see him smile.

# 3

Jack Nicholson!! You are a great actor, Jack! You look like a pimp!

# 4

talking about wows

# 6
What's next @ 01/07/2014 at 10:50 am

Beautiful man

# 7
sweet asho @ 01/07/2014 at 10:55 am

omg i loveeeeeeeee this guy

# 8

My baby <3

# 9

Asians can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
Asians hide their mind reading abilities by having completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds! They value hiding it more than their own lives!!!
Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

He looks so cute with that huge smile! I loved it! He seems to have good chemistry with virtually everyone except for his girlfriend.
@LOLOLOL: I agree!

Leo has been spending time with you isnt it? I can see it in his face. Happiness.


He’s so cute when he’s not talking from a script!! I just saw the shark segment and I’ll have to wait until I get home tonight to watch the rest but he looks really good and relaxed!!! :-)


Leokas we miss you!!!! We need some pics of you guys!!! LOL

I was really impressed. My first thought to watching was “oh my gosh. He has personality in an interview” he was great!

i dont think ive ever seen him on ellen. well done man, ur getting to all audiences before its too late.

Awwww, he looks so gorgeous and kjndiweudh dlkfjnfkne weidchbwiuh.

Too good for words!

@@Leokas: obviously, I’m his source of true happiness not Toni whatshername!!!@####: don’t worry, well be back, we are going to have a grand return and you’ll be shocked!! Stay tuned xoxo

He is so intelligent, well spoken and effortlessly charming. I am in love.

Sugar daddy @ 01/07/2014 at 11:45 am

I know everyone is swooning and Leo looks somewhat relaxed but to me he seems like he doesn’t want to be there n he’s tired, he’s not as excited as everyone is saying. He’s trying to jk around but he seems like he just wants to get out of there. He’s prolly like that after turning up in cabo

omg he makes me cry every single second I see him alive! Im so happy for you

What is doing Toni in Cabo with a bunch of olds?

@Sugar daddy @ 01/07/2014 at 11:48 am


We finally have a new thread with something good about Leo and some people keep talking about his gf, smh.

Ellen is fun.
So do you think his 6 feet sugar baby fraulein will be on his heels at this coming GG night….?

who cares?

Leo is so easy on the eyes. I love it.

Lol….at her age she still needs granpas to look after her.
Don’t forget Leo’s mom has the age to be Toni’s granny.

@sugar daddy: Compared to how he looked during his vacation he looks amazing! Smiley and relaxed even if he is tired! It’s good to see him like this.
@Sarah: I highly doubt she will be around. Maybe behind the scenes attached to Irmelin and Dave…


I saw your post on the other thread about getting the hashtag anytime that you know who is on her way back to NYC. LOL I still don’t think he’s going to take her to London. He seems to have her keep her distance when he’s working.

Of course depending when she is supposed to return to work, she could hang out with her friend in LA (that Jamie girl who she is in Cabo with) and he may take her to some of the GG parties since that is this Sunday.

@@but: Telling you that girl has some serious daddy issues.


I’m sure that is a friend of Leo’s mom and boyfriend. She’s getting in good with the family and extended friends.

@####: She’s getting in good with everyone except Leo lol.

nice to see that he has time for an interview. No party today? No young fame *****’s aka “models” today?


Between Aspen and Cabo, it seems like a week and a half with her is usually about all he can take nowadays. Maybe he was glad to get back to work! LOL

see it too @ 01/07/2014 at 12:26 pm

@Sugar daddy: yeah I see it too, he’s not TRULY happy, doesn’t have true joy. He doesnt seem really excited of full of life though he’s trying his best to be a good Old Sport for ellen. There is something missing. You can’t fake true happiness and something is missing from Leo. I see it too, thought it was only me..He needs a life style change not just a few minutes with Ellen will help him. He still look like he’s just being “talk show” happy.
I would say Leo doesn’t have true JOY in his life. He can be happy for a couple of minutes but true joy comes from he inside and he doesn’t have it. If he did he wouldn’t be able to switch from joy to misery in a nano second. He seems RELAXED but he doesn’t seem really EXCITED about life in general.

can you guys go two seconds without mentioning toni? for how much you guys dislike her you sure do talk about her alot


So Irmelin and her boyfriend are babysitting Leo’s Sugar Baby. Hilarious.

Rich n Famous @ 01/07/2014 at 1:05 pm

Methinks Toni is in love with Leo’s lifestyle more than with Leo…With SM the opposite is true. In love with Leo not crazy about the life style!
Someone posted this. I literally thought it was Bar.
Watching this interview just shows how charming and well spoken Leo is!

Rich n Famous @ 01/07/2014 at 1:08 pm

Its funny how in his fake relationship pretty much EVERYTHING is done on his terms! Toni hanging out with Leo’s family all the time. It would be a joke to see Leo hanging out with Toni’s family for such a long time. Leo is definitely the star of his life and everyone is the supporting cast! His relationships are mostly 90 percent of the time one sided!!

