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Leonardo DiCaprio - National Board of Review Awards Gala 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio - National Board of Review Awards Gala 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio suits up while attending the 2014 National Board Of Review Awards Gala held at Cipriani 42nd Street on Tuesday (January 7) in New York City.

The 39-year-old actor won the Spotlight Award this year for his career collaboration with his The Wolf of Wall Street director Martin Scorsese.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo won the NBR’s Best Supporting Actor last year for his work in Django Unchained.

In case you missed it, Leonardo recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he talked about surviving a shark tank.

FYI: Leo is wearing a Shamballa Jewels 10mm Black Onyx Bracelet.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio attending the 2014 National Board Of Review Awards Gala…

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Credit: Dave Allocca; Photos: Starpix/JustJared, Wenn
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  • elvisgirl

    Are Leonardo’s eyes really that blue? Impressive!

  • Zzzzzz
  • Zzzzzz

    oops! meant to post it in the other thread!

  • Lilly

    His eyes look really blue. He looks a bit tired, think he’s been on a lot of flights :) x

  • Key

    Can someone post the pics of him arriving in the grey suit and blue jacket wearing the funky sock please?!

  • X
  • @Key
  • also…

    Wow! Not a good photo of Marty! I don’t like Leo’s hair. He needs a hair intervention!
    @X: It’s freezing in NYC so no wonder he is so cold! LOL @ his socks!

  • Jen

    Let me get this straight, leo was in cabo but flew to LA sunday and is now in NYC but toni has continued the vacation with his mom and moms boyfriend…wow, they must really get a long, not a lot of girlfriends/boyfriends would hang out wuth the in laws with their significant other…know I wouldnt dream of it with mine!! Wonder is leos olan to rejoin them or what…just find it odd shes so comfortable when they havent been dating foe that long

  • also…

    @Jen: Leo is expected in London on Thursday for WOWS premiere. His mom gets along with his girlfriends and Toni has a friend with her in Cabo. I find it odd that she stayed behind instead of accompanying her boyfriend. jmo

  • Kathy

    Im so lucky to have had the privilege of meeting Leonardo in person, hes a very sweet charming and funny guy and soo much more good looking in person, I knew people used to always say it but I never believes them until I saw for myself…his skin glows and those eyes…and hes also much slimmer in person, very narrow hips but also broad shoulers and tall, think he looks even taller because hes slim… I wish him all the best in the awards seasons anything he gets is truely deserved

  • lol

    a prestigious ceremony, an acclaimed director,a famous actor, 9 comments in and already its back to toni again?

  • also…

    @Kathy: Lucky you! How did you meet him if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Black sharpie

    I agree. He might fly out tomorrow if the premiere is Thursday. He’ll probably do interviews first.
    I’m surprised she didn’t go with him to LA and then NY. She lives in NY?!

  • @Kathy

    iheard he looks less bloated in person, is that true?

  • Cc

    Hes working why the hell would she accompany him? He wouldnt even have time to be with her

  • naw

    Marty looks sooo cute in the photo where he’s standing next to Leo and he looks so tiny. Otherwise… that first photo of him…. not good lol.

  • EIN

    @also…: I don’t think she’s going to London and I don’t think his mom’s going to London either. Really after the golden globes what else do they have to look forward to? I find it strange too…and yes Toni’s friend is with her. #endisnear

  • naw

    I wonder if Marty knows about Toni?

  • lol

    @Cc: like how she didnt accompanied him to his wolf premiere and his mom went! Mom wanst working and she wasn’t working.. What is your excuse for that!? lol

  • allison

    Leo has a BIG head.

  • Kathy

    I met him at a grocery store in NY while I was on vacation (got a sneaky look into his trolley lol) at first I was nervous to approach him but I practically bumped into him in one of the aisles so i had no choice, he was very polite and said excuse me maam and then we both laughed as we realized we were both holding 6 packs of bud! Lol but anyway yes he is much les bloated, I didnt notice anything like that…if i didnt knoww better he could hve easily passed for someone in mid 20s!!

  • BZ girl

    I think the interview was ok but was still safe..the part where he kind of makes fun of Ellen when she mispronounce Queludes is funny…

  • also…

    @Cc: Well, she is his girlfriend and it would show support? I know Leo doesn’t like to flaunt his private life but his girlfriends accompanied him in the past. And yeah, good point. Not going even to his US premiere?
    @Black sharpie: Irmelin can still join him tomorrow in NYC en route to London…

  • also…

    @Kathy: LOL! Thanks for sharing! What ( else ) was in his cart? And which grocery store? ;)

  • Fan

    Leo is always so smiley and happy around his peers, for once i wish us fans could see that side of him

  • wtf

    leo is embarrassed as f-ck to be seen with toni in public and is aware of the backlash hes gotten for it, are u all stupid and seriously confused that he hasnt brought her to any events or premieres?

