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Kristen Stewart: Topless in Balenciaga's Rosabotanica Ad!

Kristen Stewart: Topless in Balenciaga's Rosabotanica Ad!

Kristen Stewart goes topless and is covered with flowers in this new ad for Balenciaga’s Rosabotanica fragrance.

“It’s very much in keeping with the story in the first one. It was very fresh. It was really clean and like very bare, in your face,” the 23-year-old actress says in a behind the scenes video about the campaign. “And in this it’s a little bit more lived in.”

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“It looks like the vines are starting to grow into her and they’re becoming a part of her. She’s clearly very comfortable there and like owning it a little bit more,” Kristen adds about the character she conceptualized for the campaign.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kristen Stewart’s fragrance campaign for Balenciaga’s Rosabotanica?

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kristen stewart topless in balenciagas rosabotanica ad

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  • Lei


  • isa
  • Jessie

    She’s become what she said she wasn’t.

  • Guest

    In the video she didn’t look topless.

  • http://twitter kalli

    Gorgeous looking and beautiful kristen !!!

  • hawk

    Gorgeous and divine Kristen. Video is nice. She is perfection.

  • Nightwish


  • Bellend

    Why the long face? :/

  • zoe

    wow, she is gorgeous! there’s something about here that is so sincere and genuine.

  • p

    @Jessie Well that’s one way to see it .. but if you are not in this type of business you really can’t judge a person for whatever decision they make . .The way i see it she is more mature therefore she can change her mind , that’s her perogative. Anyway being the face of a respected brand to me is just good business , at least she doesn’t go around every fashion event just to be seen. Don’t knock it until you are in that situation , when fashion houses like Chanel or Balenciaga offers you a good deal and if you already love their style it’s a win win . It’s not like she’s peddling Maybelline or revlon or doing a car commercial ! As people get older they think differently … anyway .. Good for her . And that frangrance is actually really , really good !

  • p

    And i aslo think this new ad is just georgous ! .. And she is absolutely beautiful in it .. Well done !

  • nina

    wow, she’s sooo eloquent! Not! Still riding on the Twilight high, can;t wait for tw@tts like her and Miley to gtfo already. There are deserving people and then there are undeserving brats and KStew falls in the latter category. Unfortunately, if anything will ever cast her aside, it’s drug abuse and nothing else. Undeserving brats are flooding Hollywood and movies

  • Maggi

    @nina: I wonder who you think is a genuine non-undeserving brat? Oh let me guess, jennifer lawrence.

  • living in a box

    @Jessie: the truth is every single actress in Hollywood want some kind of recognition. yes, at first it will be about acting but when you just become a household name people will offer you a deal. a lucrative deal like become a spokesperson for certain product, especially an established product like Chanel,Lancome,Dior or Marc Jacobs. not some unknown product that people didn’t know it exist. have you seen Audrey Tatou Chanel No.5 commercial? or Rooney Mara’s Calvin Klein, or even Lea Seydoux’s Prada. who doesn’t want to be in something like that?

  • No way, Jose

    Unattractive chick, too much makeup, and sour face. Wow. What a promotion.

  • Di

    She is charming. Absolutely gorgeous women.

  • Pff

    I think her looks are stunning but I can’t relate to her. There is something about her that is stand off-ish that I just can’t relate to her and I don’t understand why someone will make her their ad girl.

  • Christopher Smith

    I think she looks great. She’s not the most talented actor in the world, but she looks good.

  • nina

    @Maggi: Among others


    Aside from the absurd marketing troll comments on comment boards such as this one, America will never, ever buy this offensive piss from this offensive lifeless pretender actor, so this offensive piss has no prospective future just like this offensive lifeless pretender actor.

  • lenaj

    She has second and successful perfume brand Rosabotanica and her photo shoot without the hype and simply gorgeous and stunning. She movie CXR goes to the festival Sundance in January 2014. She landed in a muse for greats like is undoubtedly the fashion world Karl Lagerfeld. UF, it’s great for the 23-year old young woman and much talented actress Kristen Stewart.

  • living in a box

    @MARKETING ANALYSIS: of course america will never buy this product, why? because america is bankrupt, it runs out of money. iron man 3 become the highest grossing film last year thanks to international market.

  • whataho

    can’t see the mosquito bites

  • iboughtit

    This perfume is awesome and expensive, I love it. As far as Kristen goes, she has the perfect face, plastic surgeons made a systematic model of the perfect face, all her features are in total proportion. She’s beautiful even if she doesn’t run around with a phony smile on her face all day long.

  • liz

    she’s too butchy and awkward to be a model. that picture looks nice, but not because of her. you know what i mean? the point of representing a brand is to sell it and make it look glamoroous… i don’t feel she does that at all.

  • Enchantment

    Kristen wonderful and beautiful advertisement for the perfume house of Balenciaga.

  • niagirl

    BEAUTIFUL and she’s alone. Can’t help but admire her.

  • Shelby

    She is not topless, in the vid you can see the bra which has no back, and is taped to her sides. The black and white shot looks good, when it’s colored, not so much, she has big bags under her eyes.

  • Chris

    She is boring

  • living in a box

    @liz: i get what you means, but if you notice lately all these high branded is been represent by younger actor such as Jennifer Lawrence for Dior, Robert Pattinson also Dior,Rooney Mara for Calvin Klein, and Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacob. i think this is the new marketing strategy for new generations or younger generations. of course i do agree there a better actress than Kristen for Balenciaga and Chanel or Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacobs. people mistakes is when a celebrities agree to become a spokesperson for certain product people thought it will be just for american. these ad will be appears in Tokyo,Seoul and China,gods know probably in Pyonyang also. Asia is the new market. remember Amanda Seyfiend went to Korea for interviewed and then singing EXO song Growl. no one asked what she doing over there. she been invited for an opening a fashion store, if i was not mistaken.

  • Molly

    @smilerkstew on instagram looks so freakin much like Kristen *_*

  • luv her

    simply adore this product hawking prostitute

  • Sim

    @nina: My God you’re crazy, Kristen is gorgeous, and I have no make up, get you glasses, hater are always disgusting and pathetic

  • Sim

    @liz: Typically hater, you’re a fan of rob, you go rob praising how nice it looks as homeless, and not to write here jealous Comments

  • redwine11

    She is a very pretty girl, but I dont think she is a very good actress at all. Ive seen Twilight and a few other movies and I think she gets parts on looks alone.

  • Greetings fo Zeta Reticuli

    “It was very fresh. It was really clean and like very bare, in your face,” the 23-year-old actress says in a behind the scenes video about the campaign. “And in this it’s a little bit more lived in.”–whaaa?

  • ace11

    Obviously Rob wasn’t man enough to handle something so gorgeous

  • TiredMom321

    Beautiful pictures! Does anyone know when it was filmed/shot? When I watched the video, there was no sign of the right forearm tattoo from Sils Maria – and it didn’t look like there was any particular “cover-up” makeup on her arm, either. Hmmm.