Blacksharpie @ 01/07/2014 at 1:30 pm

I think he looks great. He’s low key in the interview. I don’t think interviews are his “thing”; more so when he talks about himself (the shark story).
Can’t wait to see the rest of the interview.

@#### & HAHA12: Hi! Yeah! – It is so good to hear him talking about the environment. I hope this is a sign that he is going to get more involved. Was it just me or did anyone else notice how he didn’t say anything about global warming or climate change? He just talked about endangered species and saving their habitat. Maybe he finally realized how silly it looks to talk about global warming when he is taking private jets? I hope so and I hope he really does to start doing hands on projects with the environment again!
To all the people who get upset when I mention the private jets/yachts. If Leo wants to do that, fine! It’s his money and he has a right to enjoy it anyway he wants to. I only have a problem when he comes out and tells people to by electric cars and hybrids to reduce their footprint and then turns around and hops on a private jet. Enough said! I will try and refrain from talking about the jets again… unless he does something really bad!

typo 49 to *buy electric

Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan)
1/7/14, 8:36 AM
Saw “The Wolf Of Wall Street” yesterday…great movie. DiCaprio & Jonah Hill both brilliant. And Matthew McConaughey a hilarious cameo.


Agree! Maybe someone finally said something to him about that. LOL

cool that he is that he was on ellen! it seems wierd why toni isnt LA with him maybe leo didnt wanted her to come with him and maybe he was gonna to be busy traveling???

leo in NYC and toni on her way back to NYC too. toni should have went to LA and than NYC with him,.

Blacksharpie @ 01/07/2014 at 2:24 pm

How do you know Toni is on her way to NYC?

@candygirl @ 01/07/2014 at 2:25 pm

You mean again on his heels like an obedient puppy desperate for attention…..?
It seems like she is babysat by granny Irmelin while Leo is at work.

I’m not here to talk about Leo’s sm even though he does have one, I don’t know where she is or what she’s doing but good luck to them. I’m here to talk about Leo’s environmentalism and his future projects in regards to that area. Those who want to see Leo be more hands on it will happen around never. Leo isn’t that type of guy, never has been and he won’t be doing anything like that this year. More tweets and maybe if you’re lucky two speeches and an auction. I do however see Leo and Toni breaking apart gradually especially after the awards season’s over. New movie looks good around the summer/fall time. During awards season to summer he will be doing some more traveling and maybe lightening will strike and he will meet someone new??

@candygirl: are you another “insider” STFU!

was it on her twitter? i believe they have broken up very briefly over the hoildays got back together again and trying work out their relationship. i think toni is so in love with leo doesnt want to let him go, maybe why leo took her back????!!!!!!. maybe that why she still hanging with leo mom and her mom boyfriend and at apsen too. she is so crazy in love with leo!??!

@psychic: hmm i see leo and toni getting marry in spring 2015 but no kids.


She hasn’t indicated she’s left Cabo yet. I’m sure she’ll be leaving soon whether it’s to meet Leo or to go back to NYC because that’s where she lives.

Also, I haven’t seen any tweets of where Leo is at the moment. Everyone’s still talking about his Ellen appearance!!! LOL


LMAO!!!! That’s fricking hilarious!!!! He’s going to marry Toni???? Right…..LOL

@candygirl: you see when you say things like this no one is going to take you seriously. Leo and Toni getting married..through separate entrances right!? lol He tries his best not to be seen with her in public especially at events that are IMPORTANT to him! Thanks for the laughs! No I know for sure you’re no insider! haha!!

oh sorry my bad that she was heading back home to NYC, my guess that leo and toni will have a very small wedding, it will be somewhere in a remote area where nobody or paps will not see them. it will be very private wedding.

just my opinion @ 01/07/2014 at 2:50 pm

I’m worried, Because the relationship with toni looks more and more deep. :( Away to try hide her it seems like try to keep her for his personal and private life . Toni is nice and sweet but I do not seem to be ideal for Leo, i think he needs a woman with more personality and presence. but maybe I’m wrong. sorry for my English.

@####: yeah that’s how we know she’s a fake

the wedding will take place in MAY in 2015, my guess again. bye guys

@candygirl @ 01/07/2014 at 2:52 pm

Ms. guesser, Can you tell me tomorrow’s winning Lotto numbers? thanks


LMAO again!!! It’ll be in a remote area and the wedding will be so private that they won’t even be in the same building when they get married…..just so paps won’t be able to snap pics of them together!!!! Toni will instagram a pic of herself in her wedding dress and tag Irmelin’s boyfriend, his daughter and Jen Meyer!!!


@candygirl @ 01/07/2014 at 2:55 pm

Thanks for stopping by and posting these jokes. I had my afternoon laugh at your guesses!

@psychic: He will meet his soulmate very very soon my friend ,Tony is just a cover in front of the media,this girl is from Eastern Europe ,from the slav nations not Russian but more from the Balkans,she is in her late 20′s ,brown long hair blue eyes slim figure shorter than him


oh wait…let’s not forget about her witty hashtags!!!!





