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Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill Grab Dinner Together in London

Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill Grab Dinner Together in London

Leonardo DiCaprio heads into Yauatcha Restaurant for dinner on Wednesday evening (January 8) in the Soho neighborhood of London, England.

The 39-year-old actor was joined by his The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill for the boys’ night out.

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Earlier that day, The Wolf of Wall Street earned four nominations for the 2014 BAFTA Film Awards, including Best Leading Actor for Leo and Best Director for Martin Scorsese.

We will have to wait until February 16 to find out who wins the awards!

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill out in London…

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leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 01
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 02
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 03
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 04
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 05
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 06
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 07
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 08
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 09
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 10
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 11
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 12
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 13
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 14
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill grab dinner together in london 15

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  • leelee

    Hopefully it was a low calorie dinner.

  • ####


    LOL it was sushi…..with alcohol! :-)

  • blaze

    It’s dim sum, you moron!

  • Lilly

    At least we got some shot of Leo’s face.

  • Ok

    Hey everyone. Can we not have all these physics predicting his sm again. I mean once one person did, everyone started. I mean do it a bit later when the conversation goes down. It’s just we must have all the information on her by now. I don’t have a problem with the predictions. Just not all this she will be and I know, maybe when someone asks. I’m not being rude, I enjoy reading, it’s just becoming a little much that now everyone can predict.

  • !!!!!!!


  • @318-Last Thread(Intuitive)


    Are you “Intuitive” from last September I have read what you wrote about SM is like around 30, like Cinderella, like a virgin (not so many relationships)? If you still here around, can you please describe her look? you said at the time, she is not like a VS model, not a type like this….

  • !!!!!!!

    @@318-Last Thread(Intuitive):
    They keep changing their opinion. Lily said something then Kathy did. Now intuitive and Physic2 are saying things that match up to the first too. But go back long enough and you see their predictions have changed (intuitive and physic2 that is). Why can’t people just be honest and not make up things! Don’t get me wrong, I like hearing it. Its just now they are changing their opinions to match up to Lily’s and Kathys.

  • @ok

    Like your idea, but have a feeling they are going to make up more things….

  • JoeyDiame

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • @JoeyDiame

    Wy do you go on threads that have nothing to do with what you are posting about?

  • @ @318-last thread (intuitive)

    @@318-Last Thread(Intuitive):
    If you look more back you see she changes her ‘fellings’ or what she sees. Why can’t we have a brake for it. we can talk about that another time. But it’s just becoming too full on!

  • Crazy

    Ok, I’ve been reading these threads since when he was starting out with Gisele. It was fun. People were funny. There was guessing and gossiping. Now it’s arguments and everyone is a physic.
    I use to comment a lot. I was commenting when he was with Bar and Blake.
    Then I took a bit off and came back. He was in the later period with Erin.
    Now I’m back he’s with Toni.
    Leo has a big pattern in his relationships which is so easy to spot.
    He and his friends have the same repeating cycle.
    These threads changed so much when he starting dating Erin and Toni. If I’m honest I didn’t like him with bar at all.
    These physic have been here a long time and they keep changing his SM. so take it with a pinch of salt.
    I’ve had a few names over the years, and can’t remember them so I’m sticking with crazy. But that is what here threads are.
    Saw him in wows, he was great as usual!
    Remember to live in the here and now, and joke.

  • sarah

    can we not talk about the SM as whatever is meant to happen will in it’s right time. honestly psychics are not God and after a while the talk just goes down the drain. i think we should all wait and see on our own coz that would be the real wonderful surprise. i find it hard to believe that Leo has never been in love before, either he is lying OR he is in for some ride. people who have never been in love before, will most likely fall hard when they do and most probably later in life, like unconditional true deep mad love OR he just is not the type to fall in love. maybe he is scared, got his heart broken at an early age, never talked about it and now he has come too far long in life to even go through it. i think he liked lively a lot.