  • also…

    @wtf: If he is so embarrassed by her why is he still dating her?

  • wtf

    bc hes sad and lonely and needs a girl on the side for when he gets bored. DUH?

  • also…

    @wtf: and he is so desperate that he is sticking to someone who embarrasses him? Sorry but that just doesn’t make sense

  • BZ girl

    @also:I doubt if Toni goes to the premiere he will just sneak her through the back door to the after party… If she even goes to London..

  • Kathy

    No problem :) he was with 2 male friends and I quickly overheard some if their conversation, they like to curse lol! I’m just trying to remember think there was red bull some pasta, fruit, veg, lots of meat that looked like steak and several packs of doritos! I’m not from the US so i cant quite remember exactly but I’m pretty sure it may have been whole foods…or something like that, I went to a lot of grocery stores we were students lol

  • wtf

    he is EMBARRASSED TO BE SEEN WITH HER BY HIS PEERS is what i meant. dont twist my words, you know its the truth. he probably finds her cute, but thats it. they lack as much chemistry as him and erin did.

  • BZ girl

    @wtf: he needs a girl when he’s bored?..well when she’s around he still looks bored!lol

  • wtf

    @BZ girl:
    call it depression or insanity all ik is LEO AIN’T NORMAL!

  • also…

    @BZ girl: why not? He did that with Bar.
    @Kathy: Thanhs again for sharing. I know he frequents Whole Foods but I don’t think they sell Doritos. No junk food there. Maybe it was something similar to that ( healthy version ). And the cursing… yeah, we heard of that, too.
    It was nice of you to share your story! Lucky you!

  • Blaah

    He always looks bored, even at events bored and angry…think thats just his face…i saw a pic of him and his mom and bball game and he looked pissssed as hell and angry and we all know how much he loves her so think its just his face

  • also…

    @wtf: How did I twist your words? I’m sorry but I have heard this many times before while he was with Bar. That he is embarrassed by her yet he was with her for like 5 years. To me it doesn’t make sense why would anyone date a girl even though he is embarrassed to be seen with her. He looks miserable around her and he is definitely very low key with her but she embarrasses him? So why not date someone not embarrassing?

  • S

    I didn’t get a chance to post on the last thread but I really enjoyed watching Leo on the Ellen show today. He was so charming, polite and handsome. Going to be hard to delete it from my DVR…may have to keep it and watch a few more times ( since it is insanely cold, to cold to go out ). Leo seems to have so many great stories. Amazing some of the things he has done. He looks very handsome in the above pics as well. So rooting for him right now and hope he at least wins something for the Wolf performance. IMO it is soooo deserved! As for you know who, who does that…. vacations with your bf parents without your bf. If she was his wife maybe…I don’t know just seems weird.

  • BZ girl

    @also I don’t recall Bar being at all his premires mostly the after partys she didt get the special treatment either…Bar would spend a couple of weeks with him then he would ship her back to Israel..back and forth Pretty much a long distance relationship .I think this why it lasted as long as it did! Since Toni lives in the US she’s much more available…I’m sure this will pretty much fizzle out quickly.. Leo loves his space..

  • wtf

    because think about it, what grown woman would want to be with him knowing his history and reputation? these young models who bore him to death seem to be the only ones that want to give him a shot. he is only with toni when he is bored and needs a companion, look at how many times hes been caught fooling around with other girls when shes not around. he doesnt love her and he sure as hell aint marrying her

  • ####


    How long ago did you see him? Years, months???

  • KOKO

    Leo looks incredibly ugly!

  • ####


    Re toni staying in cabo, she obviously has no jobs coming up and Leo wouldn’t allow her to come with him so she probably chose to stay in cabo and have her friend come down to keep her company. I can’t imagine Leo or his mom would say “no you can’t stay, go home!” Plus she probably saw it as good suck up time to his mom and boyfriend! LOL

    For all we know she’s annoying the crap out of irmelin!! :-)

  • Margot Robbie

    was just announced as a presenter for the Golden Globes so I guess Leo will be hanging with her that day ?

  • ####


    I just watched the Ellen interview too and I agree with everything you say!!

    +111111111 :-)

  • also…

    @Blaah: And many ohotos of him relaxed and smiling. I think it’s more like being aware if the cameras and the company…
    @wtf: Unfortunately that’s true. What woman with brain and self esteem would date him?
    @####: Possible. But that just shows what this really is between them. She can kiss up to his mom and friends but it is what it is.

  • ####


    I do agree with most of what you say about Leo and toni. She’s a convenience for him and I do think he is embarrassed to have her around his peers.

    That’s why my opinion is that this will be their last trip together and I see them cooling off over the next 2-3 months.

  • BZ girl

    @####: I think its something about Margot that intimidates Leo.. She’s has a Cancer sun and a Scorpio moon.. Like Gisele :)

  • newbie

    lol it’s 5 degrees in nyc right now. He should have brought a down coat! Nice socks, though.