@just my opinion @ 01/07/2014 at 2:57 pm

You lost me and cracked me up with the word ‘deep’ describibg Leo and Toni. Good one! All these comedians one after the other! lol

Texans-Are-Good-People @ 01/07/2014 at 2:59 pm

Leonardo looks more and more like Jack Nicholson -
his latin/italian side of the family is coming up more and more
time is passing. Funny !

Blacksharpie @ 01/07/2014 at 3:00 pm

Are you Toni?? Lol

@TARA: hey b*tch stop stealing my name….aren’t you suppose to be in middle school by now? Still stealing people’s name as a hobby I see. You’re probably candygirl, this must be fun for you! lol

@candygirl @ 01/07/2014 at 3:03 pm

Dont go.. I love your sense of humor. And seriously, the lottery numbers. I’m Broke and I can’t get a rich boyfriend.

@Lilly(1406 last thread) @ 01/07/2014 at 3:04 pm

You said “I was the one who predicted the Angelina Jolie…” but someone before you wrote about the SM resemblance to Angelina:

Intuitive @ 09/23/2013 at 4:42 am
I also believe that Leo’s trueflame is Aquarius. I am not a Psychic in the full meaning of this word, but I do sense things spiritually. And what I sense about Leo’s girl is that she’s either a virgin or had been just 1 or 2 times with men and she’s around 30! And this fact already makes her sooo unique. I am not sure about her motives- maybe she’s a strict christian, but definitely she just cannot share her body with wrong men, and she will wait for the ONE, no matter if it’s Leo or some other guy. And she’s waiting, I feel. Studying astrology for many years I can say that only Aquarius signs are capable of it and usually have this feature. So I think her birthday is in the gap 21 Jan- 19 Feb. I, for one, bet it’s February 11th, because yes, there is a hugh chance for them to have the same day number. And one more interesting thing about his trueflame. I sense they are just 1 person apart. And that man/woman that devides them has a huge aura too, just like them or even more. He/she must be very famous in this world. It might be some President even. And the SM actually can just tap this person on the shoulder and say, hey, introduce me to Leo. But she doesn’t do it. Because she is so confused and doesn’t believe in it. I feel a strong resistanse from her towards Leo. Yes, she wants to be with him but at the same time it’s impossible for her to believe in it. She’s like Cinderella and probably thinks you’ve gotta have long legs and be a VS angels to be with Leo. And she’s no such. She tries to cast him out of her head but finds it impossible too. She doesn’t know what to do about him. She thinks that she probably has become a fan of him. So she lives parallel to her feelings and waiting for the destiny to play things out.She doesn’t even ask that prominent person to introduce her to Leo. Because she’s the true flame, not a fan. I feel an intense purity around her and not so many “relationships”. But she’s very beautiful. She has the same magnificent vibes like Angelina Jolie or Marilyn Monroe. Outer beauty combined with internal beaulty that have an overwhelming effect. You know, when you see Angelina/Marylin among their look-alikes you’d instantly pick up the true woman- because of the energy. And the SM has this irresistible appeal too. And very bright light. But I also feel the “cinderella” vibes from her. Like a true princess and beauty hidden behind the rags. I also get an underdog feeling from Leo’s sm. Luck wasn’t with her all her life. Like among 10 girls 9 were chosen and she was the only one left on a bench…that’s why it’s difficult for her to believe in Leo. But she’s an amazing soul- she always finds something to thank God for! Such a “smiling”, optimistic nature…

Yep, middle school is out


LOL good one!!! :-)

Fake physic *face palm*

parisinne @ 01/07/2014 at 3:21 pm

@@Lilly(1406 last thread): Excuse me, who’s the person who separate them? Is she famous? Does his sm have good connections too?

@Lilly(1406 last thread) @ 01/07/2014 at 3:23 pm


What do you mean? Why is Intuitive (09/23/2013) fake? He/She predicted it before you….

@@Lilly(1406 last thread):
That wasn’t me! Someone stole my name!

@candygirl @ 01/07/2014 at 3:30 pm

You have a great sense of humor.

@Lilly(1406 last thread) @ 01/07/2014 at 3:32 pm


You can read on this thread from September 2013 what Intuitive wrote about this all. I copied it and pasted on here but not everything what he/she wrote. The numbers of Intuitive are: Page 1, (20), page 56, (1381, 1388), page 59, (1460, 1467, 1469).

BAD INTERVIEW @ 01/07/2014 at 3:46 pm

I can’t believe ppl thought this interview was good lol….
His jokes were not good and ppl were missing out on them…
Now I see why he doesn’t do interviews like this, i hope one day he will be more open and relaxed

Oh, the haters lol. It hurts to look Leo at the top of this game for almost 20 YEARS? I bet it does, it hurts like a b!tch.

@tara: have you ever thought that quite a lot people have the same name???Nobody steals no one’s name-about Leonardo Dicaprio I know it from a very dear friend of mine who sees things which will happen and has a true gift,if you do not like it do not read it,their meeting is in the coming months

Golden Globes this Sunday but there will be another unexpected travel for Toni outside LA that weekend? Cross your fingers Leo.