  • Well

    Thanks Jared….but, by any chance, you have no idea where they went after? Just curious:)

  • SashaT

    On one of the pics, I recognize Leo’s friend Chuck on the front right of the picture.

  • LizEEEE

    Looks like Leo and Jonah got DIM SUM feast.

  • Holly HO HO

    Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf out promoting their Wolf of Wallstreet while they wolf down chow in the Soho section of London.

  • Lilly

    @Holly HO HO:

  • also…

    New York Post – Cindy Adams column:
    NBR event:
    “DiCaprio stuck closer to Scorsese than he does with his usual nubile models. So about those naughty things he says in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street? Leo, grinning: ‘You mean like those F-words?’
    Scorsese: ‘I never say them in real life. Maybe if I accidentally cut myself shaving and bloody’s pouring from my throat, I might utter such a word. Otherwise-never.’
    Dicaprio: ‘Tonight’s so cold.’ Me:’Like effing cold?’ Leo:’You said it, I didn’t. I would never say such a word.’

    Right! He is not known for cursing and he would never say it! LOL! He knows what to say to sell an image!

  • also…
  • Larty

    At the National Board of Review Awards gala on Tuesday, the Spotlight Award celebrated the career collaboration of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. The two have done five films together, including this year’s The Wolf of Wall Street. “I grew up watching his films, all of my friends were actors, I have idealized Marty and Bob [De Niro] and their work, so I just did everything that I could to have that initial interaction with him,” DiCaprio said before the award ceremony at Cipriani in New York. “And I got to do Gangs of New York, and it’s been five films since then. I’m just lucky that we’ve had similar tastes, and he’s wanted to do some of the movies that I’ve wanted to do, and vice versa.”

    Later in the evening, the two took the stage to accept their award, and did a little Abbott and Costello-style routine that delighted the audience. Here’s how it

    Later in the evening, the two took the stage to accept their award, and did a little Abbott and Costello-style routine that delighted the audience. Here’s how it went:

    DiCaprio and Scorsese [together]: Well, working in tandem with another artist is—

    Scorsese: You go ahead. You go first.

    DiCaprio: No, no, no. Please, I insist.

    Scorsese: No, no. After you. After you.

    DiCaprio: No, honestly. You have a lot more to say about the history of cinema than I do. So you go first. Unless, of course, you want me to go first. Want me to go first?

    Scorsese: I’d like you to go first. Just keep it short.

    DiCaprio: O.K. You mean, like, under-three-hours short?

    Scorsese: Ideally under three hours.

    DiCaprio: It has been an incredible honor for me to have worked alongside a director of Marty’s caliber. Marty and I have made five films together, and ours is like any other long-term relationship. On Gangs of New York we courted each other. On Aviator, Departed, and Shutter Island, our kinship and trust expanded and deepened. Now on Wolf of Wall Street, we’re like any old married couple.

    Scorsese: It’s often overlooked. It’s labor. That’s at the heart of collaboration. Movies are work. They’re a daily battle, and, you know, if you’re going to go into battle, you’d better go with somebody you respect, somebody you trust, and hopefully somebody you like. And Leo has all the qualities I’m looking for in a great actor.

    DiCaprio: You mean like an Italian last name.

    Scorsese: That helps. That helps.

    DiCaprio: There are directors, and then there are auteurs. When one speaks about Martin Scorsese’s relationship to the world of cinema, one must reflect upon its entire history. You can’t just talk about one film. So in commemoration of tonight, I’ve decided to talk about his entire knowledge of the history of cinema. So if you’d just take a moment and go back to 1896, the Mayer Brothers and Thomas Edison… Or we can skip ahead even to D. W. Griffith, with his small hand-crank camera. You know, they’d even have the same perforation on the film stock that we’ve taken for granted today, but…

    Scorsese: I think they get the picture. We don’t need to go back that far, to the perforation of film stock, for God’s sake.

    DiCaprio: But I have, like, another 15 minutes.

    Scorsese: No, no, no. I think the whole point, the natural point is 1909, the early history of cinema.

