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Ian Somerhalder Wishes His Ex Nina Dobrev a Happy Birthday

Ian Somerhalder Wishes His Ex Nina Dobrev a Happy Birthday

Ian Somerhalder wears a fedora and a big smile on his face while arriving at LAX Airport on Wednesday afternoon (January 8) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor arrived just in time to get changed and head to the red carpet for the 2014 People’s Choice Awards later in the evening.

Before heading to the show, Ian and his ex-girlfriend/Vampire Diaries co-star Nina Dobrev had a fitting with their stylist Ilaria Urbanti and he shared a video of all the clothes. If you take a look in the mirror, you will notice that he also happens to be shirtless!!!

“Happy Birthday @ninadobrev !!! The world loves you!We all do;) Enjoy the moment, enjoy the day,enjoy the year!” Ian tweeted just after midnight on Nina‘s 25th birthday!

10+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder at the airport…

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34 Responses to “Ian Somerhalder Wishes His Ex Nina Dobrev a Happy Birthday”

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  1. 1
    Isa Says:


  2. 2
    He rocks!!!! Says:

    LOVE HIM! He has a great sense of style and is so down to Earth and sexy! I’m so happy he won a PCA Award! Finally <3

  3. 3
    nessie Says:

    Is this man supposed to be sexy?! LOL

  4. 4
    Grey Says:

    Love Ian’s pic from LAX
    BUT the Title of the article! LMFAO!! Is that chick that desperate that jared need mention Ian’s tweet so fans would know it;’s her BDAY?
    who fu1234cking cares if he condgradulate his co -worker and PR shownace sh!tty partner or not?

  5. 5
    jane Says:

    Does this guy not have other clothes t wear??. He always wears the same black and grey.

  6. 6
    verox87 Says:

    Love him so much!

  7. 7
    Jasmine Says:

    Memo to Ian, only person that can pull off a fedora is the white hot Bomer. Ina just looks silly.

  8. 8
    Ian plizz this is tiring...... Says:

    I like Ian and all what he does for the environment and animals and he is so focus on that and other charities and also he seem like a nice easy going person. But What I dont like from him and I have noticed that after he broek up with Nina is the constant little obsession Ian still ahve for Nina, mentioning her in many of his Tweets.

    Now he is sending her a happy birthday wishes and said the world loves her we all do. I mean he seems he still have something for mer more than just friendship if u ask me. When COSMO cover was out, Ian also said something very lovely about her and posted iton his twitter account.

    He continues to speak like he still loves her. I dont know I have that feeling.

    I mean Im nto saying he has to bad mouth her and be rude of course not, but is like he still has a tiny obsession about her, as he keeps and keeps talking about his ex on a social network. Nina also does the same to him on Twitter.

    If they wnat to be together ok be together but stop announcing to the public every single move you do to get the other person attention even if it is to say anything.

    This is getting really pathetic from Ian, It is really annoying. It looks he wants the attiention from people and the media and that does not make him so authentic like he once was.

  9. 9
    Dani Says:

    What a hottie <3

    @Ian plizz this is tiring……: They are Actors and have to sell a show! Don’t forget that! Ian being friendly doesn’t mean anything because thats the kind of Guy he is!

  10. 10
    TVD Fan Says:

    @jane: why do you care? Let him wear what he wants! And btw, his Jeans is new and his scarf too!! Oh and the necklace too! He’s just a normal Guy who’s not obsessed with wearing different Designer clothes every Day! I love that! His style is simple AND super hot!! GO IAN <3

  11. 11
    So true Says:

    @Ian plizz this is tiring……:
    seriosly? little obsession?Poor guy is forced to tweet her and unknowledge her more than usual and do the constant damage control bc after break up Nina is loosing her fans faster than Red Baron Michael drives through F1!!!
    This is not Ian pinning after Nina, it is a part of contract to not to let co start be hated by fans.
    He was sending her BDay tweets for years and only fans like u sees it as smth more than a man having good manners!

  12. 12
    Lily Says:

    this man is so hot, I amost pass out every time I see a new pic

  13. 13
    Katie Says:

    I think this is wonderful. That two people who were together for that long and are now ex’s, being nice to one another is refreshing. As someone who works in the industry I can tell you this is not in their contract. They are not obligated to be this nice to one another. They are being true professionals and great sports about this. Their breakup might have been totally amicable and they went into knowing this day might come. I’m sure they prepared. I think they should be commented for being so playful, and self deprecating about the whole thing. And the Nina hate needs to stop, no one has any idea what went down so blaming her is incredibly unfair.

  14. 14
    Disagree Says:

    @So true: Maybe it is me but I dont believe former bf/gf can still be good friends. If they broke up was because a reason, otherwise they
    could have still be dating, wouldnt they?

    That is what it is call EX. You are no longer attached to that person romantically so you ahve to move on. You can be polite and kind sure, but not mention your ex in every conversation dialogue very often/ cause it sounds you still is wants that person back and it is awkward like you still are hang to it..

    Im not gushing my ex often when I talk to people, he has move on so do I. He is my ex period ,It would be like I call my ex on his bday, I will never do that. Why I would do that? he is no longer my bf I dont need to call him, we both moved on and besides he does not call me either, and I dont expect hiim to do so anyway. We are not longer a couple, period. If I ran into him sure I will say hi and how are you? Im not that unpolite, but that is it,.