BAD INTERVIEW @ 01/07/2014 at 4:05 pm

@#90: IM SCREAMING ASJGDFKLGJD! I just said how this was not one of Leo’s best interviews and I get called out as a hater… Mhmm, what should I call you then, A crazy, immature, fangirl who only sees Leo thru stained glass windows, who isn’t even a true fan if he/she can’t handle any sort of criticism of Leo. Nahhh hunty, Leo is afraid of ppl like you, no wonder he is so damn private. I’m his true fan huntyy, hope off mine and Leo’s dickk kisses xoxoxo

@#90: yes, on top of his game while looking dead on the inside except when he’s on ellen and not even, but the rest of the time which is like 90 percent of the time he looks dead on the inside. Yes its hurts ME like a b*tch! lol Leo best interviews was when he was younger, I actually laughed.

Fake physics @ 01/07/2014 at 4:07 pm

Have your opinion. It’s just one person said their prediction after refusing because other people will make it up or argue with them. Now everybody’s a physic. Gosh… Let’s get back to Leo. The shark story was cool.

@BAD INTERVIEW: lol, ok then…

They are some fat women dancing right now on Ellen saying they better dance good for Leo. Like Leo would want any of those fat b!tches. Sorry ladies he’s quite superficial!

I don’t get what’s wrong with this interview? Here’s the other part:
He does seem more relaxed than usual, yeah he’s not very candid and lively but does that shock anyone at this point? This is Leo we are talking about, that’s just his personality, he just seems really shy and self cautious and it shows in this interview but it was nonetheless refreshing to watch bc its nice to see him actually smile and joke around with the audience. I mean do you all really expect him to be as animated and outgoing like he was in the 90s? That was an entirely different Leo, and we probably won’t be seeing that side of him again at this point. It was also good to see him talk about the Environment. I don’t get whats to ***** about this interview, you either take it or leave it but whats the point of taking your frustrations out on Leo once again.

Exactly. I mean we get a new thread about just Leo and people are just so quick to obsess over Toni even though they complain about her 24/7 on here.

ʎǝןıɐɥ (@haileytransue)
1/7/14, 1:06 PM
LEONARDO DICAPRIO IS AT THE HOTEL IN BEV HILLS WHERE MY MOM IS RN. mom take a pic and tell him to come home with you

Still in LA

clara washington @ 01/07/2014 at 4:19 pm

He is Gorege Clooney Jr. Sexy, well groimed, laid back, and a FOR DURE….LADIES MAN…LOVE YOU AND HIM…HAPPY NEW YEAR.

parisinne @ 01/07/2014 at 4:20 pm

@@Lilly(1406 last thread): Hi, u there?
Does this 3rd person love Leo as well?

It wasn’t his best interview, but I’d take it over any Gatsby interview he did last year.

BAD INTERVIEW @ 01/07/2014 at 4:21 pm

@HAHA12: You’re acting as if Leo is a completely different person, he is not. He is still the same silly boy he was in the 90s, the difference is that he can’t act like that due to his profession. He wants to maintain the status of being a serious actor, he has to act mature infront of his fellow peers, i get that its important for his job. However, we all know Leo is not that serious in real life, I wish he would just be himself, the real gooofy self . I think it would be a great way to connect with his fan base.

parisinne @ 01/07/2014 at 4:21 pm

@@Lilly(1406 last thread): I have read aaall your posts btw.

Leo came out to Kanye West. Fangirl! Ok Ellen’s kissing Leo’s a**…talking about WOLF. Boring…More Ellen a** kissing. I watching this interview and its boring…I think the shark thing is probably the most interesting thing in the interview

Leo is the same in terms of his lifestyle and immaturity, but you really think he is completely the same he was 20 years ago? The Leo of the 90s was candid and said anything he wanted and was totally outgoing, and yet the Leo of now seems very shy and tense. Whether its in public places, talk shows, award shows, etc. He is just not the same bubbly guy he once was, and I won’t fault him for that. I agree it’d be great if he could let his inhibitions go and be more comfortable with himself but that’s on him, maybe he’s not at the point in his life where he truly feels ‘free’, so to speak. And btw I think part of the reason he seemed a bit tense was due to the controversy WOWS has been getting, he really doesn’t seem like he’s handled it well. JMO.

@HAHA12: I see what you mean, well if you’re comparing this to his Gatsby interview well then yeah! lol

I just don’t get what was so bad about this interview. He did actually attempt to make jokes and smiled during it. I just feel like some people on here are overestimating Leo too much and expect him to be too many different things he may not at the moment, including being bubbly and ‘happy’. You all saw what a hot mess last year was for him, and when was the last time he actually seemed ‘relaxed’ in an interview from the US? Not talking overseas. You’d have to go back to either 2006 or the 90s for that answer. Maybe he has problems with himself that prevents him from being ‘free’ or his natural self. He hasn’t looked happy in the longest as you already know. I’m just glad he atleast went on a talk show again.

