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Emma Watson Dating Rugby Player Matthew Janney!

Emma Watson Dating Rugby Player Matthew Janney!

Emma Watson is dating Oxford University rugby player Matthew Janney!

The 23-year-old actress and Matt, 21, were seen on the beach in the Caribbean together this week holding hands and being very affectionate.

Check out the photos over at The Mirror, a video of the pair on the beach below, and photos of Matthew in action on the rugby field in the gallery.

“They didn’t have a care in the world. Matt was very protective of Emma – often putting his arm around her,” a source said. “He was being a gentleman the whole time. He is clearly very much into her, but then who wouldn’t be, she is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars? They couldn’t stop giggling and smiling the whole time.”

It was announced earlier in the week that Emma and her longtime boyfriend Will Adamowicz had split over the summer.

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Photos: Getty, Oxford Rugby Club
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  • JustSaying

    The british Taylor Swift.

  • hm

    that was fast

  • amanda

    @hm…yea 6 months is really fast

  • Bonnie

    That was fast! He has an amazing body, yum yum ^^

  • Toetapper

    How’s that Brown education working out for ya’ Emma? My friend’s daughter who was in your class has already graduated and is working!

    The longer you wait, the less likely it is you will get a BA.

    Riddle me this: how come Natalie Portman; Brooke Shields and Jodie Foster all managed to graduate with honors from respectively Harvard, Princeton and Yale, but you can’t even cobble together a BA degree”

  • Alaia

    @Toetapper: Probably because she decided to work with Sofia Coppola and Darren Aronofsky instead.

  • http://twitter kimjonathan

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  • James

    Disgusting paparazzi stalking young lovers in their privacy to make some money and none of you even think about how wrong that is.

  • Truthie

    Fast. These Hollywood starlets are so promiscuous. Sad.

  • Josh


    You do know Emma is working too. She’s actively working AND getting a degree. What the heck is your problem exactly. She seems like a normal girl who is juggling both a career and an education. She has a bit more to prove than the three actresses you mentioned as she has to actively work to not be typecast as Hermione.

    I just don’t get how you have the gull to actually call out a girl who’s actually pursuing an education all because she took some breaks to also work in films. She was also on break, so if you’re comment is about how she’s taking a vacation, than well, don’t you know, from your “daughter” that kids are on break now, even in England(though they’re back now).

    Sorry, I usually don’t comment on here but I find it hilarious and pathetic that you’re making such nasty comments about someone who is IN school.

    Also many people, especially those who work full time, take more than four years to graduate from college. I’m sure your “daughter” would know some of them.

  • Ryan

    @amanda: yes it is fast

  • Cate

    Hmm…these seem staged. She’s obviously dating this new guy but it’s interesting the second incriminating drug pics of her ex come out that could tarnish her clean image in some way suddenly there is info, pics and videos of her with her new guy almost immediately. I smell the hand of her PR team here so that she is totally disassociated from her previous boyfriend

    At least this latest boyfriend has a hot body. Looks like the best looking guy she’s dated so far.

  • Sophia

    @Cate: I completly agree with you. This has written “PR” all over it. Oh and by the way, is she going to the Golden Globes? If so… WHY???

  • jen

    The other relationship could have been over six months ago???
    She looks happy and healthy and that is what is important.

  • Kris

    Emma Watson is one of the best role models today for young women. She works her tail off in both her school and career. She is not like these LA or Hollywood actresses. She seems incredibly down to earth and is both beautiful inside and outside. She is worth about $50 million or so and is CHOOSING to get her degree-let’s face it, she doesn’t have to!
    Personally, I think anyone who has anything negative to say about Ms. Watson is just jealous.

  • Anon

    She is presenting at the Golden Globes. It’s in part the beginning of promotion for her new film Noah that is coming out in March.

  • True

    @Kris: Role Model? Jumping from the bed of one guy to the next? Please!

  • mln

    what part about split over the summer do people not grasp? That could be anywhere from 5-7 months ago. how is that jumping from one guy to the next?

  • cmac

    Is this idea of how many guys and how often a young woman can date, a double standard? I don’t hear those comments concerning men’s dating habits.

  • hp

    I love her,but she’s only 23 and she already had 6 boyfriends..all cought up in camera,,what’s up.

  • nina


    And who know you Daughter, exactly, nobody, Emma is an actress you’re daughter is only a employer.

  • Kim

    Jeez, Emma seems like one of those types who can never be single. Take some time and be single and enjoy your life on your own. I will never understand why some people always need to have a bf or gf.

  • Cyclone

    This thread proves that the world isn’t short of weirdos with too much time on their hands. I don’t mind Watson but I doubt that she’s a ‘great role model’, as someone up there posted. She seems obsessed with fashion and the famous lifestyle and I don’t see her in any interesting roles. However she was cute in HP and her story about having a crush on Tom Felton was funny.

  • http://yes! ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!

    Asians all together can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
    Asians hide their mind reading abilities by having completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds! They value hiding it more than their own lives!!!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

  • mina

    ho ho ho ho ho!! She sure does like to get around a lot!

  • Samantha Sophia

    How creepy is this video, you see the exact moment they realized they are being recorded. The lack of privacy sucks…

  • Ha

    To be fair, he sure has a hot body :p …..Now, Emma seems to be a little bit of a hoe, doesn’t she!? xD

  • Janire

    Emma, enjoy life! He can get it.

  • Lea

    I dont like some girls attitude with their bfs. This one for example. She’s acting as if she was thinking “Whoa! Im so cool with my chewing gum and walking with this hot guy loosely as if I dont care about anything” when she’s aware of the cameras. Please girl, do you really love your hot guy or are you in love with the press?