    I mean why ian care if Nina does not ahve fans? That is her problem with her bad attitude as I heard before she has some attitude towards fans and likes to draw attention to her in every possible way. Ian should focus on his job, his charities and himself period and move on.

    I know you may say but they work together, of course I know they work together and for work they have to act professionally. But on a personal level, each one is a different individual they are not acting and they are being themselves.

    And if Ian likes to congratulates her and still gushes over her well do it in private he does not have to tweet about it so the world knows he is such a caring guy. I mean who cares Ian!! Do it in private and be conservative on that. Keep it to yourself, Why the need to publish it to fans or the entire world to know. Nina is not my sister and Im not related to her to care if it is her bday or not..

    It is like Grey mentioned here:

    Is that chick that desperate that jared need mention Ian’s tweet so fans would know it;’s her BDAY?
    who fu1234cking cares if he condgradulate his co -worker and PR shownace sh!tty partner or not?

  15. 15
    So true Says:

    bc it is showbusiness, fans pays to see the show off and on screen, they fans paid for nian and got the pr staged showmance, now they pay for friendly nian and get this, this is all to sell the show.
    No one was interested in Nina before Nian, they need to sell the actress.
    Read fans comments on twitter and elsewhere
    “If Ian said so then we should’
    :If Ian forgave Nina we should too”
    “If Ian is ok with Nina then we should too’
    and so on
    they are ok with each other bc nian is pr stunt, there is no awkwardness bc love was never there

    Nina is long forgotten during PCA and her BDay look at very few comments about her. Now when Ian mention her in his tweet fans do recognize her and discuss her

  16. 16
    connie Says:

    Be a man and come out already. Fess up and be a man like everyone else. Matt is hot and who cares.

  17. 17
    CC Says:

    Just Stop! This type of publicity and fan feeding needs to end. It’s been eight months. You know Ian was kissing his girlfriend at the Mexican airport before hoping off the plane in LA. He was getting some ‘beach loving’ and it wasn’t from Nina. Find some other way of promoting yourselves than milking the Nian train dry.
    Actually, come to think of it, Ian must have an understanding new girlfriend. It’s a bit weird him kissing Chinese girls on the lips, there was no need for that really or hanging off your Ex at midnight on her birthday.

  18. 18
    Together Says:

    @CC: How come everyone had seen that Ian is dating a nwe lady? I havent seen any pics of the new lady, Where I can see one at least? And yu are right it is a bit weird Ian kssing girls on the lips and hugging very tight o your ex at midnite so she can blow the candles of her bday cake. If u ask me either they got back togeher or Ian and Nina have a very odd friends relationship so odd that they still treat each other as if they are still bf and gf.

  19. 19
    me Says:

    Before PCA, Nina made ​​every possible trick to draw attention to herself. (It was her choice, I do not have any problem with it). But that did not work this time. She did not win the PCA awards. Some years ago, when she did won, he said the same thing “everybody loves you.” I thought it was very nice from Ian, to say that again. As far as I understand Ian is long over Nina. He has moved on, she has moved on. Ian very cordially and warmly congratulates everybody. It is not necessary to read out more form his Twitter message than there is written.

  20. 20
    Hi Says:

    Truth is that both do their own thing in real life. But its showbiz and CW and press likes and wants to sell the Nian PR. Ian is looooong over Nina (and Nina Ian) and who fails to see that must have his eyes checked….anyway that is who he is. We all know that he is in good term with most of his ex’s and with some is friends also. I know that some people cant relate to that cause you cant stay friends with your ex’s. It all comes to your character, some can, others can’t. That being said please Jared stop the whole Nian PR. Even they said that they broke up cause sites like yours create buzz and make some fans go wild. I know that is how showbiz works but its tiring. And last but not least…has it ever occured to some of you that they have to sell a show so they have to play friends? In general i see both of them do their own life, a birthday tweet or a congrats tweet that they both (i underline that NOT only Ian) have done means nothing but simple politism.

  21. 21
    elaine Says:

    I hope that his new girlfriend (poor) is a girl very patient and understanding.. he kiss and touch everything breathes, he has no respect

  22. 22
    More respect Says:

    @elaine: I agree with u

  23. 23
    More respect Says:

    I believe that both are pathetic and this is my opinion. Ian and Nina has to sell their show so they have to be cordial and polite to the media and public, so they play this PR stunt to achieve that. and that way the show gets more viewers and ratings.

    Ian is being a fool to be convinced by the network to fall for this PR stunt he has with Nina I mean. If Ian is the person we all beleive he is, he should stand up for himself and not let the network play him for a fool just to get his show with higher ratings. One thing is work and the other one is messing up with his personal life. Cause Ian is alsp playing the CW network game. He is treating Nina very nice, sending good messages to her on his Twitter acount (adn everyone can access to that account as it is public domain) and he is pretending to look nice to the eyes of the media and fans, just for the network Im sure.

    Pure act from both of them and Ian is being played and like to play for the network. How sad!!!

    Ian should stop pretending things if he does not really mean it because it goes against for what he believes,. No wonder why some people do not like Ian as he is pretentious.

    No wonder Hollyweird changes celebs as human beings.

  24. 24
    Lilly Says:

    gorgeous man and human being, I love him

  25. 25
    Mel Says:


    That is because he probably has a secret boyfriend and not a girlfriend and that is why he can be so kissy with other women.

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