BAD INTERVIEW @ 01/07/2014 at 4:32 pm

@HAHA12: I agree. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but in the interview Leo’s leg was shaking LMAO, poor bb. He really was nervous, I just want him to loosen up so bad. Also, haven’t you noticed ppl raving about Leo in WOWS, like famous ppl Justin Bieber, Kourtney K, JT, Tobey’s wife… they are all talking about it, like on twitter, instagram etcc. I’m not saying its not bad, but I feel a lil suspicious about it….maybe I’m just thinking things but maybe they are helping Leo promote WOWS due to its controversy I don’t know….

I’m so happy for Leo and all the praise he’s gotten, even if misses an Oscar nomination the amount of raves he’s gotten is just fantastic. I just feel bad that despite this, he still does not seem happy or comfortable with himself. Like you said, he kept shaking his foot and seemed quite nervous in the Ellen interview, maybe its because he’s aware of his shaky image to the public now? Also maybe because he hasn’t been on a talkshow with a live audience in years. And its worse because the man is 39 years old, has been in the business for over 20 years, but still seems so insecure and unsure of himself. And then you have actors younger than him like Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon Levitt as examples who appear so confident and sure of themselves and I just can’t help but feel there’s something really bothering Leo or he has personal issues no one is aware of to make him appear so nervous and unhappy all the time.

I think Leo gets nervous on interview and red carpets.

BAD INTERVIEW @ 01/07/2014 at 4:50 pm

@HAHA12: I always felt like Leo was a really insecure person even tho ppl make it out as if he isn’t. You can tell in interviews like this one, and his personal life. We really don’t know much about Leo, like if he went thru any hardships, suffers from any physical or mental illnesses, we know absolutely nothing. Sometimes I just want to know what his life REALLY is like, I feel like we could understand him alot more but that will never happen lol, I just hope he really is happy with himself and his life……..

I agree, I know we all know about the debauchery that goes on in his lifestyle and obviously his relationships with women, but other then that? I feel like its impossible to tell if he really is happy with himself or is just straight up depressed. People say he looks so happy on his yachts with models and clubbing 24/7 but that’s only a fraction of Leo, that’s not him as a whole. I just can’t help but feel bad because he doesn’t seem happy whatsoever and I do wonder if there are personal issues in his life no one is aware of or maybe secretly he is tired of the same lifestyle he’s been having for the past 20 years but still can’t find a way to break his cycle. I think his background and being super famous as young as he was definitely has affected him as an adult and probably in the worst way.

BAD INTERVIEW @ 01/07/2014 at 5:00 pm

@HAHA12: I agree. This was a good convo, thanks. Hope to talk to you soon on a new thread! :D

It was really nice talking to you as well and see you probably on another thread soon

Blacksharpie @ 01/07/2014 at 5:22 pm
This was from the National Board of Review last year. He is so serious! It kind of looks like a mug shot?!

@Black Sharpie @ 01/07/2014 at 5:26 pm

maybe he was disappointed by the django snub? who knows..he def didnt look too happy there


He and Marty won the spotlight award so I guess he’s not going because the Gala is tonight in NYC???

The “art lover” just posted. What’s the location?

Just wondering.. @ 01/07/2014 at 5:45 pm

have any of yal considered the fact maybe he acts so self cautious in interviews is because he knows what a joke he is seen as to many people? just bc he’s never openly mentioned knowing about what a joke he is on the internet, doesn’t mean he doesn’t know/hasn’t seen the oscar jokes/the leo strut/memes/etc. can you imagine trying to look and sound smart and charming while simultaneously wondering how many people are waiting for you to do something they can turn into a meme? that’s why he’s always safe, he’s saying things that he knows for certain cannot be bastardized by the tweens/wannabe comedians of the internet. i mean just look at this tag on tumblr, i would be surprised as hell if leo isn’t atleast make oscar jokes bout him

Blacksharpie @ 01/07/2014 at 5:45 pm

I would think he would go because he is receiving an award?! Wasn’t there a post earlier today saying her was going!?
TG just posts two pics of Art. Don’t know if they were taken today or not.

Just wondering.. @ 01/07/2014 at 5:46 pm

isnt atleast aware****
btw, before i get attacked by some on here, this is just another point to consider. i want to give him some credit


I don’t know. I posted a tweet almost 2-3 hours ago from a girl who said her mom was in the same hotel as Leo in Beverly Hills. I think LA to NYC is almost a 6 hour flight plus you have the time change. It would make sense that he would go especially if it’s to accept an award WITH Marty right???

I saw the two pics. Who knows where she is right now. Her friend hasn’t posted any new pics since their whale watching adventure yesterday. I highly doubt that she would have her friend come down there for two days??? IMO they are probably still in Cabo and making touring the city???

Never mind the above, she just posted another pic of a bull/cow and hashtagged Cabo so they’re still there. LOL And of course who does she tag but Dave the babysitter!!! :-)

stfu about toni @ 01/07/2014 at 5:59 pm

for once people please..ugh

Black sharpie @ 01/07/2014 at 6:06 pm

He always seems to show up for awards. Who knows. Maybe the tweet was inaccurate??
I find it odd that she would stay in Cabo instead of being with him. ?