    DiCaprio: It’s supposed to be about collaboration. We should collaborate on something, do something together.

    Scorsese: Collaborating on something, the idea would be to wrap it up. So let’s wrap it up.

    DiCaprio: So I go.

    Scorsese: O.K.

    DiCaprio: All right. So on behalf of Marty—

    Scorsese: I want to thank—

    DiCaprio: The National Board of Review—

    Scorsese: For this wonderful—

    DiCaprio: Honor as well as—

    Scorsese: Leo—

    DiCaprio: Marty. And—

    Scorsese: For letting—

    DiCaprio: Me—

    Scorsese: Finish—

    DiCaprio: This. Goodnight. i love these 2

  • ####

    N K Anosh (@NKDCOM)
    1/9/14, 6:19 AM
    Veteran actor Mickey Rooney left DiCaprio starstruck at Hollywood bash: New York, Jan 9 : Leonardo DiCaprio wa…

  • also…

    @####: That’s cute! Leo star struck? lol

  • irrelevant
  • ####


    I know! We know he likes those old movies though so not surprised! :-)

  • @25

    so why do you bother posting about her if she is irrelevant?

  • irrelevant

    Because i wanted to.

  • @irrelevant

    “Bar Refaeli was recently named the world’s most smug supermodel”

  • Even more irrelevant

    Interview with Toni. She talk about the haircut and lol thinking about what kind of charity work she can get involved with. lol

  • @28

    it doesn’t make sense. and nobody cares

  • Hannah

    Seems about right! She’s clinging on to any piece if fame she has. Plus she said she doesn’t know why she doesn’t have a boyfriend since shes so hot! I mean…. I have have not ideas how leo coped with her for six years!!! Seriously….

  • Amy


    Is this seriously a quote from her? Was she joking around?

  • Hannah

    @Even more irrelevant:
    He’s goes for vain and ambitious. That’s why he won’t marry them. He’s Sussex them out from day one. Keeps them till he gets bored. Simple

  • Hannah

    Sussed not sussex

  • also…

    @####: I knew that but it’s funny to read he was star struck ( after all these years in the industry ). That’s the side of him I still really like.
    It’s also funny how people asked to stop with the psychic talk but it’s ok to post about the ‘irrelevant ex ‘ for no reason.

  • also…

    @Hannah: +1

  • @OK

    @Ok: People can post whatever they want, just like you. Please just skip it if it doesn’t interest you. It is very easy to do! Some people enjoy reading it, real or not.

  • mohito

    The fact that he chose Refaeli of all the models to waste six years of his valuable life with…shows a lot about Leo….I would say nothing about him surprises me anymore. We can expect eveything. Even a marriage with a barely legal , like Garrn

  • @5

    @Ok: and they’re all wrong too, that’s what’s most hilarious about them…

  • @39

    Comedians have returned lol

    btw check this old prediction from this psychic site

  • Missy

    Maybe not the best pictures of him but I like the one where’s he smiling <3

  • angelasheart

    I dont know why he is always covering his hair. He doesnt have rat hair at all. Aww

  • Lea

    At least, he’s not acting like “I’m super cool” in front of paparazzi as other celebs who seem in love with them.

  • Black sharpie

    Well this psychic was half right. Blake married within a year of this reading.

  • Hannah

    @Amy: she wasn’t joking. I can’t find the interview, but she was serious!

  • ####


    Thank you! I wish people would just stop asking other people to stop posting whether it’s the psychics or ex-girlfriend stuff!!! Anybody can post here and if you don’t want to read it, skip it!!! Simple as that!!! :-)

  • @Ok

    It’s just when the whole thing becomes about that. Then there are arguemys and people claiming to be physic!!!! We both said she like hearing it. But in the last bread it got too much!!

  • Lil

    I saw that interview! I think the daily mail mentioned it at the bottom of a a trickle about her! She sounded very vain.

  • Lilly

    49 was me it just posted half my name :-)