  • Lenah

    Why is everyone whining about her dating life? First of all, that’s her decison, not yours. Second, she’s Young, you know she’s allowed to date and if things don’t work out, they don’t. Third, if guys do this, they are cool, if Girls do it, they are consiered cheap. Well guess what People, this double Standard is silly and it’s extremely annoying to see women attacking each other on this Topic, instead of supporting each other.

  • Kristen

    @nina: so what??? your comment is stupid..

  • GAH!

    WTF wasnt she just announced single?

  • lourdes

    oh come on its been six months, she can move on. Seriously calm down people, if she were a guy you wouldnt been judging her so much

  • Stella

    Sorry but he are very UGLY :s

  • The Cruel

    @Alaia: Better to have a degree from an Ivy league school than to act. She is never going to have a career in middle age the way Sandra Bullock does.

  • The Cruel

    @Kris: Um, no.

    A true role model would be someone like Natalie Portman who slogged through the entire four years of Harvard, got her degree and then resumed her career. (Actually she did a Star Wars movie WHILE SHE WAS AT HARVARD.)

    Sorry, being an actress is not the best role model. How about the woman who just became head of GM- first woman in the US to head a Big Five automobile company? Or a doctor who works beyond the borders? Being a teacher is a better role model than being an actress- just about the most narcissistic profession out there, pal.

  • Sam

    @The Cruel: How ignorant of you. Being a role model has little to do with your career path; it’s who you are as a person and setting good examples for others. So you’re implying it’s wrong for little girls who want to be an actor to look up to her? And for what reason exactly? Because their dream jobs don’t succumb to your standards? Stop degrading a profession, which I doubt you know anything about, simply because you don’t like it. They probably work 100 times harder than you considering you’re sitting behind a computer screen talking arrogance.

    By the way, working AND going to school is what MOST people do. It’s called being responsible. PAL

  • Sam

    @JustSaying: Emma has had 3 boyfriends prior. Taylor’s had at least 10.

    She had three in high school/before fame
    Lucus Till
    Joe Jonas
    Jake Gylenhaul
    Cory Monteith
    John Mayer
    Connor Kennedy
    Harry Styles
    Plus at least 3-4 more that she went on dates with that didn’t go further.

    Just saying, she’s nothing like Taylor Swift. She doesn’t go from man to man nor has she had a lot of boyfriends. She also doesn’t insult people and try to humiliate her ex’s and talk bad about them in interviews, etc, like Taylor does. Taylor is an embarrassment and beyond hypocritical. She also is an awful singer. Don’t even try to compare the two.

  • Emma is a lovely girl. And please, she broke up with her ​​ex boyfriend, whom she dated for two years, about six months ago. I don’t see why it is wrong dating another guy. I hate this double standard, and how women are judged by their sexual lives, while men are congratulated for it.

  • amael

    i’m not calling Emma out here – she’s allowed to date whomever she wants & she is usually always in long terms relationships rather than flings. She also comes across as very likeable & down to earth in interviews.

    that being said these photographs have clearly been orchestrated by her PR team. it’s all way too obvious. pictures of her ex- boyfriend taking drugs hit the gossip mags/tabloids & within days not only do we find out that she has a new rugby player boyfriend but we have pictures of them frolicking on the beach. this is damage control!

  • http://@mineyagiz mnygz

    Her rep annouced they broke up at summer. You still say its fast? Its been almost half a year. You people are stupid.

  • v

    Taylor Swift is obviously just bearding for those guys with many gay rumors, it’s win win situation for her, she’s on the news, her fans can do wildly guess which songs for which boys game, and the gays get their straight rep.
    While Emma obviously like rich d0uchebag type but oddly she never look that oh so into them so break up soon to be expected, it’s just weird why she kept picking the guys that into her more than her into them.

  • gemma

    emma please sign more good films….its okay do what u want to do in your personal life….
    still u don need to have b.f just stay single n gve sum time to urslf….
    lov u.

  • Bonnie

    @The Cruel: I totally agree with you. But if I had to choose a role model in the ‘actress category’ I think I would select Emma because she represents the right values of the society :) Plus she seems quite ‘reachable’ as she’s not an outstanding beauty but still really pretty and clever! :)

  • uhmmmm

    really? look, if ‘m not mistaken summer begins in july, right? well, i remember photos of her and Will after that period. this is damage control and PR. i love Emma, i believe she has a somewhat bright future, but this blows it. it is not double standards, that term is used only by people who like sleeping around and do not like critics. so yeah, men do it, so what? it doesn’t mean you have to do it as well to be on the same place! that’s disgusting and degrading!
    now, months ago she tweeted something about a friend of hers asking her about nfl, tying dots it would seem it was Janney… and if people want to speculate…. a good gossip is that she cheated on Will with Janney, now they got dirt on Will and she is doing a hurried damage ctrl. i mean, who wouldn’t? Janney is definitely hotter, but she made a mistake on that…once a cheater…. so she might be covering that up too.
    i’m open to hear more theories XD

  • @uhmmmm

    The latest photos of Emma with her ​​ex-boyfriend are from June.. the rumors that she was dating a rugby player started in November.. Also, her ex-boyfriend lives in Boston and Emma has stayed in the UK since Latter half of last year.. I think quite plausible that they have broken up in the summer.

  • uhmmmm

    @@uhmmmm: oh well, my mistake then… though i don’t remember ever reading about those rumours, where did you find them??OO
    aaaannnd still, do people actually get over a boyfriend/girlfriend of about two and a half years in just six months?? bloody ‘get-over-xxx’ regimen that is…! oO

  • legsfan

    Sigh each one is worse than the last. She should just stick to Rupert Grint – they make such a cute couple…