@####: I would assume he will be in NYC with Narty but after ditching his premiere in May I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t show up. It’s 6 pm here so shortly we will see. If he us there I guess there’s gonna be a mention of it somewhere.
So sugar baby is still under Dave and Irmelin’s supervision? I bet they are thrilled! lol
@127: Sorry but people can post whatever they want.

@####: you’re funny! lol I know you can spend all this time with your boyfriends family but this is just weird! lol The whole relationship is “weird” Leo really doesn’t want her around! Perfect lapdog!!

@Black sharpie:

I agree and like I said, it’s a joint award! Wait a minute….someone posted a video of Marty on Jimmy Kimmel. That was last night so maybe they will fly to NYC together for the gala??? Maybe that’s why he was at the hotel because Marty was staying there?

I’m sure Leo doesn’t want her around when he’s working and especially since he’s with Marty.

@Black sharpie: Baybe she didn’t have a choice? Daddy laid down the rules and if she doesn’t want to get grounded ( much longer ) … she needs to behave. lol

@blacksharpie @ 01/07/2014 at 6:10 pm

i think its weird that his parents are still down there with her. if he is recieving the award tonight i would think his parents would be there.maybe his dad is coming?


Well like I said, I’m sure Leo’s not mean enough to say, I’m leaving so you need to leave the villa too. She obviously doesn’t have any jobs coming up so she probably had her friend come down to hang with her and since they are staying in the same villa as Irmelin and her boyfriend, that’s who they are hanging with. For all we know she and her friend are getting on Irmelin and the boyfriend’s nerves! LOL

concinvced @ 01/07/2014 at 6:18 pm

I am now convinced that Leo told her a** to stay in Cabo! hahahaha Of course he said it in a way to make it sound like a wonderful idea.
Why else would she be down there for so long. Why not follow Leo around instead of staying with his parents!! I don’t think she prefers to stay with his parents he told her a** to stay in Cabo just like how he told her a** to stay away from the official WOLF premiere! OMG this is so hilarious! hahahahaha!!! This woman jumps as high or as low as Leo wants her to! What a shame…Toni you put Bar to shame..

concinvced @ 01/07/2014 at 6:20 pm

He made her going away to Germany for the wolf premiere sound like a wonderful idea too!

Dave, Irmelin and of course Leo have never had a problem with me around BD

Toni’s been on holiday with his family for a long time. Doesn’t she have a job?

Leo’s next passion project: our honeymoon video directed by Martin Scorsese <3 <3

I love how all his male friends and mom are apart of his life in every way and not his gf….Leo aint claiming Toni like that. I guess she has no job! lol I think Leo is a little tired of her too…the end is near


She must not have any jobs coming up.

For all we know, Leo told her she couldn’t come with him and instead of going home, she decided to stay in Cabo and suck up to his mom and boyfriend! Next best thing and then post lots of pics to show what an awesome time she’s having with his mom and boyfriend!!! LOL

@####: what an awesome time she’s having with the mom and boyfriend and not Leo! F*ck Freaking Hilarious!! lol


I’m sure they’re loving it too!!! LMAO

@also – LOL! You’re funny. So Sugar Baby is under Granny Irmelin’s supervision.

National Board of Review @ 01/07/2014 at 6:47 pm

Jonah is already there

Of course he will leave her! It’s stupid to babysit a 21 year old.

@National Board of Review:

So my thinking is that Leo was at Marty’s hotel and they were catching a private jet back to NYC for the gala. Aren’t the private jet’s faster??? LOL

@@138: defiantly! I think she was willing to do what he wanted. Must be fun at first but could get a bit irritating. I guess he gets mental stimulation and emotional support off his friends and family.
@####: Yeah. I think it was a photo op for her. Plus it’s probably a paid for vacation where she can bring a friend. All she has to do is what Leo says.
They will cool off during the awards season! Won’t last as long as him and Erin. Notice the relationship is shorter the younger the girl is. Your looks and ‘yes Leo’ personality can only get you somewhere :)

Erin => 10 months
Toni => 7-8 months ?


Exactly! Totally agree about the looks and the “yes” personality only getting you so far with Leo. He may like to act like he’s in his 20′s getting the young models to fall for him but that’s only going to go so far until he gets bored.

Apples to Leo and Toni!!! @Dalhousie: She’s referring to him as “Mr. Butler” because the fan who posed the question called him that. We know nothing about the lives of these people because they are nothing like ours. Men and even some women of their status and wealth don’t operate on a daily basis like the rest of us do unless they make a concerted effort to do so but that would mean not living or hanging out in LA. It’s safer for these people to “buy” sex then to find it the regular way because of who they are and the people out there trying to use them or get at their money. It makes sense. I think G and M had a legitimate relationship but I think they both knew and understood going in it had no future. Gerry’s all about having fun in the moment and taking things as far as he derives pleasure from it. When that ceases to happen, he moves on. Women her age are easier targets for that kind of thing because they seldom want to settle down. They’re young and aspiring and while he’s getting a steady girlfriend and companion for sex, she’s getting the publicity. It’s a fair exchange and no body is the worse for wear.
@reply | flag this

Jesus, that was a great interview and still some of you aren’t satisfied. SMH. He looked comfortable and very happy. The guy is clearly happy with this movie and his performance and is making more of an effort to promote it because this one is his passion project like The Aviator.

No matter what he does it will never be enough. I think most of you can wait for him to fail so you can laugh at him. If you aren’t fans of him why are you here. I never understand why people go on the internet to waste their time with negativity. You must have miserable lives. People who tear others down are usually unhappy with their own lives and find enjoyment in trashing others. How sad.

You’re not the only one, I liked the interview too. Not his best and he did seem a bit too nervous/tense but it wasn’t bad at all. Like I said people expect things from Leo that I am not sure he is capable of ATM, including being bubbly and enthusiastic like he used to be when he was a teen. I know Ellen is an ass kisser but she especially seems to like Leo a lot, which is sweet. Who knows, maybe she’ll be voting for Leo come Oscar time?

Yeah, I think the younger they are the Easter and more controllable they are.

That’s what I’m thinking along the lines of :)

I think he’s been bored with these young models after young models but it seems like a cycle he just can’t quit, unfortunately.

Anil Kapoor ‏@AnilKapoor
Is Leonardo DiCaprio the world’s best star actor today? I think so. Please watch Wolf.

He is a popular Indian film actor

155 easier not Easter

Black sharpie @ 01/07/2014 at 7:24 pm

He’s at the NBR Gala. I searched #nbrgala on Instagram and there are pics of him. I don’t know how to copy pics from Instagram?!


I agree with you though that the end is coming for them, maybe 2-3 more months. I also think this may be the last trip we see them together on.

@Black sharpie:

YAY!!! At least he’s there!!! :-)

@Black sharpie:

There’s a button at the bottom of the instagram pic with 3 dots. Click on that and pick “copy as URL” I think and then come here and paste it!

Yeah, I for sure believe it will be the last trip! X

Black sharpie @ 01/07/2014 at 7:34 pm

Thanks. I copied them here but for some reason my post is awaiting moderation. Anyway, other people have posted pics.
I am glad he is there.

Oh, the slicked back hair again! Noooooo! LOL at Marty looking at him like a fan(girl) or like Jonah at the premiere!
Thanks for the photos!

I’ve gotten used to the slicked hair at this point lol. I just wish he wouldn’t use it for the Globes but he most likely will. Meh!


Thanks for the pics!!! :-)


Yeah and like HAHA12 said, I’m getting used to it! LOL

I guess Jonah, Marty and Leo will jet off to London tomorrow for the premiere and maybe others in Europe???


We forgot about this bromance earlier. Leorty forever!

Toni’s still in Mexico. Don’t know she’d they we’re here
. I do think this will be her last hols with them.
Leo looks good, but I want someone to tell him not to out so much grease or gel on his hair.

I noticed leos close circle follows gisele,erin on instagram. Never bar or toni. Hmm. Bar must be single for a reason. And Toni is just another fling.

Question of the Day: Blond Leo or Brunette Leo, which do you prefer?

will we ever see leo kiss toni like in the usa with him being aware of cameras?

Leo actually looked much better at least year’s NBR even with the excess tan. He looks old in these shots almost 45 does not bode well for the Globes

blonde hair for sure, but dark hair looks good on him in wolf of wallstreet.

@newin: I’m not sure if people liked bar. In a interview she says she doesn’t know why she’s single because she’s hot. Also Jen doesn’t comment or post a pic if bar wears one of her jewellery when she does to Gisele and Blake. Although they are the most famous. Didn’t Bar slag off Erin, or Leo, I’m not sure. Didn’t she say in a interview she’s looking for a real man and he would leave her in the bed while looking at scripts. And I’m not sure what she said about Erin.
I think someone posted an article about that.

yeah they do. emily, patrick, jennifer all follow toni.

He was shooting WOWS at the time which explains why he looked so good at last years Globes. He was forced to be in shape. I’m just gonna accept it’ll prob be the same greasy and slicked hair at this years GG’s but i hope i am wrong.

And the funny thing is his pals like Kevin C, Tobey M and even Lukas don’t seem to have the same wear and tear as Leo does despite some living a relatively similar lifestyle. Sorry but in these close ups he looks really unattractive

I really liked him with dark hair. The tan was a bit too much, but still looked good in a way. His look was not my usual type, but I found him attractive :)

I know he was shooting WOWS but he was still seen partying it up in NYC hotspots while filming and it showed he still had some semblance of ‘it’ when he can be bothered which of course showed with his rocking gorgeousness at the 2012 GGs (the lack of slicked back hair may have had something to do with it as well). But in these pics dude is aging like a banana, he better invest in Bradley Coopers skincare regime

Pretty sure Leo parties hard 10x more then all of them do. Thats what happens when you live such a hard lifestyle, just look at how haggard Lindsay Lohan looks. And idk if its just me but Leo looks much better in motion than he does in pictures. But I agree these are not flattering pics of him but it gets old inspecting his looks so much. I could really care less how attractive or unattractive he is at the end of the day. Just wish he took better care of himself cus when he does he looks really good imo.


I agree. I like his hair lighter but the dark hair was good for WOWS.

He needs some rest and needs to stop hitting the clubs so much. Exercise would be good as well. I prefer him to Bradley even if Bradley looks more attractive then Leo most of the time, idk if that makes sense lol. The slicked hair really emphasizes his large forehead which is why I wish he didn’t style it like that.

He looked really good in WOWS.

For me its not so much attractive or unattractive question its just the bloat dag factor and general unhealthiness it exudes, same thing with Lohan who is remarkably pretty but looks like she has been ridden hard and put away wet at the age of 27. They just look like they need colonics and holy water

Emily and Patrick are probably good friends with Leo but I don’t think they count as inner circle like Jen, Tobey, Lukas, Kevin or Ethan.

Yeah I definitely agree. I think Lindsay was soooo pretty before she got messed up and its a shame she let herself go like that. I don’t get what Leo’s deal is, unlike Lindsay he’s not on drugs as far as we know. Too much booze and clubbing I guess is the result of the bloated face. I just feel like he deliberately lets himself get so bloated and unkempt looking which is unfortunate. The older he gets, the harder it will be lose off that weight. Its weird because when he films a movie he looks so good like when he was shooting Gatsby and Wolf but then after the movie is released he goes back to looking slobby and gross lol. Same with Joaquin Phoenix, when he is cleaned up and well groomed he looks SO attractive but then you see pics of him like this and its obvious he just does not give a sh-t


Well Leo’s clubbing never ends! You always hear of him out til like 4AM or later. LOL

Toni SHOULD not tell jokes! Good lord she is corny but she keeps trying!! haha NOT @Cow “joke”

@HAHA12: Ewww… There is nothing attractive about Bradley Cooper and his creeper eyes and derp smile.

Idk what this face is suppose to be

I think he’s attractive but I much prefer Leo at his best as opposed to Bradley at his best, if that makes sense. Its just too bad we don’t get to see Leo’s ‘best’ these days.

@stop: You should get the stick outta your ass and stop trolling her instagram looking for the most random and insignificant stuff to criticize!!

@question @ 01/07/2014 at 8:59 pm

In USA’s streets or in any other big cities….

I’d take Leo at his worst over Bradley Copper’s funny lookin self.

Thats a shocker to hear, lol! I was under the impression everyone was in love with BCoop ever since Silver Linings.

How does he not get tired between that and waking up early for long flights??

@Hmm: she’s corny, corny, corny corny! Didn’t troll her insta it was posted here b!tch!

Wow, he looks really good here. This is a cute pic.

Black sharpie @ 01/07/2014 at 9:06 pm

I wonder when this was taken?
Either he’s really cold or really stressed?!

hmmm seems leo has a new thing for funky socks :D

@HAHA12: No! I think he’s a prime example of a man who gets fame and money, and then all of a sudden the women lose their minds for him!

Black sharpie @ 01/07/2014 at 9:24 pm

In the “look what I did on my vacation” section of her Instagram, TG has posted a pic riding a horse!

@socks: I was just about to post that! What’s with the blue socks with white dots? Maybe Dave gave him one ( he has quite a selection based on his Instagram photos )? lol
@Black sharpie: She is oversized to ride a normal horse! She looks awkward!

I watched Gisele on jimmy fallen and it made me cringe. She has a unique look, but she’s so offer the top and comes across quite fake and vain. Then again that’s nothing compared to Bar….. It hi k Leo picks women like this because they are more invested in the selfs than the relationship, so he can have some me time, or him and another woman time.

Leo’s PR everywhere

Leo's found his girl. @ 01/07/2014 at 11:09 pm

I really do think Toni will become Leo’s permanent girlfriend that he will settle down with in a long term relationship & maybe marry one day.

I know you guys dislike ANY girl he dates but I think you’re fooling yourselves if you believe she’s just a casual fling.

Leo has a mother complex & you keep IGNORING the fact that Toni is not only a young, blond VS model but she’s also German.

She’s not only a replica of his mom being blond & German but she also ticks all the boxes for him, tall, very young & a VS model, that combination immediately makes HER different from all the others.

The fact she’s staying with his mom while he’s away speaks volumes & they no doubt speak German together which gives them a closer bond than his other girlfriends.

So therefore she IS the perfect girl for him, just wait & see.

He’s so handsome.

Oh wait she is staying with his Mom alone?! LOL that does say a lot…

Love this man! He’s so charming, well spoken, intelligent, handsome and talented. It’s so good to see him so relaxed and smile :))

I think Gisele also stayed with his mom alone…. and?

Di Caprio and Jack Nicholson look almost like the same:-) Like father and on.

@Leo's found his girl @ 01/08/2014 at 8:41 am

Miranda’s fan is baaack…

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